Sony Action Camera Review 2022: Best Choice For You

Sony Action Camera Review 2022: Best Choice For You

Looking for an action camera that doesn’t break the bank? The Sony Action Cam might be just what you’re looking for. This camera is perfect for capturing all of your outdoor adventures, and it’s surprisingly affordable. So far, we’ve been impressed with the quality of the footage that this camera can capture. If you’re in the market for an action camera, be sure to check out the Sony Action Cam.

FDR x3000 Sony Action Camera review


  • Remote live view
  • Amazing image stabilization
  • 4K video recording


  • Battery life average
  • Some uses may find the shape awkward.
  • Monochrome LCD


Design of FDR x3000 Sony Action Camera review

The FDRX3000 is a revolutionary action cam design. The majority of action cams follow the GoPro design, which is a small box with a camera. However, the X3000 looks more like a smaller, more compact model. It is a 1.9×1.2×3.4 inch (HWD) device and weighs in at 4.1 ounces.

The white body is protected against dust and splashes. However, it cannot be submerged without the provided underwater housing. The housing can be submerged to a depth of approximately 200 feet (60 meters).

Sony’s approach to things isn’t necessarily good or bad. It’s just different. The X3000’s size may not be ideal for your workflow. It simply cannot fit in some tight places as well as a Hero5 Black.

You may be pleased to know that the X3000 comes with a standard tripod mount, which means you don’t need to buy a lot of additional mounts. You can use your existing GoPro mounts, but you will need to purchase a small adapter.

The X3000’s frame houses the stereo microphone and lens, along with the Record/Enter and Power buttons. On the right side, a monochrome LCD displays menus and settings. It also has Up, Down, and Menu buttons to navigate.

Although the menu was intuitive, I was able to set the camera up as I wanted. The sound was off on my first batch of test footage. This is not an error you want to make when using a touch screen.


FDR x3000 Sony- Connectivity

The rear flap opens to reveal three ports: micro USB for data transfer and charging, micro HDMI to connect with a TV, and a microphone input. A flap protects the bottom of the card slot. It can accept microSD cards and Sony’s Memory Stick Microformat. It’s easy to insert microSD cards backward because it has a dual format slot.

On the left side is the battery compartment. The toggle switch locks it in place. In our tests, the FDR-X3000 recorded approximately 45 minutes of the 4K recording. This is a bit low. The YI-4K+ can record for up to 70 minutes.

The battery compartment has Wi-Fi built-in. A sticker is attached to the battery compartment that contains the password and SSID. The free Sony PlayMemories mobile app is available for Android or iOS. It allows you to preview and adjust your shot, start recording, initiate recording, and transfer files to your phone.

You can also use the camera with the RM–LVR3, a wristwatch-style remote controller. The bundle price is $549.99. However, the older RM–LVR2 works and is also available for $149.99. The LCD on both versions of the remote shows the view through its lens. This makes it waterproof and wearable.

Video Quality and Features

The FDR-X3000 can capture 4K video at a high 100Mbps bitrate using XAVC S compression. The video is clear and sharp with strong details. It also has a low-contrast look which makes it easy to color grade. This is similar to the ProTune option on GoPro cameras. The camera’s ability to capture more detail in the highlights and shadows enhances dynamic range.

Stabilization is optical and not digital. This means that you will benefit from the steady effect at full resolution. The handheld footage we tested looked smoother than the unstabilized footage and was more natural than any other digital camera that can maintain steady video.

Although it isn’t perfect like a steady-cam or gimbal, you still get occasional jostles. However, the footage looks quite natural, as you can see in our test video.

You can also roll 4K at 30 and 24fps. The camera can crank out 1080p at 120, 100, or 100fps at 60 or 100Mbps. This gives you high-quality HD video with a variety of features. You can slow it down to quarter speed when the video is played back at 30 and 24fps, respectively.

You can choose between 240fps or 200fps for 60Mbps or 100Mbps playback.

You can also record 1080p footage at 50Mbps frame rates. There are options for 60, 50, and 30 frames per second. These speeds cover all standards except 48fps. MP4 can be recorded, but the quality isn’t as good as XAVC S. The top bit rate is 28Mbps, and the resolution is 1080p.

The X3000 can capture standard video in addition to looping, time-lapse, and live streaming. It also supports burst photos capture. Three fields of view are available. The lens can capture a wide-angle of 17mm at its widest.

If you want a narrower angle, it can be resized to 23mm or 32mm. Although there is some barrel distortion at the widest angle, you won’t notice it as much as I see with my GoPro Hero5 Black.

Although the microphone was turned off during our standard test footage recording, I switched it on to verify the sound quality. If you plan to use the X3000 on a serious project, the stereo microphone picks up my voice well.

It’s disappointing that video quality is not as good as it could be. Although the 12MP resolution is adequate, details are blurry, and the photo aspect ratio of 16:9 is used instead of the common 4:3 or 3:1. The Sony images are not as sharp as the Sjcam SJ7 Star. The X3000 is a camera that records video.


The FDR-X3000 was released in September 2016. It featured Sony’s BOSS (Balanced Optical Stabilization Shot) stabilization. This technology allows the EXMOR R CMOS Sensor (35mm equivalent) and the 17mm ZEISS Lens to work in sync to compensate for jerky camera movements.

