Parrot Mambo Drone Review: Best Choice For You 2023

Parrot Mambo Drone Review: Best Choice For You 2023
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This is the Parrot Mambo drone review for customers who are interested in buying this product. This article has information on features, pros and cons, pricing, compatibility with other technologies, and more.

This blog post will help you make an informed decision about whether or not the Parrot Mambo drone is right for you. It’s important to get all of the details before making a purchase so that you know what you’re getting into at every level. You don’t want to end up regretting your decision later!

Parrot Mambo Drone Reviews

Parrot Mambo Drone Review

The Parrot Mambo Fly, a mini quadcopter drone from Parrot is a French manufacturer. When equipped with an optional FPV camera, the Mambo Fly can also be called the Parrot Mambo FPV.

This package — which gives you a drone, a controller, a camera, and FPV goggles for less than $180 — is a near-steal.

List of Pros and Cons


  • Interchangeable parts. The manufacturer can sell you damaged parts separately.
  • Great durability.
  • Easy to use, fast turning, high altitude hold, and so forth.
  • This drone is a great choice for video capture.
  • Bluetooth is used when the camera is not connected to the copter.
  • More Fun and easy to fly
  • Do fun acrobatics such as flips and barrel rolls


  •  Some users have had difficulty connecting the headset to available wi fi networks.
  •  Many users also reported video lag.
  • Short flight time

What’s Inside The Box?

parrot mambo fpv- toy drones

Almost everything you need to fly this machine. The quadcopter is included, as well as the Flypad controller, which also comes with a smartphone holder. There are also cockpit glasses with a headwrap, the real FPV gear, and an FPV camera smart block. There are propeller guards, one battery, and a USB cable charger.

What you don’t get: Two batteries would have been great for a drone in this price range. Smart block objects such as projectiles or cannons would also be useful. You will need to purchase them separately.

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Parrot Mambo is easy to use and can be used to fly with great satisfaction. The software underneath the hood is responsible for all of this.

There are three flying modes. Easy mode stabilizes the drone horizontally and vertically. Machine learning assists with all maneuvers to keep you in control. Horizontal stabilization in Drift mode is disabled. This gives you more control over the Mambo FPV. In Racing mode, the autopilot is off completely, giving you complete control.

The app allows you to control flight speed, height, bank on turns, and other options from within the app. There’s even a function that allows you to start a flight by just chucking the Mambo into the air, which is a lot of fun to do.

The app allows you to control flight speed, height, bank on turns, and other options from within the app. You can even start a flight by simply throwing the Mambo in the air. This is great fun!

The Mambo can be controlled using the included controller or Parrot’s FreeFlight smartphone app. The Flightpad controller is much easier to use than the phone app. However, the distance you can control your drone is greatly increased. The remote controller will allow you to fly 60 meters, while your phone can only go 40 meters.

It is still difficult to connect to your phone. To connect to your phone, you will need to go into Wi-Fi settings, select Mambo, and then return to FreeFlight to launch your flight.

The lag between drone movement and image reaching the headset is also less than a second. This lag can be an issue if you want to speed trial through an obstacle course made at home. We would still recommend that you use those prop guards at least for the first few times you are flying the machine.

Design and Features

Parrot mambo fpv toy drone- Design and Features

The Parrot Mambo is small. It is tiny. It is very lightweight and can be held in one’s hand.

From under the white plastic chassis, you can see the green LED’ eyes.’ The front is almost like eyebrows, and the shape of the white plastic chassis allows them to peer out at your face. The white plastic panel runs down the body with four plastic legs that branch out to attach the rotor blades.

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Blade protectors are included with the Mambo. They can be easily removed and put on when you fly them. It’s easy to become overconfident and crash into houses at full speed because the controls are so intuitive. We didn’t do that. Yes, that was true. That was something we did many times.

More often than not, after a crash, you’re able to take off again immediately with a simple press of the take-off button. You can only retrieve your Mambo if it flips onto its side

However, technology is what you really pay for. The Parrot’s ease-of-use is a testament to the Mambo’s learning, and the controller and FPV headphone help to dispel any doubts that the Mambo might be too expensive.

