Can VR Help You Lose Weight 2023: Top Full Guide

Can VR Help You Lose Weight 2023: Top Full Guide
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If you wanna find ways to lose weight, virtual reality ( VR) is a helpful tool for you. There is some evidence that VR can help people work out to lose weight. One study found that hight intensity interval traning in VR was more effective than traditional methods.

In this blog, Lucidcam will talk clear about Can VR Help You Lose Weight.

Can VR Help You Lose Weight?

Does VR help you lose weight

VR can be used to exercise and help you lose weight. People can improve their mental and physical health by using VR. To lose weight, you should not use VR to do any physical exercise such as running, stretching, or cycling.

VR allows you to perform certain actions and gestures that cause your body to sweat, which eventually leads to a drop in weight. It is important to remember that VR is not a permanent way to lose weight.

You might not be interested in losing weight by using VR if you are a serious fitness fan. The results are slow, and you will only see a gradual drop in your body weight.

Playing certain VR games that require interaction with the body is the best way to lose fat. You won’t lose weight by watching movies, creating VR, or using it for business. These tasks don’t require you to exert any physical effort, so they are not of much use.

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VR Fitness: The Benefits

VR Fitness The Benefits

  • Virtual Reality offers the ultimate immersive experience. It can bring many health benefits to any exercise program.
  • The addictive nature of VR is based on gamification. The goal is to beat their scores and compete against virtual avatars, which leads to increased intensity and more time spent exercising.
  • VR will reduce the perception of pain during exercise sessions. This will encourage more extensive and possibly more effective training and higher fat loss.
  • Regular exercise can promote VR, which will increase mood and compliance to weight loss programs.
  • Training in VR will increase endurance and performance.
  • Exercise in Fitness is a combination of the best aspects of both. The user will not feel judged or looked at while they can still communicate with others and share their progress, which helps to maintain a high-level motivation.
  • VR Fitness can also increase your calories burned. Beat Saber, a virtual reality game, is a great example. The game burns 6.55 calories each minute while you cut moving cubes to high-beat music. estimates that 5 billion calories have been burned since the game’s release in May 2018. This is equivalent to 10,000 hours of aerobic exercise, or 20,000 hamburgers.
  • It is possible to lose weight and enjoy VR exercise. A German lady reported that she lost 40 pounds after playing a simple VR boxing match. She also lost up to 1,000 calories each day.
  • Last, consider the cost of a gym membership or VR headset. Oculus Quest 2 costs $299 (Check out Amazon. Even though the games must be included, the investment will quickly pay for itself compared to the $59 per month average cost of gym membership in the US.
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The Best VR Games to Lose Weight And Burning Calories

The Best VR Games to Lose Weight And Burning Calories

VR allows you to not only make your heart beat faster or sweat more but also allow you to play your favorite games and reach different goals in virtual reality.

These are the best games for losing weight via Virtual Reality. These games have been tested for some time, and we’ve recorded their impact on weight loss.

1. Beat saber

Beat Saber is one of the popular fitness games that can help you lose weight. This game sees players use sabers and shave colored blocks as they fly at them.

The game gets more difficult as the players must cut these blocks in different directions to avoid vertical walls. This game allowed us to burn over ten calories per hour.

2. Bitslap

This game is the most challenging because the players must punch cubes in large quantities in order to follow the pattern. However, it may appear easy initially, the difficulty increases as the game’s level increases.

While playing this game, you must continually pound these cubes, which causes your body to sweat, resulting in burning fat. When someone plays this game, they burn 13 calories each minute.


Have you ever wondered what a virtual boxing arena looks like? This game will give you a great idea of what a virtual boxing area looks like. BOX VR, an award-winning fitness app that allows you to experience the joy of virtual hardcore boxing, is BOX VR.

BOX VR is much more than a game. By using their fists, they can increase their physical strength and punch the punch bag. This VR app is one of the best for losing weight.

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4. Holopoint

Holopoint Game

Holopoint is another great game. Although it is an old game, it still proves useful for training. This game requires players to battle through waves of ninjas.

Your shooting and dodging skills must be fast. Your body will begin to burn fat as the intensity of the game increases. This game is especially good for leg exercises.

5. Sprint Vector

Sprint Vector is another game that can help you lose weight and improve your physical strength. To move their characters around obstacles, players must use their arms constantly.

Multiplayer races make it more enjoyable for players because they can race against each other. Although the majority of the exercise is for arms, you can still play this game to burn calories.

6. Hot squat

The hot squat is a great way to get a good workout. The game challenges players to perform maximum squats. This is a fun game that’s much easier than doing squats at a gym.

This game is a great way to lose weight. It can help you burn more than 11 calories per minute, according to our tests.

