GoPro Max Vs Hero 8 2023: Which Is Better For You

GoPro Max Vs Hero 8 2023: Which Is Better For You
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One of the major discussions that have been going on in the last few years is what camera do you need for filming and taking videos. This article will compare the GoPro Hero 8 Black and GoPro max, which both capture 4K video and can be used for filming and taking videos. The GoPro Max has a lot of upgrades and new features that the GoPro Hero 8 does not have.

GoPro Max Vs Hero 8

Sensor & Processor

Sensor & Processor

  • GoPro Max: 1/2.3-inch dual sensors
  • GoPro Hero 8 Black: 1/2.3-inch single sensor

Diminutive cameras are smaller than the 1/2.3 inch sensors. Here, both units use the same GP1 chips. However, the GoPro Hero 8 boasts a double punch of 4K video as well as 12-megapixel stills in Raw and JPEG formats. The GoPro Hero 8 also includes a time-lapse mode. The combination of a 12MP sensor with a GP1 processor makes this possible.

GoPro Max is the predecessor of the GoPro Fusion. It takes traditional 4:3 photos at 5.5 megapixels. They look great indoors and at night but are much more pleasing when taken outdoors.

We don’t have Raw photos like the GoPro Hero 8 Black, but this camera is all 360deg shooting. Here 16.6MP stitched 360 photographs are derived directly from their 18MP source. Users have the option to take 270deg panoramic shots at 6.2MP.

Back to the GoPro Hero 8 Black, the SuperPhoto mode is available for photographers. This feature, not found on the GoPro Max, was first introduced on the 7th Generation of this flagship unit. It allows for intelligent scene analysis and optimizes shots.

This is achieved by automatically applying the high dynamic range (HDR), tone mapping, and noise reduction. This helps to enhance shadow detail and highlight detail.

The GoPro Hero 8 Black also offers traditional HDR support, which the Max doesn’t offer. Exposures up to 30 seconds are possible. But then it’s swings and roundabouts with these two cameras; the GoPro Hero 8 Black can’t provide 360deg imagery, of course.

Both don’t need a frame or housing for accessories to be mounted, as they both have folding fingers at their bottoms.

Controls Buttons

Max Vs Hero 8 - Controls Buttons

The method for controlling these cameras is very similar.

Both have a power/mode switch to turn the camera on/off. Both have a shutter button to take still photos and stop recording.

The touchscreen can also be used in a similar way. You can use the same swipe gestures to switch between modes, access the dashboard and the media gallery.

You can control both via WiFi via the GoPro app for your smartphone. Here you can adjust settings, change modes, frame photos, and take videos/snaps.

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Both cameras are voice-controlled, which allows them to be controlled by voice commands.

Only the Hero 8 Black has the Wake on Voice feature.

Hero 8 vs GoPro Max: Video

  • GoPro Max: 5.6K video up to 30fps
  • GoPro Hero 8 Black: 4K video up to 60fps
  • RAW Audio Capture: Gopro Hero 8: yes, GoPro Max: WAV format, HERO Mode Only

These action cameras can do so much more. Both cameras can live stream video at 1080p resolution. You had two options in Hero 7 Black: 720p or 480p.

We would love to see the GoPro Max add 4K single camera capture, in addition to only 360deg capture. It isn’t possible. This option is, however, a solid selfie vlogging camera with a rear camera and screen that can work in tandem with six microphones to capture omnidirectional audio.

The main selling point of the GoPro Max is its ability to shoot 5.6K footage in every direction. The 5.6K footage, which was captured at 6K resolution, stitched to GoPro’s 5.6K, allows for comfortable 720P-grade capture. There is a lot of cropping, and the colors are excellent.

360deg capture’s best feature is its ability to stabilize footage. Additionally, the improved GoPro app allows users to edit the footage and put aside framing. You can edit 360deg scenes from your smartphone. Zoom in and zoom out, so you don’t need a VR headset to get the best out of omnidirectional footage. Although we don’t have an HDR mode for the Max, the colors are already rich and vibrant straight from the camera.

The majority of 360deg cameras have sharper detail towards the center of the lens than towards the stitch line. Users can relax with framing, but they should be aware of this fact.

We also noticed that sometimes chromatic aberration could creep in, with purple fringing visible where contrast areas of an image are, such as the branches of a tree against the sky.

We also saw some judder in low light, so it’s worth using a tripod. However, we were able to walk through well-lit city streets at night to achieve usable results.

Max TimeWarp is the final 360-degree capture option. This time-lapse mode can be edited much in the same manner as standard footage from the GoPro Max. This mode provides all the effects of zooms, pans, and tilts but with compressed time.

The GoPro Hero 8 Black is a better action cam than the GoPro Max, but the resolution of the GoPro Max is not as good as the Hero 8 Black. It can only display 1080P in 16×9 widescreen and 1440P at 4:3 standard ratio.

As mentioned earlier, we have four digital focal lengths, 13mm, 16mm, 19mm, and 27mm. Despite its not-quite-class-leading resolution, Full HD video still looks strong, with a respectable level of clarity. Smart horizontal leveling is another bonus.

