How To Turn Off Camera Sound On Snapchat 2023: Top Full Guide

How To Turn Off Camera Sound On Snapchat 2023: Top Full Guide

Snapchat is an app that enables you to capture photos of your daily experiences and share them with your friends. You can also add fun filters and effects. The downside is that it makes a fake sound when you take a photo.

In this blog, Lucidcam will discuss How to turn off camera sound on Snapchat

Can You Disable Camera Sound Directly From Snapchat?

Can You Disable Camera Sound Directly From Snapchat

Snapchat allows you to snap pictures. You can do this by using the stock camera included with your phone. This helps improve compatibility between different software and hardware on phones.

Unfortunately, there aren’t any switches or alternative choices available within the Snapchat application to turn off its camera shutter.

However, you have two options: you can either modify the settings on your device’s default camera or try one of the other techniques we’ve talked about earlier. The approach you pick will rely on whether you own an Android or iOS smartphone and which particular model you’re using.

How to Switch Off Snapchat’s Camera Shutter Sound

Snapchat is a camera app and is designed in such a way that it uses your device cam to snap photos and videos. As a result, you must make adjustments to your device settings rather than Snapchat’s.

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The method that you choose to use for Android devices varies depending on the manufacturer. This is because some skins for the Android OS allow you to disable the shutter sound option directly from the stock cam app, while others do not.

Snapchat uses the default camera app, so the shutter sound is disabled if it can be accessed from there. Let’s first look at how this works on Android. The latter section is for iPhones.

How To Switch Off Shutter Sound From Stock Camera App

  • Just open the “Camera” app on your smartphone.
  • Depending on your device’s model, find the settings for the camera app.
  • You can locate Pixel and other stock Android phones by swiping at the top.

How To Turn Off Camera Sound On Snapchat

  • Once inside the cam, look for any toggles to turn the shutter sound off, like “Camera Sounds” on stock Android devices.

Look for any toggles to turn the shutter sound off

  • If you don’t hear the shutter sound toggle, it could be due to the local laws in the area where the phone was made and sold.
  • Once you’re done, you can start snapping photos as you would normally on Snapchat.

To stop Snapchat’s shutter sound, you can also turn off the ‘Do Not Disturb” toggle on Android devices. DND can be turned off, so you don’t receive important calls or emails.

You may also silence the shutter sound by turning down the volume on your phone.This may be accomplished by pushing the volume button and then dragging the sliders.

Turn Down the Device Volume

Turn Down the Device Volume

This trick can be used by both Android and iOS device users to lower the volume when taking snaps in the Snapchat app. Press the volume down button on either your Android or iOS device to stop the shutter sound from being played when you take a Snapchat photo.

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iOS users can use the control center for volume control. To put your iPhone into the mute mode, you can also switch on the silent switch located at the side.

Do Not Disturb Mode is on

Your phone will automatically be muted if you turn on “Don’t Disturb” or DND mode. This will allow your phone to go into silent mode and capture a Snap. Nearly all new models of iOS and Android have DND mode.

These simple tricks and methods will allow you to turn off Snapchat’s cam shutter sound while taking photos. You can send Snaps to friends and family using the method you prefer, without causing any disruption.

How to Turn Off Snapchat Shutter Sound on IPhone/IPad

Snapchat in iOS has its own camera interface. It does not use the default cam app. You cannot also change camera settings as in Android because there is no toggle. There are two ways to switch off  the shutter sound on an iPhone or iPad. These are the options:

iOS 12 and Earlier

  • You can control basic functions such as volume, mute/unmute toggle, and notifications with an iOS device’s Assistive Touch feature.
  • Navigate to Settings (gear icon) and then to General.
  • Look under ‘General’ for ‘Accessibility’, and then open it.

How to Turn Off Snapchat Shutter Sound on IPhoneIPad

  • You will find “Integration” here. This is where you should enable “Assistive touch”.

How to Turn Off Snapchat Shutter Sound on IPhone/IPad

  • To access the “Assistive Touch”, tap on the “Device” icon. Then, you will be able to access the option that reads ‘Unmute.

Turn off camera sound on snapchat

  • To turn off all sounds, including the Snapchat shutter sound, tap on it.
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iOS 13 and Later

To access the iOS control panel, slide from the top to the bottom of your iPhone’s home screen.

You can adjust the volume slider to disable shutter sounds.

To Switch off the shutter sound, you can also use the physical mutes switch on your tablet or phone’s left side.

You can also use your iPhone’s volume down button to reduce the volume to mute. You can also use the DND option within the iOS control center to accomplish the same function, but it will hide all incoming calls.

Silent Camera App for Japanese iPhone: How To Turn Off Camera Sound On iPhone Without Muting Snapchat

These tricks allow to capture photos silently from the iPhone cam roll, then save them to the iPhone photos app (Camera Roll), and then upload them to Snapchat just like regular photos.

You have to download OneCamera-SilentCamera, the Secret app from the app store on iOS. Follow these steps to install the silent camera app on your iPhone. Then upload it to Snapchat.

  • Note: This app has not been updated to the most recent version, but it works fine on iOS 14/ 13 or earlier.
  • App compatible with disabling the camera sound from Snapchat but not turning off the ringer
  1. Open the OneCamera app and Capture photos by tapping on the “Camera” icon.
  2. Will not hear a Cam sound and Vibrate. However, saved photos can be viewed from the Top left view icon.
  3. You can save any photos to your cam roll by clicking the sharing button in the upper right corner. This sharing icon is a square box that has an upper arrow icon and a square-shaped circle.
  4. Choose and Save to the Camera Roll.
  5. Open the Photos app on your iPhone to view the photo taken by one camera.
  6. Snapchat allows you to upload photos without the need for a cam shutter sound. Open Snapchat > Photos > Browse saved photos > Select photos from the camera roll.
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