Garmin Virb vs GoPro Hero 5 2023: Which Is Better For You

Garmin Virb vs GoPro Hero 5 2023 Which Is Better For You

The Garmin Virb vs GoPro Hero 5 are two of the most popular action cameras on the market. They both have their pros and cons, but which one is the best for you? Here is a comparison of the two cameras to help you decide.


Garmin VIRB Ultra 30

Garmin VIRB Ultra 30 action camera has an LCD panel. The touchscreen display makes it easy to use and can display all the menus you require. The waterproof case will protect it from water up to 40m.

When you record in high definition, the battery can last for up to 2 hours. Garmin VIRB Ultra 30 features a voice activation system. This allows you to simply tell the camera to take pictures, record, stop record, and mark a clip as a highlight. This feature is extremely useful for those who are far from the camera.

Pros Cons
  • Robust waterproof chassis
  • No image stabilisation in 4K
  • 4K and high-speed shooting options
  • Not waterproof without a case
  • ANT+ and Bluetooth sensor connectivity
  • Wi-Fi smartphone control including live streaming to YouTube
  • 3-axis electronic image stabilization
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GoPro Hero 5

GoPro Hero 5 features a rear touchscreen display. This allows for quick movements to be captured accurately and is easy to use. The bright touchscreen at the back of the camera measures two inches and is easily visible even in low-light areas.

The camera’s smaller screen provides information on the shooting mode and remaining battery. It also shows the remaining SD card space. It doesn’t have a plastic case, which makes it sound better than its predecessor.

Pros Cons
  • Waterproof without a case
  • Battery can drain quickly, especially with the touch screen running
  • Additional still image functions
  • Touchscreen responsiveness
  • Effective electronic image stabilisation
  • No EIS in 4K
  • Excellent image quality

What is The Same?

There are several key similarities between the garmin virb ultra 30 vs the GoPro Hero 5. Both cameras are designed for action and outdoor use and can record in 4K resolution. Both cameras are also waterproof and have built-in stabilization.

Garmin Virb vs GoPro Hero 5: What is The Difference?

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Design of Garmin Virb vs GoPro Hero 5

The Hero5 is the same design as the GoPro series, but it is protected by a rubber case that provides extra protection around the lens, ports, and battery doors. This case allows users to use the camera underwater up to 10 meters in mild bumps, splashes, and in light rain.

Garmin can also be used with GoPro’s extensive mounting options by adding slotted connectors. The mini USB interface is compact in shape and has an attractive design that makes it look similar to most mobile devices.

Fully Waterproofed

Garmin Virb vs GoPro Hero 5 Black- Fully Waterproofed

This camera is waterproof up to 60 meters with a case, which is an advantage for adventure sports enthusiasts. Garmin engineers have maintained the beauty of their camera design while ensuring that it is waterproofed with an additional case. This additional case can be used up to 40 meters with the touch screen. The waterproof case allows for better microphone connectivity, so the sound will always be as clear without the case.

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GPS & Sensors

Garmin design offers G-Metrix, which is an advanced fitness track overlay. It includes advanced sensors such as gyroscopes, magnetometers, altimeters, accelerometers, GPS sensors, and barometers. It can track all parameters of your workout, including speed, pace, altitude, and more. The advanced unit can also record data from other sensors such as a heart rate monitor, bike speed sensor, and others. Garmin’s Edit software allows users to automatically incorporate these data into videos.

The GPS feature on GoPro Hero5 Black does not work as well as other Facebook and Instagram apps. It adds tags to your images and footage to indicate that you visited this location. This sensor is not capable of tracking other details, such as Garmin sensors.

Accessories in the Box

The following items will be revealed when you open the Garmin Virb Ultra 30- box:

Accessories in the Box

  • Garmin Virb Sticker
  • Anti Fog Kit
  • Wrench
  • Extension arms for long and short lengths
  • Both long and short screws
  • Standard adapter and vertical mount
  • Flat and Curved adhesive mounts
  • Charging/data cable
  • Lithium-Ion Battery
  • Waterproof Case
  • Virb Ultra 30 Action Cam

GoPro Hero5 Black also comes with the following accessories:

garmin virb ultra 30 vs gopro hero 5

  • USB C Cable
  • Mounting Buckle
  • Flat and curved Adhesive Mounts
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Frame for Hero5 Black
  • Hero5 Black Camera

Usability and Control

Navigation is made easy and intuitive by the GoPro 2″ LCD touch screen. From the bottom layer, you can make adjustments for Resolution, frame rate, and field of view. If you swipe left, it will call all the recorded videos and photos. However, if you swipe right, you can access advanced settings that allow you to control Raw file formats, white balance, ISO, and more.

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Gramin VIRB Ultra 30, which is also available on the screen, has many shortcut controls—left side links to the automatic photo and video setting key. This interface is easier to use than the GoPro device. The touch screen can also be operated with external housing. Gramin Ultra 30 can also be connected to a mobile application, which allows for live streaming of all recorded video and photos.

Video and Image Quality

Hero5 Black is capable of producing stunning video at HD 1080p resolution and even higher with 4K. Ultra 30 can sometimes blur the details, but it doesn’t blur footage details. Both cases have very different footage color support. Gramin has a cool bias, while GoPro emits a warning tone.

Hero5 Black lets users create RAW images, which can then be processed using additional software programs. The wide dynamic mode allows for HDR recording, so all highlights and shadows can be captured. Gramin’s 4K resolution is a huge advantage. It allows for stunning detail and crispness for all your shots. The mics can be connected to external housings, so the sound quality is better than its rival.

