GoPro Hero 9 Review 2022: Best Choice For You

GoPro Hero 9 Review 2022: Best Choice For You
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GoPro Hero 9 is a newer version of their original model. One great feature of the latest camera model is that it can shoot 4K video at 60fps without a stabilizer, making it possible to capture smooth, professional footage. In this blog, we will look at whether GoPro Hero 9 Black might be right for you?

GoPro Hero 9 Review


  • 5K video delivers more detail
  • Vlogging with the front screen is easy
  • Battery life is improved
  • Software innovations
  • Hypersmooth boost Stabilization
  • More screens


  • Unresponsive touchscreen
  • There is little improvement in 4K shooting
  • There is no 4K/120p option
  • HEVC files require the use of recent editing hardware
  • Still needs a second battery for heavy use

GoPro Hero 9 Black- Price

  • You can now buy the Hero 9 Black for $449.99 / PS429.99 / AU$699.95
  • A GoPro subscription for one year can be a great way to get a huge discount on your purchase
  • The Max Lens Mod will now be available starting in October

The GoPro Hero9 Black is priced at an insignificant PS379.99/$379.99. This makes it more expensive than many options on our best action camera.

You can bundle your GoPro with GoPro Plus for only PS49.99/$49.99 per annum. This subscription provides unlimited cloud storage, replacements for damaged cameras, and a floating handgrip, magnetic swivel clip, spare battery, and other useful features for the same price of PS379.99/$379.99. For those who are interested, the deal is only available on the GoPro website

The former name of GoPro Plus was replaced by GoPro Plus. This service offers unlimited cloud storage and replacements (up to 2 per year) for broken cameras. GoPro clearly hopes you will continue to pay the $49.99/PS49.99/ $69.99 annual subscription. However, you can cancel the auto-renewal service at any time.

The accessory Media Mod for Hero 9 Black, which fits the new flagship, is available for purchase now for $79.99 / PlayStation79.99 / AU$129.95. These GoPro accessories include a built-in microphone and a 3.5mm port for external microphones.

The Hero9 Black is a multi-purpose camera. It boosts video resolution to 5K and can shoot still images at 14.7MP. With improved image stabilization, time-lapses, and a longer-lasting battery, the Hero9 Black is the greatest GoPro we’ve seen to far, and maybe the best action camera as well – not to mention one of the finest cameras with GPS.

The Display Mod is available for Hero 9 Black as well as Hero 8 Black. It allows for a larger front-facing screen than the Hero 9 Black’s 1.44-inch display. This mod is available now at $79.99 / PlayStation79.99 / AU$129.95 and joins the already-on-sale Light Mod for US$49.99 / PlayStation49.99 / $84.95.

You can also buy the GoPro Hero9 Black from retailers such as Amazon UK and Best Buy US.

GoPro Hero 9 Black- Design

Design of GoPro Hero 9 Review

  • Vloggers will appreciate the new 1.4-inch color display at the front
  • Hero 8 Black’s new body is 10% larger and heavier than the original.
  • The larger rear display on GoPros isn’t as responsive as the previous models.
  • The Hero 9 expands its lineup with 5K video capture, a bigger battery, and a front-facing display.
  • Built-in mics provide decent wind noise reduction

The Hero9 Black is GoPro’s biggest redesign since the Hero 5 Black. It has a lot of positive results, with a few exceptions.

Three major physical changes have been made to the Hero 8 Black: A new front 1.4-inch color display, a bigger body (to accommodate its bigger battery), and a larger rear 2.27-inch rear touchscreen.

These new features collectively feel like responses to the DJI Osmo Action. In some ways, it made GoPro’s action cameras feel a bit dated. The Hero 9 Black does still look great, in part because of the slight downsides to the new features.

The good news. The 1.4-inch color display at the front of the camera is a great addition to vlogging. The display is not touch-sensitive, so it doesn’t cause any unwanted accidents. However, it provides a live preview of your scene as well as useful information.

