How To Hide A Camera In A Wall 2023: Top Full Guide

How To Hide A Camera In A Wall 2023: Top Full Guide

How To Hide A Camera In A Wall is a popular question these days. With the introduction of high-quality, low-cost spy cameras, an increasing number of individuals fidning ways to quietly record video and audio. In this article, Lucidcam will talk you a few different ways to hide a camera in a wall.

Hidden Security Systems: Why You Should Install It

Hidden Security Systems Why You Should Install It

Let us look at the benefits of a hidden security system.

  • Hidden security cameras aren’t vulnerable to being tampered with. It is easy for burglars and thieves to disable security cameras. The most visible cameras will be their first targets.
  • Hidden systems will not alter the aesthetics of your home, and your guests will feel at ease knowing that they are not being monitored.
  • Hidden cameras are better at keeping tabs on the activities of others in the home, particularly nannies responsible for your children’s welfare.

NOTE: Many homes and businesses use both visible and hidden surveillance systems.

Tips for Hiding Security Cameras Indoors

Tips for Hiding Security Cameras Indoors

It is best to conceal spy cameras by blending them with your surroundings. Here are some ways to hide a security cam indoors.


Find items that blend with the wall to conceal a camera.

A large picture frame or painting. To camouflage your lens effectively, position your cam behind a bulky, inexpensive painting. The painting or frame should be 3D.

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A bookcase – Bookshelves are often cluttered. This is why they make the perfect place to store your cam. You can find it in a book hollow that you can buy in gift shops or in one of the ornaments on a bookshelf.

Wall clock – If your design permits, you can subtly place a camera on your wall clock. Because people are constantly looking at the clock, it should be subtle. There are many ways to hide a camera from a wall. You don’t even have to drill anything.

Living Room

You can hide your cam in many places in your living room. But the trick is to blend it in with the surrounding environment, not keep it hidden.

Lamps and other light fixtures: If your living room has a standing light, you may be able to set a tiny camera inside the room to get the optimum viewpoint.

Tissue box – Some people place small cameras in the tissue box. This blends with the natural environment. It can be easily tampered with by children and guests who accidentally reach for the tissue.

Tips On Hiding A Camera In Plain Sight.

Tips On Hiding A Camera In Plain Sight.

We’ll now discuss the tricks and tips for hiding a security camera or mini camera from plain view.

Tip 1: Put Your Camera Behind Household Decor And Furnishings

This is a simple idea that works well. For security cameras, people generally look at the ceiling and top corners of a room.

There are many blind spots where people won’t be looking for cameras.

This can be used to your advantage, and you can make smarter use of the natural camouflage of a room.

Here are some ideas to hide a security camera inside your home:

  • A fake pot plant is used (use one that’s fake so it doesn’t need to be watered)
  • Between two picture frames, snuggle on the mantelpiece
  • Mount the cam on a coat rack or behind it
  • Place the cam on your TV Stand. The more ornaments around the better.
  • The old trick of hiding the camera inside a bookcase is still very popular.
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These are only a few ideas. They will depend on your home or office’s layout.

It’s important to place it where you wouldn’t expect it to be found.

Tip 2 – Hide Your Camera On A Branch Of A Tree Or In A Brush

Hide Your Camera On A Branch Of A Tree Or In A Brush

Here are some creative ideas for hidden cameras.

Mounting the camera on a branch of a tree is an easy way to do this. The branches might sway throughout the year, and you may have problems with tree growth.

Mounting a GoPro or security camera to a tree can give you another view of your home and property. It can be sturdy enough for a camera, depending on its location.

The GoPro battery should last for a few hours if you are filming continuously.

The cam can be hidden inside a bush or shrub by using a tripod. This is a great way to hide your cam, and it’s very difficult to spot.

You should not allow dogs to get too curious and cause havoc with your setup.

Keep in mind that your camera is more susceptible to being damaged in the outdoors than in trees.

Tips 3: Purchase a Camouflaged Camera Case

Purchase a Camouflaged Camera Case

These cases are expensive, but they hide your cam well.

Cases that look like toys or props can be used to conceal the cam.

It’s worth it if you are serious about hiding your cam.

You may have wondered how to conceal a spy camera like they do in the movies. It’s so easy, and not cost much.

You can do a few searches to find tons of options. But, you don’t want your search to be too obvious. So choose something neutral and boring.

Tip 4 – Higher Is Better

It can be difficult to notice a camera if it is not in our normal view.

How many times are you at an ATM or bank without noticing the small round camera above?

This works well for smaller cameras, as they are difficult to spot in your peripheral vision.

Keep these things in mind:

  • The background should  the same color as the camera.
  • Place it next to other objects so that it doesn’t stand out.
  • It should be out of your peripheral view
  • Place the camera inside the old smoke detector. Make sure that the lens is placed in one of the vent openings. Finally, place the smoke detector on the ceiling.
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Because they have a better view of the ground, high-mounted cameras can be very useful. These cameras are great for hiding in a house or shop.

Tip 6 – Get an Outlet Spy Camera

Get an Outlet Spy Camera

These cameras are smart and funny, so they’re easy to overlook. It can hidden in plain sight to get clear views of what’s going on.

They are extremely long-lasting and can plugg directly into your electric outlet.

These are great indoors as they allow you to see the person’s face clearly.

It is affordable and you can often connect via Wi-Fi for a live view.

Tip 7: Keep It Hidden In A Picture Frame

Keep It Hidden In A Picture Frame

For people who want their cameras nowhere to be seen, using see-through pictures and 2-way mirrors is a great way to place cameras so that they are not seen. It is possible to get a large or small picture. You can either place it on a shelf, or you can hang it on the wall. You will then need to mount a camera behind the picture.

