Best Places To Fly A Drone 2023: Top Full Guide

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Drones are well-known today as one of the latest technologies used to take aerial photographs. But now it is even more popular to explore the different landscapes around the world through aerial perspectives via drone photography. These are some of the best places to fly a drone for great photos. This article highlights the best places to fly a drone for the best aerial photos.

Best Places To Fly A Drone

Best places to fly a drone 2

Avoid Controlled Airspace, Unless Absolutely Necessary

Controlled airspace is the first thing to avoid if you’re first flying a drone. These no-fly zones are usually located near airports. The amount of air traffic an airport receives will determine the shape and size of controlled airspace. These areas are generally forbidden to allow drone flight to avoid collisions with manned aircraft, which continues to be a problem for the drone community.

It is possible to fly a drone in controlled space, even for recreational drone uses. You can request airspace authorization through the LAANC system is absolutely necessary. This feature is available in many drone flight planning apps, such as KittyHawk and Airmap. LAANC allows you to request authorization from the FAA. You will need to provide your personal information as well as the details of your drone and the operations that you plan to perform.

LAANC allows you to obtain authorization for airspace in just minutes. This means that you don’t have to plan ahead for operations in controlled aviation space. The FAA ( federal aviation administration) has taken this initiative to reduce the amount of paperwork that drone pilots must go through for commercial and recreational purposes. drone users

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National Parks Are No-Fly Zones That Last A Lifetime

National Parks Are No-Fly Zones That Last A Lifetime

National Parks like Yellowstone or Yosemite Valley sound like great places to fly a drone. Can you imagine how amazing these natural sights will look from the air?

But there is a problem with this plan. The National Parks Service (NPS) states that drone flights are strictly prohibited in all National Parks within the United States. This restriction does not apply to National Parks but to all other sites within the NPS’s jurisdiction. This includes approximately 100 nature trails, rivers, and historic sites, monuments, biking trails, and seashores.

Why is this restriction so broad? NPS claims that drones are a danger to National Parks personnel and visitors. They can also disrupt the experience of visiting these sites. This is hard to dispute -a drone at low altitudes can be noisy and disruptive.

This rule is being implemented by the NPS with great care. There have been instances where people were fined for violating this rule, such as a man who flew a drone above the Grand Prismatic Spring of Yellowstone National Park. This rule is very strict, and the NPS will not allow drone operations except for research or scientific studies.

Learn More About Local Regulations

Another layer of complexity is required to determine if your drone can be flown over a specific area. You’ll need to be aware of local drone laws. These laws may not apply to you or your state. Texas’ HB 2167, for example, allows certain professions to take aerial photography if no identifiable persons are present.

Contrary to National Parks and State Parks, public parks are also under the control of the local government. The rules regarding drone flight can vary from one state park or another. In California, drone flying is prohibited in Del Valle Regional Park. However, drones are allowed in Salt Point Park, Sonoma Country.

Many drone pilots find it difficult to understand that states and cities can create their own drone laws. The FAA doesn’t keep track of such unique restrictions. It strongly recommends that drone pilots review the local laws before operating any drones.

If in doubt, you can do some research on the website of your state or city. For public parks, contact park administrators to inquire about the status of the Park. You can also look for signs inside the Park. The FAA recognizes that states and municipalities have the right to decide where drones may take off and land in their jurisdiction.

Conciliating FAA And Local Rules

Conciliating FAA And Local Rules

The FAA holds the ultimate authority over all national airspace. However, local governments have established their own drone restrictions out of concern for privacy and security. These restrictions are mainly focused on the location and time that drones can take flight, as these local governments do not have authority over national airspace. This is all semantics. You can still be sent to jail or fined for violating any of these laws.

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Is there a foolproof way to ensure that all your bases are covered, given that drone flight planning apps can’t capture local drone flying rules? There isn’t. These apps can be used to avoid no-fly zones or request airspace authorization. However, they do not provide any assistance in ensuring that local laws are followed. This is even more difficult than the FAA’s B4UFLY app.

You will need to research your local laws to ensure compliance. You can find bulletins on the websites of your state or city, or you can ask the police department. You can also seek out drone experts in your area to get their opinion based on their experiences. This is the only way to go until standard drone regulations are established in the US.

Best Places To Fly Your Drone In the United States

Best Places To Fly Your Drone In the United States

1. Point Judith, RI

Rhode Island has a beautiful coastline and is very scenic. Photographing photos and videos at the lighthouses along the coasts adds to their charm. Point Judith is a perfect place to capture the sunrise over the bay. Point Judith is a legal place to fly your drone.

2. Foamhenge, VA

Foamhenge is a unique structure in Virginia. This work of art is a copy of Stonehenge in the UK. This is an amazing place to fly your drone and also take videos. According to reports, the Foamhenge artist has been asked to relocate his work as the area it is currently located will be a state park. Before you go, make sure to double-check.

3. Reading Pagoda, PA

The Reading Pagoda was originally intended to be a bustling hotel. Unfortunately, the original hotel was not built. You can fly your drone to capture panoramic views of the pagoda as well as the city. Reading airport is only 5 miles from the pagoda, so you will need to notify them in advance. Drones can also be flown here.

