Xiaomi Mi Drone Review: Best Choice For You 2023

Xiaomi Mi Drone Review: Best Choice For You 2023
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A drone is a great way to get high-quality aerial photography, but the price tag can be prohibitive. The Xiaomi Mi Drone offers an excellent compromise between quality and cost. It has all of the functionality you would expect from a modern consumer drone, including GPS and obstacle avoidance. If you’re in the market for a new drone and don’t want to spend too much money on it, this is definitely one worth considering.

In this blog post, LucidCam will review some features of the Xiaomi mi drone so that readers know what they’ll get if they decide to buy it!

Xiaomi Mi Drone 4k Review

Xiaomi mi drone review

What’s in the Box?

  • 1x Xiaomi Mi Drone 4K
  • 1x RC Controller
  • 1x Camera
  • 1x Battery
  • 1x USB cable
  • 2x Manuals
  • 8x Propellers
  • 1x Wall charger
  • Set of anti-collision shields
  • Thumbscrews and a screwdriver

Accessories and Parts

  • Mi Drone 4K
  • Chargers 5 in 1
  • Propeller set
  • Motors for replacement
  • Fimi handheld gimbal
  • Mi Drone 4K backpack
  • Wi-Fi dongle


  • It’s easy to fly
  • Low price range
  • Smooth 4K movie
  • Smart Flight Modes
  • Amazing flight time
  • Extended transmission range
  • Easy assembly and disassembly
  • Ideal for wide-angle images
  • Camera zooming without distortion of the image
  • Xiaomi MI is designed with a detachable camera module and rotors.


  • It takes a while for the battery and RC to charge.
  • Users have complained about complicated settings in apps.
  • Propellers can make a strange whizzing sound and may require some firming

Xiaomi Mi Drone 4K Unique Selling Points

  • Even for beginners, flying is easy and stable
  • Additional security features include Signal Loss Failsafe and GPS real-time tracking.
  • Automatic no-fly zone detection
  • A 12MP Sony sensor camera can shoot 4K/30fps videos and transmit live at 720p at distances of up to 2 kilometers.
  • The 3-axis gimbal stabilizer is highly sensitive and can compensate for up 2000 vibrations per second with a +/- 0.02deg accuracy.
  • Integrates Anti-interference System and Low Latency Technology
  • Xiaomi Mi drone 4K lifts at 6 m/s and flies at 18 m/s. It can also fly at 500 meters.


Xiaomi Mi Drone 4K - Features

This advanced drone unit is affordable and has many features. Its 4K recording capability with greater stability is the most striking feature. Still, shots can be recorded at 1080p resolution. The frequency range of the wireless transmitter is 2.4GHz, while the altitude range can reach up to 800m. The Xiaomi MI’s control distance is 3000m, and the total flight time of this small drone is 27 minutes. The 5199mAh battery is rechargeable and has a 17.4 Volt rating. It takes approximately 3 and 1/2 hours to fully charge.

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Xiaomi Mi Drone Drone 4k- High-Quality Building & Design

From the beginning, the Xiaomi Mi was original. It is a rectangular drone that has four motor arms and is painted white. The Xiaomi Mi looks minimalistic and simple, unlike the DJI Phantom 4 Pro’s curved hull and smaller dimensions.

The Xiaomi Mi 4k is available in at least three colors. The motor’s color is the most prominent feature. Each motor cap is made of two pieces of stainless steel and one piece red. The logo has the company name in the center and Mi written in it.

Quick-release propellers are also available on the Xiaomi Mi 4K drone. Both novice and professional remote pilots can attach and remove the propellers quickly. Attaching propellers is easy without a screwdriver. It is easy to replace damaged parts if necessary. To reduce the impact on landing, the drone comes with two landing skids.

The 4K camera under the body is also protected from the ground. These small particles can include dust, sands, and other tiny particles.

Like most modern drones, the Mi drone 4k has some cool LED lights underneath each rotor, these are bigger than usual and they make for a great spectacle if you fly this drone at night. These lights also help to indicate when the drone compass is fully calibrated and also flash in certain ways when there is a problem with the drone, allowing you to find out what is wrong and fixing it quickly

The Xiaomi Mi 4K is elegant and professional in design. Additional protection and resilience against accidents are provided by ABS plastic. It is made of durable ABS plastic with alloy and carbon fiber to ensure the drone’s stability. The drone has received our highest recommendation in terms of design and build a high-quality drone.

Battery Life

Battery Life

Xiaomi MI  drone 4k can be charged once and used for 27 minutes. If you use the auto return home and departure features, your battery life can be shorter. It takes approximately 3 1/2 hours for the 17.4 Volt battery to fully charge.

However, if you wish to prolong battery life, you can always bring a backup. With one charge, the Xiaomi MI 4k can be charged for 27 minutes. If you use the auto return home and departure features, your battery life can be shorter. However, if you wish to prolong battery life, you can always carry a backup.

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Performance and Usability

Performance and Usability

The Xiaomi Mi Drone 4K’s flight time of up to 27 minutes is impressive for its price. This drone can compete with expensive brands by utilizing its stability features, sensors, as well as numerous satellites.

