How To Keep Gear VR Cool 2023: Top Full Guide

How To Keep Gear VR Cool 2023: Top Full Guide

The Gear VR is a virtual reality device that users to immerse themselves in various VR experiences using Samsung smartphones. Gear VR users may access these experiences using their Samsung smartphones. However, some people sometimes face overheating. In this article, Lucidcam will discover why Gear VR is overheating and How to keep Gear VR cool.

Why Does Gear VR Get Overheated?

Why Does Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Get Overheated

There are several reasons why the Samsung Gear VR headsets might be overheated. Your phone may not have enough power, which could cause it to run background applications. This can also be caused by poor brightness.

These are the causes of Samsung Gear VR overheating:

Low Battery on the Phone

You can run a VR app with your phone if it doesn’t have enough battery.

Your phone can then heat up your Gear VR. VR apps can be very heavy, so phones won’t be able to load data transfer rates at low power.

High Brightness Level

Your battery will quickly be depleted if you have a high brightness level. You can increase the recommended temperature by increasing the brightness of your phone if you don’t adjust it.

Running background apps

Background apps may cause the phone to heat up. Many apps run in the background of your phone. This could lead to an overheating problem. Because

To run background apps, RAM is used to increase the workload

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Use The Cover Of Gear

The cover must be attached to the Gear VR. This will prevent the phone from heating up, which can lead to excessive heat.

How To Keep Gear VR Cool

How to Fix Gear VR Overheat Issues

There are tips that will help you if you are playing Gear VR, and your phone overheating.

1. Cool your fan with the Gear

You can attach many cooling fans to your smartphone to keep it cool while exploring the virtual world via Gear VR.

It isn’t hooked up, so you don’t have to worry about condensation.

The majority of cooling fans come with their own batteries to run, so they don’t require any charge from your phone.

Cooling fans are plentiful on the market. Find a genuine store to purchase it. Connect it to the VR headset, and continue cooling your VR.

While you are adjusting the fan, don’t attach the Gear Cover.

The VR headset’s temperature is never reduced by this cover.

A fan-made for a 2016 model will not work right with an Innovator Edition Gear VR.

2. Use a cold compress

It sounds more like a solution to ‘how to reduce inflammation than ‘how to keep Gear VR cool’. Yet, it is. It’s also quite silly. This method works. It is possible to buy a regular gel cold compress and attach it with tape. You can also use a soft belt or a headband to hold the compress in place.

3. Heat sink your home

You can make your own fan or cold pack if you don’t have one. Heat sinks distribute heat from your phone to the foil (conductor). These are the steps to create a heat sink:

  • Make a piece of aluminum foil that is nonstick. The length of the foil will depend on how big your phone is, so it should be between 10-12 inches. It should be long enough to reach at least 3 inches from each side of your phone.
  • Fold it twice. Be sure that the width is the same width as your phone.
  • Attach it to your headset with tapes.
  • It should not be placed on the headset’s cover.
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If the foil gets too hot, it will also get hot. Be careful when removing the foil from your device.

4. You can use VR on a fully charged smartphone

Low battery means that your phone’s CPU is unable to simultaneously perform the many functions required to run VR. Your device will heat up as a result. Before you attach your headset to your phone, make sure it is fully charged.

5. You can adjust the brightness of your screen

Heat and light go hand in hand. As with any other function on your phone, the higher screen brightness will consume more power. This causes the processor to work harder, which then heats up the phone. The hotter your screen will feel, the brighter it is.

It’s best to keep the brightness at a moderate setting. It can be adjusted from the quick panel on your phone. You can also reduce the brightness of your VR headset. The default brightness setting for Gear VR is 7. However, you can adjust it to a level that suits your needs.

6. Take off in Airplane Mode

The cellular network is another function that keeps your phone running. Even if there are no open apps, the cellular network will continue to run. Your phone will need to work harder to receive the signal if you’re in a weak network area. This activity doesn’t care what your phone is used for.

Airplane Mode is a great option for VR games and movies. Your phone will not need to be focused on the internet at all. This option can be accessed from the quick panel. To turn your movie or game off, simply tap the button.

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7. All Running Background Apps must be deleted

Let’s say there is an app that runs in the background. This can cause overheating. The phone requires more power to run these background apps. It takes more energy from your battery.

These steps will clear background apps from Samsung mobile phone

Tap the shortcut to the most recent apps. You will see all the running apps in the lower-left corner of your screen.

It will become clear by swiping up on the apps. If you want to clear all background apps, a ‘Close All” button will appear. All background apps will be deleted if you tap the button.

