Best Drone Without Camera 2023: Top Review For You

Best Drone Without Camera 2023: Top Review For You
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Drones are becoming more and more popular these days, and for a good reason. They make life so much easier! But finding the right drone can be a difficult task. With all of the options on the market, it’s hard to know what to buy or where to start looking.

That’s why we put together this list of the best drone without camera – they’re perfect for beginners who want an easy way to get into aerial photography without breaking their budget!

Keep reading below if you’re ready to find your new best friend in the sky that won’t break your bank account too badly!

Top-Rated Best Beginner Drones Without Camera

Holy Stone HS170 Predator Mini RC Helicopter Drone

Best flight time drone without a camera


  • Excellent first-time training drone
  • Mode of headless
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • 3 speed modes
  • 360deg stunts
  • Bright LED light feature
  • Quick charging


  • Short flight time
  • Winds are not good

The Holy Stone HS170 can fly for approximately 8 minutes and fully charge in about 45-60 minutes. It comes with the 6-axis stabilization for flight stability. That’s a reason why photographers get to enjoy sharp and crisp images and videos that are void of noise.

The drone’s aerodynamic design makes it windproof up to 30-50 meters. You can also control your drone from far away with ease, thanks to the 2.4GHz technology.

These features mean that even beginners should be able to fly the Holy Stone HS170 with no difficulty. You can also fly the drone easily from any angle thanks to its Headless mode.

The Holy Stone HS170 is not a mini drone flying long distances on a single charge. In ideal conditions, battery life is allowing flight durations of 8 minutes with an average of 6 minutes. It is a good idea to buy 2 or 3 extra batteries.

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Pilots should allow the motors to cool down for a few minutes between battery swaps. This Holy Stone HS170 is light enough to fly outdoors on sunny days, weighing in at only 1.6kg.

Altair Blackhawk


  • GoPro compatible camera mount
  • The average flight time is high
  • Two-speed modes
  • Metal shell made of sturdy metal
  • Wind resistance control
  • Fly fast
  • Flight ranges up to 2,000 miles
  • Altitude hold


  • There are no beginner-friendly features
  • Long-term charging

This is one of the best GoPro drones without cameras under 200. It’s not because it has the most features (that would be the 3DR Solo), but because it’s an excellent choice for everyone.

This drone is affordable, easy to use, and, most importantly, very stable and durable in the air for beginners. The cheap drone can fly for up to 15 minutes on a single battery and range 300 meters.

The Blackhawk is a quadcopter with a wide range of features, and it only costs $109.99. This drone is the most affordable long-range budget drone available.

This drone is enjoyable to fly. Altair Aerial’s drones don’t have the same altitude hold function, so you can fly it as you like. It is fast, especially when ascending or descending.

The 300-meter range allows you to let it go and not worry about it getting lost. This gives you that racing feeling.

It’s also compatible with the GoPro Hero 3 and 4, which allows you to take amazing photo and video quality, unlike some flying drones that don’t have built-in cameras.

Altair Aerial Blackhawk may not be the best drone for beginners. It lacks GPS, returns to home, altitude hold, and a headless mode. These features are optional but not necessary.

These items are handy for novice pilots. However, they can take as long as 5 hours to charge. Additional LiPos can be an intelligent investment.

DJI Phantom 2 V2.0 Camera-less Quad


  • It’s super easy to fly
  • Compatible with GoPro cameras
  • Reliable drone
  • Guarantees stable flights
  • Built to last
  • Long battery life
  • A decent range
  • Return to Home (RTH).


  • Pre-flight calibration is required
  • No GoPro live stream

Even if you buy the drone for fun, it is an excellent model. Although it is fast, it doesn’t do any acrobatic tricks. The Phantom 2 is reliable, stable, and built to last.

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Takeoff or landing is smooth, thanks to the drone’s streamlined body shape.

It seems to feel at home in the air, almost like it is a flying machine. It can transport extras while still maintaining drone stable and reliable performance.

The DJI Phantom 2 can hold popular GoPro camera such as the HERO 2/3/3+ and 4. You can also fit the DJI Zenmuse H3-3D drone into it. You must purchase the camera clamp and the gimbal separately.

There’s an amazing camera drone if that’s what you need, and a stunning flying robot if that’s all you want. The flight time for Phantom 2 is approximately 28 minutes thanks to the smart battery. An extra battery pack could extend the playtime with this fantastic aircraft.

Pilots can bring their quad to the base using the return-to-home button. This is why the DJI Phantom is still very popular even though it is no longer in production.

