Where To Fly Drones In Houston 2023: Top Full Guide

Where To Fly Drones In Houston 2023: Top Full Guide
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Where to fly drones in Houston? Well, this is a difficult question to answer because there are strict rules about where you can fly your drone. For starters, the Federal Aviation Administration bans drones from flying over any location with people on the ground, which includes all buildings, structures, stadiums, parks, public trails, etc. This leaves you with very few places to fly your drone.

In this blog, LucidCam will give you more information about Where to fly drones in Houston.

Where To Fly Drones In Houston

Where To Fly Drones in Houston 1

We’re done! Here are our top picks to flying drones in Houston. These locations were chosen based on accessibility, airspace restrictions, and other attractions. Most of the places we chose are in Class G, uncontrolled airspace where permission is not required. We also highlighted any designated sUAS/remote airfields.

1. Dick Scobee Memorial Airfield

  • George Bush Park, Houston TX 77082
  • Airspace Class: Class G — uncontrolled
  • Airspace Map: https://app.airmap.com/geo?29.724935,-95.693897,14.313907z

The Dick Scobee memorial airfield is located in George Bush Park on the west side of Houston. It has a runway with a paved surface measuring 630 feet in length and 80 feet in width. A separate area is available for drones and RC helicopters. To fly on the field, you must have a valid AMA membership. The property is located near Barkers Reservoir, which also includes Buffalo Bayou. It is a wonderful location for drone enthusiasts because of its natural scenery and wide-open spaces.

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2. Lake Houston


  • Lake Houston, Houston TX
  • Airspace Class: Class G — uncontrolled
  • Airspace Map: https://app.airmap.com/geo?29.979887,-95.146649,12.429565z

Lake Houston is 15 miles from downtown. It is fed by the San Jacinto River. Houston’s main water source is the lake. Sheldon Lake used to be located in the exact same spot as the current reservoir. In 1954, it was replaced to create a larger water body. It covers an area of 11,853 acres. Here, fishing, boating, and camping are all popular recreational activities. Drone pilots will enjoy the beauty and wildlife of the lake. The lake’s western bank is located in Class B airspace at the border of Houston. When operating in controlled airspace, be extra cautious

3. Kemah boardwalk

  • 215 Kipp Ave, Kemah, TX 77565
  • Airspace Class: Class G — uncontrolled
  • Airspace Map: https://app.airmap.com/geo?29.545959,-95.019799,16.013534z

The Kemah Boardwalk was built on the shores of Galveston Bay’s Clear Lake. The 60-acre park covers the entire area. The shores are lined with many restaurants, attractions, rides, games, and hotels. This property was developed and acquired in 1997. It is one of the most popular boardwalks in the nation. Clear Creek has a 400-slip marina, and the park also houses multiple shops. This is the ideal spot for drone enthusiasts, as it sits right on Trinity Bay. This is a highly trafficked area. Please observe the FAA regulations about flying above people.



  • Jack Brooks Road Hitchcock, TX 77563
  • Airspace Class: Class G — uncontrolled
  • Airspace Map: https://app.airmap.com/geo?29.372604,-95.047446,15.129776z

Texas Cloudbusters Airfield can be found in Hitchcock, Texas. It consists of an open field and a large runway. You can also find a covered shelter that provides relief from the Texas heat. The airfield’s openness and mature trees will be appreciated by drone pilots.

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5 . Terrmar Bay

  • Galveston TX 77554
  • Class G — Uncontrolled Airspace Class
  • Airspace Map: https://app.airmap.com/geo?29.123505,-95.070393,12.783541z

Terramar Beach can be found along the Gulf of Mexico or West Bay on Galveston Island. This beach isn’t a popular spot. Drone pilots have endless options to capture the breathtaking views of the Gulf. This area is popular for surfing. The beach is located close to Galveston Class-D airspace.

6. Montrose

Best Places to Fly a Drone in Houston- Montrose

Montrose is Houston city is the only destination to shop vintage and listen to live music. You will find many people living their everyday lives in this area, which is why it is home to many cultures. This is the best vintage living in modern surroundings. The drone can capture the reclaimed bungalows and give a unique view of the city.

7. Houston Zoo

Houston Zoo houses over 4500 animals, representing almost 900 species. It is America’s largest Zoo. You can enjoy the beautiful grounds all day. To get a better view of the animals, you can take a guided tour. The drone will provide a 3D view that you can see from far away.

8. The Museum District

Museum District

Houston’s Museum District contains many museums, galleries, and cultural centers within a radius of 1.5 miles of Hermann Park.

On one side of the Museum of Fine Arts is the Museum of Fine Arts’ Museum of Fine Arts. It houses over 60,000 art items and the Health Museum, which is Houston’s only 4D theatre. On display will be the Houston Center for Photography as well as the Holocaust Museum.

9. Texas Cloudbusters Airfield (AMA)

Texas Cloudbusters Airfield is located in Hitchcock, Texas. It is composed of an open field with a runway and an open field. A covered shelter can be found that offers relief from the Texas heat. The airfield’s openness, mature trees, and natural beauty will be appreciated by drone pilots.

