Holy Stone HS120D Review 2023: Best Choice For You

Holy Stone HS120D Review 2023: Best Choice For You

Drones have become incredibly popular recently but figuring out which drone is right for you can be challenging. There are so many different companies on the market trying to offer more features or a better experience. However, not all of these features are worth it, and some of them are just gimmicks meant to jack up the price.

Here is an honest review on one of the best beginner drones out there, the Holy Stone HS120D. Let’s explore with Lucidcam

Holy Stone HS120D Drone Reviews

  • Weight 221 g / 7.8 oz
  • Control range 300M
  • Dimensions 270*270*120 mm
  • Camera 2048*1152p 120° FOV
  • Flight time 10 minutes per battery
  • Max Charging Time 120 Mins
  • FAA Registration: Not required
  • Package Content 1 x HS120D Drone,1 x Carrying Backpack,1 x Transmitter,3 x Batteries,2 x Extra Landing Gears,4 x Propellers,1 x USB Battery Charger,1 x User Manual
  • 2K UHD 120° FOV Adjustable FPV Camera


  • It is very lightweight.
  • It can capture high-definition photos.
  • It is a stunning design.
  • All functions are available, from basic to advanced.
  • It offers a very long flight time.
  • This machine delivers a high level of performance.
  • The equipment can be controlled with precise functions.
  • It is easy to fly with the equipment.
  • It returns to its home and retraces the route when a signal is lost or the battery dies.
  • It can be charged for an average of one hour.
  • It will capture your best candid photos for all your social media accounts.
  • Batteries are included with the machine.
  • It is strong and stable. In the event of landing, the camera will not fall.
  • It can connect to the WiFi so you can continue tracking your GPS location.
  • When you are in the frame, the camera follows you and takes your photos when you pose.
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  • There is no battery backup.
  • It is delicate to work with the parts.
  • It makes use of hard plastic, which may not be preferred by all.

A few years back, HD camera drones were few in number and very expensive. However, nowadays you are almost spoilt for choice. The HS120D HD camera drone is a good choice. It has a single-button take-off and landing. The automatic return home function is activated when the drone goes beyond its control distance or when the battery level drops below a certain threshold.

The official FPV distance is 300 meters. It can fly in about 18 minute of flight time. It’s a decent drone, but there are better and cheaper options.

Holy Stone HS120D Specifications

Holy Stone HS120D drone has a 1080p camera and wifi connection. It also features FPV and GPS connections. With a video connection, the HS120D can travel up to 300m. The HS120D also comes with powerful 1200 mAH lithium batteries.

You can adjust the FOV angle of the lens to get a great view of your videos. The drone also has a GPS connection, so it can return to you if it is out of range, weak signal, or has low power.

The Holy Stone HS120D can be folded and rechargeable. Both the drone and controller can be folded and rechargeable. This makes the controller portable and doesn’t require an additional battery. The drone can support SD cards up to 32GB (FAT 32 format).

You will also receive drone protection guards that can protect you and your property, as well as extra propellers to replace the ones you’ve lost or damaged.

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The drone comes with rechargeable 1200mAh batteries. The SP510 drone can fly for up to 18 minutes if they are fully charged. If the battery runs out, the drone will back home.

Anyone can fly a drone, and it is easy to learn.

Design and Building

Holy Stone HS120D- Design and Building

The Holy Stone HS120D appears a lot like the Phantom 4 Pro at first glance. It’s not a bad thing because we love the look of the P4. The entire thing is coated in jet black so that it’s easy to spot during daylight. An LED light is located at the end of each motor arm to help you spot it in the nighttime.

It measures 270x270x120mm in size. This drone is quite large, so make sure you take care when transporting it. It weighs 221g. If you are not in the USA, you don’t need to register with the FAA. Brushless motors are the motors of the Holy Stone HS120D. This has many benefits. They are quieter, require less maintenance, and reduce friction, which increases battery life. The drone’s landing gears are located under it so that the camera can be protected. The lens won’t get dusty, and the camera won’t get dirtied.


Holy Stone HS120D is equipped with a 7.4v 1200mAh lipo battery. The modern modular battery gives you a longer flight duration. The flight time for this drone is 18 minutes. This can be reduced depending on your environment and flight time.

This is a good time for a drone costing less than $200. You can buy spare batteries to increase your flight time if the time seems too short. It takes 2 hours for the battery to fully charge, so plan ahead to ensure you have enough time.

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Remote Controller

Remote Controller

It looks very professional. The foldable design is the same as the DJI controllers. It is simple in design, with only two throttles on the front and a few buttons. Each button is marked with small icons to make it easier for you to understand the purpose of each one.

