How To Edit GoPro Videos 2022: Top Full Guide

How To Edit GoPro Videos 2022: Top Full Guide

You’re likely to have wondered why your videos aren’t as high quality as those you spent hours watching on YouTube. You might be wondering why they look so great. This blog will cover the best ways to edit GoPro videos and the apps that can help you do it.

How To Edit GoPro Videos

Control Your Frame Rate

FPS (Frames per Second) is a key factor in determining whether or not your final product will be viewable.

To let the sensor capture more light in low-light conditions, lower your fps. 24fps is the ideal speed.

You can adjust the frame rate to make a slow-motion effect depending on how fast you’re shooting. If you don’t slow down your video to the correct speed, it will become choppy.

This table will help you determine the percentages needed to make your footage smooth for slow-motion effects. Also, ensure that your GoPro is set to the FPS setting that suits your video and the environment.

Control Your Frame Rate

Know Your Field Of Vision

The FOV, or field of view, is the area that the camera lens covers in front of the subject. There are three FOV settings on the GoPro:

  • Ultrawide- 170 Degrees FOV
  • Medium- 127 degrees FOV
  • Narrow- 90 degrees FOV

The FOV can be viewed as a zoom. The smaller the FOV, the more zoomed the video will appear.

You can choose one of these FOV settings depending on the subject or how much landscape you wish to cover.

The default setting, the ultrawide, captures all that is in front of your lens and gives you an immersive experience. You can also choose from the other settings, which will provide you with narrower views.

Learn About Resolutions

The final product’s appearance will depend on the resolution and frame rate. You can set the resolution of most GoPro cameras from WVGA (low resolution) to 4k (high resolution).

This chart displays the various resolutions that you have and their relative aspect ratios.

Learn About Resolutions

Higher resolution will result in better video quality. You will also need to reduce the resolution if you want the frame rate to increase.

You will need to consider all three variables when shooting a video: frame rate, field-of-view, and resolution. For a novice user, the number of combinations available can be overwhelming.

Here are some settings that you can use while using your GoPro to explore the world.

  • Regular video: 1080p at 60fps This is ideal for normal situations. Full HD video will be available.
  • Super slow motion: You want to capture jumps, explosions, or any other fast action. WVGA at 244fps. The video will not look great if it is blown up on a TV, but it works well for YouTube and Instagram.
  • Point of view: When you attach the camera to your helmet/chest and wish to capture more height, shoot at 1080 Superview and up to 80fps.
  • Slow Motion Point Of View: Similar to number 3, but with slower motion. Use 120fps and 720 Super View. The video will have a 4:3 aspect ratio.

Don’t Neglect Angles And Frames

Boring angles can become boring. You will need to use different angles to tell different stories in your video.

You don’t have to stick with the traditional angles of the helmet, chest, or handlebar. Attach the camera to the back of your head or to the hub of your front wheel. GoPro’s wide range of mounts allows you to match angles to your heart’s content.

Use A Microphone

Video is not just about great images. Clear audio can reduce the emotional impact of your video.

While GoPro’s microphone is capable of recording ambient noise, it doesn’t do a great job if you need to record specific sounds or dialogue in your final video.

Buy a clip-on microphone. has a number of affordable options. An external microphone is included in the GoPro accessory set for $30, which can be a great option as a starter option.

Stabilize Everything

You might not want your video to be a direct tribute to the Blair Witch Project or to display intense action like Jason Bourne.

The GoPro does not have an image stabilization function built-in. You can use the following to reduce shake when shooting:

  • If you’re not doing anything intense, strap the camera to your chest or head.
  • If you’re shooting in the same place, a tripod or stable structure is a good idea (to shoot time lapse videos).
  • A gimbal will keep your camera steady no matter how vigorously it is shaken.

Video Editing: How To Get Started

Once you have transferred the video to your computer, you will need to open the video editor you prefer (we recommend VideoStudio but are biased). Import the footage and begin the editing process in your timeline.

