Best Gimbal For RX100 2023: Top Brands Review

Best Gimbal For RX100 2023: Top Brands Review
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The Sony RX100 is a fun and inexpensive camera that can produce some fantastic images. One issue that many people find, however, is the extreme shake that occurs when taking photos. This can be annoying and detract from the quality of your images. Fortunately, there is a solution to this problem. All you need is a gimbal for Sony RX100!

In this blog, we will discuss how to find the best gimbal for Sony RX100 and what you should look for DSLR or action camera.

Top Rated Best Gimbal For RX100

1. Pilotfly C45

  • Dimensions: 3.9×14.8×7.7inches
  • Stabilization: 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer
  • Battery: 14.8V
  • Timing of the battery: 6 hours
  • Payload: 1.7lbs/0.8kg
  • Maximum Controlled Rotation Speed: 360deg, 320 Roll, 320 tiltdeg, Pan 360deg
  • Weight: 1.1 lb/498g


  • This bag includes a shoulder bag with padding.
  • Style and elegance
  • Sturdy Aluminum construction.


  • The remote control Pilotfly RM-1 is not included.
  • The SOny RX100 is a compact, lightweight camera that offers unique opportunities in a gimbal.

Your Sony RX100 Sony is lightweight cameras, so you need a gimbal that can perform better. The C45 Pilotfly gimbal is also available for the Sony RX100. It was specifically designed for your compact camera

This makes it simple to transport and store. The gimbal comes with a small carrying case, but it can also be stuffed into a good camera bag. The C45 and RX100 make a great combination for travel photography.

Payload and Rotation

The C45 can carry a maximum payload of 800 grams. Even if you add an accessory such as an external microphone, this is enough to carry the RX100’s 240g.

Although you don’t get 360 degrees on all three axes, the C45 does give you a pretty good idea. The C45 provides a 320-degree tilt angle, a rolling angle of 320 degrees, and a 360-degree panning angle. These will suffice for most shots.

The C45 has a 45-degree offset angle which allows you to see your Sony RX100 screen during shooting. This is a great feature that gives you more freedom and convenience.

C45 Easy Use of the Sony RX100

Even if you have never used a Gimbal before, the C45 is simple to use.

Jack Lowe, an RX100 user, was a rookie gimbal user. He tried the Pilotfly C45 for the first-time gimbal user and shared it on YouTube (see video below). The hardest part was getting the camera to balance.

Pilotfly tutorials and those of other users are much easier to follow than the printed instructions that come with your gimbal. You can use the 5-modes or a 4-way joystick to control pitch and yaw.

These include Follow Mode, Pitch Lock, and Full Lock, as well as Follow Roll and +/-180degree Yaw rotation for selfies.

Overall, the Pilotfly C45 stabilizes well.

A PID-algorithm adaptive helps to prevent vibration at large angles. 32-bit Alexmos with Triple MCU technology and high payload motors equipped with encoders keep the movement smooth and stable. The C45 may not be the best in professional-quality cinematography, but it is a great choice for small cameras such as the Sony RX100.

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2. Beholder MS1


  • It is lightweight and compact, making it great for mobile shooting.
  • It’s easy to set up and use because of its simple design.
  • You can shoot for almost an entire day without needing to recharge your battery.
  • The brushless gimbals allow for very smooth shots and stable camera movement.


  • The camera can only support a limited number of lens and camera combinations due to its narrow weight limit.
  • It can take batteries up to 5 hours for them to charge. This could be a problem if you forget to charge them before.

A good gimbal will dramatically improve your footage but not every gimbal will fit the RX100.

Ikan’s Beholder MS1 gimbal is another one that is ideal for lightweight equipment such as mirrorless cameras or high-quality point and shoots like the Sony RX100 III.

The Beholder MS1 is the best lightweight travel companion. It is also a great way to transport mirrorless cameras such as the Sony RX100.

The maximum payload is 860g so the Sony RX100 can fit easily. The gimbal itself if really lightweight and compact so it’s easy to pack.

Brushless motors are responsible for stabilizing the camera and ensuring smooth movement on the tilt-and roll axes. The gimbal’s operation is very simple. You can move the gimbal in 5 directions with the joystick.

Many mirrorless camera gimbals, such as the Sony RX100, are not capable of surviving heavy loads. This MS1 is a good choice for your camera, as it can carry 2 pounds of payload. This allows you to capture stunning scenes. The gimbal is lightweight so even if you have all the necessary accessories, it won’t make you feel heavy.

Image stabilization is another great advantage of MS1. Manufacturers deserve a huge round of applause because the camera is correctly balanced by the brushless motors that simplify tile-and roll actions

Use the MS1 Stabilizer

These three basic modes, Lock mode, Follow, and Adjust Pan-and-Tilt, will cover most of the tasks that hobbyist videographers need.

