How To Use Gear VR On PC 2023: Top Full Guide

How To Use Gear VR On PC 2023 Top Full Guide
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Regarding how to use gear VR on pc that you are wondering about, LucidCam has completed the article to provide the most accurate information and many valuable instructions for you.

To ensure that your experience is uninterrupted, we have curated the quickest and easiest-to-follow guides for you. Please adhere to the article to not overlook our usefulness.

What You Need

You’ll have to utilize several specific things to use your Samsung Gear VR for PC games, but once again, nothing overly special. Here’s what you may need.

  • Samsung VR using a harmonious Samsung smartphone
  • NVIDIA GTX 600-series GPU or better
  • 4GB of RAM
  • WiFi link
  • Install Bigscreen program on Your Computer

If you’ve got each of these things, you’re all set to begin the installation procedure, so it is possible to start PC gaming in your Samsung VR.

How To Use Gear VR On PC?

If you didn’t yet understand, Samsung has introduced its version of the virtual reality headset. It is a reasonably nifty headset, and it indeed immerses you in an enchanting world of films and gambling.

Yes, the Samsung Gear VR is designed for tablets. Happily, it’s compatible with most contemporary Samsung smartphones, especially the Galaxy line of Samsung mobiles.

The Samsung Gear VR process is very highly rated, and people indeed appear to be enjoying it for a long time. It includes a substantial-quality visual system that allows for very immersive and scenic viewing and allows for 360 degrees drifting.

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What’s more, in addition, it includes a reasonably excellent controller which may be used to control your movies and games. On one note, the Samsung Gear VR doesn’t have its sound collection, which means you have to manage your Samsung phone speakers, but it may worsen.

Now, keep in mind that virtual reality sets for mobiles, if the Samsung Gear VR or alternative, isn’t on par with these created for the PC, Xbox, or PlayStation.

Smartphones just don’t have the same gaming or movie watching capacities as these gambling systems.

Like the Samsung VR, a few virtual reality programs are compatible with different programs, for this one especially being compatible with PC games.

Allow Apps From Unknown Sources

Allow Apps From Unknown Sources

Since Stream Theater is not an officially signed program from the Play Store, you have to change your preferences, so your telephone can run unidentified programs. Here is the way to get it done.

  • Swipe down at the top of your screen.
  • Harness the settings. It resembles a gear and can be found in the upper-right corner of the display.
  • Harness the Personal tab.
  • Harness Lock monitor and safety.
  • Harness the button in the Unknown sources segment, so it turns green (On).
  • Tap OK.

Configure GeForce Experience

While Stream Theater is installing and downloading, it is time to have GeForce Experience collection up on your PC. It would help if you empowered Gamestream to ensure Bigscreen can be streamed to a Gear VR.

  • Launch GeForce Experience in the Start menu, background computer, or taskbar.
  • Click on the Preferences button. It resembles a gear.
  • Click Shield.
  • Click on the switch alongside Gamestream to ensure it turns green (On).
  • Stream Theater will now have the ability to pick up Gamestream-compatible matches on your computer, but you need to get everything working together.
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Download Stream Theater & SideloadVR

Now your phone is prepared to accept programs from external sources; you want to download two programs: Stream Theater and SideloadVR to play PC games.

This is relatively easy to perform; use your Samsung mobile to get the Play Store. Once there, type in “Stream Theater” and SideloadVR as soon as you’ve located the ideal programs, download and then install them. Remember that both need to be established individually.

Finding Your PC’s IP Address & Getting Started

Now you have everything downloaded, empowered, and set up; there’s not much left to do. You have to start the Stream Theater program on your phone and join with the Samsung VR.

From inside the Samsung VR, there are just a few actions to follow. You have to incorporate your PC, insert the IP address, pick your PC, type in the corresponding code, and click on the link button.

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Stream your desktop to your Gear VR

Everything is downloaded and empowered; it is time to put it all together. First, start the Stream Theater program on your phone and insert your telephone to the Gear VR. Inside, you will observe a Stream Theater environment. Follow These Instructions from inside the Gear VR:

  • Select Insert PC manually.
  • Type on your PC’s IP address.
  • Select Enter.
  • Select your desktop computer in the choices. A code will look inside the Gear VR, and a little window will appear on your desktop PC.
  • Type the code to the window onto your desktop PC.
  • Click Connect.
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Now you can put in your Gear VR again, and you should see a listing of games on your PC. Pick Bigscreen, select a theater to utilize (Void works most OK to get a desktop computer ), and you will instantly see your desktop computer before you.

Now you can use your computer keyboard and mouse just as if you were using a standard PC monitor. Have fun!

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During the guide, you can see how to use equipment VR on the computer is solved fast and clearly.

Setting up everything to utilize Samsung Gear VR for PC games is not that hard. It only requires a couple of minutes to finish, and once completed, you may enjoy your favorite PC games using Samsung Gear VR.

I hope you get a fantastic experience after viewing this particular tutorial of LUCIDCAM!

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