Before you start to edit, take a moment to reflect on the story you are trying to tell. This “outlining” will allow you to quickly go through the footage and prevent you from wasting your time.

Once you have a story in your head, start with:

  1. Trimming and cropping: You will need to trim the footage into manageable pieces, similar to scenes in a movie. To set the scene, you will need to choose a shot of an establishment. You can also choose an establishment shot to set the scene. The GoPro mobile app allows you to view your footage directly without transferring it. It then lets you extract a 15-20 second clips that you can share on Facebook/Instagram.
  2. Zoom: Zooming in on specific scenes can be useful if you wish to bring out the best parts of the video while keeping the subject at the center. Zooming in and out keeps the video dynamic and adds motion to static subjects.
  3. Rotation: You might accidentally record the video upside down. This will make the final shot look bad. To fix this, rotate the video or flip it so that everything is aligned. All video editors have the ability to use the image rotation feature.
  4. Stabilization: Although it is impossible to fix shaky raw footage, you can use the stabilization function in your editor. This will smoothen the videos and remove vibration, wobble, and skew when panning.

Video Effects

A good video editor will allow you to add many effects to your footage to make it more interesting.

It’s possible to become overwhelmed by all the effects available in video editing, especially if you’re a beginner.

Stick with the basics: dissolve, fade in/out, dissolve, split-screen, captions, and text overlays—Slow-motion, freeze frames, etc.

You can even play at speed. You can add impact to the most important moments by adding slow-motion effects or speeding up or reversing parts of your video so that you are able to focus on the present.

Make Your Video Sing

Try watching a scary movie with sound off. When sound is used correctly, it can enhance the visuals.

You can add a background score to your GoPro video editing project. You should ensure that the action on your screen matches the audio’s tempo.

This video shows you how to add sound to your project with Corel VideoStudio. However, the process is similar for all video editors.

All Of It Together

These are the basic edits you will need to make your video stand out from the rest of amateur GoPro videos.

Although the process may take some time, you’ll be able to quickly move through the editing stage once your workflow is established and you have mastered the GoPro Editor. If you have the latest software and a decent system, this will make it even easier.

9 GoPro Video Editing Apps

9 GoPro Video Editing Apps

Before we dive into the full suite of programs, let’s talk about a few mobile apps that allow you to edit GoPro videos. These apps can be used in conjunction with the full programs listed below.

  1. Splice (iOS), Free. This app was acquired by GoPro in 2016. It is highly rated. This app can edit videos and make short movies. It is available for iPhone and iPad.
  2. GoPro App Free. (iOS and Android). Replay Video Editor (iOS) was also acquired in 2016. It was relaunched on Android as GoPro App.
  3. CyberLink PowerDirector (Android) is free. Multiple tracks, multiple video effects, free video effects, and slo-mo. Output at 4K. Highly rated.
  4. iMovie (iOS), Free This is a lightweight, easy-to-use video editor. Copy your video clips to your iPhone/iPad, and you are ready to go.
  5. Antix (Android) Free. Make professional videos quickly (cut, add music filters, effects, and more) and save them to your computer for easy sharing.
  6. FilmoraGo (iOS & Android) is free. It offers a great selection of filters and templates. It is highly rated on Google Play, but not on the AppStore.
  7. Corel Pinnacle Studio Pro iOS $17.99 Available but is not highly rated.
  8. Magix Movie Edit Touch (Windows) is free. You can cut, arrange, add music and output your clips directly from your Windows device.
  9. Adobe Premiere Clips (iOS & Android) is free. This is the mobile version of the best video editing software. It is available on both iOS and Android, but it is not well-rated on iOS. Apple devices will probably skip this. This is an excellent option if you own an Android tablet or phone. To continue editing, projects can be opened on the Adobe Premiere Pro CC desktop.

12 GoPro Editing Software Choices

12 GoPro Editing Software Choices

1. Quik Desktop (Free Windows and Mac)

Quik Desktop GoPro video editor, this video editing software, is very solid, especially considering it’s free. Although it takes some time to get used to, you can produce great video edits once you do.

