GoPro Hero 7 Silver Vs Black vs White 2023: Which Is Better For You

GoPro Hero 7 Silver Vs Black vs White 2023 Which Is Better For You

In addition to comparing the Silver, White, and Black varieties of GoPro, this post will go into what makes each one appealing. Highlights from the post include the Silver’s smaller LCD screen, absence of QuikStories integration, and inability to stream live video.

A line of action cameras made by GoPro is called the Hero 7. Three variants with varying performances were released in October 2018: the GoPro Hero 7 Silver vs Black vs White.


GoPro Hero 7 Silver Review

The Gopro HERO7 Silver features the ideal camera for all types of adventures. Simply take up the body—it is made to be strong and entirely waterproof. Thanks to the super-smooth 4K video and gorgeous WDR pictures, every moment is genuinely wonderful.

GPS enables you to keep track of how far, how quickly, and how high you have traveled. It’s simple to swiftly switch between modes and capture memorable moments thanks to an intuitive touchscreen.

Additionally, photographs and videos are sent directly to the GoPro app for simple sharing. Every moment of life, whether it’s a few days or a weeklong holiday at sea to family fun moments, HERO7 Silver will let you record it.


  • Take detailed photos in 4K resolution at 30 frames per second.
  • After you take your photo, the WDR function will correct dark shadows or overexposed areas.
  • To create slow-motion images, slow down Full HD images two times.


  • It is impossible to remove the battery.
  • An additional memory card is not included.

GoPro Hero 7 Black Review

A pocketable, waterproof 4K camera with industry-leading electronic picture stabilization and a wide variety of mounting options is the GoPro Hero 7 Black.

Though GoPro has subsequently released the GoPro Hero 8, this isn’t the series’ newest action camera. The GoPro Hero 7, however, is likely to keep the title of our top recommended product because the latter is much more expensive.


  • You can record extremely stable video images with the HyperSmooth image stabilizer.
  • You can record videos in Full HD at 244 fps. To create slow-motion recordings, you can slow it down up to 8 times.
  • The HDR function allows you to combine 3 different exposures into one well-lit recording.


  • An additional memory card is not included.

GoPro Hero 7 White Review

For those who desire a GoPro but can’t afford the high price of the superb GoPro Hero7 Black, there is the GoPro Hero 7 White action camera. The entry-level GoPro model below the Hero7 Silver and Hero7 Black costs £179, or nearly half the price.

It has been drastically scaled back in certain places. The GoPro Hero7 White can just point and shoot; it cannot capture 4K video or slo-mo which is particularly remarkable.


  • It is simple to use
  • Strong construction and waterproofing right out of the box
  • WDR balances high contrast well
  • Pleasing 4K video quality


  • Sometimes LCD may not respond to commands
  • The camera won’t respond to voice commands
  • Capture limits
  • Images make it easy to see artifacts

What is The Same?

What is The Same Gopro Hero 7

The GoPro Hero 7 Silver, Black, and White all share some similarities. They all feature a rugged, waterproof design that can withstand harsh conditions, making them ideal for outdoor activities such as surfing, skiing, and mountain biking. They also have a touchscreen display, voice control, and built-in WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, allowing for easy sharing and remote control.

GoPro Hero 7 Silver Vs Black Vs White: What is The Difference?

GoPro Hero7 Black, Silver, and White- Design & Build

GoPro Hero 7 Silver Vs Black vs White- Design & Build

When comparing the design and build of the GoPro Hero7 Black, Silver, and White, there are a few differences to note.

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In terms of their overall appearance, the cameras are very similar. All three models have a rectangular shape with a waterproof housing that can withstand depths of up to 33 feet (10 meters) without the need for additional underwater housing. They also have a built-in touchscreen display on the back that allows users to preview and playback footage, change settings, and navigate menus.

However, there are a few differences between the cameras when it comes to their specific design features. Here’s a breakdown:

GoPro Hero7 Black: The Black model has a matte black finish with a rubberized texture that provides an excellent grip. It features a removable battery, a microphone jack, and a USB-C port for charging and data transfer.

