How To Get Grid On iPhone Camera 2022: Top Full Guide

How To Get Grid On iPhone Camera 2022: Top Full Guide

If you want to get a grid on your iPhone camera, there are a few things you can do. This quick guide will show you how to get grid lines on your iPhone camera. This can be helpful in composing shots and ensuring that your photos are level.

iPhone Photography


iPhone Photography

The days of carrying around digital cameras are gone. The smartphone is now the dominant tool in the photography world.

Flikr uploaded 48% of all photos in 2016 using a smartphone. 47% of those photos were taken with an Apple device. It’s a good choice.

The iPhone is known for its amazing cameras. iPhones are known for having incredible cameras.

What is the iPhone Camera Grid?

A camera grid is a feature that divides your photos by using four lines that run horizontally or vertically along with the screen.

It overlays 9 squares across the screen when activated. Although it looks like an empty tic tac the grid, there is more to it.

It can be visually striking to place objects in photos at points where these lines intersect.

How to turn on the camera grid lines

You need to be able to use the camera grid. This is how you activate it.

Enable grid lines

  • Launch Settings app from the Home screen of your iPhone or iPad
  • Tap Photos & Camera
  • Turn it on by selecting Grid
  • The grid will appear in the Camera app.

*If you are using an iOS version older than iOS7:

  • Open Camera app
  • Choose from a variety of options
  • Turn Grid ON.

The iPhone Camera Grid Has Many Benefits


The iPhone Camera Grid Has Many Benefits

You can make your photos more interesting with the iPhone camera grid. These are the top reasons you should use it.

It Is Based On A Technique Used By Professionals

The rule of thirds is the basis of the entire camera grid.

This technique is well-known among professional photographers and has been in use since the 18th century.

The rule of thirds is second-nature to most artists and photographers. It’s not obvious to untrained iPhone photographers. This is where the camera grid comes into play.

The camera grid makes it easy to take professional-quality photos.

The Rule of Thirds is the idea of dividing your shot using a grid of 3 x 3 feet and matching the subject up to the grid lines.

You will end up with more striking photos. You are now ready to use an iPhone filter. It’s that simple.

It Elevates Your Photos

You can make your photos level using the camera grid by matching objects with straight lines on your screen.

It is possible to avoid blurred or uneven photos by aligning them perfectly. Editing doesn’t require you to rotate or angle your photos.

Landscape Photos Are Improved By The Camera Grid

Camera grids are especially helpful for landscape shots. It shows where to place the horizon to capture the best picture.

It is boring to put the horizon in the middle of a photo. This is something anyone can do.

Match objects of interest in your foreground with the lines to create a scene.

Two-thirds of the frame should be taken up by the area of your photo that you find most fascinating. It is easy to position it in this way thanks to the grid.

It’s Easier To Frame Your Subjects

We tend to place the subject in the middle of our photos when we use our smartphones to take them.

The subject is the main focus of the photograph, so it should be right in the middle.

Professional photographers say that this is not true. This method is not only boring and unimaginative but it is also not the best way to present a subject.

The camera grid can be used to match the subject with lines on the different sides of your screen. This draws attention to them in subtler, more artistic ways. This will ensure that you get the best out of your photos.

Photograph portraits by aligning the subject’s eyes to the grid. They are often the most important part.

It Improves Photo Composition

To show the exact composition of your frame, activate the grid by activating different areas in your photos.

This forces you to be more focused on the whole frame than the subject.

You can create a more balanced image by placing points of interest along grid lines. This will avoid using too much negative space.

The result is a picture that is richer in composition.

It Will Get You More Likes

You want to ensure that your photos are being seen on social media.

A camera grid is a great way to achieve this. You’ll be one step ahead of others if you begin to use it.

Be creative with it

You can use the camera grid to your advantage but don’t let it get you too obsessed. It is there to assist you, not dictate your actions.

The rule of threes is an approximate guideline and should not be followed. The grid doesn’t have to be exactly matched by subjects. However, placing them in close proximity could work.

If it doesn’t suit your image, don’t be afraid to do it your way.

What To Do With Your New Photos?

You’ll be snapping beautiful photos with this new technique. Print them so that you can enjoy your work.

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Rule of Thirds for iPhone

Rule of Thirds for iPhone

There are no absolute rules. If you are new to photography, the rule of threes can help you balance your images and create a feeling.

The camera grid is divided into nine equal-sized squares.

Rule of thirds says that important compositional elements and subjects should be located along or near the intersections of lines.

This rule also stipulates that your photo’s horizon line should align with the grid’s top or bottom horizontal line.

How to Keep The Focus On You And Your Exposure

  1. Start the Camera App from either your Lock screen or Home screen.
  2. Tap on the screen to select the area you wish to focus on, and expose it.
  3. To lock exposure and focus, tap and hold your focal points until an /AF Lock banner appears at the top.
  4. When you are ready to take your picture, tap the shutter button.
  5. To unlock the focus and exposure, tap anywhere on your screen.


FAQs about How to get grid on iphone camera

1. How do I get the grid on my iPhone pictures?

How to put a grid on iPhone Camera open Setting app-> Tap Camera & Photos (or just Camera if using iOS 11 or later). Find Grid and toggle it on.

2. How can I show the grid on my camera?

Tap Camera in Settings and enable the Grid option. To activate the feature, you only need to tap Camera.

3. How can you take multiple photos on your iPhone while keeping your hands free?

To capture burst mode on iPhone XS or earlier, tap and hold the shutter key. For Burst mode capture on iPhone 11 or iPhone 11 Pro, swipe to the left quickly. iOS will choose the best photo from the bunch. You can choose your own picture if you don’t agree with what is selected.


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