Why Does Roblox Keep Opening Steam VR and How To Stop? Top Full Guide 2023

Why Does Roblox Keep Opening Steam VR and How To Stop Top Full Guide 2023

Roblox is a widely known online gaming platform, which has gained even more attention with the integration of Steam VR. Some users have noticed that Roblox keeps opening Steam VR, which may lead to confusion.

In this article, Lucidcam will explore the reasons why Roblox keeps opening Steam VR and how it affects players.

Why Does Roblox Keep Opening Steam VR?

Why Does Roblox Keep Opening Steam VR

Roblox is an online gaming community where users may build and play their own video games. Recently, some Roblox users have reported an issue where Rblox keeps launching steam vr, even if they do not have a VR headset connected to their computer.

This issue has caused frustration and confusion for many users, and has led to questions about why Roblox opening steamvr.

There could be several reasons why Roblox keeps opening Steam VR. One possible reason is that there is a bug in the game’s code that is causing the game to incorrectly detect a VR headset or other VR software on the user’s computer, and automatically Roblox opens steam VR.

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Another possible reason for steamvr opens with roblox is that there is a conflict between the Roblox and Steam VR software, which could be caused by outdated or incompatible software versions, conflicting settings or preferences, or other technical issues.

How to Stop Steam VR from Opening With Roblox

How to Stop Steam VR from Opening With Roblox

If you’re experiencing an issue with Roblox steam VR opening automatically, there are a few things you can try to resolve the issue of how to disable Roblox VR:

  • Close Steam VR: Before launching Roblox, make sure that Steam VR is completely closed. To confirm if Roblox is opening Steam VR, open the Steam client and locate the “VR” button in the top right corner. Click on it and choose “Exit”.
  • Disable VR mode in Roblox: If you’re still having steamvr opening with Roblox, you can try disabling VR mode in Roblox. To do this, start by launching the game and finding “Settings”. Then, go to the “Gameplay” tab and locate the “Virtual Reality Mode”. To disable it, simply toggle the option to “Off”.
  • Uninstall Steam VR: Steam VR can be removed from your PC if you have no intention of ever using it. First, open the Steam client. Next, right-click on “Steam VR” in the library and select “Manage”. Finally, click “Uninstall” to remove Steam VR from the computer.
  • Disable Steam VR Home: If you still want to use Steam VR but don’t want Roblox to open steam VR automatically, you can try disabling Steam VR Home. Launch the Steam client and go to the “SteamVR” where you’ll find “Settings.” Switch “SteamVR Home” to “Off” under the “Developer” menu.
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If none of these solutions work, it’s possible that there is a deeper issue with your Steam VR or Roblox installation. In this case, you may want to reach out to the support teams for either program to get further assistance.

FAQs about Why Steam VR Opening When I Open Roblox

FAQs about Why Does Roblox Keep Opening Steam Vr

Is this issue specific to a certain operating system?

The problem of Roblox launching Steam VR is platform-agnostic. It has been observed on Linux, Mac OS X, and Microsoft Windows.

Will disabling Steam VR in the task manager resolve the issue?

Disabling Steam VR in the task manager may stop it from opening, but it is not a recommended solution as it can cause other issues and may not resolve the root cause of the problem.

Are there any known conflicts between Roblox and other software programs?

A: While there may be conflicts between Roblox and other software programs, such as antivirus software or other gaming platforms, the issue of Roblox opening Steam VR is not related to any known conflicts.

Can a corrupted Roblox installation cause this issue?

Yes, a corrupted installation of Roblox can cause unexpected behavior, including the issue of Roblox opening Steam VR. Reinstalling the program may resolve the issue.

How can I stop Roblox from opening Steam VR?

To stop Roblox from opening Steam VR, try checking for software updates for both programs, adjusting settings or preferences, or contacting customer support for further assistance.

Do I need a VR headset to play Roblox?

No, a VR headset is not required to play Roblox. However, some games on the platform may offer VR support or require the use of VR technology.

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How do I know if I have a conflict between Roblox and Steam VR?

If Roblox keeps opening Steam VR unexpectedly, or if you experience other issues when using both programs simultaneously, there may be a conflict between the two software programs.

Can I uninstall Steam VR to stop Roblox from opening it?

It is possible to uninstall Steam VR, but this may not necessarily resolve the issue with Roblox. It is recommended to try other troubleshooting steps first, such as checking for software updates or adjusting settings.

How to stop Oculus from opening with Roblox?


  1. Launch the Oculus program on the laptop.
  2. To adjust preferences, select the cog icon on the top right.
  3. To access the “General” section of the settings menu, select it.
  4. Scroll down to the “Unknown Sources” section.
  5. Toggle the switch next to “Allow apps that have not been reviewed by Oculus” to off.
  6. Launch Roblox as you normally would.

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In conclusion, Roblox has been launching Steam VR for quite some time now, and it can be an annoying problem. Thankfully, there are ways to prevent Steam VR from launching with Roblox each time you open the game. By uninstalling SteamVR or changing the graphics settings in your Roblox account, you can stop this issue from occurring.

Additionally, keeping your computer up-to-date with the latest version of Roblox will likely also help in avoiding this problem. Thank you for reading our blog on why is Roblox opening steam VR!

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