It looks and feels similar to a simplified Xbox controller. There are two multi-direction sticks that control motion, rotation, elevation, and motion. A few buttons can be used to activate special acrobatic moves, but you should avoid wearing the headset unless you have a bag handy. There is also a button to take off or land.

Parrot Cockpit 2 headset is a basic Gear VR headset. The lenses inside convert your smartphone’s footage into an immersive image by strapping it to its front.

The headset can be collapsed, making it easy to transport. Parrot’s team demonstrated it and said that you could carry it around in your backpack. However, the lenses are exposed, so we worry about scratching them or getting dirty. It is comfortable to wear and can be worn over prescription glasses. There are sliders that adjust the lens position to improve pupillary distance.

Parrot Mambo Drone Models

Parrot Mambo Drone Models

Parrot Mambo Fly

Since the Parrot Mambo Fly was introduced, the Parrot Mambo Fly has been a very popular entry-level drone. The Parrot Mambo Fly was a cool drone that was affordable and a great choice for beginners in drone flying. This model is great for learning how to fly and then upgrading to more expensive products. The Fly model was also suitable for children.

Parrot Mambo Mission

Mambo Mission introduced grabbers and cannons to drone flying. As you would expect, the model came with more advanced features. The price also went up. The Mambo FPV is the latest addition to the Parrot Mambo range. The Mambo FPV model meets the needs of average flyers. It features high-definition photography, FPV cameras, and the ability to share live feeds via platforms like Youtube, Facebook, and others. The FPV model has gained more popularity than its siblings. We’ll be focusing on this model for our review.

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Parrot Mambo FPV

Mambo FPV buyers should remember that this is not a toy for children, as the Mambo Fly is. If you’re looking to gift your son a quadcopter for his 10th birthday, then you should consider the Fly model and not the FPV.

This is important to mention separately because all these models have the name Parrot Mambo. It can be easy to get confused sometimes. In fact, the Instructions Manual for the FPV model states clearly that it is not a toy and should be avoided by children younger than 14 years old.

Parrot Mambo – Camera

Parrot Mambo Drone Models

The camera’s 0.3-megapixel resolution is really not impressive. You can think of it as an old VGA webcam. It’s noisy, blurry, and the colors aren’t very impressive. It can be quite fun to see your living room from the top.

Image Quality

Image Quality

Although you won’t get DJI-quality video and photos from the Mambo, the 720p camera can produce some good quality images for the price. This is not something you will print, but it’s good enough to post on Facebook and get an idea of what drone photography looks like.

The drone attempted to adjust for different lighting conditions, so the colors in images varied widely. One-shot showed everything with a blueish cast. Other shots were warmer. Although nothing was clearly defined, I could see the white accents on the tail and uniforms of the soccer team.

The video was jittery, especially when the drone moved quickly. Video isn’t as clear as stills, but it can be easily identified what you are looking at. A good soundtrack is a great idea as the camera does not record audio.

The only way to get photos from Mambo’s forward-facing camera, you must take out the micro SD card and transfer them to your computer. It would be so much easier to share photos if I could just download them through the FreeFlight App.

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Accessories And Flight

Accessories And Flight

This entry-level mini drone is not equipped with the same bells and whistles as more expensive drones such as Parrot’s Bebop. However, the 3-axis gyroscope, as well as accelerometers and a down-facing ultrasound sensor, are all inside to ensure remain stable flight.

The Mambo hovers in place infinitely better than the Star Wars Battle Drones, which felt like you were fighting against its natural drift in any direction. Until the Mambo is confronted with anything more than the slightest gust.

It began to struggle to adjust its position and altitude due to its small weight, even with a window open and a breeze blowing in. It wasn’t too bad, but it will be difficult to move around without a digital stick.