Quik is an excellent name because you can quickly create amazing videos from your footage and sync it to music. You can import your footage and photos automatically and share the best.

  • Video formats supported: MP4 Only supports GoPro video footage and photos Quik can’t output footage from other cameras.
  • Video resolution: From super simple WVGA to huge 4K video. Editing 4K video requires more RAM. You will need at least 512MB RAM to edit 4K video. More is better. You will need at least 1GB RAM for 4K video playback.
  • Motion tracking is not available
  • Additional features: Import your GoPro media and update your GoPro camera firmware. You can use Gauges in Quik for displaying your GPS speed, elevation gain, and route with graphs and overlays.
  • is the best place to find it
  • Get a Free Price

Editing GoPro videos on Mac using GoPro Quik?

These steps will allow you to edit GoPro videos on Mac using Quik.

  • Step 1: In the main Quik window, click Media.
  • Step 2: Click to create in the window that appears.
  • Step 3: You’ll now see the timelines for your imported GoPro clips. You can select the highlight of a clip you wish to add to your final video. This can be done by clicking on the start point, then the endpoint.
  • Fourth Step: Keep going until you have selected the start and endpoints of all clips that you wish to add to your resulting video.
  • Step 5 – Once you’re done, all your highlights will be automatically added to the new video. Quik will also add music to the video. Click the song title to change the music. Next, click continue TO VIDEO’.
  • Step 6: The video will also have a Quik-branded Outro by default. Click Select Outro, then choose No Outro to delete it. Make the necessary changes.
  • Step 7 – After you’re done, click Save. The window will open. Give your video any name and select the quality. Finally, click Save.

That’s it! You’ve successfully created an appealing video from your GoPro camera footage.

2. iMovie Mac (Free) iOS

How To Edit GoPro Videos On Mac- iMovie Mac (Free) iOS

Imovie Gopro Editing SoftwareThis software is great for Mac users.

It can edit 4K video taken with the iPhone or iPad as well as footage from many cameras such as GoPro (including DJI and Sony, Panasonic, Leica, and Leica).

iMovie offers 15 movie themes, similar to GoPro Studio’s templates. These include transitions and titles. This will make editing faster and more fun.

  • Video formats handled: AVCHD / MPEG-4
  • Video resolution: up to 4K
  • Motion tracking: It’s not automatic. This is how to manually keyframe your video.
  • Additional features: You can edit your iPhone’s video (iMovie iOS) and then finish editing GoPro videos on your Mac.
  • is the best place to find it
  • Get a Free Price

3. Magix Movie Edit Pro ($70), Windows w/ Android App

Magix GoPro editing software this dynamic piece of software is very impressive. The feature list is more premium than a program that costs $70.

You will find 1500+ templates (effects menus and sounds) to create professional-looking videos. There are many video tutorials that you can use to help you get started.

There are 32 multimedia tracks. This is a significant difference from the other base models, which only have a few. It is hard to imagine a video edit project that would require more than 32 tracks.

This program is owned and used by Dena as well as me. It’s easy to use, features-rich, and only $70. Stay tuned for a detailed review over the next few months.

  • Video formats: It can handle (DV-), AVI, HEVC/H.265, M(2)TS/AVCHD and (DV-)AVI.
  • Video resolution: Ultra HD / Up to 4K
  • Motion tracking: They allow text titles to be pinned on moving objects and pixelate license plates as well as people’s faces (for privacy).
  • Additional features: 1 500+ templates, an additional app for Android and Windows tablets.
  • – Where to Buy
  • Price: USD$69.99 (Available via instant download)

Cyberlink PowerDirector Ultra 18 Windows

CyberLink is still not something I have tried, but I do like the look of it. Many of our readers have chosen PowerDirector to edit their GoPro footage. It was designed with action cameras as its main focus.

