How To Make A VR Headset 2023: Top Full Guide

How To Make A VR Headset 2023 Top Full Guide
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Maybe you have wondered “how to make a VR headset” and presumed mad it would utilize paper and some basic things to help it become? Gone App supports that this is entirely doable.

The entire procedure of earning a VR headset turned out to be relatively straightforward and straightforward. See the post below to learn more.

What is Google Cardboard Exactly?

What is Google Cardboard Exactly

Google Cardboard is a layout that uses cardboard and 40mm focal-distance lenses to transform your phone into a virtual reality headset.

The cost for the entire kit is just under $20 and comes with directions. Only check if your smartphone matches the plan of this Cardboard first. You could even download the layout at no cost and find the required supplies at local shops or on your house.

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How Does It Work?

We’ll be making the homemade lens to your own DIY Google Cardboard or VR Headset within this tutorial. And after you need to produce the cardboard enclosure to get our DIY Google Cardboard with all the printable templates supplied here.

The lens used in such VR headphones helps to decrease the least distance of distinct vision (LDDV) also permits us to observe the display of our smartphone obviously out of a few cms off our head.

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Here, we’ll be creating a Biconvex lens with clear plastic bottles along with some water. Please pay attention to the remainder of the tutorial to determine how we’re planning to do this.


1. VR headset molding template

2. Shoebox or pizza box

3. Printer

4. Scissors

5. Syringe or plastic sheeting

6. Plastic water bottle

7. Xacto knife

8. Glue gun or epoxy

9. Rubber ring

10. Smartphone

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Making a Biconvex Lens for a DIY Google Cardboard VR Headset

So let’s begin first with all the lenses, subsequently followed with the cardboard VR enclosure. If you currently possess the lens for constructing our DIY Google Cardboard, you can jump to Step 2. Follow these step by step instructions:

1. Locate a clear empty jar with a great “Curvature,” something similar to that:

It 164

2. Then, make a round template (25mm diameter) onto a sheet of cardboard/paper.

3. Utilizing the round template, cut on the circular bits from the plastic jar using scissors. Make and cut four pcs since you’ll need two pcs together to make a single biconvex lens.

4. Blend 2 pcs of this clear plastic with each other to make a biconvex shape lens.

5. Carefully seal all of the circumference sides of this biconvex shape plastic that you combined using rapid dry epoxy.

6. Then fill out your syringe with clean water and then carefully inject it within the biconvex shape till you fill it up.

To eliminate bubbles, pinch or squeeze the lens to gradually eliminate all of the vast bubbles inside.

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7. After successfully eliminating bubbles, then fill it with water and then seal it. Additionally, plug the hole you’ve made out of the syringe needle.

8. Allow it to dry for a couple of minutes. Test if your lens can magnify things. Try it with little things like letters that are printed.

9. Now, repeat the process to your next and final biconvex lens.

Suppose you could construct your set of lenses; congratulations! You’re great to go on making your Google Cardboard VR.

NOTE: Please remember, since the lens dimensions (diameter) of this magnifier lens increases, the magnification power of the magnifier decreases.

Since the lens dimensions of the magnifier lens decrease, the magnification power of the magnifier increases; this is due to the quantity of curvature from the magnifier (lens). Magnification power is due to the total amount of curvature from the magnifier lens.

Since the lens dimensions increases, the total amount of curvature from the lens decreases, leading to the reduced magnification power of this lens.

Since the lens size reduces, the total amount of curvature from the lens increases, leading to the greater magnification power of this lens. That is the reason more excellent magnification lenses are usually smaller in size than lower lens lenses.

Making an Enclosure for our DIY Google Cardboard VR Headset

1. Download the headset here.

2. Print out the template.

3. Glue the template into your shoe or pizza box.

4. Employing the Xacto Knife, cut out the template.

Attaching the Lens to the DIY Google Cardboard VR Headset

1. Set the set of lenses that you created before onto the eye slot of this constructed VR headset. You can use the places around the cardboard enclosure to put it firmly onto the VR headset.

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2. Put your telephone into the telephone region and shut the trunk.

Test the Google Cardboard VR Headset

Test the Google Cardboard VR Headset

Primarily, you have to download VR programs meant for smartphones. There is a great deal of VR programs out there that may adapt Android or iOS functioning systems.

The moment you’ve installed it set the phone to the headset and have a glance. The headset works if you experience unique, explicit closeups of items onto your own cellphone’s video.

CAUTION while utilizing Magnets: Messing using strong magnets close to your smartphone may change the calibration of the detector!

We experimented with lots of solid magnets close to the telephone. While the compass may re-calibrate itself, it’s likely to mess this up. In our situation, it appears that we have somewhat siphoned some part within the telephone.

Though the compass still appears to function pretty well, it does not demonstrate the same general field strength once we spin the telephone around in various directions.

There are quite a few stainless steels protects in an iPhone, which has been quite slightly magnetized from the bolts that are passing. Hopefully, they will demagnetize over time.

Avoid getting strong magnets too near your smartphone or danger messing with your compass calibration.

Where Can You Use this DIY VR Headset?

The Google Cardboard VR Headset will be building to operate with many programs from video programs, games, and so on. The Google Cardboard program, as an instance, already contains demos out of Google Earth, which you may try out with the headset.

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It is also possible to improve your YouTube viewing experience by employing this VR headset.

For matches, the Lamper program for Google Cardboard is intended to work using virtual reality. This magnifies the gambling experience because users will be placed through plenty of exciting challenges that let them feel like they are characters in the sport.

You can test VR Cinema to your Cardboard headset for a superb 3D virtual reality experience in the films. This program converts MP4 files to some split-screen to further improve the sense of watching movies.

There are tons of things that you can do using the Google Cardboard VR slice, from photoshoots down to thrilling tours of the Shire. All you have to do is take out a little bit of research and research choices that give you the most.

If it comes to creating VR headsets, there are tons of methods to get it done. Together with the Google Cardboard procedure thus far is the most accessible and cheapest.

Additionally, should the headset becomes damaged, you do not actually ought to go out and buy a different headset because each one of the items contained in the tutorial is bits you might have available.

Or they may be bought easily at the nearest hardware store. However, please Make Certain You read business leading journals on VR headset reviews before creating a buy.

Doing a DIY version of a VR headset will also permit you to determine if VR gear is right for you.

Thus, there is numerous VR hardware available; going the DIY route to acquire a sense of what’s in store is an excellent idea; in actuality, leading VR businesses launch following production VR gadgets every couple of months.

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Transferring the DIY route isn’t merely a cheap encounter, but it is also a great time to bond with family and friends.

You and your family and friends can have tons of fun creating your own VR cans and examining them after fun software.

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Recycling everything into something helpful is among the most significant things you can do to help mother nature. Employing unused objects to earn a VR is intriguing.

You will adore this DIY Google Cardboard because it is both accessible and convenient. Gone App expects you enjoyed reading it! Thank you.

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