It is a square display, so it doesn’t compare to the side-hinged screens found on cameras such as the Sony ZV-1, or your smartphone’s screen mounted on gimbals such as the DJI OM 4. The Hero9 Black gives you a live preview of the entire shot. This is enough to ensure your face is in the frame.

Previous GoPros have all had monochrome displays, which show shooting info like the remaining battery life, how much space is left on your memory card, and your current resolution/frame rate. Although not as interesting, it is more practical if there aren’t many videos you want to shoot.

The new color display has higher battery requirements. GoPro has therefore increased the Hero 9 Black’s size to accommodate a 1,720mAh battery. GoPro claims that the new battery’s capacity is 40% larger than its predecessors (1,220mAh), which leads to a 30% improvement in real-world performance. We found that this is slightly over-optimistic, as we will see in the “performance” section.

These changes have their downsides, however, for those who are upgrading from an older GoPro. The Hero9 Black isn’t backwards compatible with older GoPro batteries, as they’re a different size, so you can’t use older ones as spares. The new design will make it larger and heavier than the old housings or cases.

There’s a red button at the top that triggers videos or takes photos. A power/mode button is on the left. The battery, USB-C port to charge and the microSD slot are well hidden behind the side door.

We knew that a GoPro redesign would be inevitable. However, we cannot fault the Hero 9 Black’s responsiveness to its rear touchscreen. Although the 2.27-inch screen is slightly larger than the Hero 8 Black, it still has large, outdated bezels. It also responds slower to swipes and touches.

This could be due to a processor bottleneck since the GP1 chip has to simultaneously drive a larger rear screen and a font color display while recording. GoPro confirmed that a solution is in the works for November’s firmware update. However, it’s not ideal for flagship models with such high prices.

GoPro has at the very least reinstated the removable lens cover that it had omitted on the Hero 8 Black. This is a great bonus feature, regardless of whether you are replacing a damaged lens or adding ND filters, but it cannot be considered a new feature.

GoPro Hero 9 Black- Features

Feature of gopro hero 9

  • The New 23.6MP sensor delivers 5K/30p video and stills at 20MP each
  • This helps to improve its electronic image stabilization
  • The Hero 9 Black has new features that were tested in GoPro Labs

The combination of the class-leading HyperSmooth stability, first introduced on the Hero 7 Black, and clever software features such as TimeWarp has been GoPro’s unique sauce. The Hero 9 Black adds to these capabilities and expands its range, but it doesn’t offer a compelling reason to upgrade to the Hero 8 Black.


There are some important changes underneath the hood. The 12MP sensor was used in GoPro’s Hero 3 Black, 2012, and Hero 9 Black added a new sensor to increase the resolution to 23.6MP. It can shoot 5K/30p video, take 20MP stills, and supports the HyperSmoothBoost stabilization mode, which crops your footage by 25% in all resolutions.

However, a higher resolution does not necessarily translate into better image quality. Image processing, lens quality, and sensor size can all impact the final result. The Hero 9 Black’s 1/2.3in the sensor has the exact same size as the predecessors. This makes it smaller than the Insta360 One R 1-inch Edition module.

The Hero9 Black’s main features are still accessible thanks to the 23.6MP resolution. If there is good lighting and the right conditions, it’s clear that the Hero 9 Black’s 5K/30p mode can capture more detail than any GoPro.

The Hero9 Black’s resolution increase also allows it to have the additional pixels required for HyperSmoothBoost stabilization. This can eliminate judder from bumpy mountain bike rides in both 4K/60p or 5K/30p modes. This is simply not possible with the Hero 8 Black.

HyperSmooth 3.0 and TimeWarp 3.0

Timewarp 3.0, the latest version, combines GoPro’s motion stabilizer with time-lapse video. Timelapse videos look smoother than ever. Timewarp 3.0 now includes Enhanced Speed Ramp. This allows you to slow down the video to normal speed if there is something you are interested in. Timewarp 3.0 can be used to change the capture speed.