The Black model also has a small LCD screen on the front of the camera that displays basic information such as the camera’s status and shooting mode, the remaining storage space, and the battery level indicator. The lens port cover can be removed and replaced, and the camera is compatible with GoPro’s Super Suit diving housing.

GoPro Hero7 Silver: The Silver model is a lighter gray shade and has two microphone ports on the casing instead of three. It says “7 Silver” rather than “7 Black.”

The lens port is not as protruding as on the Black, which means that the Hero7 Silver’s lens port cover cannot be removed and replaced, and many snap-on accessories for the Black won’t work. The camera is compatible with Protective Housing, a different diving housing than the one used for the Black.

GoPro Hero7 White: The White model is similar to the Black model in terms of appearance, but has a white finish. It does not have a front-facing LCD screen like the Black, and its lens port is located in the upper right corner. The White model only has one door, while the Black model has two because its battery can be removed.

Sensor and Processor

gopro hero 7 white vs gopro hero 7 black- Sensor and Processor

The GoPro Hero7 Black, Silver, and White all feature a small half-inch sensor, which is typical for action cameras. However, there are differences in their processing power and features.

The GoPro Hero7 Black is the most powerful of the three, with a 12-megapixel CMOS sensor and the custom-built GP1 processor. This combination enables the Black to capture 4K video at 60 frames per second, as well as 12-megapixel still photos in Raw or JPEG format.

Additionally, the Black features SuperPhoto mode, which applies HDR, tone mapping, and noise reduction to photos for optimized results. It also has HyperSmooth video stabilization, which uses a sophisticated electronic image stabilization algorithm to produce smoother and more stable footage.

The GoPro Hero7 Silver features a 10-megapixel CMOS sensor and a less powerful processor than the Black. It can capture 4K video at 30 frames per second and 10-megapixel still photos in JPEG format. While it lacks SuperPhoto mode, it does have a Wide Dynamic Range option, which helps to balance high-contrast shots and preserve details in shadows and highlights.

The GoPro Hero7 White is the entry-level model, with the same 10-megapixel CMOS sensor as the Silver but a less powerful processor. It can capture 1080p Full HD video at 60 frames per second and 10-megapixel still photos in JPEG format. It lacks the Wide Dynamic Range option and other features found in the higher-end models.

Overall, the Hero7 Black offers the best sensor and processing capabilities, followed by the Hero7 Silver and then the Hero7 White. However, all three cameras are capable of capturing high-quality photos and videos suitable for most action and adventure activities.

Charging and Batteries

Gopro 7 white vs black-Charging and Batteries

When it comes to charging and batteries, the GoPro Hero7 Black, Silver, and White have some important differences. Both the Black and Silver models are powered by a 1220 mAh lithium-ion rechargeable battery, which provides similar recording times if used in the same recording modes.

In ideal conditions, you can expect up to an hour of recording time, but this can be reduced if you use additional features like GPS and Protune or if you use the mobile app, which drains the battery faster.

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The Black has a removable battery, which is the same as the HERO6 Black or HERO5 Black, and it can be charged while the camera is in use. This means that you can keep spare batteries on hand to swap out in case of an emergency, making it more convenient for longer shoots. On the other hand, the Silver has an internal battery that is not removable.

To charge the Silver, you must connect it directly to a power source via a USB-C cable. While the camera can be recorded while connected via USB-C with a power source, the battery will not be charged while you are recording. Instead, it will start charging once the recording is finished.

It’s worth noting that only the Black can use full USB-C functionality, such as fast charging, if the charger is high-output like the GoPro SuperCharger. The USB-C port is also in a slightly different place for each model, which means that extended batteries for H5/H6/H7 Black models with a rigid connector will not work on Silver.


When it comes to video capabilities, the GoPro Hero7 Black stands out as the flagship model. It can record at 4K resolution with a maximum frame rate of 60fps, as well as 1080p at up to 240fps for slow-motion footage.

The Black also features the advanced HyperSmooth video stabilization technology, which delivers impressively smooth and steady footage, even in bumpy or shaky conditions.