This ensures that even if the camera is spun and thrown into the air, the content will always face the right way and doesn’t tilt. This makes the footage look like it was shot using a gimbal but is actually quite impressive.

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The Hero 8 Black, in contrast to the Max, offers 4K video at a frame rate of up to 60fps and is the essential feature of Full HD video mode. Alternatively, Full HD video mode can be used to shoot slow-motion footage at 240fps, which is 8x slower than normal.

The ‘8’ has an additional selling point for videographers. Its maker refers to it as its ‘HyperSmooth image stabilization function. This is a combination of software and hardware fix. (On the Hero 8 model, we have a version 2.) The 3-axis system is still able to function underwater as well as in high-shock, high-wind shooting situations.

A ‘TimeWarp” mode is another cool feature. It converts long time-lapse videos into short clips that can be shared on social media. Three microphones are used to capture stereo sound, and WAV audio is also provided.

The Hero, 8 Black’s video enhancements offer some of the most smooth action we have ever seen. This is one of our favorite things about it. You can capture footage at multiple resolutions. These include 1080P at 240fps and 4K at 60fps.

This model also features a new Boost feature that allows for stability to be prioritized over clarity/fidelity. You can choose from high, standard, or off. A ‘Media Mod’ is one of the optional modes for the 8′. This mod will increase the production value of your videos.

A Light Mod provides an LED light, which may be useful for video shooting. These mods are more expensive, but it is a sign that GoPro continues to improve the versatility of its action camera. It’s also worth noting that live streaming is possible at 1080p resolution on the Hero 8 Black.

360 video has many advantages. The best part is not the high quality but the ability to capture everything simultaneously. This allows you to choose the focus of the camera after you are done. This is great for action shots as well as vlogging. Imagine never having to point the camera again or missing an amazing moment.

360 video also has the advantage of allowing for incredible stabilization due to the large number of pixels. Although the Hero range of GoPro cameras has made Hypersmooth stability famous, it works much better on the Max.

Protune for Video

gopro hero 8 black vs max- Protune for Video

Protune is the advanced setting in GoPro cameras.

You have more control over features such as ISO, exposure, color, and shutter speed.

GoPro Max and Hero8 Black both have Protune that gives you more control over your settings.

All modes, except Looping and LiveBurst, can be used with Protune on Hero 8.

Horizon Leveling

The Horizon Leveling feature is available on both cameras. It’s a nice addition by GoPro.

It keeps your footage smooth and level even if the camera is turned to one side or the other.

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Horizon leveling is possible on both cameras via the GoPro application. It is only possible in Hero mode for the Max.

Video Resolutions

When comparing 360 cameras to non-360 cameras, there are many differences.

GoPro Max can shoot 360-degree videos, but it’s also capable of shooting normal videos. There are two modes available: Hero mode and 360 modes.

This is a normal mode for video shooting that uses only the front lens to capture videos at two resolutions: 1080p and 1440p.

These are the GoPro max resolutions in inches:

  • 1440p (4.3): 1920 x1440
  • 1080p (16.9): 1920×1080

These are the only non-360 resolutions on Max.

The Hero 8 Black offers a wide range of resolutions.

This is GoPro HD8 Black resolution in pixels. There are two aspect ratios: 16:9 and 4:13:

  • 4K: 3840×2160
  • 4K (4:3) – 4096 x 372
  • 2.7K = 2704 x 15.20
  • 2.7K (4/3): 2704×2028
  • 1440p (4.3): 1920 x1440
  • 1080p: 1920×1080

GoPro Max vs Hero 8: Burst Shooting (fps)

GoPro Max vs Hero 8 Burst Shooting (fps)

  • GoPro Max: Not applicable
  • GoPro Hero8 Black: 30fps @ 12 Megapixels

The Hero 8 Black has the LiveBurst mode. This captures 1.5 seconds before and afterward, the shutter is fully depressed. Users can choose their favorite image from 90 still images. This is a great feature for shooting action cameras. You can also shoot three-second 4K video clips in the same mode. The GoPro Max does not offer LiveBurst.

Hero 8 vs GoPro Max: LCD Screen

gopro max vs gopro hero 8 black-LCD Screen

  • GoPro Max: 1.7-inch LCD touchscreen
  • GoPro Hero 8 Black – 2-inch LCD touchscreen

The screen of the GoPro Max is slightly small. It has a 16:9 screen ratio, but it is only 1.7 inches in size. It’s also responsive and bright, making it easy to use the camera indoors or outdoors.

The back screen of the Hero 8 Black is small but responsive to touch. It provides a clear view even in the hottest conditions. Its aspect ratio lies somewhere in between the camera’s video capture and photo dimensions. This gives photo and videographers a middle ground.

We would have liked to see the Hero 8 Black’s screen slightly larger. This would have made this option almost perfect. There is also no selfie screen. This could be another potential mode. Display Mode is an optional accessory that can add a second monitor to the camera, making it more suitable for vloggers. At the time of writing, there are no modular options available for Max as for the ‘8.


