How To Put Timer On Instagram Camera 2023: Top Full Guide

How To Put Timer On Instagram Camera 2023: Top Full Guide

Instagram story that allows you to publish photographs and videos that will expire 24 hours after you post them. You can take a selfie or short videos with Instagram’s camera. You might use a timer to guarantee that you get the correct stance for your shots. Instagram does not enable you to set a timer for capturing a camera shot.

In this blog, Lucidcam will discuss taking photographs with your smartphone’s camera to use a timer. Learn How To Put Timer On Instagram Camera by reading this page.

What is the Instagram Timer?

What is the Instagram Timer

Before you can see the detailed guide on how to set the Timer in Instagram, it is important to clearly explain what we are discussing.

The Instagram Stories timer function can be accessed via the tag Countdown. It displays a dynamically updating countdown, which is not subject to change over time.

It is not possible for it to be used in the content of the publications in the form of classic posts nor to use the function to set a timer to automatically upload photos to Instagram. You will need to use the built-in function in the camera app Android o iOS to take the photos.

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How to Set The Timer In Instagram Story

How to Set The Timer In Instagram Story

Let’s get to the point. We will use the sticker that I mentioned before to set a timer for Instagram stories.

The operation will be possible only via the official app of the social network for Android or iPhone. Normal publications do not allow this to be done, even though the Instagram app guidance on Windows 10 and its web version.


How do you put a timer on Instagram photos

  • To add a photo to your story, swipe to the right.
  • To capture a photo or video, use the capture button
  • After you have set your background, tap the square smiley face icon at the top menu bar.
  • Scroll down and tap the “Countdown” option.


_Put a timer on Instagram photos for Iphone

Do you have an iPhone? Would you like to learn how to countdown Instagram stories?

You don’t have to worry: we will be referring to the previous chapter on Android.

To access Instagram, first press the symbol for cabin (bottom left), then press the icon camera.

After opening the Instagram Stories editor, ensure that the Story mode has been set. If not, you can choose it from the menu. Next, take the photo or record the video to share using the trigger/record button at the bottom.

You can also use an existing photo or video in your iOS roll by pressing Square in the lower-left corner and selecting the content.

Press the symbol for a smiley emoticon (top-right), then select the sticker Countdown, and enter the countdown name into the text field.

Once you are done, click on Set the End Date and Time at the Bottom of the Label and then use the appropriate menu to set an end date.

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You can set the Timer for the countdown by turning off the option “All day” and then switching to “OFF” to turn it on.

To change the color of your sticker, touch the finalized word located in the upper left.

Place the sticker at your desired spot (you can drag it with one finger to do this) and adjust it to make it larger or smaller.

Once you are ready, click the item Your history (bottom right) to publish your content.

Note: You Don’t Have Any Countdown Sticker If perhaps your Instagram account does not include the Instagram countdown sticker out there, we recommend you update the app.

How to Set The Timer In Instagram For Photos

How to Set The Timer In Instagram For Photos

Would you like to see the Instagram set timer for photos? In the sense that it would start a timer before you take a photo on the popular social network. This option is not available on Instagram.

You can use the Camera app de Android or at iOS’ standard built-in timer function to take your timer picture and then post it on Instagram. This is how you can proceed.

Android phone

You may use your Mobile Camera application to capture photographs in various stances by using the Camera’s timed setting function.

After starting the application camera, tap on Timer. (If you don’t see it, you might need to expand it by pressing the three scripts That offer puntos (or the icon roller depending on which version of Android you have installed) and then choose the delay you wish to configure. Three-second Timer, 5 seconds, etc.).

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Once you are done, press the shutter (down), and a countdown will begin if everything is fine. The photo will automatically be taken when it is done.


After opening the Camera application, press the icon Timer (top-right). Select item 3 s to set a timer of three seconds or item 10 s to set a timer of ten seconds. Next, press the shutter button (at the bottom). A timer will begin, and the photo will be taken.

After you’ve taken the photo, follow these steps to share it on Instagram.

Publications: Log in to Instagram using the official app for Android or iOS. After selecting the photo you are interested in, press the button Capacitive Positive (+) Lead and then press the buttons Confirm (twice consecutively) and Share.

How can you make Instagram 2020 hands-free?

How to use Instagram’s hands-free recording feature

  • Open the Instagram app.
  • Access the camera from your newsfeed by tapping the camera icon at the upper-left. …
  • Swipe to the right on the “Normal” filter screen until you reach the hands-free option.

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FAQs about How To Put Timer On Instagram Camera

1. Is it possible to do burst on a timer?

Apple has a solution. It’s a simple feature in the iPhone. You can take photos with your iPhone camera’s built-in self-timer without having to click the button. Your camera can snap 10 photos in a single shot, or you can set a countdown timer.

2. How do you take a hands-free picture on Instagram?

An Instagram quick tip: How to use the hands-free mode in Stories

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Open Stories. All the options are at the bottom of your screen: Normal, Boomerang and Rewind.

Record. Now you are in Hands-Free. You have your phone set up and have chosen your filters.

Repeat. Because Stories expire after 24 hours.

3. Is there an Instagram self-timer?

The timer function is built into Instagram stories. It can be used via tag Countdown. It displays a dynamically updated countdown, which is not subject to change over time.


In conclusion, putting a timer on Instagram Camera is a simple process that can be done by following a few easy steps. With timer feature, users can take photos or videos without having to hold their device, which can result in better quality content. Additionally, the timer feature can be helpful for group shots or capturing moments that require a delay. With the steps outlined in this guide, Instagram users can easily add a timer to their Camera and take their content creation to the next level.

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