Where Can I Fly My Drone In Nyc 2020: Top Full Guide

Where Can I Fly My Drone In Nyc
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Where Can I Fly My Drone In Nyc? In this guide, we have sought out the very best places to fly a drone nearby NYC, New York.

Should your home is in (or are traveling ) New York City, please use this site for a resource to understand not just the way to fly but also where it is illegal and legal to fly a drone. We provide advice on regulations that will assist you in remaining compliant with both national and local rules.


1. Federal Drone Laws in New York

Federal drone laws apply to every state in the US, including New York. If you intend to fly a drone as a commercial pilot in New York, you must comply with the FAA’s Part 107 Small UAS Rule. This includes passing the FAA’s Aeronautical Knowledge Test to obtain a Remote Pilot Certification.

As a commercial pilot, you must also abide by other regulations, including flying your drone during daylight hours and within your visual line-of-sight, keeping your drone under a maximum altitude of 400 feet above ground level, and avoiding flying over people and moving vehicles.

For hobbyist drone pilots in New York, the FAA has established recreational aircraft guidelines that must be followed. These include registering your drone if it weighs more than 0.55 pounds (250g), paying a fee of $5 for registration, and following airspace and elevation restrictions.

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Additionally, hobbyist drone pilots must always keep their drones in their line of sight, avoid flying near other aircraft and avoid flying over people.

If you are a government employee in New York and wish to fly a drone for official purposes, such as for police or fire department use, you may operate under the FAA’s Part 107 rule or apply for a Certificate of Authorization (COA) from the FAA.

It’s important to note that the information on this page is intended for informational purposes only and should not be considered legal advice. It’s essential to consult with local authorities and a qualified attorney to ensure compliance with all relevant regulations and laws when operating a drone in New York.

Violations of drone regulations can lead to significant penalties, including fines and legal action, so it’s important to stay informed and compliant.

State Drone Laws in New York

2. State Drone Laws in New York

These are drone legislation relevant to the whole nation of New York and have been made by the New York State Assembly.

According to the New York Department of Transportation and the New York State Assembly, New York has just one national law set up regarding the operations of drones in New York.

OPR-PCD-018-New York Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation // 2015

The launching, landing, and performance of UAS are enabled in state parks and historical sites just with prior written approval from the bureau using a permit authorizing the particular time, place, and kind of usage. OPRHP maintains sole discretion to determine whether to approve or refuse requests to establish an Unmanned Aircraft System.

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The detailed criteria OPRHP will use in deciding whether to issue a license are provided below, and requirements are provided in the attached sample license.

Any launching or performance of a UAS which hasn’t received prior approval from OPRHP via issuance of a written license is prohibited. OPRHP will actively apply this procedure along with other applicable agency statutes, regulations, and guidelines.

All drone pilots working commercially in the state of New York are subject to the FAA’s Part 107 rules. Find out more about the FAA’s certification process to acquire an industrial drone permit in this free guide.

Know something we do not care about drone legislation in New York? Please send us an email at support [at]uavcoach [dot]com.

We do our very best to maintain this record up-to-date. Still, the truth is that given the speed of this tiny unmanned aerial system (sUAS) sector and the way municipal governments are reacting, drone regulations in New York can change during the year, and modifications can be challenging to monitor. If we missed something, please reach out to inform us.

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3. Local Drone Laws in New York

All these are drone legislation that applies only to specific areas, cities, or counties within the state of New York and have been made by several authorities within the nation.

New York City-Administrative Code § 10-126(c) // 2017

This administrative code makes it illegal for any individual navigating an aircraft (like drones) to remove or land, except in an emergency, in any location within the constraints of this city aside from areas of landing designated by the department of transportation or the port of New York authority.

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To navigate is described in the code as “To pilot, direct, guide, fly, or operate an aircraft or via the atmosphere, whether controlled by the floor or otherwise.”

New York City-City Restriction // 2017

This town limitation declares that drones are prohibited from flying in NYC and advises anybody who sees a drone passed to telephone 911.

City of Syracuse-Municipal Law // 2016

This town ordinance prohibits using drones by town officials until sufficient state and federal laws are passed concerning the authority’s use of drones in a way that protects taxpayers’ 1st and 4th amendment rights.

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Local Drone Laws in New York

Where Can I Fly My Drone In Nyc?

With no further ado, Alrighty is the top choice for the top places to fly a drone in the NYC region. We picked these places based on airspace limitations, availability, and appeals.

You will find that most of the places we have selected are situated in wild, Class G airspace in which you do not have to ask permission. We also made sure to emphasize any sites with designated sUAS/remote aircraft areas.