Electronic Image Stabilization

Both devices have electronic image stabilization. This is done with software and not hardware. Both device makers have attempted to implement this feature, but Hero5 Black has been reported to offer better performance. Users have reported that Hero5 Black can offer impressive footage stabilization when mounted camera above helmet while riding a bike. This makes Hero5 Black footage safer from sudden shakes or jerks and is better suited for athletes.

Advanced Audio Tracks

GoPro has the ability to record audio in a secondary file. Users can also create three separate tracks. This feature is a great addition to the GoPro series. An auto switch can be used to reduce noise from audio recordings.

Voice Control

Voice control

The Ultra 30 and Hero5 Black can both be controlled by voice commands, but the GoPro unit allows for more commands and better controls. GoPro voice control is available in seven languages, including English, Japanese, Chinese and Spanish. These commands can all be sent via the microphone, just like normal audio signals. This is a great feature for beginners, but it’s not very well-developed for Garmin devices.

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With the help of GoPro apps, you can control your GoPro action camera from iOS or Android. Five different apps are available for GoPro devices: Capture (mobile & desk), Quick (mobile and desktop), Splice, and GoPro Studio. Gramin Virb can be remotely controlled via Virb Apps, which also allow for easy editing of footage. You can stream live on YouTube with Virb apps. The Virb app can be used on both mobile and desktop.


Resolution of GoPro vs garmin virb ultra 3

In terms of Resolution, both cameras are fairly equal. Both cameras offer 4K at 30fps, and 1080p @ 120fps. Garmin uses a proven processor, so it may have an advantage. They are almost equal in this category.

Data Transfer

A solid system is necessary to transfer your data from your action camera. Garmin uses the ANT data storage and transfer system. When your device is within range of ANT, your data will be automatically transferred to your computer. GoPro does not currently have a compatible service. However, they are developing an auto cloud-based backup which may be better than Garmin. Garmin is the winner in data transfer for now.

Voice Activation

Voice activation is available on both the Garmin and GoPro devices. Each device has its own commands, so each one will require some learning. They are, however, equal in quality when it is to voice activation. Garmin recognizes the following voice commands: “Start recording,” “Stop recording,” “Remember that,” Take a photo,” “Enable WiFi,” and “Disable WiFi.” GoPro commands have similar commands, but they all start with “GoPro.”

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 Which is Better: Garmin VIRB or GoPro HERO5?

Garmin VIRB vs GoPro HERO5- Which is Better 

The Garmin is better overall when it comes to features. The ANT system is unmatched in its capabilities. The GPS capabilities and Resolution are excellent. The GoPro is the most popular choice. The GoPro’s design is smaller and lighter and can withstand more water and weather. The overall winner is, therefore, the GoPro.

This camera is great for athletes, their families, children, actors, and anyone else who needs a solid camera to create high-quality videos. Garmin is a better choice for serious runners or those who need to track their health and fitness. For storing motion and fitness data, the ANT system is unbeatable.

Garmin VIRB Ultra 30, when to use?

Garmin VIRB Ultra 30 is the perfect choice for professional videographers or those who want to take videography seriously. Its features and Resolution can guarantee clear videos regardless of the conditions.

The Garmin VIRB Ultra 30 can be used for the following:

  • Bike riding
  • Traveling
  • Hiking

GoPro Hero 5: When is it Best to Use?

The GoPro Hero 5 is ideal for amateurs or those new to videography. It’s easy to use. Although it may not be as high-resolution as the Garmin VIRB Ultra 30, it still delivers amazing video quality.

The GoPro Hero 5 can be used for the following:

  • Vlogging
  • Casual filming

Should I Buy Garmin Virb Or GoPro Hero 5?

GoPro is the finest alternative if you want to create a one-of-a-kind and stunning video. It can also lead to considerably stabilized details even when you record takes from a Karma drone, and the Quick editing app may enable you to enhance details further.

When it comes to Garmin, data is handled considerably more effectively. It is more advantageous for sportsmen because of the sophisticated monitoring sensors and activity trackers.

You can check out the other comparison between Hero 5 vs other action cameras:

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FAQs about Garmin Virb and GoPro Hero 5

FAQs about Garmin Virb and GoPro Hero 5

Does Garmin still make cameras?

Garmin has you covered for both forward and backward camera technology additions to your vehicle and everything in between. Select from dependable backup cameras and cordless dashcams.

What is VIRB on Garmin watch?

With a push of a button on your remote Garmin device or on the camera itself, VIRB enables you to shoot still photographs while recording video.

How long will GoPro Hero 5 battery last?

A somewhat bigger lithium-ion rechargeable battery powers the Hero 5 Black (1220 mHa vs 1000 mAh). While GoPro predicts that the Hero 5 will last for two hours when operating at 1080p at 50 frames per second, without GPS, WiFi, voice control, or image stabilization.

Can the Go Pro Hero 5 record in 4K?

The 4K resolution of the HERO5 is higher than that of many smartphones. Additionally, it is simple to mount on neighboring equipment to obtain the desired angle, and voice commands can be used to operate it.

How do you use the Garmin VIRB app?

Launch the Garmin VIRB app on your smartphone. The app looks for cameras and instantly connects. Choose one of the following options from the Garmin VIRB app: Control recording or adjust settings using the on-screen controls.

Is Garmin VIRB discontinued?

The Garmin VIRB works well with Garmin MFDs, but it appears that the VIRB, 360s, and Ultras have all been discontinued.


The GoPro Hero 5 and Garmin Virb cameras are both excellent for various reasons. While the Garmin Virb is superior for data monitoring and more flexible shooting options, the GoPro Hero 5 is superior for action pictures and overall video quality.

In the end, it depends on your particular preferences and how you want to use the camera.

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