HyperSmooth 3.0 and TimeWarp 3.0 are GoPro’s moving timelapse. These are vast improvements over their Hero 8 Black counterparts. HyperSmooth 3.0 basically gives you Boost stabilization at those two higher resolutions. It also provides handy horizon leveling that was previously only available in the GoPro App.

TimeWarp 3.0 is still a favorite GoPro effect, but it only allows you to add a speed ramp to your video in the middle to temporarily slow it down and add audio. Although it is a nice feature that speeds up the editing process, it is more of a firmware update than a headline-worthy one.

By cropping the footage slightly, impressive electronic and software-based stabilisation is possible. This gives the camera the freedom to move the shot around and smoothen out the footage as it records. Although it is not optical image stabilization, you won’t even notice it when in use.

Power Tool

The Hero 9 Black’s new “Power Tools” is even more interesting. These little software tricks were revealed in GoPro Labs, a new platform that allows GoPro users to try new beta features. The Hero9 Black now has some of the most popular ones.

Our favorite is “Hindsight.” This will turn on the action cam, and it will continuously buffer video in anticipation for something GoPro-worthy to happen. If the incident does occur, such as your cat doing a perfect cartwheel, you can press the shutter button to retrieve the 15-30 seconds of the previous video. If you want to capture the Rube Goldberg machine at work, it’s a great way to save memory cards.

Other ‘Power Tools’ such as scheduled capture and ‘duration capture’ feel like they should be on GoPros years ago. However, they work well and increase the Hero 9 Black’s versatility.

GoPro Hero9 Black- Camera Performance

gopro 9- Camera Performance

  • Produces detailed, well-stabilized videos outdoors in well-lit environments
  • Multiple shooting modes and resolution/framerate combinations
  • As with all previous GoPros, indoor/low-light performance is poor.

The GoPro Hero9 Black takes amazing, well-stabilized videos. It’s also decent at photography. However, it has the same sensor as the predecessor, so there’s not much to be proud of in terms of overall performance.

The new [email protected] mode captures greater detail than 4K, especially when combined with the 100Mbps bit rate code for maximum capture performance. HEVC storage files are smaller than those of 4K, so you won’t have to buy a microSD card with a high capacity to capture 5K footage.

It is not clear if you actually need a 5K resolution. You won’t notice the 5K resolution if you are viewing it on a smartphone or a PC monitor. In fact, not many 5K monitors can play the file at its native resolution. The video can be cropped without losing much detail. However, it is worth asking yourself if this will actually be used before you shoot.

The camera’s resolution is not the most important thing. However, it performs well compared to its predecessor due to the 1/2.3in the sensor. You can expect great video performance outdoors, with sharp detail and vivid colors that will blow away most of the competition.

However, it is not the best camera for all situations. Highlights (like the sky) can appear bright and exaggerated. It also doesn’t perform well in low-light conditions. Noise levels rise as the light level decreases. These are issues that were present in the predecessors.

The Hero 9 Black shines because of the many shooting modes available. Apart from the [email protected] headline, you can also shoot 4K at 60fps and 2.7K at 120fps. If you lower your resolution to 1080p, you will be able to access a slow-mo mode that captures up to 240fps. There are two shooting modes: 16:9 and 4:3. You can also use digital zoom to get even closer to the action.

The Hero 9 Black can capture some high-quality slow-motion clips. These are great for breaking up social media videos. The usual rules apply: it is best to do this in bright sunlight because the high ISOs can make your clips noisy and smudgy.

If you want your battery to last the entire day, it is worth having a spare or external USB charger. Our Hero 9 Black lasts for 4-5 hours with mixed intermittent use (shooting video, stills, and time-lapses).

GoPro Hero 9 Black- Livestreaming and Webcam

Camera makers have released software that allows you to use your devices as ad-hoc webcams after many people have failed to purchase webcams. GoPro released firmware updates that allow you to use the Hero8 Black webcam. The Hero9 Black can also function in the same way. You can stream in either 1080p or 720p.

