How To Use Samsung Gear VR 2022: Top Full Guide

How To Use Samsung Gear VR 2022 Top Full Guide
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Do you own a VR, but you don’t know how to use Samsung Gear VR? Don’t worry, this question is asked by many people and is popularly searched on google.

So, this article will answer all Samsung Gear VR-related issues that you have been wondering about for a long time. Follow this post for more details.

Samsung Gear VR – Install Gear VR Software

Samsung Gear VR - Install Gear VR Software

After you connect the headset to your device, the Oculus application installs.

The Gear VR is designed only to use programs accessed via the Oculus Store. Refer to the user guide for additional info.

1. Confirm you have a Wi-Fi or network link.

2. Unlock the cell device and turn up the volume.

3. Dock the appropriate portable device to the Gear VR.

-> For more details, consult with Install the Mobile Device.

4. On the telephone, follow the onscreen instructions to finish the Gear VR installation.

5. When the software installation finishes, dock your telephone to the Gear VR.

6. Follow the directions to enhance the VR image clarity.

7. When the picture is clear, remove your headset to move to your account activation.

8. Harness Create Account to start registration to your Oculus account.

-> tap Sign In if you already have an Oculus account.

9. If chosen, get into the Oculus shop to load new programs.

10. If chosen, redeem any accessible Oculus Promos.

Make an Oculus Account

1. Enter your email address, then tap Continue.

-> Use an energetic permanent email address (your email address can’t be altered ).

2. Enter the desired password, then tap Continue.

3. Verify the password subsequently tap Continue.

4. Input your desirable Oculus Username, then tap Continue.

-> After you make your Oculus accounts, you can not change them.

-> Your username is visible to other users in societal surroundings. For your safety, it is advised not to use your real name as your username.

5. Enter your name, then tap Continue.

6. Check your email address to the Oculus verification email.

7. Click on the confirmation link to complete your account registration.

8. If chosen, get into the Oculus shop to load new programs.

9. If chosen, redeem any accessible Oculus Promos.

Samsung Gear VR With Oculus Controller Review

Watching video:

Ease of Use

One of the more complex VR headphones, the Samsung Gear, will be very likely to stand out among the very accessible for novices.

Even though it seems strange to strap a smartphone before your eyes initially, the Gear fast produces an immersive experience that can help you forget everything about that.

When you connect your device to the VR, then you will be prompted to set up an Oculus program to use it, which will sync with any account that you have on your computer.

An Oculus controller has recently been used to alter the VR experience recently, and it is an attractive option to control everything together with the headset. The handheld controller is available as a standalone item if you currently possess a Gear headset.

Visuals and Performance

Considering that the Samsung  VR uses your telephone as its screen, the screen’s quality and visuals most depend on which phone you have. If you are using the S9 from Samsung, for example, you will like Quad HD technologies and resolution, in addition to an AMOLED screen.

There is hardly any to worry about ghosting or blurring on this apparatus, but as mentioned, the visual functionality changes based on the device that you might have.

The 101-degree area of opinion follows your mind as you proceed, and several grainy pixels show through from time to time.

Another thing to notice is that even though the visuals may be pretty good based on your phone you pick, the functioning of the telephone can battle occasionally. Recall

Your smartphone does not always have the same processing capacity as a complete computer. The apparatus will frequently get pretty hot after only a bit of usage, so be mindful.

The control increases the encounter, which has a tiny remote-like experience using a trigger button and touchpad. It is not the first control available on the current market; however, it works nicely no matter if you are left or right, which can be a fantastic bonus.

Design and Build

Even with a few updates through time, the Gear VR has not changed the much-using design. The foam-padded headset includes a pair of Velcro straps that will help match it perfectly to your mind.

There is also the choice to eliminate the foam cushioning and replace it if you discover it becomes too worn or dirty.

Unlike other devices with their built-in screen to supply, the Gear VR functions using a Galaxy or Notes phone from Samsung, which snaps to the front and attaches to the headset.

They’re on the side, in addition to back and home buttons for browsing through your mobile system. You might even utilize an eye wheel on the front part of the headset to match the requirements of your vision.

The Samsung Gear VR is spacious and relatively comfortable, fits nicely over eyeglasses, and reduces a few warmth-related warmth related to the comparable headset.