Rich Castro, a first-time user of a gimbal, said that he had to learn how to use the MS1 with his Sony RX100 but was eventually able to create some very smooth footage.

Rich’s video shows that the most distracting visual moments are caused by jerky joystick motions. The motion is smooth when the gimbal follows.

Although it is possible to create a smooth motion with the joystick, it takes practice. The smoothest footage will be created by letting the gimbal move on its own, regardless of how skilled you are at using the joystick controls.

Build Quality

The Beholder MS1 is made of durable all-aluminum and will last a lifetime. A 1/4-inch thread mount is located at the bottom of your handle. This can be used to attach it to a monopod, tripod, or slider if needed.

The MS1 quick-release plate is great if you only use the Sony RX100. It will save you time and make it simple to shoot in the field.

The Ikan Beholder MS1 doesn’t do a good job with the wind. This is a potential negative. Even moderate wind can cause balance and trembling problems.

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If you shoot a lot outdoors, this gimbal may not be the best for you. It’s great without wind, but it can’t control the weather.

You can enjoy your work without worrying about the battery. The battery lasts between 8 and 10 hours. It is important to remember that you should always have your charging supplies on hand. You don’t want any opportunity to waste time.

3. Zhiyun Crane M


  • The motorized axes allow you to create smooth camera movements while recording.
  • The screw connector makes it easy to attach the stabilizer with a tripod.
  • You can control the gimbal remotely using Zhiyun Assistant.


  • It takes practice to photograph or record from a stabilizer.

When using your Sony RX100 with a gimbal, it handles only smoothness of movement on the three axes.

The Zhiyun Crane M allows you to use a cable to connect to the Sony RX100 and the gimbal. This allows you to control the camera directly from the gimbal.

The joystick controls can be used to control the zoom in and out, as well as start and stop video recording. Although it may not seem like much, this can make a huge difference. It makes filming easier and is very convenient.

Smartphone App

The optional app allows you to control certain aspects of the gimbal’s operations from your smartphone. You can switch between modes and use Face Tracking to make it easier.

However, all of Zhiyun’s apps have been reported to be slow. Some users report great results, while others have trouble.


Your RX100 will be just right because the Zhiyun Crane M can carry a maximum payload weight of 650g. You can get your camera set up and balanced in under one minute which is crazy fast for any gimbal. You don’t even need tools to balance your camera.

The RX100’s tripod socket is slightly off-center, which could cause a problem when using the Zhiyun Crane M and the RX100. This means that the 1/4-inch thread mount won’t allow for the same rotation flexibility when connecting the gimbal and tripod.

Another issue is that the camera plates and screws are embedded in the gimbal handle, making it impossible to achieve the 360-degree rotation advertised for the roll axis. 360-degree rotations are possible on the two other axes.

Use the Crane-M

The Crane M offers three shooting options, which is great flexibility. There are three options: the one-hand handheld style, the two-hand handlebar style, and the inverted. It is simple to switch between the two modes.

There are some issues with the Crane M when it is used with a Sony RX100. However, there are some very big benefits.

John Chow, a Vlogger, says the combination of the Zhiyun Crane M with the RX100 makes it the best vlogging setup. Some of its unique features make it even more special.

This gimbal is also very affordable, making it even more appealing.

Zhiyun’s customer service is not great, so if risk-averse, you might consider another gimbal.

4. Zhiyun Smooth C


  • You shooting video with a long battery timing of 3-5 hours.
  • If they become faulty, rechargeable batteries can be easily replaced
  • Metal frame
  • Different shooting modes and adjustments for pitch and roll
  • All smartphones compatible
  • Software updates and calibration support
  • Affordable prices
  • For ease of use and transportation, lightweight
  • Butter-smooth video stabilization
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  • Sometimes, calibration is lost and must be re-calibrated
  • Clearance issues can arise when heavier smartphones need a counterweight.
  • The software you have installed on your computer looks ugly

Technically, the Smooth C Gimbal was designed for larger smartphones such as the iPhone 7 plus. It won’t work with the Sony RX100 straight out of the box.

Custom plate needed

It shouldn’t be on the list of top gimbals that this camera can use. The Zhiyun Smooth C is a great match for the Sony RX100, thanks to its custom-made plate.

You will need to order a custom plate from a Chinese company. You can also ask them to make one for you. You can also make one yourself if you are a tinkerer.

A custom plate for the Smooth-C will be a great tool, but it may prove prohibitively expensive.

Although the gimbal is quite affordable, the mounting plate will cost you more and require more work. The Smooth C isn’t the right stabilizer for you if you want something that’s affordable and easy to use.

You can likely jerry-rig mounting plates for a very low price if you are skilled at tinkering. This gimbal is probably the most affordable on the market, thanks to its low price.

