Tricopter Vs Quadcopter 2023: Which Is Better For You

Tricopter Vs Quadcopter 2023: Which Is Better For You
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Aside from their visual looks, I think quadcopters and Tricopters to be nearly identical. They float in the air and are controlled by remote control. They even make videos on occasion. Isn’t it true that they’re not that dissimilar? In this blog, we will take a closer look at their similarities and differences and help you determine which one is right for you. 

Tricopter vs Quadcopter

Tricopter Vs Quadcopter

The Tricopter

tricopter versus quadcopter

To compensate for adverse yaw, the Tricopter has three motors and propeller propulsion units with the servo. These Tricopters were popular in the early days of brushless motors and propeller units.

The copter has lower performance and doesn’t scale well to larger sizes.

They are still popular for small and light hobby use applications. This design is primarily outdated, so most people don’t want Tricopters.


  • One less motor
  • Less weight
  • Longer battery life
  • Lower price


  • Vulnerability
  • Servos (tilting mechanism)
  • Complex
  • There are fewer chances to survive a crash.

The Quadcopter


The quadcopter has four propeller units, and it is also available in many sizes. Quadcopters are elegantly simple in design and are the most loved layouts for many reasons. They are symmetrical, and they use the simplest operation principle to control pitch, roll, and motion.

You can adjust the speed of each motor to achieve hover capability and full rotation, and 3D motion.

It also gives you hover ability, which most beginners learn or get used to when they first start flying. They are available in a variety of sizes and layouts and capable of performing vital tasks beyond flying.

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Quadcopters can crash if a single motor failure. This is the main problem. To make a quadcopter more stable, you can use a wider range of materials and techniques.


  • They are much simpler
  • In the event of a crash, there is a low repair cost
  • They can lift a larger weight
  • Greater chance of survival in a crash
  • They come in many styles
  • They can move in any direction
  • Flying is easier


  • Not reliable
  • One motor failure can lead to a crash

Quadcopters are also available in many popular configurations, which include: 

  • X with an x frame layout. The propellers at the back and front of the copter are typically between 2 and 3.
  •  With an x-frame arm layout, but its front and back are aligned with one of its propellers.
  • H-model, which has frame side arms that run between the motors at its sides. Each arm is connected to single or more frames in its middle.
  • The square model features frame arms running between its motors and usually intermediary frame arms that support the center frame. In some cases, intermediary frames arms support the central frame. Some with motors laid out in a circular pattern. They work just like the X frames and offer better camera exposure between the motors. The X frame design, however, is stronger and simpler. Its natural symmetry balances its flying forces more effectively.

Can’t beat Quadcopter’s simplicity, regardless of whether you already own a copter that’s ready to fly (RTF) or are looking to buy one. The design, controls, and construction of a quadcopter are simple. Its frame is a cross shape design, and all its motors bolt directly. It doesn’t require servos, like a Tricopter. Servos can make it difficult to control and stabilize a Tricopter. They also limit the number of tricks you can perform.

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The cost of Tricopters is much lower than quadcopters, especially when you build your own. It is because everything is smaller – there is only one propeller, speed control, and motor. Despite its complex design and difficult controls, many people choose the copter because it is cheaper.

Both quadcopters and Tricopters are less reliable in the event of a crash. Quadcopters have a higher chance of surviving a crash than Tricopters. The quadcopter’s mechanical simplicity gives it the advantage it needs to survive in the event of a power system failure. On the other side, the complicated Tricopter’s servo construction creates a vulnerability that highly decreases the chances of survival in case of a smash into a wall or the ground.

Similarities Of Tricopters And Quadcopters

Quadcopters and Tripcopters share some similarities, such as the fact that they are both motor copters. Two rotors are used in traditional helicopters: a tail rotor and the main one.

You don’t need servos to switch from a quadcopter to a helicopter. Three servos control the main frame of the Heli. They can tilt the Heli in any direction, and they also control the pitch of the blades. Sometimes, this at times can be extremely complicated.

Differences Between Quadcopter And Tricopter

Differences Between Quadcopter And Tricopter

Speed Of Tricopters

The Tricopters don’t perform as well as the quadcopter. This is a consensus view. This is because there are only three motors and blades in a Tricopter and not four like in a quadcopter. This means there is less thrust than the quadcopter. This means that the Tricopter performs slower and is less powerful.

This combination of motors and blades results in a slower speed and higher performance. This may not be an issue for an experienced pilot, but a beginner might appreciate this feature because they can fly the quad with greater control and keep it within a viewable flight range.

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Many people would rather gift a quadcopter to their children than a Tricopter. Quadcopters are frequently seen as toys for adults due to their reputation of being fast-paced flying toys.

Due to this low performance, Tricopters are often limited in size and cannot be purchased in larger sizes.