Please be aware that New York City Administrative Code says it is illegal to remove or land a drone, except in an emergency, in any location within the constraints of New York City besides areas of landing characterized by the department of transportation or the port of New York authority. The places listed in this manual sit locations near, but beyond the constraints of, New York City.


Flushing Meadows-Corona Park is the biggest park in Queens. It is filled with recreational amenities, such as a model aircraft area. Flushing Meadows’ designated flying area is adjacent to Meadow Lake and Van Wyck Expressway. It is a gorgeous place for shooting aerial photos and movies of this lake and surrounding region.

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Calvert Vaux Park is an AMA members-only park run by Seaview Rotary Wings R.C. flying club. Seaview Rotary Wings demands pilots to become a paid members of the local club and the national team to fly in Calvert Vaux.

For many, using a park along with other distant pilots focused on security would be well worth the membership prices. The wide-open landscape is ideal for carrying flight with your RC drone or aircraft.


Senator Speno Memorial Park is the perfect spot to fly your own drone. The park provides free parking and a great deal of spacious, grassy places. It’s a favorite destination for sports, using a baseball field, football field, handball courts, and basketball courts.


LaTourette Park Model Airfield is situated just outside of New York City at Staten Island. The property features a wonderful open area that’s surrounded with a gorgeous marsh landscape which looks amazing from the atmosphere. Drone pilots will appreciate the expansive region and flying along with other drone fans.

Can you fly a drone in Central Park


Tanner Park is situated on Long Island’s Great South Bay. Much of the park is beachfront, along with other neighboring tasks for athletics, marine activities, and dining table. Parts of the beach are limited to use by Town of Babylon residents with a license. But, Bay Beach is available to all.

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Indoor Drone Flying Options

Indoor Drone Flying Options

Indoor drone flying is a great alternative to outdoor drone flying, especially when weather conditions or regulations prohibit flying drones outside. In New York City, there are several indoor drone flying options available to drone enthusiasts, including:

  • Indoor drone parks: These parks are specifically designed for drone flying and offer a variety of flying experiences, from obstacle courses to drone races. They are equipped with safety nets, cushioned floors, and other features that ensure the safety of both the drones and the people in the vicinity. Popular indoor drone parks in NYC include Drone Racing League, Skyline Drone, and Brooklyn Drones.
  • Indoor venues: Another option for indoor drone flying in NYC is to rent an indoor venue, such as a gym or event space, for private drone flying. These venues provide ample space for flying drones and offer the opportunity to customize the flying experience to suit specific needs and preferences.

When considering indoor drone flying options in NYC, it is important to be aware of any specific regulations or restrictions at each venue. For example, some indoor drone parks may require a membership or registration before flying, while others may have certain age restrictions.

Additionally, it is important to follow all safety guidelines to ensure a safe and enjoyable flying experience, such as:

  • Choosing a well-ventilated area to avoid any potential hazards, such as carbon monoxide buildup from the drone’s battery.
  • Ensuring that the drone is properly charged and maintained to prevent any mid-flight malfunctions.
  • Avoiding flying drones near people or animals, as they can cause injury or harm if they collide with them.
  • Wearing safety gear, such as goggles or helmets, to protect against any potential accidents.
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By following these safety tips and choosing the right indoor drone flying option in NYC, drone enthusiasts can enjoy flying their drones all year round, regardless of weather conditions or outdoor regulations.


Can you fly a drone in Central Park?

Drones are not allowed in Central Park.

Are drones legal in NYC?

Call 911 to report a drone in use in New York City. Drones are more formally known as uncrewed aerial vehicles (UAV). It is illegal to fly them in New York City.

Can you fly a drone over private property in N.Y.?

New drone law is under consideration in the New York State Senate. Introduced by Sen. Leroy Comrie, NY State Senate Bill S1979 is an amendment to the state penal law, making unlawful use of a drone a violation. The bill also defines “unlawful use” to include flight below 100 feet over private property.

Can you fly a drone in Times Square?

If weather permits, the New York City Police Department will fly drones over tonight’s New Year’s Eve celebration in Times Square, marking the first time uncrewed aerial vehicles (UAVs) have been used to patrol the skies at the annual event.

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Flying drones can be a fun and rewarding hobby or profession, but it’s important to do so safely and responsibly. This article provided an overview of drone flying regulations in NYC, recommended locations for outdoor and indoor flying, as well as safety tips and best practices for responsible drone operation. By following these guidelines, drone enthusiasts can enjoy their hobby while also ensuring safety and respect for others. Thank you for reading our blog!

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