Iphone 11 Pro vs GoPro Hero 9 2023: Which Is Better For You

Iphone 11 Pro vs GoPro Hero 9 2023 Which Is Better For You
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The new iPhone 11 Pro vs GoPro Hero 9 are both great options for anyone looking for a new camera. These devices provide great video and photo, but they have distint pros and cons denpending on the user’s needs and preferences.

In this article, Lucidcam will talk about the difference of them and help you decide which device is the best fit for your needs.

GoPro Hero 9

GoPro Hero 9


  • 5K video delivers more detail
  • The front display is useful for vlogging
  • Increased battery life
  • Recent software innovations


  • Unresponsive touchscreen
  • Very little improvement on 4K shooting
  • There is still no 4K/120p mode
  • Recent editing hardware is required for -HEVC files


GoPro Hero 9 design

  • Vloggers will appreciate the new 1.4-inch color display at the front
  • Hero 8 Black’s new body is 10% larger and heavier than the original.
  • The larger rear display on GoPros is not as responsive as the previous models.

The Hero 9 Black is GoPro’s biggest redesign since the Hero 5 Black. It has a lot of positive results, with a few exceptions.

Three major physical changes have been made to the Hero 8 Black: A new front 1.4-inch color display, a bigger body (to accommodate its larger battery) and a larger rear 2.27-inch rear touchscreen.

These new features collectively feel like responses to the DJI Osmo Action. In some ways, it made GoPro’s action cameras feel a bit dated. The Hero 9 Black does still look great, in part because of the slight downsides to the new features.

The good news. The 1.4-inch color display at the front of the camera is a great addition to vlogging. It is not touch-sensitive, so your memory card won’t get cluttered with many unhappy accidents. However, it provides a live preview of your scene as well as useful information.

It is a square display, so it doesn’t compare to the side-hinged screens found on cameras such as the Sony ZV-1, or your smartphone’s screen mounted on gimbals such as the DJI OM 4. The Hero 9 Black gives you a live preview of the entire shot. This is enough to ensure your face is in the frame.

Previous GoPros have all had monochrome displays, which show shooting info like the remaining battery life, how much space is left on your memory card, and your current resolution/frame rate. Although not as interesting, it is more practical if there aren’t many videos you want to shoot.

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The new color display has higher battery requirements. GoPro has therefore increased the Hero 9 Black’s size to accommodate a 1,720mAh battery.

GoPro touts that the latest battery boasts a 40% greater capacity than its previous versions (1,220mAh), resulting in a 30% boost in actual usage. However, our experiences suggest this might be a bit of an overestimate, as we’ll delve into in the “performance” segment.

These changes have their downsides, however, for those who are upgrading from an older GoPro. Because the Hero 9 Black can’t be used with older GoPro batteries because they are different sizes, it’s not possible to use them as spares. The new design will make it larger and heavier than the old housings or cases.

We knew that a GoPro redesign would be inevitable. However, we cannot fault the Hero 9 Black’s responsiveness to its rear touchscreen.

Although the 2.27-inch screen is slightly larger than the Hero 8 Black, it still has large, outdated bezels. It also responds slower to swipes and touches.

This could be due to a processor bottleneck since the GP1 chip has to simultaneously drive a larger rear display and a front color display while recording. GoPro confirmed that a solution is in the works for November’s firmware update. However, it’s not ideal for flagship models with such high prices.

GoPro has at the very least reinstated the removable lens cover that it had omitted on the Hero 8 Black. This is a great bonus feature, regardless of whether you are replacing a damaged lens or adding an ND filter, but it cannot be considered a new feature.

GoPro is reversing its decision to remove the Hero 9 Black’s lens mount. This new Max Lens Mod screws onto the Hero 9 Black’s lens mounting and provides a wider field of view as well as stronger electronic stabilization. Once we have had a chance to test it, we will update our review.

The Hero 9 Black is still a compact, portable action camera that can be carried around. It’s also waterproof to 10 meters, making it ideal for vlogging. We would like to see updates that smoothen out the touchscreen and overheating edges.


Fusion vs Gopro 7- Features

  • New 23.6MP sensor delivers 5K/30p video and stills at 20MP each
  • This helps to improve its electronic image stabilization
  • The Hero 9 Black has new features that were tested in GoPro Labs

The combination of the class-leading HyperSmooth stability, first introduced on the Hero 7 Black, and clever software features such as TimeWarp has been GoPro’s unique sauce. The Hero 9 Black adds to these capabilities and expands its range, but it doesn’t offer a compelling reason to upgrade from Hero 8 Black.

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There are some important changes underneath the hood. The 12MP sensor was used in GoPro’s Hero 3 Black, 2012, and Hero 9 Black added a new sensor to increase the resolution to 23.6MP.

It can shoot 5K/30p video, take 20MP stills and support the HyperSmoothBoost stabilization mode, which crops your footage by 25% in all resolutions.

However, a higher resolution does not necessarily translate into better image quality. Image processing, lens quality, and sensor size can all impact the final result.