Also, you should disable the notification. Some notifications may activate the app and run it behind the scenes.

8. Notifications can be turned off

Your notifications will still be active even if your apps are closed. When you run a game, movie, or other apps that receive notifications from Gear VR, you may encounter multiple problems. These notifications often cause inactive apps to wake up, and then those apps start running in the background.

Your device should be set to Do Not Disturb. Your phone will keep all notifications on until you turn it off. This option is accessible from the quick panel. If you feel the need, you can modify your settings or allow emergency calls or messages.

9. Do not use your headset while downloading

The progress of downloaded content is not something you need to see. Your phone’s battery and phone can be strained if it is connected to the VR. This isn’t the same as downloading files and running another app. VR headsets consume a lot of energy. Let the downloads complete first, so put it down.

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10. The Desk Fan

A desk fan is another solution for Samsung Gear VR overheating. However, this isn’t as good as a fan on the headset.

A desktop or oscillating fan can be placed in your direction.

This is a bad idea as you could end up ignoring the fan.

If there is no other option, this will at least help keep your phone cooler.

A smaller desk fan can be directed at your phone easier, is easier to adjust before you use your Gear VR and is another solution for your Samsung VR overheating.

The fan won’t work as well if you are prone to spin in your chair.

The fan can be a serious helper if you’re unable to move and are watching a video or movie.

To plug in the fan, you will likely need an electrical outlet. Make sure to be close enough.

11. Take off the cover

Your headset will hold your phone in its place. It attaches very securely to your phone. The headset can be used without the cover. If you’re outdoors, it won’t make any difference to your virtual reality experience. It can release heat if it isn’t enclosed from all sides.

12. Make frequent breaks

You can take breaks if the headset heats up and you don’t want to try any other solutions. You can pause whatever you are doing and then lock your phone screen. Allow it to cool off for about five minutes, then take some time to rest your eyes. Put it back on.

13. Factory reset

Unwanted apps, files and data can be removed from your phone by performing a factory reset or clearing the cache. This can have a significant impact on your phone’s battery life and performance. You might have malware or other unwanted apps running in the background, heating up your phone and draining battery power. It’s possible to fix it if you are willing to give it a shot.

  • Navigate to Settings, and select Backup and Reset. Back up your data to your Google Account or an external memory card.
  • Reset factory data
  • To confirm, tap on “reset device”
  • To confirm, read the definition of Factory Reset and tap on “erase all”
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Give your phone some time. It will automatically reset and reboot itself.

Clear the cache from your Samsung phone

  • Go to Settings
  • Choose Storage
  • Then select Cache
  • Next, tap on “delete cache”.

14. Use a charger

While using Gear VR, do not charge your phone. Samsung phones can heat up when charging (and, let’s not forget about the Note 7 incident).

The headset can be charged while you are using it. Both the headset and your smartphone run on a battery. The power consumption is distributed if you have an external power source, such as a portable battery or power bank. This reduces the stress on headset batteries and allows them to cool down.

Many people reported that the hack did not make any difference. You can still give this hack a shot.

15. Keep it frosty

This may mean that you will need to spend more, but it is worth every penny. This headset may not work as well as other headsets.

Buy a cooling gel pack for the freezer. Some people claim that cooling gel packs do not need to be frozen as the room temperature is sufficient to cool them down.

You can place the cooling pack between your phone and the Gear VR cover or attach it to the Gear VR.

The only problem?

  • You must ensure that at least one of your ice packs is frozen every time you use VR.
  • It may take a while before the ice packs start to melt.
  • The headset will feel heavier.


FAQs about How To Keep Gear VR Cool

1. Can an oculus heat up?

Oculus Quest VR headsets are suffering from an issue with their fan not working. Oculus Quest 1 and 2 can overheat, which is clearly not ideal. The system alert says in full: “The cooling fan is not working properly on your device.

2. Is it okay to charge my Oculus Qest 2 overnight?

Find out how to tell the difference between turning off your headset and putting it down. Charging your Quest 2 or Quest 2 headset after it is fully charged can decrease its battery life

3. Does the Oculus warranty cover scratched lenses?

 It should cover lenses that are scratched. If it doesn’t, it may still be covered under the Geek Squad Protection Plan for two years. However, if it doesn’t have a charge within the two-year period, you can call Geek Squad to ask them. They might know the answer.


Lucidcam hopes that you liked our article and now understand how to keep Gear VR  headset cool when Gear VR or your phone overheats. As you see, there are several solutions and ways of cooling down the device when it gets too hot or too sweaty. If you need help in your solution search or have some additional information to add to this topic, please feel free to leave a comment below, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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