Stabilization modes

This gimbal works well if you’re up for the challenge and the prices.

There are three modes available: Heading Following Mode (Locking Mode), Heading, and Pitch Following Mode (Heading and Pitch Following Mode). You can adjust the tilt or roll with the 4-way joystick.

Battery life

The Smooth C’s battery life isn’t as good as other gimbals. Unfortunately, the gimbal can only be used for 2 hours on a single charge. This is a major disadvantage as you can’t record long footage. Even though extra batteries might work, it could still be a hassle to change the batteries each time.

5. MOZA Aircross


  • Even on bumpy roads, stabilization is excellent.
  • The build quality is excellent, and the whole system appears sturdy and long-lasting.
  • Based on the weight of the camera mounted, the gimbal motors automatically adjust.
  • Battery timing is good but it will depend on how often you use the stabilizer.
  • For theoretically unlimited use, the system can be powered by external power input or a camera power supply.
  • You can use the app to adjust various parameters and it can also be used for controlling your computer.
  • You can attach the included mini-tripod directly to any camera with a tripod mount.


  • This manual is very basic and not very thorough. For more information, you will need to visit the website.
  • Because the charger and batteries are made to order, it might take some time for replacements to be available.
  • The DSLR can become a bit heavy to use with one hand.
  • If the screw is not tightened very tightly, it tends to loosen under the quick-release plates.
  • The app’s wireless connection quality can fluctuate and sometimes disconnects.
  • Some instructions in the manual and app (evidently translated into Chinese) can be difficult to comprehend.
  • It is not the best gimbal to use with mobile phones. I was unable to mount mine and it vibrated badly.
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The MOZA Aircross is capable of carrying a 1769 gram payload, but it’s designed for more compact cameras. It is easy to attach accessories such as external microphones and lights because of its large payload.

The handle has a connector thread to mount accessories as needed.

Battery life

  • It has a 12-hour, so you can shoot for much longer than with other gimbals.
  • You can also attach a third-party power bank to the handgrip, which gives you more power to continue shooting all day if you wish.
  • The cable can be used to charge the battery of your camera from the power source on the gimbal.

Moza App

Another gimbal with an app that adds functionality is the MOZA Assistant. You can do some cool things with the MOZA Assistant app.

The most important feature is the long exposure motion timelapse option.

The shutter time, duration, and intervals can be set in the app. The app also includes an auto-tuning feature that utilizes DeepRed technology, such as a responsive sensor or an advanced control algorithm.

The MOZA app is far more useful than any other gimbal apps. It adds significant value.

YouTuber Andrew points out that the interface is “weird,” but once you get it right, it’s amazing.

Use the MOZA

You can use the handgrip to control your mode and the angle of the gimbal with two buttons.

There are many shooting styles and modes available, including inverted, re-center, tilt mode, lock, roll, and four follow modes. You can choose from a pan, tilt, lock, roll, or pan follow mode.

Roll follow mode is especially nice as it’s not available on all gimbals. The Aircross will enter selfie mode if you double-press the control button.

Sony cameras such as the RX100 have an included cable to allow you to connect your camera to the gimbal.

You can use the app and both the handgrip to control the camera. Wireless Thumb Controller is an additional option to control the camera and gimbal.

It works as a remote shutter, but you can also control it by simply moving the remote. The gimbal mimics your movements by using special sensors.

You can set the gimbal on a tripod by using the screw thread at the bottom of your handle. The remote will allow you to control the gimbal from this remote, which opens up many shooting opportunities.

Plate Quick Release

  • Quick-release plates make it simple to capture footage while on the move without having to wait for setup time.
  • This is especially true when the RX100 is your main or only camera.
  • The MOZA Aircross’s heavy payload allows you to use multiple cameras. On occasion, you can use a lighter DSLR and your RX100.


You can purchase a dual handgrip separately, but this will give you more control and flexibility when shooting with the RX100 or Aircross. The package includes both the gimbal and dual handgrip, as well as a wireless thumb controller. This will give you the best value.

You also get a few extra accessories, which you may not need, but they are nice to have. These include a polishing cloth and a brush.

However, the gimbal can be purchased on its own for a reasonable price.

These accessories can be purchased later, but you won’t need them as the gimbal and app allow you to do so much on your own.

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6. Nebula 4200

This gimbal has wireless connectivity. Bluetooth allows you to record any footage with ease. The spring arm is another unique feature of this gimbal. It gives rigid control over vertical stability.

The Nebula 4200 can carry a weight of approximately 5.5 pounds. This is a great thing because you can attach many accessories. The battery life is the only problem. After charging the battery, your camera can only be charged for 4 hours. To ensure your battery’s power, you can buy a power bank with 5000 mAh to keep it charged.

You can also access a smart app that allows you to control the gimbal features from your smartphone.

