Hexacopter Vs Quadcopter 2023: Which Is Better For You

Hexacopter Vs Quadcopter 2023: Which Is Better For You
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Hexa vs Quadcopter is the two most popular drones on the market today. Both of them use remote-controlled aircraft as a means to fly, but they differ in how they transport the remote control. What is the difference between a hexacopter and a quadcopter?

Hexacopter vs Quadcopter

Hexacopter vs quadcopter

What Is A Hexacopter?

What Is A Hexacopter?

A hexacopter, which is a drone equipped with six propellers and six motors, is the prefix “hex.” The propellers are placed in a circular arrangement around the main body. They are spaced 120 degrees apart. Hexacopters are powerful, lightweight fliers and can carry heavy payloads. These hexacopters are great for aerial photography because they can remain stable in the air.

These drones can still stay in flight even at high altitudes and in thin air. Their rotors can still cut through the air in high winds and keep it under your command.

The hexacopter has six rotors which gives it added durability. Six propellers give the hexacopter a distinct advantage. Even if one of those propellers fail, the other five can keep the machine flying. Quadcopters and Tricopters are not affected. A hexacopter that has two failing rotors may be able, depending on its position, to remain in the air. It should be possible to bring it in for a safe landing.

Hexacopters may not be for everyone. Hexacopters are large and heavy, making it difficult to fly in urban areas with many obstacles or wooded areas. Because of their many moving parts, they can be difficult to assemble for beginners. If you don’t mind putting your drone together yourself, there are many pre-assembled options.

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They are also more expensive than smaller drones. A hexacopter is not the best choice if you want to just fly around for fun. They offer a great compromise between price and performance. These devices can be weighed down to be lighter than larger drones such as octocopters. You can also build your own hexacopter.


  • Strong and capable of carrying heavy payloads
  • Drones with fewer motors can reach higher altitudes
  • Even if one rotor is damaged, can stay up high
  • Even on windy days, it is stable
  • Pilots can enjoy greater maneuverability and attain higher speeds
  • You can add more payload and accessories for hexacopters.


  • Drones with smaller wings are more expensive to buy and maintain.
  • Too big to fit in tight spaces or in areas with many obstacles
  • Difficult DIY assembly

What Is A Quadcopter?

What Is A Quadcopter

The quadcopter uses four arms to fly. They have motorized propellers at the tips. You can think of a quadcopter as a helicopter with four propellers. Quadcopters have a smaller tail rotor for stability. Helicopters do not need one. Their four propellers allow them to fly and hover in the air. Two propellers failing will result in the device not being able to fly but it will still be stable enough to land safely.

Quadcopters are popular among drone enthusiasts looking to fly drones for recreational purposes. It is easy to assemble, and it flies well even when used by amateurs. Many users attach videophones, walkie-talkies, and cameras to the quadcopter’s body.

The quadcopter design is a powerful variant of the helicopter. Because it is more powerful than traditional helicopters, quadcopters can carry heavier loads than other helicopters of the same size. Quadcopters are widely used by the military for transporting smaller items between dangerous locations. Quadcopters are able to fly and hover, making them very maneuverable in the air.

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In addition, there are also Octocopters. This drone design features eight propellers, as the name implies. You’ll enjoy incredible stability with eight motors.


  • Rapid and agile
  • Drones with more rotors are less expensive than drones that have fewer rotors.
  • It is easy to build a home
  • Can generate more thrust and power in contrast to Tricopters


  • There are no backup rotors, so if one fails, the drone can crash.
  • You can carry a payload but not as much as a helicopter.

What Are The Difference Of Hexacopter vs Quadcopter

What Are The Difference Of Quadcopter vs Hexacopter

These drones have clear differences. Hexacopters tend to be more expensive, last longer, have more power, and can carry heavier payloads, including professional-grade cameras. Quadcopters are smaller, less powerful, and therefore easier to repair and build. There is no clear difference between them, but you might still be unsure which drone is best for you.

Hexacopters are an excellent choice for those who have precious cargo they want to transport. When your drone is carrying heavy camera equipment, the last thing you need is for one blown motor to cause your investment – both drone and camera – to crash to the ground.