Although Tricopters are not as common as quadcopter purchases, many people overlook them. It’s much the same way a quad collector can outgrow an RC airplane or helicopter. One day, Tricopters might make a comeback. They may offer quadcopters as many incredible features as Tricopters.


The main problem with the Tricopter is its difficulty in identifying which part is the nose or which end should face forward. While a pro might quickly grasp the concept, a beginner may not be able to understand why the radio controller isn’t working as it should.

The drone is supposed to fly forward, but instead, it will fly sideways. This is often because the drone flies in the direction that the nose is facing. Pro pilots will know how to compensate for the change in direction and can adjust accordingly. However, this is not possible for beginners.

Flying a Tricopter without a headless mode function will make it more difficult to determine which direction your nose points.

Because of the advancement in battery technology, a quadcopter can fly for a shorter time than a Tricopter. Most quadcopters and Tricopters can fly for six to seven minutes before needing to be recharged again.

Flight time

tricopter vs quadcopter- Flight time

For children and hobbyists, the Tricopter may be a better choice. They are durable and can withstand any kind of crash. Because they are lighter, safety is easier, especially if there are many children.

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The Tricopter’s lighter weight may make it easier to learn to fly. The quadcopter has one advantage due to its convenience. It is important to remember that quadcopters can also be used as commercial drones. However, Tricopters are more commonly used for this purpose. People may feel more at ease learning how to fly one Tricopter.

The flight times of the two designs fly very slowly, and the highest ever recorded flight time for a drone is 3 hours. The flight time for a quadcopter is generally between 10 and 15 minutes, while a Tricopter can last up to 21 minutes.

The flight can be affected by several factors. The flight time will be shorter if it is windy or involves more maneuvering. A quadcopter flight time can last for up to 21 minutes on a calm day.


A Tricopter with similar features to a quadcopter may be more expensive than a quadcopter. This is especially true when quadcopters below 0 include a camera. It could be because Tricopters don’t sell in the same volume as quadcopters. Their prices could drop if marketers find a way for them to sell more of their Tricopters in 2018.

It’s also hard to find a Tricopter for less than $50. It was once easy to find a cheap helicopter, but they are no longer available. If you are really keen to learn how to fly Tricopters, it is possible that you will find the old stock in a store.

Other Characteristics of the Tricopter

Other Characteristics of the Tricopter

You can make quadcopters andTtricopters in almost any color you like. White and black are the most common colors, although blue and red can also be found. Both can be made of the same plastic carbon fiber materials.

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The Tricopter can carry a camera, just like some quadcopters. These drones are more expensive and will require additional purchases of the gimbal or camera.

Quadcopters and Tricopters can both have lights. However, quadcopters seem to have more modern LED running lights than quads. Tricopters have smaller light bulbs. This delegates them to mostly daytime flights, which is fine for beginners or children who don’t plan to fly a drone in the evening.

Tricopters For Sale

Although there may not be as many quadcopters on the market, you will still find great drones. There are many quadcopter manufacturers that make their own versions of the Tricopter, like Cheerson. To find out more, visit the manufacturer’s websites. Once you have the model number and name, you can start your search online to find the best price.

There are other drone manufacturers that you might not be familiar with, like the Invader and the Chengxing. Many drones have the same features, while some offer extra features such as a camera that can take a photo or video. A generic kit can also be purchased, so you don’t need to do any extra work.

Quadcopter vs Tricopter: Which Is The Best Choice For Beginners

tricopter vs quadcopter Which Is The Best Choice For Beginners

You have many options, and there are benefits to both quadcopter flying and Tricopter flying. It all depends on what your skill level is and what you like. A Tricopter is a great option if you are looking for more challenges.

Tricopters are more affordable and can be an exciting venture. Quadcopters, on the other hand, are more robust and less likely to be damaged in case of a crash. It is up to you how much time you want to devote to repairing your drone after it crashes.

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Size matters a lot. A quadcopter has a smaller size and therefore higher rotor lift to drag ratio which lowers the drone efficiency. The efficiency of a quadcopter is affected by how rotors interact. Vicious forces dominate at higher speeds and smaller rotor length scaless. This makes smaller rotors less efficient.

You can learn more Hexacopter Vs Quadcopter 2023: Which Is Better For You if you want.


You should be aware that purchasing a quadcopter or Tricopter has advantages and disadvantages. It all comes down to your interests and abilities. If you want a longer flying duration and more difficulty, a Tricopter is an excellent option.

Tricopters are more efficient and may provide an exciting ride. Tricopters may also be used as a DIY platform for testing out new ideas. Quadcopters, on the other hand, are more durable and less likely to be destroyed in the event of a collision. You do not need to be concerned about the price of a quadcopter frame. If you buy the propellers or motors, you’ll be flying in no time.

You might also be interested in other drones that are worth considering, which can be found here at a fraction of the price. You will be amazed at the features of some of the cheaper models.

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