7. Synth Riders

Synth Riders VR-freestyle dancing. You must use your physical strength to punch and block various objects. You will need to move around and dance to lose weight.

This game provides entertainment of the highest quality and helps you to burn more calories per minute.

8. Soundboxing

Soundboxing Game

The excellent rhythm game is another addition to our top VR games for weight loss. Sandboxing. It uses YouTube videos instead of licensed music and has an endless selection of music.

It is one of the most intense punching games around. The music’s tempo determines how intense the game will be. Multiplayer leaderboards give players an incentive to return for more and improve their skills. Your score will rise with longer streaks and harder punches. This game is an excellent alternative to many other fitness titles, especially if your goal is to exercise to a particular soundtrack.

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9. Knockout League

The knockout league is a great choice if you are looking for a title in boxing that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Punch-Out! is the inspiration behind this arcade-style boxing game.

It is a fun and challenging game that provides a great workout despite having some unusual opponents, such as a boxing octopus.

You’ll also find some fun mini-games, which makes this a great way to lose weight and have a lot of fun. We recommend the in-game training area for the best workout. In our review, we were able to burn more than nine calories per minute.

The knockout league is now available on Valve Index and HTC Vive. The VR Institute of Health and Exercise has given it a fitness rating similar to rowing.

A VR and Fitness Institute

To better understand the effects of VR on calories, a group of entrepreneurs and researchers created the Virtual Reality Institute of Health and Exercised in 2017.

The Institute keeps track of how many calories you burn while exercising in different environments or playing VR games.

Methodologies used to calculate calories are scientifically sound and use a metabolic cart to measure oxygen consumption while exercising or playing in VR.

Their analysis shows that a VR Fitness app or game can be created with a scientific basis. This will make VR technology more appealing.

Virtual Reality companies should be looking at new markets such as the weight loss and fitness market.

Many companies are realizing the benefits of this approach and have created environments that help to lose weight and improve Fitness.

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One of these is Viro. The Polish company has developed a variety of solutions for home and fitness clubs in just a few years.

Viro Race VR, a fitness club-specific VR experience, allows you to train, row, and cycle while in a virtual setting that adds to the fun of your exercise. It is completely immersive and offers a variety of performance metrics and training modes.

Viro Move Club is dedicated to helping users lose calories while they play at home. During these shooting simulations, the heart rate can also be monitored.


German companies created environments that made the most of compatible hardware. HoloFit allows users to connect to their home gyms equipment, such as rowing machines and other types of fitness machines. Virtual Reality allows you to add fun to repetitive exercises like rowing.

Black Box VR, Icaros and VirZOOM, among others, are also developing new approaches or technologies that will reinvent the gym of tomorrow.

VR As a Treatment For Eating Disorders

Eating disorders can be more than just about weight gain. A person may experience excessive weight gain or loss, which could indicate underlying psychological problems.

A distorted view of one’s body shape or weight can lead to eating disorders. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a method that therapists use to help patients align their beliefs with their weight, shape, or appearance.

VR therapeutic protocols were used to help patients with Anorexia Nervosa. Patients were asked to eat in Virtual Reality. This helped them regain normal eating habits.

These principles are similar to those that are used to treat PTSD patients. VR dinners are a safe first step in reestablishing positive habits.


FAQs about Can VR Help You Lose Weight

What are the calories you can burn by using VR?

While playing games, our reviewer consumed seven calories per hour and rated it as “one the most intense VR workouts.”

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Oculus is good for weight loss?

How many calories does Oculus burn? Oculus Quest is great for losing weight and burning calories. You can expect to lose anywhere from 6-8 calories per hour with VR games.

Why is Beat Saber so fun?

It’s great fun. It is incredibly satisfying to cut the blocks on the beat. This is even more true when you are able to get into a rhythm for a difficult song. Beat Saber is a combination of the freedom of being alone and dancing to great music, but also of being a sci-fi action star. It’s like West Side Story meets Jedi Battle.

Is VR bad for your eyes?

The effects of VR on your eyes

VR headsets can cause blurred vision, eye strain, eye discomfort, and eye discomfort, according to research. Eye strain and fatigue can be caused by staring too long at VR screens, according to the American Academy of Ophthalmology.

Is it possible to do Oculus-based fitness?

If you play on Quest 2, our system-level fitness tracker Oculus Move allows you to set daily goals and track how many calories you burn across all VR apps – from Pistol Whip and Phantom: Covert Ops and Supernatural. Oculus Move is available in your Library


VR has been used in a various of different ways, including helping people lose weight. One study found that VR can help them lose weight by reducing craving and increasing motivation. Besides, The participants who used VR lost more weight than those who didn’t. If you wanna lose weight faster, they need to combine some other ways to improve theirr course of losing weight. Thank you for reading!

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