A hexacopter is the best choice for professional photographers who have professional-grade equipment. A quadcopter can carry an action camera, but a hexacopter is capable of shooting video at a higher quality with a heavier and better-quality camera. These are the best choice for pilots who wish to fly drones in high winds or at higher altitudes. They will stay in the air thanks to their increased stability and power.

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Quadcopters are undoubtedly the most versatile drone. Quadcopters are a great choice for beginners because of their low price. These can be assembled and flown quickly by novices, as opposed to their six-rotors counterparts. Start with a small quadcopter if you’re a beginner. Then, move on to bigger models. A quadcopter can also be a great choice for intermediate pilots. Due to their speed, power, maneuverability, and versatility, these models are most commonly used in drone racing.

Quadcopters are a smaller option for those who want to fly in dense forests or areas with many obstacles. A larger drone is more difficult to fly in an area with many obstacles, such as a forest or an abandoned building. However, a quadcopter can navigate small rooms and even hallways with ease.

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quadcopter vs hexacopter- Summary

Flight time

Hexacopters aren’t good for battery life, but they do offer a benefit. They fly faster because they have more wings and greater weight. However, the difference is not significant.

Because heavy payloads can make it difficult to balance, stable flight is crucial for maintaining level flight. The quadcopter can help you balance heavier loads to make your flight safer and more confident.

For maximum flight times, you need a high thrust-to-weight ratio. This thrust-to-weight ratio is most effective for larger quads that can carry heavy payloads. Hexacopter or octocopter configurations are best. A Tricopter/quadcopter configuration is best for smaller quads.

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Capacity to carry weight

Hexacopters are able to carry more weight than quadcopters. You’ll also find they are used more often in heavy-duty tasks like professional cinematography or agriculture.


Quadcopters are more stable than hexacopters. This is because the motors of quadcopters are more squared and spread out in a more circular arrangement.


Hexacopters are generally more expensive than quadcopter equivalents. This is because they require stronger ESCs, have additional motors, and have two extra arms. Hexacopters are also used primarily for industrial purposes, which makes them expensive machines.

Motor redundancy

Motor redundancy is a feature that Hexacopters have. This means that even if one motor stops working, the aircraft can still maintain altitude and land safely. It’s also safer to take a heavy load. Quadcopters on the other hand will certainly crash if one of the motors fail

Size difference

Hexacopters are generally larger than quadcopters and more compact than quadcopters of the same size. They can also be folded in a much simpler design that is easier to transport.


This is an extremely rare topic that should be addressed when choosing an sUAS system. However, this is a very rare topic that should be discussed in an operation that goes beyond the pilot’s personal responsibility. In an emergency, Octacopters or hexacopters can fly with only four propellers/motors.

A quadcopter cannot fly if a motor or blade has been damaged in an accident, strike, or other circumstances. Imagine a conversation between a judge and a state agency explaining that they cannot fly if the motor or blade is lost due to a strike, technical failure, or accident.

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Battery Life

Many people believe quadcopters fly faster than hex/octocopters. This was true in the early days. Quadcopters can fly as long as quadcopters today.

The current quadcopter model is more popular than the YuneecH520, which takes 28 minutes to fly. Users may experience slight variations in their experience due to the fact that the payload and battery life are affected by the environment.

The technology advancements in motor efficiency and electronic efficiency have effectively leveled the playing field for flight time/battery time.


This is where quadcopters win the majority of the time. Modern quadcopters can fly at speeds of up to 100 mph. This is much faster than hexacopters. They can also fly faster than an octocopter.

However, the gap is closing. The DJI Phantom 4 & DJI Mavic flies at speeds of 40 and 44 mph, respectively, while the Yuneec hexacopter (H) flies at 50 mph when using manual flight modes. You can fly it at 43 mph when you “follow me.” This feature is rare for commercial operators.

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Each drone model has pros and cons. Because the quadcopter is tiny and cheap, it is excellent for amateurs or transporting small gadgets. It is, however, insufficiently robust for heavier weights. The hexacopter is more stable and can continue to work even if its motor fails.

The hexacopter can fly higher, heavy lifting, and carry larger payloads than the quadcopter. The most powerful of the three drones is the octocopter, which can fly to high heights and carry huge payloads. It is also the most expensive and must be charged on a regular basis. More motors is better

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Thus, we hope this article will helpful for you. And If You want to get a new drone, but before investing a big sum of money in these intriguing drones, you should first determine which type of drone is most suited to your task.

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