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10. Discovery Green

Discovery Green

Discovery Green, a green park that is located far from Houston City’s busy streets, offers many activities for residents during the day. It covers 12 acres of green grass.

Residents can host many events here, including concerts and classes. This area is very popular, and you should be cautious when flying your drones.

11. Galleria Mall

Galleria Mall, Houston’s largest shopping mall, is located in the heart of Houston. It is home to many people from all walks of life and is located close to some of Houston’s most exclusive residential areas. You can capture amazing shots of the mall using a drone during the week.

12. Buffalo Bayou

Buffalo Bayou

Houston is best known for its concrete jungle. The city’s concrete and glass litter most of it. With its lush green areas, stunning views of the downtown skyline, and lush greenery, Buffalo Bayou provides a welcome respite from Houston’s concrete jungle. This area is popular with bikers who enjoy a relaxing stroll down the Bayou. If you are looking for amazing views of downtown Houston, a drone is an excellent option.

13. Art Car Museum

The Art Car Museum is exactly as it sounds. Fans can enjoy intricate paintings in the garage made of cars. Fans can snap hours of pictures while taking photos of each car’s unique artwork. You can also see other forms of art and painted cars in the museum. Your drone can capture stunning footage and take incredible photos at the museum.

14. Market Square Park

Market Square Park

Although it is small, the market square park has everything. You can find a variety of restaurants in the park where you can enjoy your meals. Beautiful gardens, especially when they are in bloom, can be found throughout the park. A drone can cover the entire area from above.

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General Drone Flying Rules


These drone flying rules apply not only to Houston and Texas but also to all other states. These rules are important to know if you want to fly a drone in Houston, Texas, or anywhere else in the United States.

  • Only fly for pleasure or recreation.
  • Follow the guidelines of CBO (Community Based Organization), an FAA-certified organization.
  • Fly the drone at least 400 feet above the ground. This applies regardless of whether the drone is in controlled or uncontrolled airspace.
  • When fly a drone, ensure that the drone is always visible. You should always keep an eye on the drone if you are unable to.
  • The drone should not interfere with human-crewed aircraft or get in their way. This is precisely why the 400 feet rule was established.
  • Register your drone, and make sure you have a copy handy for every time you take it out. You can also get a digital copy of your registration, but this may not work due to how far away the location is from Houston or the strength of the mobile data signals.
  • You should not fly your drone recklessly or carelessly. Doing so may put you behind bars.

Flying Drones In Houston – Houston Drone Laws and Guidelines


If you are considering flying a drone in Houston or anywhere else in Texas, both local and federal rules will apply.

Before you attempt to understand and glean the different state and city drone usage rules, determine if your drone is being flown recreationally or commercially.

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These are two crucial pieces of information that you must know as a drone operator:

  • The FAA has model aircraft rules for recreational drone pilots. Apart from complying with a few rules, the drone must be registered to be used for leisurely flights.
  • Part 107 of the FAA’s drone regulations and laws apply to commercial drone users. The drone pilot must pass multiple-choice questions and answers to become an FAA-certified drone pilot.

Drone operators are no longer required to independently contact air traffic control when flying within five miles of an airport. Both commercial and recreational flyers can now use the automated LAANC system for airspace authorization requests to fly in controlled airspace above and around many airports. You will need to request authorization if you are operating in the controlled airspace of Class B, C, or D. This can be done through LAANC, or through FAADroneZone for areas that LAANC is not possible.

You should follow specific guidelines for recreational drone pilots. Clearing TRUST (The Recreational Unmanned Aircraft Safety Test) is the most important. You may not be allowed to fly a drone in Houston, Texas if you don’t have a copy of the certificate.

If it is not obvious, recreational drone usage refers to flying an uncrewed aircraft vehicle (UAV) for pleasure or entertainment. The drone shouldn’t have any monetary benefits. This means that there shouldn’t be any commercial or business motives behind the drone flying activity.

Commercial drone flying includes:

  • Photographing a property to help a realtor sell it.
  • Grab photos from a university football game for the institution’s website.
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1. Are drones allowed in Houston?

UAVs, or unmanned aerial vehicles, are classified in Houston just as they do in other states. They can be remotely controlled and must be flown within 100 miles/hour speed. Commercial drone pilots must be aged 16 and have passed a test.

2. Can someone fly a drone over my house in Texas?

Is it possible to shoot a drone flying over my property? You cannot. It is legal to fly a drone above someone’s property.

 3. Can I fly my drone above houses?

In many cases. Refer to the CAA or the Drone Code for more information. For more information, contact the pilot if you believe they are flying illegally.


Houston is the fourth-largest city in Texas and fourth in terms of population. Drones are not intended to be flown in Houston’s heart. There are many options if you venture out of the city and seek out areas that are less populated. These are just a few of the many locations in Houston that you can explore with your crewless plane.

You can explore uncharted territories if you are patient and have the time. You must ensure that you comply with all laws when flying drones above parks or other sites. Houston is not the only city that has strict regulations regarding airspace.

We hope this blog will be helpful for you. If you want to know more information about Drone in Francisco here: Where Can I Fly My Drone In San Francisco 2023: Top Full Guide.

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