Immerse in VR with 3D Technology

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  • 8oz (225g)

  • 131mm x 67.3mm x 25mm

  • Up to 1.5-hours Battery
  • Images Jpg 4K, Videos mp4 2K/60fps

  • Wifi Supported for Livestream

  • 32GB Internal Storage, 4GB RAM
  • Binaural audio with dual mics

  • Field of View 180° x 180°

  • Fixed F/2.2 Aperture
  • Micro SD Supported

  • Micro USB Supported

  • HDMI Port Output

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Be the first to capture your life with LucidCam in immersive 3D for Virtual Reality!

Next Gen Content Creation

Capture and share moments in your life as close as your eyes see them. Point-and-shoot at the click of one button allows you to save experiences in Virtual Reality.

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What Is Virtual Reality
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  • Capture your latest adventures

  • Record your favorite moments
  • Livestream being at a concert

  • Livestream being at a concert
  • Take a selfie of yourself in 3D

  • And a lot more…

Our Technology

We leverage stereoscopy (3D imaging), a technique for enhancing the illusion of depth with binocular vision, to capture immersive images and videos. Viewing these images and videos through a Virtual Reality headset, like the Oculus Rift or your mobile phone paired with a Google Cardboard allow you to view the immersive experience.

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