Gopro Vs Contour 2023: Which Is Better For You?

Gopro Vs Contour 2023: Which Is Better For You?
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A Great action cam is a perfect tool for anyone who loves the outdoors and any of these activities appeal to you. It helps capture the best video and pictures. Contour vs GoPro is the best choice for you.

This article will review the pros and cons of using a GoPro camera versus using a Contour camera. The two products are not exactly the same because each one comes with its own special features that set it apart from the other products. Let’s explore

GoPro vs Contour

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Many brands have made affordable HD video available to the masses over the past few years, so helmet cam or POV cams have really taken off. VIO, Vholdr, Drift, and GoPro are all big brands, but Vholdr’s Contour 1080P HD Camcorder and GoPro’s HD Hero helmet camera are clearly the most popular.

Both the Contour HD and GoPro HD Hero cameras excel at shooting close-up HD action footage under various conditions. The Contour HD is a bit more elegant and its out-of-the-way mount is easier. However, the GoPro is more flexible in the field and comes with more accessories such as the LCD Bacpac and various mounts to enhance your experience.



The Contour HD’s in-field configuration is very limited. Most settings cannot be modified via computer. Because the field of view is 135°, there are fewer distortion/fisheye effects than the GoPro. Although there is no zoom, the Contour HD has a slight advantage when filming the action that isn’t immediately in front of it. However, the Contour HD is limited to 16GB memory, whereas the GoPro can hold 32GB.

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The GoPro HD Hero’s menu controls rely only on two buttons and not a GUI. It takes practice to be familiar with the camera’s buttons and how to change settings. You will rarely miss your shot because of the huge-angle (170 degrees at 30fps/720fps). The Contour’s waterproof casing can be replaced by the Contour. However, the convex lens and cover do a better job of preventing snow accumulation from fogging up your footage.

The cameras can be difficult to use with gloves. Also, the audio indicator isn’t always loud enough to hear if you have a helmet or are in the wind. Contrast’s blinking light is more difficult to see than the GoPro’s.


The Contour’s swivel lens gives it an advantage over the GoPro. The camera does not have to be reoriented. You can simply rotate the lens to obtain the best perspective.

The downside is that the GoPro can require you to Frankenstein different mounts, which could lead to a protruding camera. GoPro needs to come up with a sleeker, universal gyro mounting.



GoPro comes with a handful of accessories, including a head strap mount and a few 3m sticky mounts for flat or curved surfaces. The waterproof case is also included. It is disappointing that the standard equipment does not include the Seatpost/handlebar mount.

Many accessories are available, including the LCD Bacpac, which allows you to view footage instantly, and battery extenders. There are also various mounting options.

The Contour includes a 2GB microSD card, the goggle strap mount, and a flat surface mount. Other accessories are not available. The Contour HD doesn’t include a waterproof case. However, you can purchase these and many other accessories/mounts separately.

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Both cameras are excellent at image stabilization. Although you can get cheaper HD cameras, such as the Kodak Zi series and the flip, they perform much worse.

The decision becomes difficult when Contour offers its impressive specs for a low price, while GoPro offers superior image quality and outstanding performance.

Video quality

Before the GoPro HD Hero 3 was released today, I would say that the image quality was comparable to the Contour+2 or GoPro HD Hero 2.

People don’t realize that GoPro is extremely skilled at selecting and editing the video footage for their YouTube channel. Their video quality is always superior to everyone else’s.

The gap in video quality was not that large. In fact, the Contour+2 video quality was very similar to the GoPro HD Hero 2 when Contour released it.

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Side By Side Comparison – GoPro Hero 3 vs Contour+2

Side By Side Comparison - GoPro Hero 3 vs Contour+2

GoPro Hero 3

This camera is perfect for bikers, skiers, divers, drivers, and anyone else who enjoys spending time great outdoors and wants others to see their adventures.

The Go Pro Hero 3 is smaller than other action camera brands and lighter, which makes it very comfortable to wear while on the go.

This action camera is 25% lighter than its predecessors, 30% smaller, and twice as powerful. You can buy a variety of accessories, including new mounts, extended battery life, and waterproof cases, for serious adventurers.

The Hero 3’s wifi built-in is one of its most impressive features. You can control your GoPro app from your smartphone or tablet to view video previews and remote controls. The action camera can be worn and mounted on gear. It is water-resistant to 197 feet, or approximately 60 meters.

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Although the Hero 3 looks identical to its predecessor, the Hero 2, you’ll notice that it is much thinner. The locking mechanism is also more secure. The Hero 3 doesn’t have a microphone jack built-in, but you can buy a mic adapter cable separately for $20.

The Hero 3 can also capture professional-quality, ultra-wide videos in HD and 12MP photos at a speed of 30 frames per second. The Hero 3 is still in need of some improvement. The Hero 3 has the ability to flip images horizontally, but the lens cannot rotate. This means that you can’t adjust angles. This may not seem like a significant difference, but it is important if you want to capture every moment.