Compared to a number of the additional market-leading VR headsets available on the market now, the Samsung VR is a bit restricted. There is just so much that you can achieve with a smartphone strapped to a VR headset.

But this product does provide a fantastic entry point to VR for businesses that don’t have plenty of money to splash on other technology.

If you are an absolute beginner to the world of VR, or you currently have a Samsung device and wish to research new features, provide the Gear a try.

How to Set Up and Use Samsung Gear VR

How to Set Up and Use Samsung Gear VR

Step One: Put the Phone in the Gear VR

This can look like a no-brainer. However, placing the telephone from the headset may be a little confusing the first time you get it done. Unlike other VR cans, The VR needs a physical USB link to the telephone.

And because it is designed to fit closely, it does not work with an instance on the telephone.

When you choose the cover plate from this Gear VR, you will see a set of latches flanking both sides of this unit. When confronting it, the one on the left is where the USB plug is located -it is on a hinge, making it incredibly simple to fit the telephone.

Go right ahead and turn it out and plug the phone, together with the display facing the lenses.

From that point, click on the cover of the phone to the proper latch. Boom, you are in.

Step Two: Set Up the Software

With the phone set up, a voice ought to ask you to set up the necessary software-you are going to have to pop up the telephone straight back, which is absurd. Nonetheless, it’s still easier than installing everything, as it automates the procedure. Agree to the conditions, tap “Next,” then “Install” Let it do its own thing.

Next, you will want to log in to create your Oculus account. This is needed to utilize Gear VR.

When you’re logged in, the Gear Store will start. You may go right ahead and place the phone back to the Gear VR.

The first thing that will appear is a text telling you to utilize the dial to the surface of the device to acquire appropriate attention.

When you get this dialed in and took away that caution by looking at it for a couple of seconds, it should let you log into Oculus. You are going to need to take the phone out to perform this.

A fast tutorial will appear here, which tells you how you can browse the Gear VR interface.

Step Three: Understanding and Navigating the Gear VR Interface

Now that you have gone through the tutorial, then you are essentially ready to download programs and utilize Gear VR. There are a couple of things worth noting, however:

To get into the menu, then long-press the trunk button (located over the D-Pad on the cans ). This is where you can observe alarms, disable Wi-Fi/Bluetooth, and get additional profile info.

To take a screenshot or capture a movie, jump to the menu and then choose “Utilities,” which is ideal. You could even get into the camera passthrough feature, which means that you may view your environment with your cellphone’s camera.

The rest of the navigation-Home, Library, Store, and Voice Search-may be found at the base of the home display. Instead, I truly wish someone would sew that carpet.

To exit a program, tap on the back button.

When you are completed with Gear VR, take the phone outside.


Can I use my Samsung Gear VR with an unlocked phone?

We are sure that you can download the required software upgrades; your Samsung Android telephone has to be linked to a cellular carrier for it to work together with your Samsung VR.

Note: Should you attempt using an unlocked phone with your Gear VR, then you might encounter issues that we will not have the ability to repair, or perhaps it doesn’t operate in any way.

Read more:

Can I wear my glasses while wearing my Samsung Gear VR headset?

To prevent scratching the lenses within your Samsung VR headset, we do not advise that you wear eyeglasses with your Gear VR headset.

If you wear eyeglasses, consider taking them off and with the Focus Adjustment Wheel on top of your headset to correct the space between your telephone and the Gear VR’s lenses.

Why can’t I install Samsung Gear VR updates on my phone?

If you can not install Samsung Gear VR upgrades onto your Samsung Android cellphone, you might have to allow the Facebook App Manager and Facebook App Installer.

To empower the Facebook App Manager and Facebook App Installer:

1. From the phone’s home screen, go to Settings.

2. Harness Programs.

3. Scroll down and locate the following programs:

  • Facebook App Installer
  • Facebook App Manager

4. Harness each program and tap Empower.


So this guide has answered your query. And we add the best way to set up Samsung Gear VR and assess a number of its key capabilities.

In case you have any additional questions, then please leave a comment below. We’ll upgrade and answer you as soon as possible. In any case, LucidCam will attempt to enhance this article longer. Thanks for reading.

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