Where Can I Fly My Drone In Michigan 2020: Top Full Guide

Where Can I Fly My Drone In Michigan
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Where Can I Fly My Drone In Michigan? Like any other nation in the country, Michigan has its group of state regulations, rules, and regulations, besides these commissioned by the FAA, seeing drones that users should abide by. Recognizing and respecting them can make sure you keep out of trouble and have a fun flight.

Around Michigan

Michigan State is situated in the Midwestern area of North America, and its capital is Lansing. Michigan’s nickname is Wolverine State, although nobody knows why.

The country is well known for its four Great Lakes that discuss its borders. Additionally, it is renowned for fishing as a result of this 3,288 miles of fish-rich shore. Approximately 90 percent of Michigan’s upper hilly area is dense woods.

Before You Fly Drones in Michigan State

Make sure you’re knowledgeable about the hottest Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations before you fly drones from Michigan State as a commercial pilot.

Michigan State Pre-Flight Planning

Pre-Flight preparation is the obligation of most drone pilots working in Michigan. It is crucial to be aware of any Michigan State and Local laws or laws beforehand. Consider using B4UFLY, Kittyhawk, and or Airmap programs to plan your paths. These programs can provide you with the hottest Michigan airspace info and some other temporary flight restrictions in the region.

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Where Can I Fly My Drone In Michigan?

Where Can I Fly My Drone In Michigan

1. Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore, MI

  • Speech: Maple City, MI 49664, USA
  • Coordinates: 44.8734° N, 86.0467° W
  • Airspace: Class G (Uncontrolled)

Flying Drones at Sleeping Bear Dunes is Illegal Because It Is in ALL NATIONAL PARKS

Despite being adjacent to Lake Michigan is a stunning bulk of wind-blown sand in a spot called Sleeping Bear Dunes. This National Lakeshore playground appears and feels just like a tropical oasis a thousand miles from anywhere.

It is not just about sand, however. It is possible to see the river flow to the lake in Platte Beach, walk the 22-mile Sleeping Bear Heritage Route, or perform the 110ft dune climb.

Camera drones have unlimited scenic chances at this exceptional location. Acquiring the dunes at sunset or sunrise benefits you with the most amazing colors. Other popular filming areas include the ghost woods and the historical 1871, 100ft tall lighthouse in South Manitou Island.

2. Bald Mountain State Recreation Area, MI

  • Address: 3361 S Lapeer Rd, Orion Charter Twp., MI 48360, USA
  • Coordinates: 42.7335° N, 83.2443° W
  • Airspace: Class G (Uncontrolled)

Flying Drones in Bald Mountain State Recreation Area

Bald Mountain State Recreation Area is near Lake Orion in Michigan. The park covers an area of 4,637 acres of rugged natural terrain. It’s two available diversion areas, i.e., north and southwest. The AMA R/C airfield is located around Lower Trout Lake. It is a well-run, dedicated area for RC aircraft lovers, using a place devoted to drones.

RC pilots may enjoy flying and developing abilities in the wide-open distance and varied landscape. Speak to the Skymasters RC Club of Michigan, If You Would like to enroll with the bar.

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3. Windmill Point Lighthouse, MI

  • Address: Detroit, MI 48215, USA
  • Coordinates: 42.3576° N, 82.9299° W
  • Airspace: Class G (Uncontrolled)

Flying Drones in Windmill Point Lighthouse

Near the border of Mariner Park sits the 45ft Windmill Point Lighthouse. Windmill Point is the website where the Detroit River and Lake St. Clair match. This aesthetically pleasing structure looks over the beaches of the Detroit River. It is a functioning light that retains freighter traffic secure as the boats pass in the evening.

This place is a wonderful place for RC pilots considering historical lights. The nearby grassy playground has ample area to fly camera drones and catch waterfront views with all the lighthouses. Additionally, there are views of this 982-acre Belle Isle and also the uninhabited Peche Island out of here.

4. Hart Plaza Downtown Detroit, MI

  • Speech: 1 Hart Plaza, Detroit, MI 48226, USA
  • Coordinates: 42.3284° N, 83.0443° W
  • Airspace: Class G (Uncontrolled)

Flying Drones in Hart Plaza

It is possible to come across the 14-acre downtown Hart Plaza historic site on the banks of the Detroit River. It’s an impressive arena along with plenty of commemorative monuments. There is a whole lot to see. Two prominent focal points are of specific interest to drone photographers.

They’re the Michigan Labor Legacy Monument and the Horace E. Dodge Fountain. This gorgeous spot also bestows breathtaking aerial views of the Detroit Riverwalk and city skyline.

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5. Roosevelt Park, MI

  • Address: 2405 Vernor Highway, Detroit, MI 48216, USA
  • Coordinates: 43.1964° N, 86.2723° W
  • Airspace: Class G (Uncontrolled)

Flying Drones in Roosevelt Park

Back in Detroit’s Corktown area is your 659.2-acre Roosevelt Park. It is a recreational area with green places and beautiful trees which break before an old train station.

The park acts as a fantastic front entry to the historical Michigan Central Train Depot. Another fantastic website from the park would be the Ambassador Suspension Bridge that spans majestically throughout the Detroit River. These remarkable constructions are magnets for drone consumers that love to catch background from above.

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Drone Laws in Michigan

Drone Laws in Michigan

1. Federal Drone Laws in Michigan

These are drone legislation that applies to each nation in the U.S., such as Michigan, and were made by the national government.