The Hero 3 offers the best mounting options of any action camera on the market. It’s hard to imagine an activity that you wouldn’t use the Hero 3 for. It can be difficult to navigate the sub-menus with all of the options and detail-level controls, especially if you’re not tech-savvy.

The battery life is the most complained about the feature by thrill-seekers. It only lasts for 88 minutes. This is far less than the 120-minute battery life of Contour+2. You might want to get spare batteries and a Battery BacPac if you plan to record longer shots.

GoPro HD Hero 3 White & Silver Versions

The Silver and White versions appear to be an upgraded version of the HD Hero 1 and HD Hero 2 cameras.

These are the major upgrades:

  • 25% lighter and 30% smaller
  • Wi-fi connectivity (change settings/check recording via app
  • Upgraded/tweaked lens & mic
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These are basically your old generation GoPros, but with wifi added and a lot better overall. The 30 fps at 1080p recording is still available, or 60 at 720p like the GoPro HD Hero 2.

These cameras are meant to be cheaper than the high-end alternatives like Sony and Contour.

Both the GoPro White and Silver versions of the GoPro remote are compatible with GoPro’s wifi remote. However, the remote does not come with them. You will need to purchase the remote for $79.

GoPro HD Hero 3 Black version

Here is where the fun begins. The Black version of the GoPro is a completely new model with many very appealing features.

What you get:

  • 25% lighter, 30% smaller (same size as White & Silver versions)
  • Remote control and Wi-Fi connectivity included
  • 2x Image/Video Processing Power – Records video at 4k@12fps and 2.7k@ 30 fps. 1440p @ 48fps. 1080p @ 60fps. 1080p @ 80 fps. 720p@ 120 fps.
  • Low light performance 2x better
  • 12 Megapixel photos with 30 fps burst image capture
  • Upgraded Mic & Lens (same as White & Silver versions)

It is lighter and slimmer than its predecessor, and it also has new video recording and image enhancements.



The Contour+2 has seen some remarkable improvements since the original Contour+. One of the most notable improvements is an increase in sharpness, which allows it to produce better-quality images. The waterproof case comes with the Hero 3 and can be used in water depths up to 197 feet.

The +2’s sleek, simple design is one of its key features. Simply flip the switch to start recording. You can mount the lens at any angle, and it can rotate 360 degrees. The only action camera on the market today has a GPS built-in, which is a huge advantage for adventurers. You can also download a variety of apps to your smartphone using Bluetooth built-in.

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The Contour+2 is a great product with many impressive features. However, there are a few drawbacks. The amount might not be strong enough for extreme sports like surfing or skateboarding. The camera’s mounting system does not allow for vertical tilt adjustments. This means that you can’t use the 170-degree wide-angle view when you shoot at 1080p.

This camera is also 5 1/2 pounds heavier than other models. The camera’s weight makes it wobble when attached to an elastic head strap. This can adversely affect your video recording quality. The Hero 3’s mic quality and color accuracy are not as good as the Hero 3.

The Hero’s 120-minute battery life is shorter than the Contour +2. As we have already mentioned, the Contour +2 lasts longer at 120 minutes. Although you can purchase the BacPac Hero 3 to increase its battery life, users won’t appreciate the extra weight.

Both the Hero 3 (and Contour+2) have poor audio quality. It is not capable of matching the quality of high-definition camcorders, but it is adequate. Contour recordings have received some criticism for their sudden drop and intermittent sound.

This is the most difficult category to compare between cams. It is simple to compare numbers but ultimately, you want to see the actual results.

While both action cameras can produce high-quality videos at 1080p and 720p, respectively, you cannot expect them to be as good as a portable camcorder. The video quality for Contour+2 and Hero 3 is decent but not exceptional. Both action cameras offer clear images with very low grain, especially when used in good lighting conditions. Both action cam has similar color reproduction, but the Contour+2 appears to be more dominant in low light situations. Honestly, GoPro is no doubt superior compared to the Contour+2

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These are the main features of the Contour+2 and what it offers over ContourROAM2

  • Removable battery
  • Speed and GPS tracking
  • Bluetooth connection to your phone via app
  • External mic jack (ContourROAM2 does not have an external mic jack).
  • Waterproof case included, but not waterproof.
  • Records 1080p @ 30fps and 720p at 60fps (same with ContourROAM2)


Both GoPro and Contour cameras are extremely durable, waterproof, wearable, and offer amazing specs and abilities; one won’t be better than the other. The final decision on which camera is the best will depend on your personal preference. I will suggest you try both before buying it for real. The GoPro has a better picture quality and audio quality, while Contour is easy to use and has excellent battery life. The GoPro camera is also more expensive than Contour.

Contour Roam 2 vs. Sony DSC-RX100: Contour ROAM 2: The Contour ROAM 2 is a great camera in terms of picture quality and video quality. It has built-in wifi that allows the user to control the camera from a mobile device. The camera looks stylish and has decent battery life.

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