Can You Bring A VR Headset On A Plane 2023: Top Full Guide

Can You Bring A VR Headset On A Plane 2023: Top Full Guide

Travelers now have a new question about what items are allowed on airplanes. Many people who use virtual reality headsets wonder if they can bring them on a plane.

The answer is yes or no, you can bring a VR headset on a plane, but you should know somthing when pick it on a plane. This blog will cover the topic of Can You Bring A VR Headset On A Plane

Guide to Traveling With VR Equipment

Guide to Traveling With VR Equipment

1. Preparation Before You Go

Can you take a VR headset on a plane

Picture this: You have packed your VR headset with all the necessary components and are ready to go. You are so excited that you can’t stop shaking in your chair.

You and VR’s amazing experience are separated only by the distance and time it takes to get there. You arrive at your destination and begin unpacking your gear, only to discover that you have forgotten something.

You’ll want to double-check everything, including extra batteries, charger cable, headphones, and controllers. Missing essentials can ruin a VR trip.

We have compiled a list of useful VR items that you should bring with you when you travel.

  • External Battery to Prevent Headset Battery Dying
  • Additional AA Batteries Available for VR Controllers
  • Extra-long charging cable to charge while you are using
  • Headphones for Headset
  • Chromecast to Cast with Friends
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So portable is standalone headsets like the Oculus Quest or Oculus Go. They are therefore considered “pick-up and play” devices, meaning they don’t require any extra setup. They are great for traveling, VR on the move, and can be brought to parties. It is easy to forget the necessary parts, accessories, or backup components.

The Business Edition FOUR in One Oculus Quest Travel & Storage Case can be used to transport all your VR necessities.

External Battery

You can expect to run out of battery life in your portable headset, such as the Oculus Quest or Oculus Go. An external battery is necessary for these devices as it’s possible to charge them while you travel.

Important: To ensure that your external battery is charged correctly, ensure you have the right charging cable.

AA Batteries

It’s probable that your device only needs batteries for one part, usually the controllers. Have you ever felt annoyed when something stops working? We understand. To avoid this, we suggest bringing extra batteries when you travel.

Charging Cable

Charging Cable

As mentioned above, Oculus Quest, Oculus Go, and Oculus Quest can be charged while you are using them. This means you won’t have to sacrifice your usage to charge faster.

It is advisable to use lengthy, durable USB-C and micro USB charging cords that allow you to move your head freely while charging (depending on the headset).

The Quest includes a 6-meter long cable. This is likely to allow you to continue playing while it charges. This means that it is now tethered once more, but you still have the option of charging and playing.

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These 10-foot-long USB C charging cables from Amazon are a better choice than the standard cable included with the Quest. They are thicker and more durable than the standard cable.

  • CableCreation Cable
  • AmazonBasics Cable

These 10-foot-long, micro USB charging cables are a great alternative to the standard cable included with Go devices. They are thick and durable.

  • Native Union NIGHT Cable
  • Anker PowerLine
  • Volutz Cable
  • iSeeker Cable
  • Duracell Cable


Oculus Quest headsets and Oculus Go headsets have positional audio built into them, but they also allow for audio jacks to be used with headphones. This allows you to immerse yourself in VR while traveling and to fly without disturbing others.


Oculus Quest does not require external sensors or wires. This means you can take it with you wherever you go and share it with others so they can all play, enjoy, and contribute. It is a great device to bring along to parties with friends and family.

This is why it’s so important to bring a Chromecast along with you when on the road. A Chromecast device is required if you want people to be able to see what’s happening inside the headset, rather than guessing what it’s seeing.

Oculus Quest supports streaming to Chromecast Ultra, 3rd Generation Google Chromecast 3rd Generation, and NVIDIA Shield. You might encounter some issues streaming to Chromecast devices.

2. During the Flight / In-Flight

Can You Take Your Oculus Quest 2 on a Plane

You can not know what to expect if you have never flown with VR equipment and are planning on using it during your trip.

This section contains tips and tricks to help you plan your trip with VR equipment.

  • Dealing with TSA
  • While Waiting at the Airport
  • In-Flight Usage
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Dealing with TSA

TSA (transportation security administration) states that lithium batteries of more than 100 watts may be permitted in carry-on bags if approved by the airline. However, there is a limit to two spare batteries allowed per passenger. Checked bags are not allowed to contain loose lithium batteries.