The acronym BOSS stabilization is a description of handheld footage. While I was chasing the longboarder, my jerkiness was almost non-existent. You can make deceivingly gimbal-like videos with a steady grip and controlled pace. It can handle the inconsistencies inherent in human handling, and – wait for that – it does so like a boss.

The GoPro and other competitors rely on electronic imaging stabilization (EIS), an internal software program that adjusts rotation and crops in to compensate for the shakiness. This can lead to a decreased field of vision and a “jello” effect.

With its superior optical image stabilization, the FDR-X3000 wins in this area. The technology is entirely mechanical and does not suffer the limitations of EIS. This feature can also be used when shooting 4K. It was previously unavailable in the FDRX1000V Action Cam.

Image Quality

Image quality of FDR x3000 Sony

It’s been a thumbs up so far for the little guy. The same goes for the images and videos I’ve shot. I didn’t have a fast microSD card to record a 4K video with my action cam. The following is based on the 1080p video.

The FDRX3000 excels under sufficient light and daylight. It can produce sharp and vibrant results with good contrast and dynamic range. Auto exposure is excellent and doesn’t suffer from sudden exposure changes in scenes with different lighting conditions.

Sony has spent a lot of time reducing the fisheye effect in action cameras. The results speak for themselves. FDR-X3000 footages have very little distortion around the edges. This makes the viewing experience much more comfortable and less unpleasant for me.

You can improve the bit rate of the videos by reviewing them on a bigger monitor. Fast-moving objects and quick pans will show visible pixelation, which could make the video look amateurish.

It also applies to stills, which can be accessed in “Photo” mode and offer 13MP photos and 4K time-lapses. If you have to use video mode for any reason, 8MP images are the maximum you can take. Sometimes pictures can appear softened and slightly washed.

Low-light conditions can cause noise and grain in the video and images. The compact housing only has a 1/2.5 type (7.20mm sensor) sensor. This causes noise and grain. It was still usable for walking on a darkly lit bridge in the late evening. However, the footage is slightly grainier.

Stereo microphones produce clear audio that is not affected by noise in noisy areas. The voice is clear and smooth, with very little sibilance. This is something that other action cameras cannot boast about.



The FDR-X3000 action camera comes with a variety of accessories that will enhance the experience and make it even more enjoyable. The waterproof case included with the camera ensures that the main unit is protected from the elements.

The Live-View remote was also included. This is a wristwatch with a display that connects with the camera and allows live monitoring.

Although the waterproof casing provides some protection due to its strong plastic construction, I can’t help but recall that the GoPro Hero5, which was released around the same time as the FDRX3000, is also completely waterproof.

Although the waterproof casing provides some protection due to its strong plastic construction, I can’t help but recall that the GoPro Hero5, which was released around the same time as the FDRX3000, is also completely waterproof.

This innovative accessory has its limitations. It is heavy for an accessory meant for outdoor activities. It measures 47.8 x 52.6x 19.0mm and weighs in at approx 83g. This makes it feel heavier than many modern smartwatches.

The display is difficult to see in bright sunlight, and the screen size leaves much to be desired when moving. It can be difficult to focus your eyes on a small screen while on the move. Even if the screen is not HD, it can be challenging to resolve the details in the shot.


You can choose from various resolutions and video recording formats. Navigation of the menu is difficult due to the absence of a touchscreen on the Live-View Remote and the action camera. With some feedback, the buttons on the action cam can be a little mushy.

Although the watch lets you navigate to your camera settings directly, it is not as intuitive as a remote. The menu interface on the watch is quite different. It was a tedious experience switching between the action cam and the watch, as well as having to learn two menu systems for one camera.

Battery Life

Sony Action Camera- Battery

Sony estimates that recording in 1080p takes 2 hours 15 minutes. After nearly two hours of 1080p recording and two 4K time-lapses that lasted about 10 minutes each, I ran out of juice. There were also some photos and some other notes. It is easy to replace the battery, so a spare could make it last at least a day.


The Sony FDRX3000 is a powerful camera. The FDR-X3000 records 4K Ultra HD video at 24 and 30 frames per second. You can also record 1080 videos at 100 fps. There are many modes available on the FDR, including live streaming, burst shots, and time-lapse.

The FDR-X3000 has optical stabilization, which is more natural than most action cameras that have digital stabilization. You can adjust the field of view with the Zeiss lens. The camera also features Wi-Fi and USB. The AKASO EK7000 is a more affordable alternative.


While the Sony FDRX3000’s price tag is not cheap, it’s clear that its great quality and performance aren’t. The Sony FDR-X3000 action camera delivers excellent video and image quality and offers incredible image stabilization.

The action cam has many modes and is equipped with NFC and Wi-Fi. The box also includes waterproof housing as well as a wireless remote for live viewing. This action camera is a great value when you compare the features to the price. The GoPro Hero 7 Black is a better option if you want a more traditional camera.


The Sony FDR-X3000 is a great action camera for anyone looking to capture great footage while skiing, mountain biking, or doing any other outdoor activity. The camera is very small and lightweight, yet it still manages to deliver excellent image quality. The built-in Wi-Fi and app make it easy to control the camera and view your footage, and the waterproof housing means you can take it anywhere. The only downside is that the battery life could be better.

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