How To Put On Camera Strap 2023: Top Full Guide

How To Put On Camera Strap 2023: Top Full Guide

Cameras are often fairly weighty. Add in the weight of lenses and flashes, and you’ll have quite a load hanging around your neck. Besides, You may be put on the camera strap incorrectly.

Thus, You want your camera gear to be safe and secure while you’re using it. In this blog, Lucidcam will discuss How To attach your camera strap

How To Put On Camera Strap

How to Attach A Camera Strap

Attaching the cam strap is easy. Almost all of the time, everything you need to attach is right in the box. This makes it simple and quick.

It is easy to attach the strap in just a few steps.

Step 1: Make sure the neck strap faces the correct way. The exposed top and bottom of the buckle on the cam strap have to be facing outward. ( The plastic fastener has two plastic strips with the strap fabric in the middle)

how to attach camera strap

Step 2: Now, you need to make sure the camera strap points towards the camera. The strap’s loose end should be threaded through the attachment hole on the camera. It is usually a flat loop or a metal triangular depending on which camera you use.

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Step 3: Next, thread the free end of the strap through its fastening collar.

Thread the free end of the strap through its fastening collar

Step 4: Now, push the upper part of the straps through your buckle. This will allow you enough room for the next step.

Step 5: This is the tricky part. Things often go wrong. The loose end of your straps should be threaded through the buckle’s top end. This will allow the loose end to enter the loop you have just made. You will also need to thread the same loose end back down through the outside opening through the opening at the bottom of the buckle.

how to attach camera strap canon

Step 6: Now, you have successfully attached the other side of your camera step. You can continue repeating steps 1 through 5 and then attach the second half.

you have successfully attached the other side of your camera step

A secure strap to keep you and your camera happy!

Mistakes To Avoid When Attaching A Camera Strap

Mistakes To Avoid When Put on A Camera Strap


As you will see in our tutorial, attaching your camera strap is usually one of the easiest tasks you can do. There are many things that could go wrong, and we want you to avoid them. Otherwise, you may find yourself in an embarrassing situation.

We are here to help you avoid making mistakes. If you don’t know how to attach the strap, we will help you. You will be able to handle any issues that may arise. Let’s not waste any time, so let’s get started.

Modifying the Camera Strap

Manufacturers will provide you with a custom-cut strap with all necessary attachments. This is to make sure that everything goes according to plan.

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Most people alter the straps by cutting them or doing other things to them. We don’t recommend this as it can only lead to more problems.

Buy Cheaper Straps

Third-party straps are fine and dandy. We will continue to discuss this topic. You don’t have to buy the cheapest strap on the market. A good, sturdy strap will hold your cam securely and allow you to pull on it

Follow The Wrong Tutorial

There are many tutorials available online, and each one is different. We have used the exact same tutorial for our cam straps like the one we have here. This tutorial will help you make sure everything works.

How to Use Your Strap for Better Photos

How to Use Your Strap for Better Photos

It might seem like something out of reach, but many times, a strap attached to the cam will help you take better pictures. It might not make sense to some people, but here are the benefits of a strap.

Change Your Lenses Faster

You can change lenses much faster if you have your cam on a strap. You can quickly take a landscape shot using a wide-angle lens.

It takes less than 5 minutes. Do you want to go back to your portrait lens? This is also possible in seconds.

Efficiency is the key to efficiency. Cam straps can help you achieve that.

This allows you to hold your camera with greater stability.

A camera strap will allow you to keep your came more stable, which is another benefit. This means that you can take sharp photos even if your shutter speed is lower.

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What Length Is The Best Camera Strap?

What Length Is The Best Camera Strap

It’s rare to know the right length of your cam straps. This could create it difficult if you don’t know how the strap fits on your Canon camera. It all depends on the height of the photographer, but the average strap length is 27-29 in.

This length is for photographers who like to have their camera hanging from their neck while they shoot. If the strap length is appropriate for the person, this length allows them to quickly grab their cam and get on with the shooting. This length keeps the cam in front of your abdomen.

23-26 inches is another length that is important for cam straps. But you might be wondering if a few inches really do count. It does. It’s easy to carry around the camera with this short length.

Additionally, the straps can be slung over the shoulder so that the camera doesn’t swing as much. This length is ideal for hikers or for people who like to have a camera close by.

The 27-inch next length is an extraordinary length that’s almost ideal for people of tall stature. This length is not considered standard as it often falls below the hip. This length requires users to be more skilled or have less control of the cam.

The strap length gaps and inches are just myths. One needs to be careful when handling the cam. The individual will decide how they handle the camera, and if it suits them best.

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FAQs about How To Put On Camera Strap

1. How do you attach a Nikon camera to a strap?

The Nikon camera strap installation is the same as that for Canon cameras. Although the straps may look slightly different than those used by Canon, the process of installing the straps is very simple.

2. How do I put the strap on my Kodak camera?

3. How do I attach an Instax Straps?

Instax, unlike Nikon and Canon, uses a clip-and-cap mechanism that allows you to attach the strap much faster and easier than with other brands.

4. How do you attach a DSLR strap?


By following the above tips, you can easily put on a camera trap. If you have any queries regarding this article or if you want to share your experience, then please leave your comments in the comment box. Thank you for taking the time to read!

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