This idea can be used in family rooms or living rooms, where there are many people. This way, you get the best view possible of the room without having to be noticed. A GoPro or camera can be placed behind mirrors to hide your cam.

You shouldn’t install securty cams in private spaces, such as bedrooms and bathrooms. You may install cameras outside your home to monitor the perimeter and defend yourself in case someone tries to break in.

Here are some pointers:

  • Make sure your lens has a good view angle.
  • A neutral and bland frame will not draw attention.
  • Use a photo or painting that features people as it will draw attention more than a simple photo on a postcard.
  • This will only work for small cameras or spy cameras.
  • A spy camera frame is available for purchase. This will save you the effort of making one.

Tip 8: Potted Plant

Potted Plant

Are you a homeowner who has decorated your home with potted plants? There’s good news! It’s now easier to hide a security camera, thanks to all the plant-lovers out there. Your green friends can provide the best cover because some security cameras can be difficult to conceal.

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Here’s how:

  • Place your security camera on top of the soil in your pot.
  • The lower leaves should be adjusted so that the cam is hidden.
  • Allow enough space for the lens of the camera to peek between the leaves. Cover at least eighty percent.

You can place a pot in front of a power outlet if you have a wired security camera. This will hide the wire (a cable that grows out of plants). It’s not very difficult to hide. And if you have a wireless security camera, place the pot wherever you need to keep an eye on it.

This method is easy to use. You can also place the potted plant in any room in your house. Make sure the leaves are large enough to cover a security camera.

You’ll have more options and places to hide cameras in houses that have heaps of glass or mirrors.

Additional Tips for Hiding and Placing Security Cameras

Additional Tips for Hiding and Placing Security Cameras

Before you begin to disguise your camera, there are some things that you should consider.


You must first decide which area of your house you want to monitor. It is much easier to hide a security camera inside the baby’s room, as there are so many hiding spots. However, if the room is your living space, it’s not possible to place a plushie right in the middle.

You might consider investing in a smaller security camera that is less visible. It can be concealed between books, ornamental pieces, or plants.

Power Outlet:

If you have a wired camera, you must limit the distance from the power outlet where you can conceal your security camera. You will need to conceal the wire by using lamps or tall plants leaves. It might even be a sign of insecurity.

It is easier to cover a wire that is lower than the wall. Mixing the wire with other cables, such as a TV or lamp cable, can conceal it. You can also hide the wire under or behind a couch or table.

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What are you using the camera for? You can hide security cameras between objects if you want to catch a burglar in the middle of an act. The thieves won’t have time to look for cameras in unlikely places.

If you plan to use them to spy on cleaners or nannies, you may want to make your cameras less visible. This is a better option than hiding the cameras with plants or in a tissue box.


Another determinant of wireless camera placement is the area. Do strong Wi-Fi signals reach the area in which you intend to place your camera?

Type Of Camera:

Some of these options may not work if you have large security cameras. If you have a small wireless camera however, most of these options will work. You can experiment a lot to find the best solution for your particular camera and room.

How to Find a Hidden Camera

How to Find a Hidden Camera

You now know how to hide a camera inside a wall and how to set up your own surveillance system. The next step is to discover hidden cameras in hotels or at your home. Although it sounds daunting, this is a great way to protect your privacy.

Tip #1 – Pay attention to what is around you and be cautious. Double-check any items that are sticking out of the wall or have a strange spacing.

Tip #2 – Turn off all lights in the room and use your phone flashlight to search for hidden cameras. This is a great way to spot hidden cameras, as most camera lenses reflect light.

Tip #3 – To spot hidden cameras, use a professional spy camera finding device. This may seem like a big step, but it is very important. This is especially important if you frequently travel and carry sensitive information.

Here Are Some Problems You Might Face

Here Are Some Problems You Might Face

It’s not always easy to hide a camera.

Even if you do everything right, your camera can still be damaged or stolen.

Here are some common problems people encounter:

  • Weather and elements can cause damage to outdoor cameras
  • A unit that depends on batteries has a decreasing battery life
  • If you don’t do your wiring properly, it can be difficult to see the problem.
  • Hidden cameras can be easy to steal or damage.
  • It can be difficult to choose the right place to mount it.
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These issues can be easily addressed and inexpensively, so it is helpful to be aware.

You only need to find one person doing something that doesn’t give you value for your money and time. You will feel more in control of your environment and have peace of mind.


FAQs about How To Hide A Camera In A Wall

1. How to hide a security camera in a window?

As I have already mentioned, placing a security camera behind a window will result in motion detection (for cameras equipped with PIR motion sensor), and night vision functions being compromised.

These problems can be solved by installing a security camera that uses software-based motion detection to send out alerts. You can also install visible or external infrared lights for night vision.

How to hide the camera from a window? These are some bonus tips for using security cameras through glass windows.

2. Is it legal for security cameras to be hidden or used as hidden security cameras?

You can record video with a hidden camera at home or outdoors. You should not record in places where you have a reasonable expectation that privacy will be maintained, such as the bathroom.

It is a good idea to consult an attorney before hiding a security camera.

3. How does a hidden camera work?

Hidden cameras work in the same way as regular CCTV cameras but are smaller, so it is easier to conceal. The device uses a lens to capture the light coming in. The light is focused onto a grid of light detectors.


In conclusion, hiding a camera in a wall can be a challenging task that requires proper planning and execution to ensure that the camera is concealed effectively. It’s important to consider the purpose of the camera and the location where it will put before starting the installation process. By following the steps outlined in this guide and using the right tools and materials, users can successfully hide a camera in a wall without it being easily detected.

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