Skyrim VR Vs Fallout VR 2023: Which Is Better

Skyrim VR Vs Fallout VR 2021 Top Full Guide
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At this time, there are lots of attractive and appealing video games. Especially worth mentioning is Skyrim VR vs Fallout VR.

Both matches signify something VR users have not had: immersive and vast virtual-world experiences offering a high level of customization and playability-called a real AAA VR game.

In this guide, we will break down Bethesda’s best VR games into a couple more recognizable segments so we can think about them the very best.

The Differences About Skyrim VR vs Fallout VR

The Differences About Skyrim VR vs Fallout VR

VR Support

In the launching of Fallout 4 VR-for whatever reason-Bethesda did not support Oculus Rift natively, which was remedied by launching Skyrim VR.

Up until today, however, the business has not added the Oculus Rift badge on its list of supported platforms on Fallout 4 VR, rendering it in a gray place.

Yes, it works thanks to OpenVR, but you are going to have to map the Touch switches by entering a beta division of SteamVR and picking to the “opener-inputemulator-temporary – Temporary branch.”

So out-of-the-box VR support for most SteamVR-compatible headsets is not ideal on Fallout 4 VR.

Core Game

Core Game

While the two games are enormous, open-world roleplaying games that allow you to live out any life you could imagine, they have many significant gaps.

For starters, The Elder Scrolls is a fantasy-themed franchise that occurs in the fictional kingdom of Tamriel.

The latest mainline entry in the series, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, includes dragons, magic, swords, and shields, whereas Fallout 4 is about the post-apocalypse with a lot of firearms, ripped down buildings, along radiation.

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Those differences are intact to your VR variations of every game too. Playing Skyrim VR is similar to other open-world RPGs – The Elder Scrolls helped specify what that whole genre is, for the most part -. In contrast, Fallout 4 VR feels somewhat like another take on comparable gameplay mechanics.

You will use far more ranged weapons such as guns in Fallout 4 VR, and you’re going to spend some time exploring the ruins of real-life places like Boston. In addition, you level up your character by making overall XP instead of leveling up particular skills by performing them, such as in Skyrim.

Virtually all these “core sport” differences could be summed up as stylistic decisions made by Bethesda that do not swing in the game’s favor.

This is how the matches are. Whether you prefer dream or post-apocalypse preferences is entirely up to your personal preference.


Aside from the most evident core game gaps, as mentioned above, Skyrim VR and Fallout 4 VR differ most radically because they are not even on the very same platforms at the moment.

If you would like to play with Skyrim VR, you want a PlayStation 4 and PSVR, and if you would like to play with Fallout 4 VR, you will need a powerful gaming PC and an HTC Vive (or even Oculus Rift). There is no way around it.

As of Fallout 4 VR’s launching, Skyrim VR ends up coming out on top concerning functionality, particularly on a PS4 Pro. Gambling PCs are more effective, but Fallout 4 VR does not seem very nicely optimized at the moment.

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This implies that later on, Fallout 4 VR might wind up looking better. However, in the brief term, Skyrim VR is somewhat cleaner to look at.

This means it is a fundamental difference in cans and monitoring technologies—considering that the PSVR has a single monitoring camera which usually means that you can not flip around all of the ways, or it might eliminate the monitoring of your mind or palms.

On the Vive or even a three-sensor Rift installation, you can move around the space freely without needing to be worried about tracking precision. That is a reasonably significant gap and provides the PC VR cans an edge.

Another platform difference, like the headset relaxation, only depends upon your personal preference.

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Role-playing Expertise

Role-playing Expertise

Having the ability to choose how the story works is a vast portion of what makes contemporary RPGs great. Possessing the capacity to pick the route may differentiate between being trapped and being swept in the narrative. Maybe not all RPGs are created equal.

I am initially tempted to state Fallout 4 VR outdoes Skyrim VR in pure option due to the multiple endings, which offers a somewhat different terminus into the experience. But that does not mean Fallout 4 VR provides far better role-playing knowledge in VR simply because you’re able to reach the finish in a couple of distinct ways.

As a voiced protagonist at Fallout 4, you are not given the liberty to define your role and construct upon the personality’s lore.

Rather than having the capacity to decide on which answer is best for you word-for-word, such as in Skyrim and elderly games at the Fallout franchise, even in Fallout 4, your answers are dull and voiced by somebody else.

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This acts you with piloting a different, fully fleshed-out individual rather than filling in the gaps yourself, and that will be bizarre in VR once the voice coming from your mind is somebody else.