According to Oculus’ legal documentation:


The Oculus Quest all-in-one virtual reality headset is powered by a 3648mAh rechargeable lithium-Ion battery pack. It has a 14 watt-hour rating. It’s a double-cell battery that has a nominal voltage of 3.6 volts. It weighs approximately 70 grams.


The Oculus Go virtual reality headset uses a rechargeable 2600mAh lithium-ion battery pack. It weighs 48g and is a single-cell battery with a nominal voltage of 3.6 volts.

According to TSA rules, the Oculus Quest, as well as the OculusGo, are allowed in carry-on baggage. But don’t assume that the TSA agent knows what device you have. You might need to answer some questions.

You can bring a VR device or equipment with you in your carry-on without any issues. TSA has seen some weirder items before.

While You Wait At the Airport

While You Wait At the Airport

Here are some tips for you use your VR device at the airport.

Check your surroundings

Airports are bustling places. TSA reports that 813,791,287 passengers and crew members went through screenings in 2018.

This means that VR is not possible while you wait for your flight. Consider your playspace as other people may be passing through.

This is perilous not just for you, but also for others. Many individuals are unaware that using a VR headset might cause blindness. It is preferable to stay away from them

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You may choose a peaceful and safe location, or have someone else play with yours so you can keep an eye on each other’s surroundings. It is recommended to play in non-congested locations such as hallways or aircraft terminals.

Wear Headphones

Be considerate. Nobody wants to hear someone rocking out in SUPERHOT VR or in Beat Saber while they are just trying to do their job.


This article is an account of how the HTC Vive Focus was used for in-flight entertainment during a trip.

Why Not Use the Oculus Quest while flying?

Everyone who has ever been on a plane cannot wait to get off it. This is a fact. It is impossible to forget this one fact, so it is best to either distract yourself or sleep.

They watch movies all the time on long flights. And they drink alcoholic beverages to make the journey more enjoyable.

What better way to completely disconnect from your environment than a virtual reality set? This virtual world set takes you away from the horrible flight and places you where you want to be. You won’t have internet connection unless you are on one of the planes with wi-fi.

In case you haven’t, it is important to remember that Oculus Quest already made its onboard debut. Many people have reported on their experiences with the device while they were on flights.

Many of these people have had positive experiences, but they agree that it is important to keep your device private. It’s important to be aware that you’re in a public space where there is limited space.

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Use your Oculus Quest During the flight

Let’s now look at the Oculus Quest’s legal and permissible uses. Although we have established that your Oculus Quest is legal and allowed on planes, it is not legally binding.

These are just a few tips that we offer to help you be more aware of others while using your Oculus Quest device onboard a plane. It’s not your intention to be the first person they throw out for having an Oculus Quest device.

Pay attention to what you are doing

There are many people on the plane with you. This means you need to take some time to consider what you want to do with your Oculus Quest. Don’t think about rocking a Beat Saber. Don’t be that person. You’re ruining the environment for everyone else.

You can choose to watch a movie or TV show, but it’s best to do so while you are seated and moving around. It’s not a good idea to hit the flight attendant or wake up someone on a night flight.

Pay attention to the people around you

If you’re flying solo and have an Oculus Quest, you will likely take it with you. This will make the flight less boring.

Please let the person next to you know if you are doing this. They will be confused initially, but it is possible for them to get confused later. However, some people may not like the idea of someone using a VR set next to them. It’s best to just let it go. It will ruin your experience.

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Worst-case scenario: someone is next to your Oculus Quest and could freak out if you use it.

Respect the Rules

There are many rules regarding electronics when flying. These rules are intended to organize the plane and to keep flight attendants in a safe, positive mood while on board.

Some people feel the need to ignore these rules completely, but you don’t have to. This is a new concept to the public so not everyone will be comfortable with you using your Oculus Quest prior to take-off, even if they are using their laptop.

You risk getting a warning if you are too cool to go to school, and you are already wearing your VR headset and completely immersed in Beat Saber, while flight attendants still demonstrate safety measures and rules, or worse.

Respect your Oculus Quest while aboard a plane.

You prefer a window seat.

Vr is a tool which help you are completely isolated from the world around you. You won’t be interrupted by others around you.


Each airlines have different rules about taking VR headsets on a plane, you should learn about your ariline first. Some airlines may even charge you for bringing it on board.
To avoid paying extra, pack your VR headset in a carry-on bag so it doesn’t go on the scale when you check your baggage. Remember this!

Lucidcam hopes this article will be helpful for you. Thank you for reading!

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