The camera also supports the high dynamic range (HDR) format, which helps to capture more detail in bright and dark areas of the scene. Additionally, the Black offers advanced manual controls with the Protune feature, which allows you to adjust settings like white balance, ISO, and exposure compensation for more precise control over your footage.

The GoPro Hero7 Silver and White models have more modest video capabilities, but still offer solid performance for their price points. Both cameras can shoot 1080p video at up to 60fps, and the Silver can also record 4K video at 30fps.

Neither model includes HyperSmooth stabilization or HDR, but they do have basic electronic image stabilization to help smooth out footage. The Silver also offers a more advanced Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) mode for capturing better detail in high-contrast scenes.

Overall, while the Hero7 Black offers the most advanced video features and capabilities, the Silver and White models are still capable cameras for capturing high-quality action footage.

New features

The Go Pro 7 range has some new features, but not all are available on all models. Let’s look at the most notable new features and which cameras they can be used on.

HyperSmooth video stabilization

GoPro Hero 7 black -HyperSmooth video stabilization

Available only on Hero 7 Black

This new feature, which is available in the seven range, is quite impressive. Go Pro claims that the feature delivers “gimbal-like video footage” without the need for a gimbal.

If you don’t know what a gimbal is, it’s a pivoting camera stabilizer that turns shaky action footage into buttery smooth shots. The Go Pro Hero 7 Black doesn’t require an external gimbal. It has three-axis stabilization technology that proactively corrects vibrations, bumps, and shakes.

It made a significant difference in better image quality while running or walking.

SuperPhoto HDR Mode

SuperPhoto HDR Mode of GoPro hero 7

Available only on Hero 7 Black

While most people use the Go Pro to capture action videos, the new model is capable of taking still images. SuperPhoto mode, an optional option, allows you to choose from four enhancements for your photos: high dynamic range (HDR), multi-frame noise reduction, and local tone mapping.

These terms are not difficult to understand, but the smart Go Pro automatically does them. You can choose manual HDR, which takes multiple shots at once and stitches them together into the perfect image. You can leave the auto option on and let it do all the work.

This mode is extremely useful for landscape photography when you need to capture multiple colors and textures in one shot. Although it’s not ideal for taking action shots or capturing rapid motion, the Go Pro is a great option for a point-and-shoot camera.

TimeWarp Video

TimeWarp Video- GoPro Hero 7 black

Available only on Hero 7 Black

This feature is great for anyone who wants to try time-lapse video. Simply tell the camera how long the video should be, and it will do the rest.

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You have to be aware that there are limitations. For example, the maximum recording time for a 10-second video is only five minutes. You won’t have to time-lapse the entire sunset, but you can still make videos of your bike rides and runs.

The in-built noise reduction and stabilization ensure that you have a smooth, stable recording of the action for a longer time. It is truly amazing.

Live Streaming

Available only on Hero 7 Black

Live streaming is a must-have feature these days. A connected Go Pro makes it easy to share your content to social channels. You can also live stream the event if you wish.

The Hero 7 Black allows direct live streaming directly to Facebook Live from the camera. It’s a little gimmick and somewhat disappointing that it is only Facebook (not YouTube, Instagram, or Instagram) that it is available.

Vertical shooting

Now Available on Hero 7 Black, White, and Silver

The biggest problem with the older Go Pros was the inability to automatically correct images if you were shooting portrait mode. You had to manually correct the orientation of each photo before you could share them with others.

With the new Go Pro, you can now shoot exactly how you want and have the image presented correctly. This feature is available on all three models. It will make it much easier to share and snap photos.

The Go Pro app allows you to share directly to Instagram. No editing is required.

Photo Timer

Now Available on Hero 7 Black, White, and Silver

Although it’s not a unique feature in the camera world, long-time GoPro users will appreciate that all HERO7 cameras now have a built-in photo timer (3-second to 10-second). This is the first time that GoPro has included a timer in the HERO camera. There are no more workarounds or hacks to get those group shots and selfies perfect on your GoPro.