7. Zhiyun Crane 2


  • Transporting larger cameras rigs is more difficult because they weigh more.
  • The battery life is great
  • Cameras with higher FPS
  • Amazing OLED display
  • To quickly move your camera from one device into another, use the Manfrotto tripod plate


  • Nikon does not offer a live view or stop/start recording via the Crane 2 handle.
  • Non-Canons cannot be focused on if they are not spending more money.
  • It can quickly become quite heavy.

Finally, the giant is here. The Crane 2 by Zhiyun was a great camera with many amazing features. The balance of the camera is very easy. You just need to balance the camera first, and within 30 seconds, it will be ready for smooth shooting.

Battery life

Crane 2’s battery can last up to 12 hours. But the best part is the payload. The gimbal can hold up to 7 lbs of accessories without feeling heavy on the hand. Software for smartphones is simple and has no flaws. To access all functions, you can simply install the app on your smartphone.

8. Feiyu G6 Plus

The Feiyu G6 Plus, which is the latest Feiyutechs G Series gimbals, is currently in production. In fairness, the Feiyutechs AK gimbals are experiencing major issues with the G series’ reliability. The G6 can support up to 1.76 pounds of weight, which means that your Sony RX100 can be supported easily.

The G6 has the longest battery life of any gimbal for point-and-shoot cameras at the time of writing. However, its charging time may be a bit slower than that of the Zhiyun Crane M2.

Depending on the use of your gimbal designed for point-and-shoot cameras, this extended battery life may prove to be useful.

The G6 Plus worked with the Feiyutech charging handle, which was used as a power bank for your gimbal. However, it has been discontinued and is a nightmare to the source. Depending on which power bank you choose, a higher-power regular USB power bank may also be useful to prolong your battery life.

This sample video shows you exactly how image stabilization can be achieved with a Feiyu G6 Plus or a Sony RX100. This footage was shot on the RX100 V, but the same can be expected from any RX100.

This video shows two samples of video taken while walking with the camera and one that was recorded using the handheld gimbal. The difference is clear.

A Feiyu G6 Plus 3-axis gimbal can help you create smooth video footage whether you’re looking to build a portfolio, do paid videography work, or stand out among the vlogging community. We believe that the Crane M2 is the best gimbal. However, we look forward to the Feiyutech G Series’ next generation.

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If you’re searching for a low-cost gimbal system for your RX100, we highly recommend picking up the Feiyu G6 Plus and adding it to your camera accessories collection.

9. Moza Aircross 3

The Moza Aircross 3 is the gimbal with the highest payload and can support a maximum weight of 3.9 pounds. You can see that the Sony RX100 weighs in at 0.5 pounds, and the RX100 VII has an external mic, but you won’t be able to carry anything close to the 3.9-pound maximum load.

You can get up to 12 hours battery life from the Aircross 3 and a 4 hour charging time. The Aircross 3 should provide enough battery life to meet your needs, especially if you use a camera such as the RX100. Because it is so lightweight, it only required a small amount of the payload from the gimbal which means less power is needed for the motors.

This sample video was shot with a Sony RX100 Mark V and a Moza Aircross handheld gimbal stabilizer. The video contains drone footage but it gives you a good idea of what the gimbal can do and how great your image quality can be.


Best Gimbal For RX100 - FAQs

Which RX100 model is the best?

Thankfully, all variants of the rx100 are very lightweight coming in at around 0.53 pounds meaning the gimbal market is wide open for you

In 2014, Editors’ Choice awards were given to the RX100III. It is still a popular choice for many photographers. The lens is a 24-70mm f/1.8-2.2.8 zoom with great resolution and an integrated ND filter. Pop-up EVF is another. It lowers into your body when it’s not being used.

Does the Sony RX100 offer image stabilization?

Sony’s RX100 has many image stabilization options that will ensure you never lose your angle. All your needs can be met by the PF, F, and L modes.

Does Crane II work with Sony RX100?

Yes, that’s the answer. Crane 2 is compatible with the RX100. You can see the difference in your shots when you use the gimbal. The gimbal is ideal for hobbyists as well as professionals who enjoy using their Sony to create paid and unpaid projects.


There is no doubt that professional-quality video can be created when the Sony RX100 is combined with a quality gimbal.

Gimbals will make sure your footage looks smooth and without the jarring shakes that can occur when you are shooting on the move. These gimbals can also provide you with many options to create amazing videos that you wouldn’t be able to do on your own.

The RX100 can produce stunning cinematography if you use a gimbal. It is possible to capture footage comparable to a more expensive DSLR. There are several things to consider when choosing the right gimbal that will fit your RX100. You will see a variety of prices and the obvious price.

We hope that you have found our article helpful and feel more confident in moving forward with your gimbal purchase.


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