The Phantom 2 is not yet ready to fly. Before taking to the skies, all new owners will need to calibrate their compass. It is not tricky but essential to calibrate the compass before taking off.

If you skip this step, your quad could be lost to the dreaded flyaway. This drone does not come with an FPV camera. A GoPro action camera cannot stream WiFi.

3DR Solo


  • It comes with Gimbal Stabilization and works with GoPro cameras.
  • Smart shot technology and repetition are possible
  • Automated and seamless adjustment of the gimbal.
  • Return to home function added.
  •  Direct stream of flight footage to your iOS/Android devices


  • It has a very short battery life, and it takes too much time to charge.
  • Its GPS system is not well-known by many.
  • During hovers, drifts can be observed.

The 3DR Solo is ideal for both beginner and skilled pilots. You can control the drone without a camera easily by pressing a button the drone takes off, lands, or pauses mid-air. 3DR Solo uses smart computer programs for flight control.

Thanks to the Return-to-home function, if your control signal is interrupted, or if the battery gets down too low, you can bring it back with the press of a button.

You can attach your camera to the drone. You can still get the best aerial photos and videos with safety sensors and records of steady and crisp footage.

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The affordable drone features a video-game-style controller. Smart Shots feature allows users to create creative aerial photography and has an Orbit mode. You can fly your drone hands-free with the Follow Me feature. It follows you wherever you go.

This camera-less quadcopter also comes with an app for iOS or Android, which allows users to enjoy a flawless flying and filming experience. Regular updates are made to the Solo app so that your 3DR Solo drone is always up-to-date.

Syma X5A-1 RC Headless Flying Quadcopter

One of the best drones for kids without a camera


  • Best drones without camera and easy to fly
  • Modes for high- and low-speed
  • Mode of headless
  • Indoor/outdoor capable
  • 360deg rolls and flips
  • Flashing LEDs with vibrant colors
  • Quick charging


  • Short flight time
  • Wind is not stable

Syma X5A-1 quadcopter is affordable. It does not built-in camera, nor is it capable of taking pictures. This drone without a camera is ideal for pilots who want to learn how to fly.

Syma’s X5A-1 RC drone is small enough to be carried around. There are two speeds that users can choose from depending on their level of experience. The 1-key takeoff/landing feature and the headless mode are other flight-assisted features.

Headless mode allows the pilot to focus more on the controls than the orientation of their drone. This is especially helpful when the quad is challenging to see.

The X5A-1 features a 360deg stunt flips-and-rolls feature that is risk-free. The aerial acrobatics are impressive and easy to perform. Night flying is possible thanks to a bright array of flashing, colorful LED lights.

Each propeller has guards that aren’t found on other toy drones without camera. The flight time can be a bit slow (see next), but it is compensated by the quick charging time.

Holy Stone HS150 Bolt Bee Mini Racing Drone


  • High-speed racing drone
  • Mode of headless
  • Modes 5 Speed
  • Rapid acceleration
  • Wind resistant
  • 3-D flips and rolls with a single button
  • Bonus battery


  • Short flight time
  • Not recommended for beginners

The next drone without a camera is an agile, fast-flying racer that doesn’t require a camera. Holy Stone’s HS150 Bolt Bee Mini quadcopter is a high-speed training unit for advanced beginners.

The HS150 Bolt Bee Mini quadcopter is one of the small racing drones. It is super lightweight, at only 2.43 oz. (68.1g). It can reach speeds of 30 mph and accelerates from 0-30 in just seconds.

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The quad’s five-speed modes allow new pilots to take their time getting used to it. Racers can focus on the controls and not the craft’s orientation in the headless mode.

Bolt Bee Mini’s lightweight makes it wind-resistant, thanks to its powerful motors. As they race towards the finish line, users can perform 1-button 3-D flips and rolls. The quad’s low-battery alarm will notify pilots if either the drone or its controller is running low.

For a lightweight racing quad, the flight time is about 5-7 minutes. However, this doesn’t make it any less disappointing that the battery life is so short. The 90-minute charge time is too long for a mini quadcopter.

Holy Stone includes a bonus battery in their HS150. Many users will want more. This bird is not suitable for beginners due to its high speed and lack of GPS.

And the 90-minute charging time is on the long side for a mini quadcopter. Holy Stone does include a bonus battery with their HS150. Most users are sure to want a couple more. The high speeds and lack of GPS mean this bird is unsuitable for the complete beginner.