The Xiaomi Mi 4K is very easy to fly. Easy takeoff, landing, and control are possible with the RC rocker as well as the app.

GLONASS and GPS features allow for exceptional drone flight accuracy, even in severe weather conditions. When in autonomous mode, the drone will always return to its starting point.

The Mi Drone 4K offers many other amazing capabilities, including the point of interest, follow-me mode, and active tracking.

The app allows you to set a flight path and have the drone fly to specific locations, circle around objects, or follow your car.

A beginner mode is available for novices before moving to the advanced level. To ensure that the drone doesn’t get destroyed in one day, there is a maximum height limit (50m) and flight distance limit (100m).

If the communication signal drops or the battery is low, the drone activates the return home function and other self-flight modes such as automatic landing.

You can activate any one of these modes by simply tapping on the app or pressing the buttons on the RC.

Flight Performance

Xiaomi Mi Drone 4k review- Flight Performance

The autonomous flying mode of Xiaomi Mi is similar to other advanced drones. Simply tap the TapFly button to start it moving. You can control all movements by tapping your finger, and all movements can be viewed on the map.

One of the most remarkable features of Xiaomi Mi 4k is its ability to communicate via mobile phone. This allows users to control the recording focus and other functions of the camera.

Another feature that is worth mentioning is its ability to surround flight. You can send commands from your smartphone to make the camera circle any object. Its 360-degree motion capability, which allows for incredible clicks, will make it a joy to use to capture videos. The Preset Rout Following ability is the best feature of this drone unit. Pre-adjustments can be made for each flight, and the drone will take smooth shots every single time.

Easy controls are made possible by the automatic landing and takeoff feature. If the drone moves beyond 3 meters, it will return to its predetermined path. You can bring the drone back using one button. To improve its performance, access the calibration settings. It will take approximately 30 to 45 minutes to bring your drone back if it gets lost.

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Intelligent Flight Modes

This drone’s best feature is its ability to fly autonomously. While many drones come with intelligent flight modes, not all do the job as intended. The smart flight modes included with the Xiaomi Mi are easy to use and work well.

These smart flight modes include:

  • Orbit – You can place the drone at a point of interest, and it will orbit that location automatically.
  • Waypoint – You can draw a flight route on the app, and the drone will follow it to return home.
  • Dronie – This is a very cool flight mode that’s great for taking image quality and video quality. The drone will automatically lock onto your position and fly away while you take photos or record crystal clear videos
  • Tap fly – This works in a similar way to Waypoint, except that instead of drawing a flight route, you tap anywhere on the map. The drone will fly there.
  • Automatic return home – This feature is very simple to activate. You can either press the return home button on your controller or in the app to activate it manually. You can also activate it automatically if there is a loss of connection or the battery becomes low.

It comes with dual GPS and has excellent accuracy. Many cheaper drones may have similar features, but they won’t land close to where they took off. However, the Mi drone 4k is very accurate in its return home function.

Xiaomi Mi Drone Remote Control

Xiaomi mi 4k review- Remote controller

You will be familiar with the Mi Drone4K remote controller if you’ve ever used Xbox. Although they have similar shapes, the functions and features of each one are quite different. These control features are available on the RC:

  • The left roller controls the up/down and angle movements of the drone (elevation, left/right turn around itself).
  • The drone can be moved forward/backward by the right roller, and it will slide left/right.
  • The RC’s upper side has a button and a power switch to activate automatic landing and takeoffs.
  • A battery status indicator is available for the RC, as well as a support ring to attach a neck strap.
  • A button is located above the support ring to activate the return home function
  • The left-hand corner has a tilt wheel that allows you to tilt the camera between 0 and 900. The right corner has a programable button that can be used to adjust the drone’s LED intensity or camera’s exposure.
  • From the front of the RC, the smartphone support ramp extends to the top.
  • The left button of the RC is used to start or stop a video recording. The right one is used for photo shooting. You can simultaneously use both buttons.
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High-end models such as the Xiaomi Mi or popular DJI Drones feature a lot of features that make it responsive and intelligent.

Control Range

xiaomi mi drone 4k review - Control Range

We have already mentioned that Xiaomi Mi can work with 2.4GHz frequency bands. The drone has a left-hand throttle capability and a handy phone clamp. To operate the drone remotely, you will need to set its flight settings to Mode 2. MI can fly up to 800m above the ground and can travel as far as 3000 meters away from its operator.

Xiaomi Mi Drone Camera

Xiaomi Mi Drone Camera

The main reason I enjoy flying drones is because of their cameras. This camera will let you take professional-level photos and videos. It can also record 4k videos at 30fps, which is quite a good frame rate. You can also make slow-motion videos, just like those you see on YouTube.

Still, images will be shot at 12mp. The camera also has a 1/2.3-inch CMOS sensor that will make sure the photos are crystal clear.

It can rotate 360 degrees to capture more detail in your video. The camera is also supported by a 3-axis gimbal that will ensure that your images and videos are free of distortion.