The Hero 9 Black’s 1/2.3in the sensor has the exact same size as the predecessors. This makes it smaller than the Insta360 One R 1-inch Edition module.

The Hero 9 Black’s main features are still accessible thanks to the 23.6MP resolution. If there is good lighting and the right conditions, it’s clear that the Hero 9 Black’s 5K/30p mode can capture more detail than any GoPro.
The Hero 9 Black’s resolution increase also allows it to have the additional pixels required for HyperSmoothBoost stabilization. This can eliminate judder from bumpy mountain bike rides in both 4K/60p or 5K/30p modes. This is simply not possible with the Hero 8 Black.

HyperSmooth 3.0 and TimeWarp 3.0 are not significant improvements over their Hero 8 Black counterparts.

HyperSmooth 3.0 basically gives you Boost stabilization at those two higher resolutions. It also provides handy horizon leveling that was previously only available in the GoPro App.

TimeWarp 3.0 is still a favorite GoPro effect, but it only allows you to add a speed ramp to your video in the middle to temporarily slow it down and add audio. Although it is a nice feature that speeds up the editing process, it is more of a firmware update than a headline-worthy one.

The Hero 9 Black’s new “Power Tools” is even more interesting. These little software tricks were revealed in GoPro Labs, a new platform that allows GoPro users to try new beta features. The Hero 9 Black now has some of the most popular ones.

Our favorite is “Hindsight“. This will turn on the action camera, and it will continuously buffer video in anticipation for something GoPro-worthy to happen.

If the incident does occur, such as your cat doing a perfect cartwheel, you can press the shutter button to retrieve the 15-30 seconds of the previous video. If you want to capture the Rube Goldberg machine at work, it’s a great way to save memory cards.

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Other ‘Power Tools’ such as scheduled capture and ‘duration capture’ feel like they should be on GoPros years ago. However, they work well and increase the Hero 9 Black’s versatility.

It’s still worth noting that the GoPro Labs firmware can be loaded onto your Hero 8 Black to add some of these features.

Burst Mode

GoPro Hero 9 brust mode

The Burst mode is the first. It takes a predetermined number of images in a predetermined time. The HERO8 Black has the fastest and most lengthy sequences, while the HERO9 Black has the longest. The HERO8 could capture 60 frames in 10 seconds or 30 frames in one minute.

The HERO9Black Black can take 30 photos in 3, 6 or 10 seconds. The fastest sequence takes 25 photos in one second.

These are the burst rate options for the HERO9 Black.

30/10, 30/6 and 30/3.

You can also choose to use the Auto option. This is the default setting. Although it captures 25 frames per second, it does something slightly different. It will take as many images as possible while prioritizing exposure. In other words, it will probably take fewer than 25 photos per sequence in low-light situations.

Image and Video quality

  • 5K video is the most detailed GoPro video.
  • Hero 9 Black’s footage looks better processed (outside the box).
  • Resolution allows for cropping both stills and video.

Although the GoPro Hero 9 Black is capable of capturing some amazing video and stills, it’s not a major upgrade to the Hero 8 Black.

The 5K/30p mode captures more detail than any other GoPro flagship. This is especially true when you use the 100Mbps bit rate mode. Despite being very demanding on your computer, file sizes aren’t significantly larger, thanks to the efficient HEVC codec.

If you are primarily shooting videos for social media or smartphones, the additional resolution won’t make a big difference. You won’t notice a significant improvement in detail when cropping or pixel peeping, even on a 4K screen. Although the ability to crop is useful, it’s worth asking yourself if you really need it.

The Hero 9 Black is a great choice if you are concerned about image quality and want to get the most detail from your action camera. The Hero 8 Black or Hero 7 Black will be sufficient for most people.

All three cameras have the same sensor size. Even though Hypersmooth stabilization by GoPro is excellent, even small amounts of judder could be enough to negate the resolution boost.

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Sometimes, the Hero 9 Black’s 4K/30p video was better than the Hero 8 Black’s. The Hero 9 Black’s footage may look more processed and sharpened out of the box. This could be due to a slightly higher level of noise reduction.

Although it can increase detail and reduce noise, having more photosites on the same sensor size can cause the sensor to have less.

The Hero 9 Black had a higher tendency to overexpose bright scenes, especially in the sky, than the Hero 8 Black. Although this can be corrected with a firmware update, it is another example of image quality being more important than resolution.

The Hero 9 Black’s 5K/30p mode will not disappoint. The best action camera you can buy is the HyperSmooth stabilizer. However, the in-camera Horizon Leveling is useful but not perfect.

You can also shoot stills at 20MP and 14.7MP frames with the new sensor. Although this sensor does provide a slight improvement in detail over the Hero 9 Black’s predecessors, it doesn’t offer a significant increase in stills photography.

All the options are there, including the ability to use Linear mode to correct wide-angle distortion and SuperPhoto to regain some highlight detail. The results are excellent in good lighting conditions, with crisp detail and sharpness throughout the frame.

However, in difficult conditions like these backlit scenes, the performance shows just how far flagship smartphones such as the iPhone 11 Pro (right) have come ahead of GoPros such as the Hero 9 Black (left) for stills.