JJRC H31 Waterproof Drone W/ Headless Mode


  • Drone with a waterproof camera and no lens
  • Almost indestructible
  • Mode of headless
  • 1-key Return to Home (RTH).
  • LED lights
  • Protection against over-charge


  • Wind-resistant
  • Flying time is very short

The JJRC H31 drone is affordable and waterproof. Although it has many pilot-friendly features, the JJRC H31 is too fast for first-ever quads.

This drone comes equipped with the latest 6-axis flight control system helping it has flight stability and a lot easier to control

Advanced pilots, from beginners to professionals, should have a lot of fun with this bird. The inevitable collisions and drone crashing are a significant concern for drone pilots. That’s not a problem with this puppy as it’s indestructible-well, almost.

You can also drop it into the water and fly right after. The JJRC H31 also has a headless mode, which means that the craft can be positioned before taking off.

One-key return home (RTH) allows users to bring the quad back down to the base quickly.  You don’t have to worry about losing your drone if the battery dies or the control signal is interrupted.

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The LED lights make night flying possible. The charging time takes around 60 minutes. The JJRC H31 has an overcharge protection feature that protects its battery.

The H31 is only 2.2 oz. The drone’s weight is only 2.2 oz (64g) and is therefore useless in light breezes. Although it can fly indoors in windy conditions, its large size makes it difficult to maneuver in tight spaces.

It takes 8 minutes to fly. This is a typical but disappointing flight time and will require extra batteries.

Mysterystone Bugs 3 Quad W/ Camera Mount


  • Action camera mount
  • Brushless motors that are powerful
  • Fly fast
  • Wind resistant
  • Control range for long periods
  • Low battery warning
  • Alarm for out of range
  • Bonus battery


  • Average flight time
  • Long charging time

Our final top cameraless drone picks go to the Mysterystone Bugs 3. If you want it to, it can also be used as a flying camera. Mounts are available for most action cameras.

Pilots sometimes want to fly because it’s fun. Sometimes they are looking to capture aerial photos and shoot video. The Mysterystone Bugs 3 allows you to do both.

The stable mount for your action camera can hold most modern models. These include models such as the GoPro HERO 3+, 4, SJCAMS, and SJ4000. You can mount cameras on the drones and take incredible drone selfies.

It is powered by reliable and powerful brushless motors, making it both fast and wind-resistant. The drone’s high speed allows it to reach the outer 1640 feet flight range in no time.

The alarms are also out-of-range or low-power. This drone feature ensures that pilots can keep their bird safe and return it home safely. The Bugs 3 comes with an additional battery and a set of propellers.

An average flight time of 16 minutes is acceptable, but you can expect to fly for less with the mount and camera attached. The bonus battery effectively doubles flight time.

However, it is a good idea to allow the motors to cool down between swaps. Another disappointment is the long charging time of 5 hours. If Bugs 3 is on your shortlist, you will need to buy additional batteries.

How To Choose The Best Drone Without Camera

How To Choose The Best Drone Without Camera

You can choose the best drones without a camera in the same way as a camera. There is only one difference: You have one less thing you need to think about. The following are all considerations.

  • To narrow down your options, budget: Decide this right away
  • Make a list of features and functions that meet your needs.
  • Flight range If you are concerned about it
  • Battery life aka flight time on one charge
  • Charging time The time taken to charge the battery can vary between models
  • Additional batteries may be required. Important if points 4 and 5 are not met
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You may also consider other factors such as the design, materials, speed, etc. It is easy to make the best buying decision by simply listing all the things you are looking at.

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FAQs about Best Drone Without Camera

Do I need a license to fly my drone without a camera?

No. As long as the drone weighs less than 5lb, you can fly it recreationally.

How do I live stream with GoPro on my drone?

GoPro’s WIFI connection can sometimes interfere with the remote control signal in most drones. For that reason, it is necessary to set up a video downloading link for live streaming.

Can I bring my drone on a plane?

You must follow the regulations. There are many regulations regarding drone batteries. One is to keep the batteries in the drone while it is flying. You will then need to turn it off.

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Which drone is the best without a camera?

Smart Shot Technology, FPV compatibility, and GoPro compatibility are some of the highlights of the 3DR Solo. This model is worth considering.

Can the FAA track my drone?

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), just before Christmas, published a proposal that included regulations that would enable them to track almost every drone in the US airspace at any time.

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We hope you found this article helpful in searching for the best beginner drone without a camera. If not, please contact us with any questions or concerns, and we will be happy to help.

We strive to provide our readers with comprehensive information on drones to make informed decisions when it comes time to buy one!

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