4. Point of Rocks (MD)

Drone flying in Maryland is difficult. The state has many airports that do not allow drones to fly. Point of Rocks, however, is an exception. This charming spot has river and rail tracks, bridges, and quaint houses. If you’re in Maryland, fly your drone there.

Old Sublimity Bridge (Ky.) – Take a picture of a bridge and winding river high up. The Old Sublimity Bridge area of Daniel Boone National Forest offers many beautiful natural landscapes. This is one of the most tranquil and picturesque places in Kentucky to fly a drone.

5. Pilot Mountain, NC

Pilot Mountain is the heart of a prehistoric volcano. It dominates the skyline in the surrounding area as well as the state park where it is situated. The state park prohibits the use of drones. There are many other spots that offer views of the volcano mountain.

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6. Rehoboth Beach (DE)

Delaware is a small state. It does, however, have one beach that’s perfect for drone flying. Rehoboth Beach, a beautiful beach on the east coast with many houses along its coast, is your ideal spot. It is also quite beautiful in color, and a drone flight early in the morning will capture the sunrise beautifully.

7. Monongahela National Forest (WV)

It can be very exciting to fly your drone through a forest. Be aware of any branches or obstacles that might cause your drone to fall. Monongahela National Forest, which is a great place to fly a drone, is worth the trip. Here are many landscapes and natural backdrops that can be used as photographic backgrounds.

8. Key Largo (FL)

Florida is not a good place to fly drones. It might seem that Florida has many beaches and open spaces. Florida also has many small airports and national Park. Key Largo, Florida, is one of the best places to fly in the sunshine state.

9. Windsor Ruins (MS)

The Windsor Ruins of Gilliam are more a historical site than a natural area. These ruins were left behind by the Windsor House, which was destroyed in a fire 130 years ago. The pillars that once supported the house are all that remains. This is an amazing place to capture some footage.

10. Busted Plug Plaza, SC

It is very easy to fly a drone from a parking garage. South Carolina has an unusual parking lot with a huge fire hydrant in its middle. There is a unique place where you can fly your drone and capture footage of this “artwork.”

11. Starved Rock State Park, IL

The Illinois state park allows drones to fly over it. You can fly your drone over many areas, including waterfalls, greens, and rocks. It covers a large area. You have the freedom to experiment with different drones.

12. Ozark Mountains, AR

Flying drones is easy in the Ozark Mountains and National Forest. There are many ways to fly there year-round. You can fly there because of the stunning scenery, beautiful nature, and the color of the trees. Arkansas has a drone video company called Ozark Mountain. This footage can be viewed on YouTube.

14. Keeper of the Plains (KS)

The huge statue is known as the Keeper of Plains, or simply Keeper, can be found near Arkansas’ river Arkansas. It is an iconic symbol of Native American culture. A drone flying over it will be spectacular. Be aware of the Wichita airports. Before you fly to this area, check

15. Elephant Rocks State Park, MO

Missouri is the home of Elephant Rocks State Park. The Park’s granite rocks look like a group of elephants walking together. This location is ideal for drone flying and filming in the surrounding area because of its open spaces and uniquely shaped rocks.

16. Giant Prairie Dog, SD

Badlands National Park is a great place to visit if you can’t get over the fact that drones are prohibited in the Park. The Park has a huge statue of a prairie dog that can be seen along the road. Fly your drone, and you can also feed prairie dogs live.

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17. Mount Evans, CO

Mount Evans, at more than 14,000 feet high, is unlike any other place in the US. To reach the summit of Mount Evans, one must drive along the most paved road in America. Once you get there, your drone will capture amazing footage. Before you start packing your drone equipment, make sure that the roads are open.

18. Royal Gorge Bridge, CO

Colorado is home to some of the most beautiful scenery in the country. The Royal Gorge Bridge is a stunning location for a drone flight. Imagine what kind of photos you could get from your drone high above the bridge, looking down at the gorge.

19. Perrine Bridge, ID

Bridges are spectacular and dramatic. The Perrine Bridge in Idaho is no exception. This location is near Shoshone falls Park and is ideal for flying your drone or capturing the natural beauty in this part of Idaho.

20. Wahweap Hoodoos, UT

Utah is home to many nature spots that are worth visiting. Wahweap Hoodoos is a great place to fly your drone and enjoy amazing views. These pillar-shaped rocks have been formed by erosion from strong winds and are unique in their shape. This is a natural wonder.

21. Devil’s Tower, WY

Devil’s Tower is a remarkable piece of geological formation. Although drone flying is prohibited in the Park, you can still fly your drone outside and get a good view of Devil’s Tower.

22. Earthquake Lake, MT

The 1959 earthquake that created this lake caused it to form. A 6-mile-long lake formed when the flow of Madison River water was stopped. To capture some amazing drone footage, fly your drone high above the water body. It is one of great lakes to fly your drone

23. Alaska, AK

Alaska is home to many stunning natural landmarks. Prince William Sound is one of the most beautiful places in Alaska to fly your drone. You can capture footage of the stunning water surface as well as humpback whales. One flying session can combine nature and wildlife.