To fly a drone as a commercial pilot in the state of Michigan (i.e., for labor/business functions ) that you must adhere to the demands of the FAA’s Part 107 Little UAS Rule (Part 107), including passing the FAA’s Aeronautical Knowledge Test to acquire a Remote Pilot Certification.

To fly a drone for a hobbyist from the state of Michigan (i.e., for fun/enjoyment), you must adhere to the FAA’s recreational version aircraft guidelines. One of these rules is that if your drone weighs greater than 0.55 pounds (250g), you should pay $5 to get it registered more than here. And you can find additional rules in regards to airspace and elevation, maintaining your drone inside line-of-sight as you’re flying, and much more.

To fly a drone for a government worker in the state of Michigan (i.e., to get a police or fire department), you could either function under the FAA’s Part 107 principle or get a national Certificate of Authorization (COA).

Notice: The information on this page is intended for informational purposes only and isn’t supposed to take the place of legal counsel.

2. State Drone Laws in Michigan

These are drone legislation relevant to the whole nation of Michigan and have been made by the Michigan Legislature.

According to the Michigan Department of Transportation and the Michigan Legislature, Michigan has two state-wide laws regarding drones from the nation.

SB 992 // 2016

This legislation:

Prohibits local governments from controlling UAS, except if the area owns the controlled drone.

Especially enables commercial drone functioning from the nation in the event the operator is approved by the FAA to work commercially, and enables hobby performance as long as the operator complies with national law.

Prohibits with a drone in a manner that contrasts with emergency employees and prohibits using a drone to frighten someone, to violate a restraining order to capture images in a way that invades a person’s reasonable expectation of privacy.

Prohibits sex criminals from using a drone to trace contacts or photograph a person they are not permitted from calling.

Anyone who utilizes a drone in a way prohibited by this law is guilty of a misdemeanor.

SB 54 // 2015

This legislation prohibits using UAS to interfere with or harass someone who’s hunting.

Order 5.1 State Parks and Recreation Areas // 2019

This legislation Prohibits:

The performance of an uncrewed aircraft that knowingly and intentionally complies with department employees and their designees performing official duties.

The performance of an uncrewed aircraft interferes with search and rescue operations.

I am flying within 100 meters of a cultural or historic site/structure.

I am flying within an inhabited shore area, equestrian center, bathroom, open-changing courtroom, or a room subject to an aerial right-of-way.

Commercial operations have yet to be approved beforehand through written consent from an authorized representative of the section.

All drone pilots working commercially in Michigan are subject to the FAA’s Part 107 rules. Find out more about the FAA’s certification process to acquire an industrial drone permit in this free guide.

Know something we do not know about drone legislation in Michigan? Please send us an email at support uavcoach.com. We do our very best to maintain this record up-to-date.

Still, the truth is that given the speed of this tiny unmanned aerial system (sUAS) sector and the way municipal governments are reacting, drone regulations in Michigan can change during the year, and modifications can be tough to monitor. If we missed something, please reach out to inform us.

Local Drone Laws in Michigan

3. Local Drone Laws in Michigan

All these are drone legislation that applies only to specific areas, cities, or counties within the state of Michigan and have been made by several authorities within the nation.

City of West Bloomfield Deadly Ordinance // 2016

This town ordinance establishes all city parks because of no-fly zones.

The Univerity of Michigan – University Policy // 2017

This University ordinance prohibits the performance of drones over any University of Michigan campus of property, but when prior permission has been awarded via an application process that’s reviewed from the IASC and delivered for final approval to the Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer.

Mt. Brighton Ski Resort – Vail Properties Policy // 2020

This property coverage prohibits using recreational/commercial drones by any guest or member of the general public, for any reason, on Vail Resorts’ property, except in limited situations if an approved operator has acquired an FAA exemption and obtained written consent from the hotel. Including use connected with specific events, promotion, and film/photo software.

Notice: We were not able to get the actual ordinance about the West Bloomfield official government site the connection provided above is to a post covering the city ban on drones in parks.

Looking to get in more training flying your drone? It is possible to scout out legal and safe places to fly with our guide to the Top Places to Fly a Drone at Detroit.


Can I fly a drone in Michigan state parks?

Yes, you can fly your drone in Michigan state parks, but there are a few restrictions, which tie in with some of the state laws we mentioned previously in the article. … Finally, you can’t fly your drone over beaches where people are sunbathing, near horse riding facilities, close to restrooms, or near changing areas.

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Can I fly a drone in my local park?

By default, drone flight is allowed in local public parks and state parks. However, local ordinances may have already been put in place to restrict or control drone flight.

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Do I need a license to fly a drone in Michigan?

To fly a drone as a commercial pilot in the state of Michigan (i.e., for work/business purposes), you are required to follow the requirements of the FAA’s Part 107 Small UAS Rule (Part 107), which includes passing the FAA’s Aeronautical Knowledge Test to obtain a Remote Pilot Certificate.

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Is it illegal to fly a drone over private property in Michigan?

Michigan law bans drones from interfering with law enforcement, harassing others, or invading another’s privacy. As a general rule of thumb, if it’s illegal to do without a drone, it’s illegal to do with a drone, too.

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The most important concern that normally surrounds other legal problems using drones in Michigan is the State Parks. But, laws and limitations for every State Park could be vague and uncertain.

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources and the National Park Service have more details regarding the usage and amounts of constraints where Michigan’s State Parks is worried.

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