You can edit up to 100 media tracks at once. It also features a powerful MultiCam Designer that allows you to switch between four simultaneous camera shots. You can sync footage by audio, timecode, or time taken.

One-click color correction and customizable design tools (transition, title, and subtitle designs) are all available. It also integrates video collages. It can edit 360o footage, such as the GoPro Fusion.

PowerDirector has been rated 4.5 by and is a 10-Time Editors Choice.

“PowerDirector is still the best-selling consumer video editing program.” “PowerDirector’s latest version features Precut, Nested Projects, and advanced titling. This brings it closer to the professional level.” PCMag USA, 09/2018

Video formats handled:

  • H.265/HEVC
  • MOD
  • MVC (MTS).
  • MOV
  • Side-by-Side video
  • MOV (H.264).
  • Top-under Video
  • MPEG-1
  • Dual-Stream AVI
  • MPEG-2
  • FLV (H.264).
  • MPEG-4 AVC (H.264).
  • MKV (multiple audio streams)
  • MP4 (XAVC S)
  • 3GPP2
  • TOD
  • AVCHD (M2T and MTS)
  • VOB
  • AVI
  • DAT
  • WMV
  • DivX*
  • WMV-HD
  • DV-AVI
  • WTV in H.264/MPEG2 – Multiple video and audio streams
  • DVR-MS
  • DSLR video clips in H.264 format, with LPCM/AAC/ Dolby digital audio

Video resolution: up to 4K

Motion tracking: Yes. It looks very simple, even though I haven’t tried it yet.

Additional features: You can create amazing videos by simply dragging and dropping your footage onto one of 30 animated themes templates.

5. Corel VideoStudio Ultimate 2019 Windows

Although it’s been over 12 years since I last used Corel products, this video editor caught my eye.

A multi-camera editor is available in this version. This allows you to edit up to six cameras simultaneously. The Pro version, which is less expensive, will allow you to edit footage from up to four cameras within the same project.

There are presets that can be used by beginners (FastFlick or Instant Projects), and more advanced settings such as stabilization, color correction, and motion effects. Each project can be edited with up to 21 audio tracks and eight video tracks.

  • Video formats supported: XAVC and HEVC (H.265); MP4-AVC/H.264; MKV and MOV.
  • Video resolution: up to 4K and 360 videos.
  • Motion tracking: Yes. Your video can contain up to four points. You can easily obscure license plates, logos, and faces, or add text and graphics.
  • Additional features include the ability to create time-lapses, stop motion, and screen capture videos.

6. Corel Pinnacle Studio 23 Ultimate Windows

Corel Pinnacle Studio 23 Ultimate Windows

This is a very popular option. Corel also offers a premium iOS app (Basic $3.99, Professional $17.99).

There are three levels of the desktop version: Standard, Plus, or Ultimate. This profile is based on the entry-level version.

You can only get some advanced features (e.g., motion tracking, 4K editing) in the Ultimate or Plus versions.

Basic version includes 1500+ transitions and titles, templates, 2D/3D effects, and 2D/3D effects. The Standard version is too basic to compete with the other options in this list.

  • Video formats handled: [Import] MVC, AVCHD, DV, HDV, AVI, MPEG-1/-2/-4, DivX, Flash, 3GP (MPEG-4, H.263), WMV, QuickTime (DV, MJPEG, MPEG-4, H.264), DivX Plus MKV. [Export] AVCHD. DVD, Apple. Sony. Nintendo.
  • Video resolution: 4K Ultra
  • Motion tracking is not available in the Standard edition. This feature is available in both the Ultimate and Plus versions.
  • Additional features: All versions allow multi-camera editing [Standard (2) and Plus (4)]. Ultimate (4) also offers this feature. Standard version includes a 6-track timeline for editing and many presets that are great for beginners.

7. Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 16 Windows

MAGIX SoftwareThis software is a consumer-level product that offers many user-friendly features. Direct Upload allows you to upload your video directly from the app to YouTube and Facebook.