The back of the camera has a micro SD card slot. It accepts class 10 and above memory cards, with a maximum of 32GB. You can stream live video to your smartphone in 720p resolution. The video is transmitted with anti-interference technology, so you won’t notice any lag.

The Xiaomi Mi 4k is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a 4k drone at a reasonable price.

Software for Xiaomi Mi Drone 4K

Xiaomi Mi uses the software. Most of the drone’s settings and controls can be done through the app. You can download the software from both the Android and Apple app stores.

After you have downloaded the app and set the drone up for the first time, an update prompt appears almost immediately.

Be patient, as it can take up to twenty minutes to update. Follow the instructions for initial setup and assembling the drone to get it ready for your first flight.

You can use the app to control your drone better, including flight mode settings, route setting, drone location views, and drone and camera status.

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The USB cable that is provided connects the smartphone and the RC. While the drone connects to it via Wi-Fi, the USB cable is used to connect the two devices.

Safety and Pro Tips

  • Before you take to the skies, make sure to check your state laws regarding drones. Flying in restricted areas or exceeding flight distances will not result in a fine.
  • Flying in open areas is a good way to keep your drone and other objects safe. Open areas will provide better GPS signal that is essential for flight routing and location.
  • Avoid drone-restricted areas such as airports and highways.
  • If you want your drone to be able to quickly determine its direction, ensure it faces forward.
  • Face the antenna on the remote controller to ensure maximum signal communication.
  • Press power simultaneously with the key to land the drone in an emergency situation.
  • You may sometimes get a GPS error or compass message when trying to take off in crowded areas or between buildings. Clear the error by rotating your quadcopter.

Xiaomi Mi Drone App

The Xiaomi Mi app is very well designed. The app simulates your presence inside an aircraft cockpit with all the parameters.

These screenshots show the camera view, which allows the pilot to see the drone’s camera. You can toggle between this and Maps mode using the upper right button. The Maps section shows where the drone is located geographically relative to the controller. This gives a better understanding of the area and distances.

You can check out the list of the other app for drones: Best Drone App 2023: Top Full Guide For You.

Section Aircraft

  • Connect Device – This connects your phone to the drone
  • Firmware update – It checks for any updates to the drone’s firmware
  • Compass – Used to calibrate the compass
  • The Beginner Guide – This section explains to rookies what to do
  • Starter Mode – This mode allows the pilot to fly restrictions such as a 50m (165ft), altitude limit and a 100m (330ft distance limit) from the RC
  • GPS mode – Allows the pilot to manually adjust max speed, maximum elevation, and other parameters
  • VPU Mode – Allows the user to fly a drone with only sonar, without GPS.
  • ATTI Mode – Allows the pilot to fly the drone without support
  • Show more information – Displays additional information on the main screen, such as gimbal angle or other parameters.
  • Imperial Units – Off/On
  • IMU – Displays GPS parameters
  • Head Light Settings – Change the intensity of your lights
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Section RC

  • RC Calibration – This allows the pilot to calibrate all movements of the RC mechanics.
  • Stick Mode – This mode can invert stick functions.
  • WiFi Settings – To modify the name or password of your Wifi network
  • RC Pairing – This is the beginning of the connection between Drone and RC (binding).
  • Right Dial Setting – This modifies the function of the wheel in the right corner.

Section Battery

  • This section contains all information about the battery, including temperature.

Gimbal Section

  • Gimbal Calibration-Auto calibration of the gimbal
  • Gimbal Adjustment Manual adjustment of the device

Camera Section

  • Mode – PAL/NTSC
  • Video Resolution – 4K @30fps/2.5K @60fps/1080p @ 100/60/30fps
  • Photo Size – 4/3 12Mp/16/9 8Mp
  • Photo Format – JPEG/JPEG+RAW
  • Grid – On/Off
  • When shooting, lights turn off – On/Off
  • Format Card
  • All camera settings can be reset

Maps section

  • Satellite Map – On/Off
  • Allow Coordinate Correction – On/Off


  • Flight Record – Total kilometers, minutes, and takeoffs
  • Flight log – Every drone movement
  • Feedback – Send an inquiry to the Support
  • Keep checking for new updates
  • Version Info – Mi Drone
  • History message

Is Xiaomi Mi Drone 4k worth it?

Yes. The Xiaomi Mi has top-of-the-range features that are found in high-end drones, but for a fraction of the cost. The drone can be used even by beginners, although Xiaomi warns against children using it.

The added safety features, beginner’s mode, and autonomous flight options make this drone fit for use by kids, novices, and adults.

It’s not a good idea to buy it as your first drone. There are cheaper options for beginners. Hundred-dollar drones are not something you would want to crash on your first day.

Professionals and hobbyists can use the Xiaomi Mi to enhance their photography and filming.


The Xiaomi mi drone is a fantastic drone for anyone looking to get started with drones. It’s easy to use with amazing features, and affordable, which makes it perfect for beginners or more experienced users who want an inexpensive option.

If you have any questions about the article content, please let us know! We would love to hear from our readers and welcome your feedback on what we can do better in future blog posts. Please share this post if you found it helpful so that others might see its contents as well!

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