In Skyrim, the planet’s lore is rich enough to supply you with the info you want to build your character. It a Nord stealth archer left at birth and pressured into imperial support in Cyrodiil before landing the scene for a deserter or even the girl of a mage household that has been blackballed from each significant magical school in Tamriel except Winterhold at Skyrim.

You have that liberty; it is not merely a male/female choice screen with a couple of avatar sliders that defines you.

Even though Skyrim’s end target is more simplistic than Fallout 4 for sure, I discovered it left a proper RPG ‘gap’ for me to fulfill in myself.

As a programmer, you may select to close those openings for several motives and have a fantastic match, but simply not as good of a role-playing encounter.


Neither battle systems are ideal; you can not see a sheath/holster or draw a weapon, and there is zero hand existence to speak of. Nevertheless, Fallout 4 VR has a distinct advantage over Skyrim VR due to its gun-heavy battle system.

When suitably outfitted with glow-sights and stoves (which currently do the job, although at the start they did not ), it is possible to play the game essentially as it was supposed.

VATS, the slow-mo targeting agency, can also be something that works excruciatingly nicely in VR. Giving time to line up shots and feeling the delight of correctly dispatching several enemies at one go is satisfying.

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On the other hand, Skyrim VR provides some fun from the magical and bow-shooting section but falls flat on its face when it comes to melee combat.

However hard you try, it is almost impossible to shake the omnipresent feeling. The 20-pound broadsword you are carrying is only a balloon creature which you may waggle back and forth to harm enemies.

Controller Input

This is the most significant difference that is likely to impact which sport you will enjoy more significantly. Skyrim VR includes two primary control methods: 2 PS Move controls or a DualShock 4 controller.

Using two PS Move controls, you can either utilize a teleportation-based movement program or an immediate motion system. Rapid movement is done by organizing the PS Proceed and holding the Proceed button. It kind of turns your whole PS Move controller right into a joystick as there isn’t any analog stick to the apparatus.

This technique was my favorite method of shifting the match since it allows me to use my hands, which the DualShock does not while moving freely, which teleportation does not.

To get Fallout 4 VR on Vive/Rift, your choices are more restricted. Simply speaking, there’s presently no gamepad support which you can use your hand-based movement controllers such as the Vive wands or even the Oculus Touch controls.

You may select between teleportation-based motion and guide motion through a trackpad/control stick. The Vive’s trackpad does not translate very nicely to a smooth motion system in our expertise because the trackpad itself is indeed flat and imprecise.

Fortunately, you can turn on your area with 360-tracking on Vive, at least since there’s not a smooth turning alternative – snap turns.

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Leveling Up

Gaining new abilities and growing more robust is a core element of what makes Bethesda’s RPGs fun. What should be a gradual increase in natural skill acquisition ultimately becomes an exponential increase in your ability to do exciting stuff.

In both games, you’re rewarded with points you can spend on special abilities. Although a few years older, I found Skyrim’s perk/skill acquisition system much more natural: you have to engage in your chosen activity to get ‘better’ at it.

In Fallout 4, you’re given a simplified Perk chart featuring selections in Strength, Perception, Endurance, Charisma, Intelligence, Agility, and Luck.

You can choose whichever skill you want, providing you’ve put the points into your ability first and have the required level. This, essentially, means you can upgrade a gift you’ve never used.

In Skyrim, the time doing something you like doing directly translates into better skills in that area, and because it’s a ‘perk tree,’ choosing correctly is salient to forming a unique character with unique abilities.

The main criticisms of this system are that it’s not flexible enough, and you have to spend too much time grinding for secondary skills like blacksmithing or enchanting, taking away from the more primary abilities like Destruction, Armor, or Lock Picking.

Both systems appeal to different playing styles, but Skyrim’s way of letting you progress in levels is decidedly more conducive to realistic gameplay in VR.

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After reading our review, you’ll know that we gave Skyrim VR one point higher, which can be frustrating. But yeah, that’s right: We think Skyrim VR on PSVR is a better game than Fallout 4 VR on HTC Vive at this point.

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Skyrim VR is better optimized for lower-tier systems, has a better cost for all mods, a more natural skill upgrade system. While offering spells and archery, combat is heavily influenced by melee, and the user interface is a direct port from the flatscreen version making the multi-menu system worse.

Fallout 4 VR offers a rich and massive world that sacrifices pure immersion for a definitive story, features a less natural (but more fluid) leveling system, good combat thanks to guns and VATS, and a more natural user interface thanks to Pipboy.

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