Carryover Features

Carryover Features

There are some things that are shared across all Go Pro models, and they have been carried over from previous generations. The new Hero 7 is able to do some of these things better than the previous models. There are also some differences among the three variants.

Video in high resolution

The resolution of video footage is defined in technical terminology as the number of pixels that the camera captures. Most likely, you’ve heard of 1080p or even 4K. This is usually with regard to TVs.

There’s another aspect to Go Pros. The second number is the number of frames per second. This number will determine how smooth and realistic the video will look.

The maximum resolution for the Silver version is 4K30 at 30 frames per second. Black maxes at 4K60. The larger 4K resolution (4:3) resolution is also available. This resolution is greater (4096×3072), than the standard 4K (3840×3072), and has a 16:9 aspect ratio. White versions have a maximum resolution of 1440p60.

Although we say it is limited, 1080p is sufficient for most of our daily needs. 4K is footage that has four times as many pixels. This footage takes up a lot of memory and can be difficult to process on a computer later.

Professional video editors will love 4K. 1080p60 is more than enough for the rest of us. The Go Pro Hero 7 variants all can do this. It’s not worth worrying about if you aren’t shooting professionally.

Removable Battery

Only the Black model has the removable battery left from the previous model. This is a bit disappointing. If you shoot for long periods of time, it is worth having a few spare batteries to save some important moments.

The Hero 7 Silver and White, however, do not allow for the battery to be taken out, as with most smartphones. You will need to recharge the battery if it runs low.

Photo quality

The quality of the photos taken by the three devices can vary. The Black can shoot stills at 12MP resolution, while the White or Silver can only capture 10MP.

Most digital cameras today have 10-12MP resolutions. If you are shooting photos that will be viewed digitally, the difference between 10-12MP is very negligible. A slight difference in size will be noticeable if you plan to print them in a large format.

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The Hero 7 Black has Protune capabilities, just like the Hero 6 Black. This allows you to manually adjust ISO limits, shutter speed, and exposure.

This function is not available for Silver and White. The camera decides everything automatically based on the environment. Access to Protune for amateurs is likely overkill and something you won’t use very often.

Another difference worth noting is that the Black only comes with a GP1 Image Processing Chip. This chip enhances color and performance under low light. It was also used in Hero 6 Black. This feature is not available on the Silver and White models.

Slow-Mo and Burst Mode

The ability to shoot burst shots is available on all three Go Pro Hero 7 models. Only the Black model has 30 frames per second, while the Silver and White models can only capture 15 frames per minute.

All models offer slow motion, but the Black model does it better. The Hero 7 Black can offer up to eight times slower motion, while the White and Silver do only two.

GPS stamps

The Go Pro’s GPS tracking allows you to track speed, altitude, and distance. This is an essential feature if you want to show the world where you have been and how far, fast, and high you went.

It is a standard feature in Black and Silver, but it is not available in White.

Front screen

The Black model has a front-facing screen, which is one of the most distinguishing features between Silver, Black, and White. You can monitor settings, battery life, and shooting mode. This is useful for recording yourself.

The front LCD screen is not available on the Silver and White models. If you attach it to your snowboard’s front, this means you are effectively shooting blind. This can be very frustrating, especially if you are able to nail a trick only to find out that you have run out of battery just five minutes earlier.


GoPro hero 7 black, white and silver- Audio

The audio quality of the GoPro Hero 7 Black, Silver, and White can vary due to the number of microphones onboard. The Black model has three microphones, while the Silver model has two and the White model only has two.

While all three models are capable of recording audio in stereo or mono, the quality of the onboard microphones may not be sufficient for professional use.

To enhance the audio quality, users can connect an external microphone to the Black model, which is not possible with the Silver and White models. Additionally, the Black model has a Protune feature that allows users to record a separate audio file in WAV format along with the video file. This can be helpful for post-production work and syncing audio with video.

Overall, the Black model has the best audio quality among the three models due to the extra microphone and the ability to connect an external microphone. However, if audio quality is not a top priority and users are not planning to connect an external microphone, the Silver and White models may suffice.

