Sky Viper M500 Nano Drone Review 2022: Top Choice For You

Sky Viper M500 Nano Drone Review 2022: Top Choice For You
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Sky Viper has been a leading drone manufacturer providing high-quality drones to the public for many years. The Sky Viper m500 Nano is no exception, and it includes quality features such as an HD camera and FPV capability at an affordable price point.

In this Sky Viper m500 nano drone review, Lucidcam will cover what this product offers in detail so you can decide if it’s right for you!

Sky Viper M500 Nano Drone: Pros And Cons


  • Small and quick. It’s like a tiny bee. It is cute and fast.
  • Good maneuverability. It is easy to use and performs well.
  • Solid battery. It can last for 6-8 minutes and recharges in just 20 minutes.
  • Sensitivity can be adjusted. You can choose from low or high settings for both beginners and more advanced users.
  • Headless mode. To fly more efficiently, turn it off.


  • Indoor use is preferred. It is lightweight and small. It can only be flown outdoors if there is no wind.
  • The remote. The remote has many buttons that can overwhelm beginners.
  • Blades shields. They are missing. They are missing.

Sky Viper nano drone

Sky Viper m500 Nano Drone Review

Indoor Or Outdoor Quadcopter

Perfect flying fast indoors

Many people have never attempted to control a remote-controlled drone. There are many drones available for them, including the sky Viper Nano Drone. Even experienced people will find it enjoyable, but it is probably the best tool to help new learners. Although driving an RC car is easy, it can be challenging to follow the directions.

Sky Viper General Information:

This drone might be available in local shops rather than at a dedicated drone shop. This mini drone is quite sturdy and can be used in a variety of situations. Fly indoors and outdoors. This thing is beautiful. It’s a great combination of black and green and almost futuristic in appearance.

The sky viper comes with technology – auto flight (auto-launch, auto hover, auto-land). These are to make it easier for newer users to pilot the thing and avoid any crashes. You can also fly it fully manually if desired, but it’s best to learn how to fly it.

Because of its small size, you won’t need an FAA registration if you buy this drone. You can fly it anywhere you like because of its small size. It can be flown indoors and outdoors. It is recommended for indoor flying.

The tiny Nano drone is perfect for indoor flying but also sturdy enough for the outdoors 2.0″ body size (not including blades) Perform one-touch stunts like left and right barrel rolls and flips at the touch of a button.

Features and Specs

The instruction manual should be included with the M500 Nano when you open it from the box. The controller is required to fly the drone. 3 AA batteries are not included. The controller should come with a USB charging cord that can be plugged into any outlet. It can take approximately 4 to 5 minutes for the drone to charge fully. A free simulator app is available that allows you to practice your flying skills while the drone charges. You will also need 4 additional blades, 2 green, and 2 black.

The M500 Nano measures 1.9×1.9×0.8 inches and weighs in at 8.5 ounces. This little drone costs 30 dollars and is made of plastic, not metal. The M500 Nano is mainly used for flight. If you are interested in a drone that has a camera, this drone will not disappoint. It is very similar to a remote-controlled plane.

Sky Viper Nano drone is fast, durable enough for handling crashes, and easy to learn. It does have some flaws.

Flight time is often shorter than you would prefer. The drone’s battery cannot be removed. This means that there is no fast swapping. The charging process takes around 15-20 minutes, and then it’s ready to go. It will last about 10 minutes before it starts to slow down and finally hits the ground.

Its lightweight but sturdy frame makes it easy to maneuver and agile. Sky Viper can be safely given to children. Sky Viper is recommended for children between the ages of 1 and 8. This device is safe for children as long as they take precautions.

Sky Viper Nano’s two red lights at the back and two green lights at the front indicate rear/front. This makes it easier to fly.

This drone is small in size but has sophisticated technology that makes it easy to control. One of the most exciting features is the Stunt button. You can perform barrel rolls or other stunts by pressing a button.

One example of the agility that gives Sky Viper Nano drones their flying experience is Nano’s ability to perform stunts using only one button. It is this agility that users love the most about the Nano. This is why it is so easy to fly. Four-blade technology enhances the flying experience of this device.

The Sky Viper Nano has four-blade technology, which means it comes with four propellers with multiple sensors. These sensors perform a range of functions. They help the Nano stay responsive and agile while flight time and detect shifts in the drone’s airflow to adjust and keep it stable.


Since the M500 Nano is made out of plastic, the device is very durable and can withstand damage when you accidentally crash it into walls or other obscure obstacles.

The small drone is palm-sized at around 2.0 inches in length, including the blades. It weighs in at 8.5 ounces and is therefore lightweight. You can use it outdoors as long as there isn’t strong wind. It is compact, sturdy, and strong. It can withstand a lot of furniture bumping.

Blade protectors are not included in the standard package. This could be a weakness. There are four replacement darts included in the standard package. It is very lightweight and sturdy so that it can withstand a lot of bumping.

The tiny drone has four LED lights, which make it very visible in both good and poor lighting. The drone’s front and back are marked by two green LED lights and two red ones.


