How To Watch VR Videos On PC 2023: Top Full Guide

How To Watch VR Videos On PC 2021 Top Full Guide
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Are you currently wanting to see VR360 on your computer but do not understand how to watch VR videos on PC? Yes, this is the issue that most men and women face. Now you can, 2D, 3D, VR180 – 360 Video on PC; however, not everybody understands.

The following article will clearly describe VR movies on almost any device, such as Mac. Follow here Program to learn more!

How to Watch VR Movies on PC or Mac Using Your Monitor

How to Watch VR Movies on PC or Mac Using Your Monitor

If you do not have a virtual reality headset to use with your pc and do not feel like shelling out a few hundred bucks for you, you can proceed using only using your pc, monitor, and mouse. The measures for seeing the movies depend on the sort of VR video you would like to see.

For routine 2D films, it is not virtual reality, however. If you would like the VR experience, you have to use a VR headset.

It’s possible to see 3D, 180/360-degree, and complete VR videos on your PC. It is not quite as immersive, but it is still possible to receive a whole lot of this thrilling virtual reality experience.

The best way to see the movies depends on where you’re receiving the film and the type of movie you’re watching.

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Watching 180/360-degree Videos on Your PC or Mac

Below are the measures for seeing 180 or 360-degree movies on your computer or Mac.

1. If you see it on Youtube or a different streaming website, find the movie and play with it.

2. If you’ve got a 180/360-degree video document, you’ll require a video player that supports 360-degree videos. VLC and Kolor Eyes both support 360-degree movies and are compatible with both PC and Mac.

For PCs, you may even use the native Windows video player, even in case you’ve got a newly updated version.

Notice: If your movie is at a 360-degree movie format, VLC, then Kolor Eyes, along with the native Windows participant, will get the job done. You may need the native Windows participant if it isn’t present as a 360-degree videogame.

When the movie is available in the Windows participant, click on the three dots at the bottom of the film and choose 360 videos.

3. Install the video player of your choice and start your video.

To pan across your 360-degree video, left-click your mouse over the movie. Hold down the button and move your mouse.

Watching Full VR Videos on Your PC or Mac

The measures for seeing full digital reality videos on your computer or Mac will be just like the measures mentioned above.

Read the criteria for both viewing 3D movies and 180/360-degree movies over, and you are all set.

Watching video:

Watching 3D Videos on Your PC or Mac

Below are the measures for seeing 3D movies on your computer or Mac.

1. Ascertain whether the movie is anaglyph 3D TB or SBS. As mentioned above, if the film is anaglyph, you can watch it on your screen. Otherwise, you require a VR headset.

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2. Receive a pair of anaglyph glasses. Scan, and you might have the ability to get a few in a local shop; differently, you can find a sturdy pair that’s relatively cheap on Amazon here.

3. If you see it on Youtube or any other internet streaming platform, be sure to choose Anaglyph from the 3D configurations (the gear icon in the base, the right of this movie ).

4. If you’ve got a video document, you will want a video player capable of handling 3D videos. I suggest VLC because it is free, secure, can perform almost any sort of video, is available for PC and Mac, and supports 360-degree videos.

Additionally, Kolor Eyes (GoPro VR Player) is also a superb choice and compatible with PC and Mac.

5. Put on your glasses and love.

Top 5 Desktop VR Players Review

Top 5 Desktop VR Players Review

1. SKYBOX VR Video Player

The very best thing about SKYBOX VR Video Player is it will help you comprehend video format when you play with the VR video. No matter it’s 180/360/2D/3D video, it can always place the ideal design.

Additionally, it supports 4K video. It is possible to stream video on precisely the same network. It’s completely free to use. In case you’ve got a rift, this VR video player can openly support it. Do not worry!

2. Complete Cinema 360 Oculus Player

Characteristically, it’s a high-quality, however accessible, VR video player that genuinely enables users to experience optimized live-action videos on Mac and Windows.

Why is this VR participant more intriguing because as soon as you place your VR headset, you may then immerse yourself in non-linear narratives and soundscapes with this ideal VR video participant?

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Additionally, it may also function on Android, IOS, MAC OS, and Windows 10/8/7. Additionally, it may be used for watching a VR video on the web, which makes it interesting to use. At a meager price, you’ll for sure have it.

3. Codeplex VR participant

, VR participant is specially made to play with the digital reality videos and a popular program amongst Oculus Rift users. For its very best attributes, VR player plays VR video and plays 3D/2D movies.

But, based on customer testimonials, Oculus Rift DK2 isn’t anymore suggested for this since it doesn’t monitor the VR participant. Its free version is the entrance level immersive 360° total HD movie player.