It is worth noting that using the mobile app or additional features like GPS and Protune can drain the battery faster and impact the audio quality, so users should consider their needs and usage scenarios when deciding on a GoPro model.


GoPro Hero 7 Black vs Sliver -Connectivity

The GoPro Hero7 Black, Silver, and White offer several connectivity options, including Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. These features enable users to control their cameras remotely and transfer data wirelessly to other devices.

Both the Black and Silver models come with a USB-C port, which is used for charging and data transfer. However, the Black model also includes a micro HDMI port that allows users to connect their camera directly to a TV or other display.

One of the most significant differences between the Hero7 Black and Silver models is the battery type. The Black model comes with a removable battery that can be swapped out with batteries from previous models, such as the Hero5 or Hero6 Black.

This feature allows users to extend the battery life of their camera by carrying extra batteries with them. On the other hand, the Silver model comes with a built-in battery that cannot be removed. The only way to charge the camera is by connecting it directly to a power source via a USB-C cable.

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It is worth noting that the Hero7 White model also comes with a USB-C port, but it does not have a micro HDMI port. This means that users of the White model cannot connect their camera directly to a TV or other display. However, they can still transfer data wirelessly to other devices via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

Overall, all three models offer similar connectivity options, but the Black model has a slight advantage due to its micro HDMI port and removable battery. However, users who prioritize convenience and portability may prefer the Silver or White models, which have built-in batteries and are more compact.

LCD Screen

GoPro Hero 7 - LCD Screen

The LCD screens of the GoPro Hero7 Black, Silver, and White offer varying features and user experiences. The Black model boasts a 2-inch touchscreen with a 16:9 format, allowing for easy navigation of its features.

It also features a revamped user interface compared to its predecessor, the Hero 6, and includes a front-mounted display panel with key settings. This additional display panel is a significant advantage over the Silver and White models, as it provides quick access to critical settings, allowing users to adjust them quickly and easily.

One of the most innovative features of the Black’s touchscreen is its Touch Zoom functionality. Users can zoom in for precise framing and shooting scenarios by simply touching and moving their finger up and down on the screen. However, it is essential to note that this feature works as a digital zoom and can degrade image quality.

The White model also offers a 2-inch touchscreen with innovative features such as touch zoom. This feature allows users to zoom in and out of a frame by moving their finger up and down on the screen, making it easier to capture the perfect shot. However, the White model lacks the front-mounted display panel, and its touchscreen is not as advanced as the Black’s.

The Silver model features a 2-inch display that is not as responsive as the other models, and users may need to press down or swipe it multiple times to get it to respond. Additionally, the small size of the LCD screen may pose difficulties for individuals with larger fingers.

It is also worth noting that the Silver model does not include touch zoom or a front-mounted display panel, which may be significant drawbacks for some users.

Overall, the GoPro Hero7 Black offers the most advanced and user-friendly LCD screen of the three models. Its Touch Zoom functionality, front-mounted display panel, and revamped user interface make it a top choice for professionals and enthusiasts. The White and Silver models, while still offering some innovative features, may be better suited for beginners or those on a budget.

Additional Features

Additional Features

You’ll have probably guessed by now that the GoPro Hero 7 Black is the most powerful of all three options. The device has all the usual connectivity options, including NFC, Bluetooth, and WiFi. It also includes GPS. You can also control it via voice command.

This allows for hands-free use in 14 languages. The device can be mounted on helmets or handlebars where it may rattle around. Built-in image stability is a must. The GoPro Hero 7 Black has a combination of hardware and software fixes, collectively called ‘HyperSmooth.’

It also features image capture functions such as scene detection, face, smile, and scene detection.

The GoPro Hero 7 Black is a great choice for YouTubers and Facebook Live users. It features live streaming at 720p resolution, which makes it the first GoPro camera with such capabilities. All footage is backed up using the microSD card slot. SuperPhoto, which reduces image noise, is also worth mentioning.

The GoPro Hero 7 Silver is located in the middle of the series seven options. It also offers GPS tagging and a Wide Dynamic Range feature. This will improve the overall look of the image while keeping it natural.