Although raw shooting is possible to enhance the shadows, the sensor’s size means that you have a very little leeway.

It can be frustrating to not have zoom, which makes the Hero 9 Black more of a backup, waterproof option for your smartphone that you can use to take stills, than a real alternative.

Iphone 11 Pro

Iphone 11 Pro


  • Camera a real step forward
  • Sizable upgrade of your battery
  • New matte finish for the back


  • Similar to iPhone XS visual
  • Few non-camera upgrades


The iPhone 11 Pro doesn’t have a unique design to impress you. It looks almost identical to the iPhone XS and iPhone X.

The back has a new matte frosted finish that is subtle but still very appealing to iPhone users who are used to the smooth reflective glass on iPhones. It was easier to hold the phone and conceal smudges. This is the most beautiful iPhone we have tested.

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This upgrade will make you reconsider buying an iPhone case. This is the hot new color for 2019, and it shows that you have the new iPhone.

The best option for this is the clear plastic case from Apple. The matte finish makes the iPhones look more modern than ever, thanks to other colors like Space Grey, Silver and Gold.

Is the TrueDepth camera still available? Yes. Is the rear triple-lens camera funky? Yes. However, if you have an iPhone that is nearly all-screen, it is possible to overlook the notch screen cutout. We’d prefer to have better photos than a triple-lens lens camera eyesore (it really isn’t that bad).

Night Mode Shines

Iphone 11 Pro Night Mode Shines

If you are into night photography, Night mode is your best reason to upgrade to an iPhone 11 series. This feature is integrated into Apple’s main camera mode and not an independent mode as we see on Android competitors, making it even more useful.

The long-exposure settings are applied automatically and usually last between 2-5 seconds, depending on how dark the surroundings are. If your iPhone is resting against a wall or on a tripod, it can increase the exposure time to 30 seconds. This mode can make a blank night sky visible by adding stars.

The iPhone 11 Pro night mode works in the same way as turning on the lights at night. However, there are two caveats. The main 12MP camera is the only one that works. It does not work with the front, telephoto, ultra-wide, or front cameras. Subjects can’t be moving quickly.

It is great for taking pictures at a bar with dim lighting, but it does not work well when trying to capture dance moves at weddings.


Apple has paid unprecedented attention to the iPhone 11 Pro’s video capabilities. The Pro models can capture 4K resolution video at 60 frames per second from any of their rear lenses, unlike other flagships with similar prices.

Your iPhone can also adjust the exposure levels and white balance to the two rear sensors while you are shooting with the primary camera. This makes it seamless for the user to switch from one perspective to the next.

It is simply the best video-recording experience that I have ever had on a smartphone. The iPhone 11 Pro is able to handle on-the-fly adjustments in lighting, lens switching, and stabilization much better than the quadruple-camera Galaxy Note 10 Plus.

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The Note’s zooming in and outside is very different. It is fast and smooth on the iPhone. Also, Samsung’s phablet has a few glitches at the beginning of the video. It drops a few frames quite embarrassingly just moments after I start rolling.

The front-facing camera of the iPhone can also capture slow-motion video at 120 frames per second. This iPhone is the first to be able to do this.

Apple has an answer to your question: Selfies. All iPhone 11 models allow you to capture super-slow footage of hair blowing in the wind or with a pie to your face.

Although the results are comparable to the high-quality back camera video, we will have to wait and see if the selfie is a fad or a widespread phenomenon.

Iphone 11 Pro vs GoPro Hero 9- Which Is Better?

Iphone 11 Pro vs GoPro Hero 9- Which Is Better

When it comes to picking out a camera, there’s a lot to think about. If you’re just comparing specs, the GoPro Hero 9 and the iPhone 11 Pro stand out as some of the best in the business. The Hero 9 from GoPro boasts a higher resolution and superior battery life compared to the iPhone 11 Pro.

On the other hand, the iPhone 11 Pro houses a more advanced processor, allowing it to tackle more intricate tasks.

If ease of use is what you’re after, the GoPro Hero 9 takes the win. It’s straightforward to set up and you can kickstart recording in no time. The iPhone 11 Pro is a touch more complicated, yet it remains fairly user-friendly.

When it boils down to video quality, the GoPro Hero 9 tops the iPhone 11 Pro. It’s capable of capturing up to 5K video, outdoing the 4K limit of the iPhone 11 Pro. Plus, the Hero 9’s superior image stabilization system promises smoother, less shaky footage.

Finally, if you’re planning to dive into some underwater shooting, the Hero 9 has a leg up, being waterproof up to 10 meters, whereas the iPhone 11 Pro can only brave up to 1 meter underwater.


The iPhone 11 Pro is a great phone for photography, but it falls short when compared to the GoPro Hero 9. The Hero 9 has better video quality, more features and is generally more user-friendly. If you’re finding r a phone specifically for photography, then the iPhone 11 Pro is a excellent choice. However, if you’re looking for a phone that can do it all, then the GoPro Hero 9 is the better option. Thanks for reading!

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