You do not need to fret about its cost as you can have it at a very inexpensive cost without breaking your bank.

4. Kolor Eyes (GoPro VR Player)

As many VR participant users understand, this VR video player is no more than a free 360 level player for Android, IOS, MAC, WINDOWS in addition to HTML5.

The fantastic thing about this is it lets the users socialize and play 360-degree videos on their PC. Besides watching VR films, you may even watch movies online by linking only your android and IOS device with your VR headset.

5. Magix

Magix is a VR participant that is free to use free of charge. It supports playing with VR videos in a brand new manner. It is possible to record without VR hardware.

It is possible to manually move VR videos from Photostory Premium VR into VR-X Player, along with the shifting speed is fast.

You may use it on Windows, so don’t be concerned about the harmonious matter. It’s a VR participant value of trying.

What Kind of VR Videos You Can Enjoy on Your PC or Mac

You may see movies from virtual reality in a lot of ways. Though a few are more immersive than many others, they are exciting techniques to watch a movie.

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Option 1: Full VR Video

What happens when you mix 3D and 360-degree performance in a movie? You receive an entire VR experience movie.

You’ve got the visual depth of a 3D environment along with the capability to pan around your perspective, providing you with a completely immersive virtual reality video encounter. For the VR film adventure, it will not get much better than that.

These videos are more difficult to locate so that you won’t have too much information to pick from, at least not yet.

As I mentioned with the 3D movies, you’ll have to ascertain whether the film is anaglyph or not understand if you may view it on your screen or a VR headset. Should you see it on your screen, you may use your mouse to pan.

One quick note, do not allow the VR tag to confuse you. All these are still movies. They have a start and end also, like watching a film in the theater, you can’t control exactly what happens or where you move from the movie.

The virtual reality of this encounter is that the picture is 3D, and you can pan around as the movie plays. A VR encounter where you can freely move around your surroundings is a virtual reality game.

Option 2: 3D Video

The 3D movie for film theaters never actually took off, but in VR, it’s a fan following. The presence of 3D provides a substantial degree of realism into the whole digital encounter. The very affordable pricing and the fact variable are making 3D videos very common.

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You may find 3D movies on Youtube by heading to Youtube and hunting for 3D films or simply heading. Additionally, there are some movies offered in 3D for which you may purchase DVDs or even Blu-rays.

A 3D effect happens in various ways, like an SBS (side by side) video, Over Under, or anaglyph. SBS and More Under should be seen with a VR headset since they have two different displays, one for each eye.

Anaglyph glasses (the red and cyan 3D glasses) on your PC’s screen are essential to see Anaglyph videos. Technically, Anaglyph movies are SBS which lets you view SBS anaglyph. The key is if the movie is anaglyph or not.

If you see a 3D video using a VR headset, it provides the sense of watching the movie at a theater. It is possible, however, also watch 3D videos with no virtual reality headset. I will let you know how in another section of the report.

Option 3: Routine 2D Video

Any movie can be viewed in virtual reality if it had been made for VR or not. It features regular 2D video, the typical YouTube movies, or get them out of a DVD or even Blu-Ray.

Why should you see these in virtual reality whenever there’s nothing inherently unique or different about those videos? You might wonder.

Many VR headphones will perform routine 2D movies in a theater demonstration mode. To put it differently, it is going to be just like watching a couple of pops back into a theatre, or just like you had an impressive 100″ TV in your living space.

Option 4: 180 or 360-degree Video

With 180-degree or even 360-degree videos, you begin to get into the uniqueness of digital reality. You get more of a feeling of being at the movie as you turn your head or pan around and watch the digital universe around you, but that movie will still be in 2D.

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You might believe this is only possible in video games with CGI, but there are a good variety of live-action movies with 180 or even 360-degree functionality.

Like an average movie, you can watch the shot and alter what you see, though you can not move around your surroundings.

By way of instance, the movie may have you driving in a vehicle in the future. At a standard video, you’d see out the windshield unless the videographer switched the camera.

In a 360 movie, you can flip your mind when you would like to check at anyplace outside or in the automobile.

Additionally, there are 360-degree images that you can “watch.” All these are panoramic images you can pan around. There’s not any sound or movement.

It’s possible to view 180 and 360-degree movies onto your PC’s screen or with a VR headset. They provide a much enhanced and more natural encounter using a headset.

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This guide is a comprehensive guide on the best way to watch VR videos with a PC or Mac. Additionally, we give valuable details regarding VR videos for new methods to find out about them.

One of the VR movie forms, the VR180, is significantly more popular than 360-degree video due to its low bandwidth for both lower and streaming camera outlays, which are excellent for PCs.

In case you have any queries, please leave a comment below. We’ll respond as fast as possible.

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