Holy Stone HS700D Review 2023: Best Choice For You

Holy Stone HS700D Review 2023: Best Choice For You
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If you’re looking for a durable quadcopter that won’t break the bank, then look no further than the HS700D. With its easy-to-use features and simple controls, this drone is ideal for beginners to intermediate-level flyers. Despite the low price point, the HS700D does not compromise on quality.

In this blog, we will give you a detailed review of the Holy Stone HS700D, covering its design, flight performance, camera, and much more.

Holy Stone HS700D Reviews

Key Features

  • Motor: Brushless Motor 2204 1500kV
  • Flight Height: 120 m
  • Range: 800-1000 m
  • Max Speed: 25 km/h
  • Flight Time: 20 min
  • Battery: 2800 mAh
  • Charging Time: 7 h
  • Weight: 370 g
  • Size: 220 x 220 x 155 mm
  • Camera: 2 MP 1080p
  • Lens: 120° Wide-angle
  • Gimbal: 90° Manually Adjustable
  • Photo Size: 2048 x 1152
  • Video Resolution: 1080P/25fps
  • FPV Range: 400 m
  • Lens: 120deg Wide-angle
  • Gimbal: Manually Adjustable to 90deg
  • Photo Size: 2048×1152
  • Video Resolution: 1080P/25fps
  • FPV Range: 400m
  • GPS Return Home


  • 2K Camera
  • GPS Connection
  • Both for novice and advanced users
  • Good budget drone
  • Battery time is good
  • WiFi connection and support for FPV
  • 5G Video Transmission
  • Headless mode


  • Windy conditions can cause batteries to be reduced
  • Stabilization could have been better
  • Long battery-charge
  • Can’t adjust the camera angle during flight

The HS700D drone is a Holy Stone model. It is an upgrade to the HS700, which is no more available. Although it is more expensive than other Holy Stone models, this one has more advanced features. The 4K FHD camera will let you capture great aerial footage. It is also equipped with GPS to make it safer and has several intelligent flight modes. The flight time is approximately 22 minutes with a 1km control range.

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What’s Inside The Box

What's Inside The Holy Stone HS700D Box

This is my favorite part about reviewing products. This will allow you to see what’s inside the box. You will not only be familiar with all the accessories but also how to order additional drone parts such as batteries or crash kits. Here is a diagram showing what you can expect from the package.

These items are Holy Stone Ophelia, a remote control, a 2KHD camera, a balance charger, and a USB charger, two sets each of propellers, landing gears, and a propeller spanner. Keep in mind that the drone is 630g. This is more than 0.55 Lbs.

You will need to register your drone with the FAA. It is easy and fast to register your drone with an aviation agency. You will only need to pay a small fee to mark your drone’s number. HS700D Ophelia drones are ready-to-fly models. To ensure optimal flight performance, the battery will only be half-charged. We recommend charging it first.

Check out the best drone accessories if you want to buy extra equipment


Holy Stone HS700D Specifications

Holy Stone HS700D drone has a 2K camera, WiFi connection, FPV, and GPS connection. The HS700D can travel up to 1000m without a video link and 800m with a video link. The battery has 2800 mAH and is very powerful.

You can enjoy a wide FOV angle lens of up to 110deg, which allows you to see your videos clearly. HS700D comes equipped with dual GPS + 1 axis gimbal for image stabilization and anti-shaking to make your videos smoother.

You can also connect via WiFi using a Follow Me mode. This allows you to be free from your hands, and the HS700D drone will automatically follow you and capture all video and photos. It also offers an advanced return home option that makes the drone fly up to a few meters and then back to you.

The Holy Stone’s durable brushless motors have no mechanism friction. They can spin at higher speeds and produce more power with less noise. These motors can also extend battery life and make flying easy even in windy conditions. Protecting people and property can also be included in the package.

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The drone comes with two rechargeable 2800mAh batteries. When fully charged, the Holy Stone HS700D drone can fly for up to 22 minutes.

You can use the Follow me mode to free up your hands and take perfect selfies. The drone will automatically follow you. Tap fly mode allows you to fly in a controlled manner that draws in Holy Stone. Anyone can fly safely and have more fun outside, even beginners.


HS700D is equipped with a one-axis gimbal. The drone will fly in the wind and return to home automatically when it loses power, weak signal, or is lost. The HS700D drone also has an optical flow system. This allows the drone to detect changes in air pressure and adjust to maintain stability and flight control.

This drone’s stabilization is not the best. If you want smoother videos, you should fly slower and more gently. Also, avoid flying in windy conditions.


HolyStone HS700D- Design

The Holy Stone HS700D is a modern, elegant design. It’s well-built with high-quality plastics and has a dark color. Similar to the HS720’s design, it is durable and can be replaced with propellers and lending legs. It can fly up 1000m with a connection, but not with video. Or 800 meters with video.

Potensic’s drone measures 15.2×15.2×6.1 inches (2000g). It weighs 4.35lbs (2000g). This drone is decent-sized. All adjustments and controls can be made by the controller. The screen has live video and a phone attachment.

The drone looks like a quadcopter, but it doesn’t have any protection for the propellor blades. Under the body, you can see the landing legs as well as the 2K camera that will record your videos.


The HS700D FPV drone comes with a 2800mAh rechargeable battery. The USB Battery Charger is included, but it cannot be charged. To ensure your battery safety, only use this charger. If you record in 2K resolution, the drone can fly for approximately 22 minutes. However, there are other factors that could reduce the flight time, such as the weather, your flight style, and others.

