Our Investors



Board of Advisers

Guitar Hero – Charles Huang – Founder

Disney David Min – VP

Jack McCauley – Co-Founder of Oculus

Meet the Team

Berkeley Engineer turned into serial entrepreneur with strengths in manufacturing and go-to-market after many years in consumer electronics.

Han Jin – CEO

Experienced video producer and director filming anything in VR with an unrelenting passion for visual storytelling and cinematography.

Stacy McKenzie

Berkeley graduate with background in app and firmware development. Mick knows how to create a great connection between Lucid App and Cam.

Mick Chen

World-renown VR short film producer expanding Lucid VR’s reach in Europe by driving a community around VR content and applications.

Carl White

Stanford PhD and entrepreneur converting human vision to computer vision through advanced image processing and 3D graphics.

Adam Rowell – CTO

Cornell graduate with background in customer engagement, marketing, non-profits and communication for all sizes of organizations.

Joe Hill

Computer vision and image processing expert making things real-time through advanced firmware and calibration.

Sheldon Fernandes

An experienced photographer/ videographer/ music creator who loves storytelling in new and creative ways.

Ryan Abary