How To Charge DJI Mavic Mini Controller 2023: Top Full Guide

How To Charge DJI Mavic Mini Controller 2023: Top Full Guide
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The Mavic Mini Controller is the perfect way to charge your controller or your DJI Mavic Pro or Mavic air devices. It features smart features like compatibility with all of DJI’s Mavic products and peace of mind thanks to its secure contact-free charging technology. This article is about how to charge the DJI Mavic Mini remote controller.

How To Charge Mavic Mini Batteries

How To Charge Mavic Mini Batteries

The Intelligent Flight Battery can be charged in two ways.

Method 1 – Charging the battery using the actual drone

  • Step 1 Insert the battery from the back. Make sure you press it in.
  • Step 2 Close the door, then insert the micro USB plug in the Mavic mini.
  • Step 3 Connect the USB charger to an AC supply (100-240V,50/60Hz), If necessary, use a power adapter.
  • Step 4: The battery level LEDs show the current battery level while charging.
  • Step 5 The Clever Flight Battery is fully charged after all the LEDs on the battery level are turned on.
  • Step 6 Disconnect the USB charger after the battery has fully charged.
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Method 2 – Charging by the Mavic Mini Two Way Charging Hub

You can charge three batteries simultaneously using the Mavic two-way charging hub

  • Step 1Insert your battery into the port until you hear a click. Then, you will be able to see the exact level of the battery.
  • Step 2 Connect the hub for charging to the power outlet (100-240V,50/60Hz), using a Micro USB cable with a DJI 18W USB charger.
  • Step 3 The Clever Flight Battery with the greatest power level will first be charged, and the rest of the batteries will follow suit based on their power levels.
  • Step 4 After the battery has been fully charged, the status LEDs will glow white soil.
  • Step 5 Disconnect the battery from the hub for charging

There are two ways to charge the Mavic Mini. They both depend on the Mavic package that you purchased.

Regular Mavic Mini Kit

The regular Mavic Mini can be charged by simply inserting the battery and connecting the Micro USB to its back. The Mavic can be charged with a computer, a wall outlet, or a portable power bank. You can only charge one battery at once.. so we will have to fly more kit.

Mavic Mini Fly More Combo

The Mavic Mini Fly More Combo comes with a two-way charger hub. You can charge your batteries using Micro USB on the hub’s side, or use the larger rectangular USB-A cable to charge another device. It’s great to be able to power your device quickly. You can also charge 3 devices at once without having to swap out batteries. It’s great.

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How To Charge DJI Mavic Mini Controller

Many Mavic Mini owners find this confusing. The Controller does not have a Micro USB port like the drone and battery hub. How do you charge it? How do you charge it? Charging the Mini controller isn’t so difficult once you actually know where to insert the micro USB charging cable.

DJI doesn’t do a good job in letting you know how the remote controller is charged. Although they recommend using the Micro USB cable, the absence of a Micro USB port is alarming. It turns out that the Micro USB cable can be used to charge your drone even though it doesn’t have a Micro USB port. Yes, it’s true. I don’t get why they do this.

You can plug the Micro USB cable into the USB OTG port of the controller to charge your Mavic Controller. Although this is strange for many reasons, it becomes more understandable after looking into the reason DJI made this. It is still not something I like.

Charging the Mavic Mini using Micro USB: Which way should you plug the Micro USB cable into?

The USB OTG port is rectangular and the micro USB Cable…isn’t… how do you connect it? The longer end of the Micro USB Cable goes towards the back of your controller, so that’s how I remember it. You could damage the connection if you plug the micro USB cable in another way.

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How Do I Plug The Micro-USB Port Into Square OTG?

The USB OTG port has a rectangular shape and the micro USB cable is not. How do you connect them? So, the longer end of the Micro USB Cable is towards the back of your controller. That’s how I remember it. If you connect the micro USB cable in a different way, it could cause damage.

To fly the drone, it makes sense to use an OTG Cable. Your remote control and your phone must communicate and exchange data. USB OTG allows devices to switch between hosts and devices. You can also transfer more data between your RC device and your phone. OTG USB can also power. I believe they needed this cable as you can charge your phone with the USB connection via the remote control (on DJI Go 4 App). OTG cables allow your phone and RC to communicate.

You can charge your remote with a USB-C or Micro USB port. DJI might be listening and will offer a simple way to charge your remote without causing any damage. Some guidance is needed on how to attach the Micro USB Cable to the OTG port.

Mavic Mini Controller Battery

Mavic Mini Controller Battery 

A powerful 2600mAh battery will provide approximately 4.5 hours of flight time on an iOS device and approximately a 1-hour 40-minute flight on an Android device.

You may be asking what the distinction is. When you connect your gadget to the remote controller, it charges it. This might be aggravating for some individuals since it means they are wasting a lot of battery power on their controller to charge their device.

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How to Stop Mavic Mini Controller From Charging Phone

There’s no way to stop the controller from charging your smartphone unless you root it which is not recommended.

It is simple to reduce the battery consumption of your drone controller’s android device. Before you fly, make sure it is fully charged. The DJI Mini control will still charge your tablet or phone, but it will use less power than flying with half-charged devices. You can fly your Mavic without a smartphone if you have a dead battery.

How Do I Turn On the Mavic Controller?

Simply push the power button on the Mavic controller once, and then hold the power button down until all the led lights turn on. Once the controller has been turned on, you will hear a click sound.

How Do I Turn Off The Mavic Controller?

Simply push the power button one time to turn off your controller. Then, hold the button down until the led lights on the controller go out. It works in the same manner as you did above. When the remote is powered off, you will hear it again.


FAQs about How To Charge DJI Mavic Mini Controller

What Is The Charging Time For The Mavic Mini Controller?

Charging the Battery: Connect the USB-C power connector on the remote control to a USB charger in order to charge the battery. To fully charge the remote control, takes less than 2 hours. The maximum battery life for a remote controller is approximately 2.5 hours.

Is Charging Mavic Mini Controllers Necessary?

No matter what charging method you choose, the remote control can be charged in less than 2 hours. The DJI Smart Controller can be charged using the included charger and the HTML0-C cable. You can recharge the DJI Smart Controller on your computer or with an external battery.

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How Long Does The Mavic Mini Controller Last?

The controller’s 2,600-mAh battery is sufficient to last 4 and 1/2 hours with an iOS device or 1 hour 40 minutes with an Android smartphone.


Our ‘How To Charge Mavic Mini Controller’ guide will help you get your remote controller charged quickly and your drone flying as soon as possible. This charger is a great choice if you are looking for a great charger recommendation. It charged my Mavic Pro controller quickly and gave me a clear indicator of how full the battery was. It’s even been taken with me on trips when I need a spare charger. It is a compact, high-quality charger that does exactly what it says.

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