You can also Livestream from Hero9 to other services like Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook at resolutions up to 1080p if Hypersmooth is enabled.

Hero 9 Black -Battery

It might seem that the 1,720mAh larger battery, which is 40% more than its predecessor, means longer battery life. GoPro claims that the overall battery life has been improved by 30% compared to Hero 8 Black’s 1,220mAh.

The combination of higher resolution capture with the addition of a full-color front screen means that you won’t see any significant changes in the battery life.

GoPro Hero9 Black- Video Quality

hero9 black review - Video quality

  • 5K video is the most detailed GoPro video.
  • Hero 9 Black’s footage looks better processed (outside the box).
  • The resolution allows for cropping both stills and video.
  • Hero9 Black has a 23.6 MP sensor, which in turn means it can capture video at 5K in 30 frames per second (fps) at 100Mbps

Although the GoPro Hero9 Black is capable of capturing some amazing video and stills, it’s not a major upgrade to the Hero 8 Black.

The 5K/30p mode captures more detail than any other GoPro flagship. This is especially true when you use the 100Mbps bit rate mode. Despite being very demanding on your computer, file sizes aren’t significantly larger, thanks to the efficient HEVC codec.

If you are primarily shooting videos for social media or smartphones, the additional resolution won’t make a big difference. You won’t notice a significant improvement in detail when cropping or pixel peeping, even on a 4K screen. Although the ability to crop is useful, it’s worth considering if you will actually need it.

Sometimes, the Hero 9 Black’s 4K/30p video was better than the Hero 8 Black’s. The Hero 9 Black’s footage may look slightly processed and oversharpened out of the box. This could be due to a more aggressive noise reduction. Although it can increase detail and reduce noise, having more photosites on the same sensor size can cause the sensor to have less.

The Hero 9 Black had a higher tendency to overexpose bright scenes, especially in the sky, than the Hero 8 Black. Although this can be corrected with a firmware update, it is another example of image quality being more important than resolution.

You can also shoot stills at 20MP and 14.7MP frames with the new sensor. Although this sensor does provide a slight improvement in detail over the Hero 9 Black’s predecessors, it doesn’t offer a significant increase in stills photography.


Photos of Gopro hero9

Some users still ignore action cameras as photographic tools. But that will change with the Hero9 Black’s arrival. The Hero9 Black, just like the Akaso Brave 7 LE, can also take 20MP still photographs.

There are two lens options: a wide (16-34mm) or a linear (19-39mm), each with 2x digital zoom options. A fixed narrow mode (27mm) is also available. All of these modes have a delay shutter option for 3s or 10s. You can also choose from LiveBurst (motion photos), burst (25 photographs per second), or night photo modes. The latter is more impressive than the Hero9 Black’s dark video exploits.

The Hero9 Black has RAW support as well as HDR, SuperPhoto, and SuperPhoto. However, SuperPhoto and HDR images require a little bit of processing time. The manual mode allows you to adjust shutter speed up to 30 seconds and ISO up to 6400.

Perhaps more important than all that is Hero9 Black’s new “save frame” feature. Playback any video, and you can simply press a button to save a 14.7MP still photo to your phone. This allows you to focus on video and then think about photos.

Last but not least, You should need a Gimbal to take stunning Photos, thus check out Best Gimbal For GoPro Hero 9 2022: Top Brands Review to pick a suitable for your GoPro Hero 9


The GoPro Hero9 Black is an excellent all-rounder action camera. It offers a rugged, waterproof experience with a GoPro Hero9 Black, which can capture up to [email protected] However, this high resolution will not be displayed on most screens. A front-facing LCD display gives you a preview of what’s happening, making it ideal to use for vloggers on outdoor adventures. We hope Hero 9 Black review will be helpful for you

The Hero9 has a better battery life than its predecessor. This makes it the best camera for action, the best camera for vlogging, and the best GoPro Camera.

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