The Parrot Mambo is an agile bird and fun to fly. The Parrot Mambo can fly at 5 m per second, which is quite fast considering the 20m Bluetooth range it has when paired to a smartphone. Flypad controllers are available for purchase (around PS40) and can be used to fly up to 60m. Unfortunately, I did not have one to test.

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Battery Life

parrot mambo minidrone Battery Life

The only issue is battery life as well as flight time. The Mambo’s battery can last a bit longer than average according to mini-drone standards — approximately 10 minutes of flight time just didn’t feel like enough time. Plus, in high winds, the drone has to work harder to remain stable and on the course, and the flight time is reduced further — but you will definitely need to buy extra batteries which cost $20 each. While the Mambo’s battery life is predictably short for a drone this size, it’s the best drone for teaching kids how to fly.

The Mambo can be charged via a micro USB port located at the back. An LED indicator lights up to show charging and then turns green to indicate that the drone has fully charged. According to our experience, a full charge takes approximately 45 minutes using a USB port on a computer and 30 minutes from a wall outlet. You can fly for about 8 minutes with your camera attached and 10 minutes without it.

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The essential information, you don’t miss:



Although they are simple, the goggles do the job. They are also very comfortable to wear. The rubber skirt wraps around the eyes and elastic straps provide a secure fit.

Most smartphones will fit the goggles. The phone is held in place by a plastic strap and foam padding to ensure that it doesn’t slip around.

However, you’ll most likely have to fiddle with the phone’s placement. I found that if the device wasn’t perfectly centered, the first-person view didn’t align properly. Two sliders can be used to adjust the focus of each eye, so the image is correctly aligned.

Flypad Controller

Parrot mambo Flypad Controller

The Flypad controller is an Xbox-like controller. It has two joysticks and a button to take off and land.

Two buttons are located below each stick, and there are four buttons on the controller’s shoulder. These buttons can be used to activate the camera or flip the sticks. The controller is $39.


However, the price tag that the unit comes with is really owing to all the technology that it packs within its tiny body. The drone’s intuitive flying ability and ease of use are what flyers will love most. Once the drone is in flight, you can let go of all control. It will still hover at a fixed altitude. You can.

You don’t have to keep your controller aimed in the desired direction. You can actually let the drone fly without touching your fingers. As long as the controller is giving the drone a bit of gas, it will stay in its place and not veer off to the side or crash onto its back.

The drone has three different flying modes. You can use the hands-off mode to fly the drone. This is a good option for beginners. You can then go to Drift Mode, which disables horizontal stabilization. However, you will need to be more skilled to control the drone correctly. For more experienced flyers, there’s the Racing Mode. In this mode, the drone is controlled manually without any stabilization.

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Install the Parrot FreeFlight Mini App on your phone. You will be able to control the drone using your smartphone. You’ll love the app’s many features and user-friendly interface. The live feed sharing feature allows you to share your footage on Facebook and YouTube. The manufacturer claims that the Parrot Mambo FPV mini drone is the only one on the market with this feature.


The Parrot Mambo FPV was a good choice. It is easy to fly and can withstand some beatings, both essential requirements for a beginner drone.

Parrot Mambo’s FPV function has made it a worthwhile addition to the drone world. It does seem expensive, but it is actually quite affordable when you compare it to other electronic gadgets that will be competing for your money this Christmas.

While it may look quite cheap, as soon as you start flying the Parrot Mambo you can see where your money has been spent. Although we wish it had longer battery life, this is a common problem with drones. This is a great way for beginners to try out drone racing without having to buy a dedicated drone. If you decide that drone racing is not for you, you can remove the camera and still have a fun drone.

According to some customer reviews, the plane it goes into sleep mode after less than a minute. The only way to wake it up is by launching it and there can’t be any aerial footage or photography. Hopefully, this drone will be able to aerial photography & video in the future


Thanks for reading our Parrot Mambo Drone review. We hope you found it informative and that the information will be helpful to you in your buying process, as well as provide a better understanding of what this drone has to offer.

If there is anything else Lucidcam can help with or if you have any questions about drones, please don’t hesitate to contact us!


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