You can even use the controller’s foldable phone holder to keep your smartphone safe during flight for better FPV views. It has an LED on the left that displays the battery life. The remote controller can be used to control the drone from 300 meters away. This distance is sufficient to capture amazing videos.


This drone has a maximum range of 984 feet. It won’t fly out of range like the SNAPTAIN S5C. You can use the auto return home mode to call it back once it leaves your vision.


Durability is another advantage of the HS120D drone over a small quadcopter like ZeroTech DOBBY Drone. This drone is able to fly for longer distances and takes up very little space. It’s hard to describe how packed it is with various flight functions.

High-Quality Images

With its HD wifi camera, the machine can capture high-definition images. The 2K ultra HD camera can also capture clear live videos. The view captured will look like it was taken from the bird’s eye. This machine comes equipped with an LCD screen and LED lights.

The camera can also be connected to wifi to take high-quality images. It can also connect with wifi to adjust the angle to 70 degrees. The distance of the drone can be controlled from 50 to 100 meters, which is quite a distance. The drone is also safe to use in dark or night mode.

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The drone can capture all the details of high-definition images and videos very well. The LED lights work better in night mode and help users increase their destination or target impact.

Smart Operation

The drone uses GPs to fly and can back to the same position it was when it began. You don’t have to worry about your drone landing in an unusual place if it loses signal, crosses the required range, or if the battery goes flat.

The drone will track back to its origin. It can take great photos and will also provide you with many posts for your social networks. This incredible feature, back traceability, is one of the most popular features in a drone.

This feature protects the drone and ensures its durability, regardless of whether it is being used for military, intelligence, or family purposes.

Path Customization

Tap at various locations on your phone screen to control your drone. Your drone will follow the same path as you and create a new view. It also offers the mode -follow me, which will automatically capture the exact location and move in the same direction as you.

It would place you in the middle of the frame and can capture complex shots with candid effects. This is important to ensure that you have a great time on your social media accounts.

It Is Easy To Use

The drone can be landed and taken off with one Key. The drone can be held at a certain height, and it can make any necessary adjustments to speed. One Key Take off/Landing, Altitude Hold, and Speed Adjust functions make this drone so easy to access, even for kids and beginners.

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Flying the drone headless and pointing it in your direction will ensure that it does not lose its direction. It is also very easy to reach the drone from a distance of 300m. It is important that the user can understand how the machine works so they can operate it.


The black coating on the equipment allows you to locate it in bright daylight as well as night, thanks to the LED lights at the arms. The drone is equipped with a battery on its back. It flies according to the position of the camera so that it does not touch the ground when it lands.

Other Features

HS120D- Other Features

Automated Home Return

If the drone loses contact with the controller or the battery gets too low, it will automatically go back home. This feature can be manually activated via the app or the controller’s return home button.

Headless Mode

This mode is ideal for beginners. The drone will follow the direction of the controls, and you won’t need to distinguish between the tail and the head.

Follow Me Mode

This intelligent flight mode is only available with the app. The drone will automatically lock to your smartphone and track you wherever you go. This feature works but is not always reliable. You will need strong GPS signals to make it work.

A drone description also mentions tap-fly. This is when you draw a route on the app, and the drone follows the path and returns home.

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Flying Modes

There are many useful modes on the Holy Stone HS120D that will allow you to create amazing footage, whether you’re a beginner or an expert. Let’s start with the fact that it is a GPS drone; this means it flies more stable thanks to the GPS connections, which will help the drone in orientation.

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You can access most of these flight modes from the app. To download the app for iOS and Android, you will need to have the latest version. The orbit mode is the first and most popular feature. The orbit mode allows you to set the drone so that it circles around an object. Auto-return mode is also available, which can be useful if you need to stop the flight.

The Gesture control is one of the most entertaining features of this drone. It allows you to pose for the camera and activate the phone jack or video recording. You can take photos or videos with this feature without having to hold the phone or controller in your hands. You can only do a handful of controls with hand gestures. These are listed in the manual.

That’s all HS120D, check the holy stone review to know more about other drones

Final Thoughts

We can say that HS120D FPV is a good choice for beginners and experienced pilots. This device is very easy to fly and offers great maneuverability thanks to the 6-axis gyro stabilization system. With HS120D FPV Drone, it is possible to enjoy stunning views and magnificent landscapes in real-time, thanks to the 720p camera and live video transmission. The battery provides up to 20 minutes of flight.

If you would like more options for similarly priced drones, check out my article for the best drones under $200. Lucidcam hopes this article will be helpful for you. Thank you for reading!

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