Sky Viper m500 nano drone camera

The camera can record at 720p HD and 20fps. Pretty decent picture quality for a beginner drone. It can stream the video directly to your smartphone, enabling the FPV. The Wi-Fi reach is about 100 yards. The camera’s only problem is the black lines you see on the video when filming on windy days.


The 2,4 GHz transmitter feels good in your hand and is well-designed. The package does not include 3 AAA batteries. It may appear cluttered at first glance. This is especially true when you consider that this device has a low range. Each button serves a specific purpose. It has the usual horizontal and vertical control buttons and additional buttons that allow it to perform stunts such as left and suitable barrel rolls, flips, and other actions.

The problem with this product’s many buttons is that it is not an entry-level drone. It requires lots of practice to learn the various buttons and functions.

There is an app you can download that allows you to practice. It is better to fly around a virtual drone rather than a real one.

Battery life

Although the included 3,7 V, 100mAh lithium polymer battery is not very powerful, it will give this little guy an average flight time of 6-8 minutes. It takes around 20 minutes to recharge fully. A USB charging cable is included with the Viper m500 Nano.

However, the battery is not intended to be changed and is therefore not replaceable.

Flight Performance

The lightweight Sky Viper Dash Nano Drone simplifies flying and outperforms other drones in its class. Fly up to 5 mph using flight technology developed for racing class drones.

The tiny nano drone flew flawlessly for around ten minutes. It was responsive and straightforward to use, as expected. It took some time to get used to the controller, and sometimes we crashed.

You can download their flight simulator to avoid this. This will save you a lot of money on replacement parts. Even after minor crashes, there was no damage, which is excellent.

Thanks to 6-axis digital stabilization, software upgrades, and variable modes of flight sensitivity, so they are as much fun for novice flyers as they are for drone enthusiasts. It may take some time to get used to the controls.

Before you can fly it around obstacles, you will need to master hover, trim and spin. It can be pretty surprising to a beginner how fast the device propels upwards when the auto-take-off function is activated. This can make it difficult to control. This can cause some crashes. It takes patience and practice to master the controls.

There are also two settings for adjusting the sensitivity, which allows for more experienced fliers to take advantage of its maneuverability

It is essential to practice indoors and master the controls. You can then take it out but only when there is no wind. The auto features and strong wind can make this lightweight drone unstable.

There are two flight modes: auto and manual. For beginners, the auto mode is best. The manual mode is better for experienced users.

Flight Assist makes flying easier for casual flyers and beginners. Fly in any direction using just one stick.

The sensitivity setting is another option that can be helpful for beginners. You can adjust it to high or low. The first set is better for beginners as they have more time to respond and learn how to use the drone.

M500 nano drone review - Flight Performance

Additional features

Auto launch and land

This is a widespread feature on entry-level drones. Auto launch allows the user to lift the Sky viper nano into the air by simply pushing the button. You can also use the same button to lower the drone to the ground.

One-Touch Stuns

One of the most fun features of drones is the right barrel roll and flips. This feature requires some experience.


This is a beneficial function that beginners will find helpful. It allows the drone to hover in one spot without the need to adjust the sticks.

You need to learn to hover, trim, and spin before you start flying it around obstacles.

You can adjust the sensitivity. You can set it to low so that the drone responds slowly, which is excellent for beginners. Or you can set it high, which is better for more experienced users.

Easy to operate

Drones that are small and lightweight have an advantage in operation. Because they are lightweight, compact, and quick, your response time to your commands is significantly reduced. This allows for smoother flight without the need for many of the advanced features found in high-end drones.

The main advantage of flying small drones is their maneuverability. It’s possible to navigate through obstacles with a well-designed drone. Some drones include shortcuts for popular tricks such as barrel rolls.

Amazingly durable

This is a crucial point to remember if you are new to flying drones. Sky Viper nano will most likely not break after the first collision. This is unlike most cheaper alternatives.

Some people find the learning curve for flying drones slow. A drone that breaks before you can get the hang of it is a waste. Always choose drones that can withstand a few hits before they fail. You’re good to go if it includes spare parts in case of a malfunction.

Beginner-friendly experience

It can be challenging to learn how to fly a drone properly, as we have already mentioned. Sky Viper makes it easy to learn the basics without having to break a few drones. You can fly with no risks using their flight simulator app.

You can download the app from your store to start training. Although it might take some time, you will eventually master the basics. Once you understand the basics, you can begin to fly in real life.


The M500 Nano from Sky Viper is a drone you should look at if you only care about flying it. It’s not perfect but it’s a great drone for anyone interested in learning about drones. The small, lightweight nano drone can be used indoors or outdoors. Viper flight technology is built into the M500 Nano drone. The features include auto-flight and launch, auto hover, auto-launch, and auto land. The drone can also perform cool stunts.


The Sky Viper Nano drone is a great starter quadcopter for anyone trying flying drones. It’s affordable, easy to use, and durable. This article may have been short, but hopefully, it gave you the information you need about this product to make an informed decision when purchasing your next drone. For more in-depth reviews of products or other helpful articles on technology topics, be sure to check out our blog!

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