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The bottom of the drone houses the battery. You can remove the battery to buy additional batteries and increase your drone’s flight time by up to two times. There is not an option to fast charge the battery. Make sure you charge your batteries promptly

Intelligent Flight Modes

Intelligent Flight Modes


A global navigation satellite system is essential for modern drones. This is similar to how breathing is natural to all living things. HS700D features a dual GPS+ GLONASS module that pinpoints its exact location on a map. This makes it smart and useful.

This means that the Holy Stone HS700D can hover or follow a predetermined flight path. It makes use of 24+ satellites to triangulate its position with eerie precision.

This GPS / GLONASS module is not a new thing, more expensive drones like the DJI Phantom 4 Pro Plus uses the same technology.

One key takeoff/landing

The HS700D is a powerful tool, but it also has many beginner-friendly features.

You can use the One Key Takeoff/Landing button to initiate the drone to take flight without needing to maneuver it. It also stays at a fixed altitude so that you can plan your next move. It also glides slowly on the desired surface without you having to maneuver it.

Follow me

The latest drones, including the HS700D, seem to have a mandatory follow-me mode. You can easily go hands-free with the Follow Me function. This allows you to change your piloting location or to record yourself in a third-person perspective if you’re on a solo trip.

The Holy Stone HS700D does not have obstacle detection capabilities, so it is safe to assume that it relies on the controller signal for “following” you. Instead of the object tracking follow modes, which intuitively adjust speed and focus on keeping your subject within the frame, the modern object tracking follow modes are more sophisticated.

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Auto Return

An Auto-Return function is a useful model that can be used to instantly recall your Holy Stone H700D to your location. It can also automatically turn on in the case of signal loss or low battery levels.

Holy Stone HS700D uses its GPS feature to record the primary takeoff point of the HS700D before it takes off. This allows it to track its route back to you if the feature is activated.

Waypoint Mode

The HS700D’s waypoint function allows you to do a lot more cinematography shots without having to pilot your UAV. You can simply plot a route on your smartphone app using the map of the area. Your drone will fly to the points you have chosen with precision and stability. This allows you to easily adjust the camera perspective.


You want to make a 360-degree pan of a subject, but you don’t have the piloting skills or timing to do it manually. You can automate it using the Holy Stone HS700D’s Orbit mode. This allows you to set a subject as a point of interest, and it will fly around it at a fixed speed, distance, and speed. This allows you to capture perfect circumferential shots without having to worry about the drone’s flight controls.

Gesture Mode

The HS700D has a traditional remote control. However, it also features a Gesture Detection feature. This detects simple hand gestures such as waves or hand signals, like the peace sign. It can then fly closer or farther and take selfies.

This is great for selfies and party tricks to show your friends. There is nothing like a drone with a motion-based function at this price.


HS700D- Camera

Two things I love about drones are that they fly. I’ve always loved flying things, from Superman to RC helicopters. Flight has always fascinated and intrigued me. Another thing I love about drones is the camera drone. This allows us to see the world in a whole new way.

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While not all drone cameras are high-quality, the HS700D camera is a good choice, especially considering its price.

This is the best feature of this drone. You will have lots of fun with it. Although the camera can record videos in HD quality, it cannot record footage at 4K resolution. However, it looks scaled up from a lower resolution. The quality is still excellent. You should be aware that a 4K resolution recording can only be done with a memory card.

A memory card is not included in the drone package. You will need to buy one separately. I recommend that you get a class 10 fast memory card as they are easier to record on.

Recording on your smartphone will not produce the same quality as recording over WiFi. Frame skipping may also occur due to interference.

It can also take images at 2MP. This is a decent resolution but not great enough to share with family and friends.

The app allows you to edit and share photos and videos via social media.

Easy To Use

The majority of drones are geared towards younger audiences with game-like controls, but the Holy Stone HS700D has a professional-looking transmitter that will give you the same premium-feeling control as the more expensive models.

It’s round and has some weight to it for optimal comfort when in use. The standard dual joystick layout is followed, with simple labeled buttons filling the controller’s face.

The bottom displays the battery status and signal levels. A phone holder holds your smartphone to make it easier to use the FPV mode. The battery can last for up to 3-4 hours, so you don’t need to recharge it as often and can fly multiple flights without having to charge it.

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Explore more: 

Remote Controller

Remote Controller

This remote is professional-grade from first glance. It is large, simple, yet elegant. The RC’s jet black coating is a great idea. These antennas are attractive and allow the drone to be controlled from a distance of over 2,000 meters.

The instructions for each button are included so that beginners without any previous flight experience can learn how to use the controller. The LCD screen on the front of the remote control is integrated. The screen displays information about the battery, range, and satellites. Just like any other remote controller, it also has a phone holder.

Here are the full reviews of HS700D. If you are interested in knowing more about other drones, Then you can check here:

Final Thoughts

The HS700D review shows that it is a good drone, whether you are a beginner or an experienced pilot. The drone can fly for up to 22 minutes and has a range of 1Km. It also comes with a standard 2K HD camera capable of producing high-quality images. The HS700D is a great option. It will not disappoint in terms of performance, quality, or features. This drone is especially useful if you own a GoPro Hero drone. You can attach your drone to the camera holder and create aerial footage using your favorite sports camera.

If you would like more options for similarly priced drones, check out my article for the best drones under $400.

We hope this Holy Stone HS700D drone review will be helpful for you. Thank you for reading!

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