Instant Color Match will create two scenes that appear identical, as though they were taken on the same day, with the same filters, and shot at the exact same time.

The platinum version includes 10 audio tracks and 10 video tracks. This is enough for 99 percent of all edits. You also get 350+ video effects, 200+ transitions and more.

You can buy Vegas Movie Studio directly from Magix and Amazon.

Vegas Movie Studio has been my favorite program for years. The basic version of Vegas Movie Studio is an excellent upgrade to Quik Desktop.

You can upgrade your Sony line as you require more functionality. You can choose from three additional editions: Suite, Vegas Pro Edit and Vegas Pro, each offering more power and features.

  • Video formats handled: AAC, AA3, AIFF, AVI, BMP, CDA, FLAC, GIF, JPEG, MP3, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, MVC, OGG, OMA, PCA, PNG, QuickTime(r), SND, SFA, W64, WAV, WDP, WMA, WMV, XAVC S.
  • Video resolution: up to 4K
  • Motion tracking is possible.
  • Additional features: Easy slideshow creation, color matching, image stabilization and color correction are all tools that help you create solid videos in a shorter time.

8. Vegas Pro 18 Suite Mac OS X & Windows

Vegas Pro 18 Suite Mac OS X & Windows

MAGIX Software & VEGAS Creative SoftwareCatalyst focuses on fast production of 4K and RAW video. This setup is designed for action camera footage (including Sony, Canon, and GoPro). It can be used on Windows and Mac OS with touch and gesture capabilities.

Catalyst Production Suite contains both the Prepare and Edit modules. You also get a free trial.

This powerful and flexible software is priced to match.

  • Video formats: Sony Raw 4K, Sony 2K, XAVC Long. XAVC Intra. XAVC S. XDCAM 422, XDCAM SR, (SStP), AVC H.264/MPEG-4. AVCHD. HDV, DV. XDCAM MPEG IMX. JPNG. WAV. and MP3.
  • Video resolution: 4K
  • Motion tracking Not observed.
  • Get Catalyst browse (the clip-management also) for free. This is a great opportunity to test it out and find out if you like its navigation and how the software feels.
  • Where to Buy: Magix, Amazon
  • Additional features: Catalyst Browse is available for free (clip-management also). This is a great opportunity to test it out and find out if you like its navigation and how the software feels.

9. Adobe Premiere Elements 2020 Windows & Mac

This is the basic, stripped-down version of Adobe Premiere Pro (see #10). While I love Illustrator, Photoshop Bridge, and Illustrator, I don’t like Adobe’s video editing tools.

Premiere Pro was a program I used to review a few years back.

They make great products. They are solid in quality. It’s just that I don’t feel the need to spend the time learning the complex menu structure with all the video editing software.

Adobe excels at organizing media. Premiere Elements lets you organize, label, find and view your videos or photos.

  • Video formats: It can handle Adobe Flash (.swf), AVI Movies (.m2ts),.mts and.m2ts), DV Streams (.dv), MPEG Movies (.mpeg..vob..m2v..m4a..avc..264), QuickTime Movies (.mov),.3gp..3g2,.mp4,.m4a.m4a.m4a.m4a.m4a.m4a.m4a.m4a.4a.m4a.m4a.m4a.m4a.m4a.m4a.m4v), Windows Media (.asf), Windows Media (.asv),.asf), Windows Media (.asf),.wmv.asf),.asf
  • Video resolution: up to 4K
  • Motion tracking Not observed.
  • Additional features: Animated titles and powerful color corrections, image stabilization, speed-up/slow-down video controls, and image stabilization.

10. Adobe Premiere Pro ($20.99/month) Mac OS and Windows

Adobe Premiere Pro is without doubt the best video editing program. This is a fact that most professional video editors agree with. And yet, not every professional video editor uses Adobe Premiere Pro.

Premiere Pro GoPro EditingThis is the complete, professional version of Adobe Premiere Elements.