24 Sandy Beach Park, HI

It is difficult to fly drones in Hawaii. The state bans drones from its beaches and parks. Drones are permitted on one beach, however. If you are drawn to the beautiful beaches of Hawaii and the sunny weather, then take your drone to Sandy Beach Park.

25. Lake Las Vegas, NV

Lake Las Vegas is a great place to fly your drone. The beautiful scenery and water make it a great place to take photos and videos. You should be careful when flying because there are many resorts and golf courses where the elite and wealthy spend their time.

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26. Sleeping Bear Dunes (MI)

It might seem like you’re in a tropical paradise, thousands of miles away. You would actually be on beautiful sand dunes near Lake Michigan in Michigan. This is a great place to fly your drone and capture the amazing colors of the sand as well as the water.

27. Sixty Acres Park in WA

If you are in Seattle, then you will have a tough time flying your drone. Drones are not allowed to fly in parks and other public places in Seattle. There is a Sixty Acres Park in Redmond that allows drones to fly.

Best Places To Fly A Drone In Pennsylvania

Best Places To Fly A Drone In Pennsylvania

1. Philadelphia

Philadelphia has both urban skylines and natural landscapes, such as the Schuylkill River, that can be used to create amazing drone footage. You can also add visual interest to your footage by including historic landmarks like the Fairmount Dam or Benjamin Franklin Bridge.

You can capture these sights using your drone by visiting the many parks in the city. To fly your drone, we recommend Fairmount Park and Schuylkill River Park. These parks are all located in uncontrolled Class-G airspace, so permission is not necessary. Be sure to follow the FAA’s drone rules.

2. Pocono Mountains

Northeast Pennsylvania’s Pocono Mountains are known for their scenic beauty and numerous lakes, including Lake Wallenpaupack. It is a popular vacation spot year-round, with dozens of resorts, bed-and-breakfast stays, and historic towns. Make sure you have your drone with you when visiting the Poconos. We recommend visiting the Beltzville State Park designated flying area, located in the southern foothills of the Poconos.

The Pocono Mountain is safe and legal for drone flying. However, you must follow the FAA rules. You should not fly in the Big Pocono State Park. Except for six designated flying areas, it is illegal to fly drones within the State Park. You should verify the rules regarding done use if you’re staying at a resort. We found the Poconos’ drone ban at Camelback Mountain Resort.

3. Pittsburgh

Drone pilots can fly recreationally at many riverfront parks around Pittsburgh. For stunning drone videos and drone photography, visit Millvale Riverfront Park or Southside Riverfront Park. Millvale Riverfront Park’s unique view is the Washington Crossing Bridge, which crosses the river. Both parks are in uncontrolled Class-G airspace where you can fly with no additional permissions and still comply with FAA drone rules.

Do you want to increase your vantage point? Point of View Park in Pittsburgh offers stunning views for a drone pilot. It is located high up on Mt. Washington and overlooks downtown Pittsburgh. The views are not the only thing that makes this location attractive for drone footage. A bronze sculpture by James A. West, Point of View, depicts George Washington meeting Guyasuta, the Seneca leader, face-to-face. This is a historic meeting that occurred in October 1770, while Washington was looking for land to settle his future colonies

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FAA USC 44809 Rule regarding Recreational Flyers

  • Only fly for recreation purposes
  • Follow safety guidelines set forth by an FAA-recognized Community Based Organization.
  • You can keep your drone in the visual line of sight or you can use a visual observer, who is physically present with and indirect communication to you.
  • Do not interfere or give way to manned aircraft
  • Fly below 400 feet
  • Before flying in controlled airspace (Class A, B, C, D, and E), you must obtain prior authorization via LAANC or DroneZone
  • Pass the Recreational UAS Safety Test, TRUST and provide proof of your test passing
  • Don’t operate drones in any way that could be dangerous.

FAA Part 107 Rule: Commercial Drone Flyers

The Part 107 Rules provide detailed operating guidelines for small drone pilots who fly less than 55 lbs. For commercial purposes.

To become an FAA-Certified Drone Pilot, you must pass the Aeronautical Knowledge Test. You will need to provide proof of passage.

All drone operators need to register their drones at Follow the marking requirements to mark their drone outside with the registration number. The registration fee is $5 and is valid for three years.

State Drone Laws in Pennsylvania

State Drone Laws in Pennsylvania

Individual states may have their own drone laws that flyers must follow, in addition to the FAA’s national drone rules.

These are the Pennsylvania state drone laws that we were able to find through our research.

Title 18 Sec. 3505 – It’s illegal to operate a drone in an attempt to spy on another person; to operate in such a way as to cause bodily injury to another person; or to transmit, deliver, transmit or furnish contraband.

The rule for State Parks – The Pennsylvania Dept of Conservation & Natural Resources has determined that drone use is strictly prohibited in State Parks. Six designated flying areas are located within the following parks: Beltzville State Parks, Benjamin Rush State Parks, Hillman State Parks, Lackawanna State Parks, Prompton State Parks, Tuscarora State Parks.


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