The Silver edition also offers Voice Control. This feature was first introduced on the Hero 5 model. However, while this can be used to deactivate your camera, it can’t actually activate it. This option is only available for the GoPro Hero 7 Black, which is the most expensive model in the GoPro Hero 7 range.

The GoPro Hero7 White White is the least expensive option. It offers Full HD resolution movies, 10-megapixel photos, waterproofing up to 10 meters, and other convenient functions, such as a photo-timer.

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Should I Buy GoPro Hero 7 Silver Or Black or White?

The choice between the GoPro Hero 7 Silver, Black, or White will ultimately depend on your specific needs and budget.

If you’re looking for the highest quality video and photo capabilities, the Hero 7 Black is the best option with its advanced features like HyperSmooth stabilization, 4K video, and ProTune. Additionally, the Black has a removable battery and micro HDMI port, which allows for more flexibility and connectivity options.

The Hero 7 Silver is a good option for those who want a more affordable GoPro with decent video capabilities. It has 4K video capabilities, but it lacks some of the advanced features found in the Black model, such as ProTune and HyperSmooth stabilization. However, it still has built-in stabilization and is a good option for those who don’t need the highest-end features.

The Hero 7 White is the most basic option with fewer features and capabilities than the Silver and Black models. It’s a good option for those who are on a tight budget and want a basic action camera that can still capture decent footage.

FAQs about GoPro Hero 7

FAQs about GoPro Hero 7

Is the GoPro Hero 7 silver waterproof?

With this gopro hero7 silver video camera, you can capture your adventures. This robust camera goes everywhere you go and captures your exploits in stabilized 4K videos. It is durable and waterproof up to 33 feet.

How to charge GoPro Hero 7 silver?

Using the provided USB-C connector, connect your camera to a computer or other USB power source. The battery needs roughly two hours to charge completely. When it’s finished, the status LEDs on the camera will switch off.

How to update GoPro Hero 7?

On your compatible mobile device, download and install the GoPro app (Apple App Store | Google Play Store). Make sure your camera is charged completely.

Incorporate the GoPro app with your camera. After pairing, the GoPro app will notify you when a camera update is ready. To install the update, simply follow the on-screen instructions.

How to charge a GoPro Hero 7?

There are numerous GoPro models available. A USB cable 5V/1A is the common charging mechanism for all of those.

However, only the Fusion, GoPro Hero 5, GoPro Hero 6, GoPro Hero 7, and GoPro Hero (2018) models enable USB 5V/3A rapid charging. As previously stated, you can use a regular USB wall charger with any model.

How to reset GoPro Hero 7 black?

This is the all-clearing nuclear alternative. Before doing this, be aware that all your settings and custom presets will be erased.

All wireless connections will be erased, and your HERO7 Black will be unregistered from your GoPro PLUS account. It won’t roll back the camera’s firmware or delete anything from your SD card, though you are welcome to remove it.

  1. Swipe downward on the camera’s rear screen to access the Dashboard menu.
  2. To access Preferences > Reset > Factory Reset, scroll to the bottom.
  3. The camera will then return to its original position.

How to charge gopro hero 7 silver?

Using the provided USB-C connector, connect your camera to a computer or other USB power source. The battery needs roughly two hours to charge completely. When it’s finished, the status LEDs on the camera will switch off.

What is the best GoPro on the market right now?

The top GoPro camera at the moment is the Hero 11 Black. The Hero 11 Black, together with the Hero 11 Black Creator Edition and the Hero 11 Black Mini, is one of three new Hero 11 Black action cameras from GoPro that were introduced in 2023.


The GoPro Hero 7 Black (and Silver) are both robustly built and equipped to record 4K video at a high quality. We lean toward the flagship model (in Black). It will cost you a little more money.

Anyone looking for a low-cost, high-performance action camera should consider Silver. Suppose you want a top-notch action camera with outstanding picture stabilization and sound quality, as well as time-lapse videos and other added features. In that case, the Hero7 Black is the ideal choice.

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