You can do everything you need, and more than 100x. It’s powerful, but it’s not the best choice for content creators.

Are you ready to be a Hollywood blockbuster star? Adobe Premiere was used to cut many major motion pictures, including Avatar, Hail Caesar! and The Social Network.

This is not the best option for most GoPro users unless you have the time and patience to learn the basics or become proficient. This software is great, but it’s best for those who have a lot of time or are very skilled in complex productions.

  • Video formats handled: Everything.
  • Video resolution: All the GoPro cameras can do – and more.
  • Motion tracking: yes
  • Additional features: There are many. Check out all features.
  • Where to Buy: Adobe
  • Price: USD$20.99 / month, subscription.

11. Final Cut Pro ($399.99) Mac OS Xfinalcutpro gopro editing

This Mac-only program will produce some amazing edits.

Although I have not yet tested this program, it seems to be very similar to Adobe Premiere Pro. It is both powerful and complex.

Final Cut Pro has cut more than 40 motion pictures, including John Carter, Focus, and X-Men Origins.

There are better options if video editing is not your main occupation.

  • Video formats handled: Everything. I couldn’t find an excluded format.
  • Video resolution: All that GoPro can do and more
  • Motion tracking: Yes
  • Additional Features: Color Grading, Masks, 3D Titles, and Custom Effect Presets.
  •  Where to Buy:
  • Price: USD$399.99

12. Animoto ($13 to 39/month) Online Video Editor Using iOS/Android Apps and Lightroom Plugin

Edit GoPro Videos on iphone & ipad- Animoto

Animoto Gopro EditingThis is the only web-based editor on the list. This combination of web-based editors with iOS/Android apps makes it an appealing choice.

It is web-based, so you don’t need to download any software. Log in to start using.

SaaS (subscription-based software as a service) is great for several reasons. When the latest version is released, you don’t need to worry about upgrading (time and cost). You can also use their computing power for rendering your videos.

A SaaS video editor should generally be more stable and faster than software installed on an older computer.

Their help section revealed that video uploads are limited to 400MB. Although this may sound like a lot, you can easily reach 400MB in no time. The Hero4 Black, which shoots 1080p at 30fps, generates 3.75MB per second (3.75MBps / 30Mbps).

  • Formats for video: MP4, AVI, MOV, QT, 3GP, M4V, MPG, MPEG, MP4V, H264, WMV, MPG4, MOVIE, M4U, FLV, DV, MKV, MJPEG, OGV, MTS, and VMI. Video clip uploads are limited to 400MB.
  • Video resolution: There are many resolutions. Personal plan: 720p, professional and business plans: 1080p
  • Motion tracking: Note Noted
  • Additional features: I love web-based editing and the possibility for iOS or Android apps. To ensure that you can edit all of your footage, be sure to check the upload limit.
  • Where to Buy:
  • Prices vary from $8 to $34 per month, depending on whether you are purchasing an annual plan. Mobile apps cost less at $5 and are available for as low as $5. To get started, the web-based editor is available for a 14-day free trial.


How can you edit GoPro videos on your PC?

Our free software GoPro Quik App allows you to view, edit and manage your GoPro videos from your home computer. GoPro cameras can create MP4 or HEVC files. MP4 can be edited with many video editors, while HEVC requires a stronger graphics card in order to run smoothly.

Is GoPro editing software free?

Is GoPro editor free? You can get any GoPro video editor free of charge. Some paid tools like Adobe Premiere Pro and others offer more options for professional editing.

Is GoPro Quik worth it?

Honestly, If you’re someone who wants to take advantage of your stories/Instagram/social media feeds, Quik is completely worth it. GoPro’s cloud storage service gives you unlimited storage. You can add to or edit videos and reels for all your social media channels, and it costs only $2 per month or $10 per year.


we hope this article will be helpful for you. If you want to know more information, please visit our website Lucidcam to learn more. And don’t forget to support and share this post for your friends to read. Thanks for your reading!

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