Two lenses are used by the Max to capture 360-degree videos. One is at the front, and one is at the back. Each lens covers 180 degrees.

Both lenses can produce different fields of view or digital lens, as GoPro calls them now: Max SuperView. Wide, Linear. Narrow.

The Hero 8 Black has a front-facing lens that can capture angles up to 149.2-degrees. There are also four digital lenses available: SuperView (Wide), Linear, and Narrow.

Both cameras have a lens aperture of f/2.8.

GoPro Max vs Hero 8 – Build & Waterproofing

Build & Waterproofing

  • GoPro Max: Waterproof up to 5 Meters
  • GoPro Hero 8 Black: Waterproof up to 10 meters (33ft).
  • Both cameras are fully waterproof and come with an extra case. They also have tough build quality and shockproof design.
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Each of the GoPro models here has a rugged build that allows them to take action-ready images. While the GoPro Max and 8 may not be the most visually appealing image capture devices, they are functional and boxy. As we have noted in this comparison, practicality is more important than curb appeal.

The Max is made of rubberized matt-black material and has a lens on one side for 360-degree capture. It’s waterproof up to five meters, which is quite deep for amateur snorkelers.

You can also add a few half-orb lens protectors to protect your unit from the elements, but this will affect the quality of the footage. The ‘Max’ is, in general, less rugged than the traditional GoPro.

The Hero 8 Black is slightly taller and slimmer than the Hero 7 predecessor, but it’s still compact enough to fit in your jeans pocket. It weighs in at a manageable 126g and is waterproofed up to 10 meters. It is now the clear winner in this category, although it has not changed much from the previous Generation.

There are important practical improvements to the GoPro Hero 8 Black. The mounting “fingers”, which are required to mount GoPro mounts, are now built into the camera.

GoPro Max vs Hero 8: Battery

GoPro Max vs Hero 8: Battery

  • GoPro Max: Removable 1600mAh lithium battery
  • GoPro Hero 8 Black: Removable 1220mAh lithium-ion

The Go Pro Hero 8’s removable battery is the same size and capacity as the Hero 7. However, the power management of the device is slightly different. This means that you will get an alert on the screen if you try to use an older model battery in the device.

Some features may not work. According to the 360deg-capturing GoPro Max, the battery can last for up to 50 minutes. This means that the battery can be used for up to a day, and you can shoot clips of up to two minutes each.

We also have the option to plug the device into an external power bank, allowing us to capture longer shots in one shot than the battery can.

The GoPro Max’s battery flap also houses the microSD card slot, USB-C port, and HDMI port. However, the Hero 8 Black has this option via a mod’. The GoPro Max’s battery life is good for 360deg shooting, vlogging, and pairing smartphones.

However, you should only be shooting short clips (a few minutes each hour). A spare or USB-C battery is recommended for more prolonged use.


  • Both of them have a photo timer

Photo Resolution and Formats

Max can take 360-degree photos as well as regular photos. The Hero 8 Black, however, can only take regular photos.

The Max has a 360-degree resolution of 18 megapixels from the source, then stitched down to 16.6 MP.

Hero mode has a photo resolution of 5.5 megapixels.

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We can clearly see the differences in megapixels between these cameras when we take regular photos (Maximum: 5.5MP, Hero8: 12MP).

The Max has the advantage of being able to take high-quality 360 photos.


GoPro Hero 8 Black is capable of taking 12 megapixel still photos and has SuperPhoto that allows you to take the best photos possible by applying advanced image processing. All of this is done automatically.


The Hero8 also offers HDR, which allows you to combine multiple photos into one photo. This will bring out all the details of your shot.


GoPro Max offers a feature called PowerPano. PowerPano allows you to take panoramic photos at 270 degrees without having to scan the horizon.


This is where the GoPro Hero8 Black comes out on top. It supports RAW photo capture in all photo modes. Once enabled, the camera will save two files per photo: one in. GPR and another in the.jpeg formats.

GoPro Max saves only JPEG images.

Raw photos are not compressed and can be larger than JPEG, which is a compressed format.

RAW allows you to get better-quality photos with fewer pixels lost, and it can allow you more freedom in editing.

Continuous photo Capture

Both cameras feature continuous photo capture. It is a little like a photo burst. It captures up to 30 photos per second, depending on the lighting conditions.

Night Lapses

Night lapse video can only be taken by the Hero8 Black. Max doesn’t have this option.

When using night lapse with the Hero8, the shutter speed will automatically adjust to let in as much light as possible. This is important in dark or low-light situations.

Night lapse video and photo can be done. Video uses 1080p resolution with a wide field of view.

These are the intervals used for photo and video night-lapse: auto; 4, 5-10, 15, 20 & 30 secs and 1, 2, 5, 30, & 60 mins.

Night lapse photos can also be taken in RAW format, provided that there is a minimum interval of 5 seconds.


Both cameras can record high-quality audio in addition to video footage.

This article has already mentioned that the Hero8 black three microphones are available for GoPro Max and six microphones for Hero8 Max.

Both use their software to reduce wind noise in windy conditions, which can adversely affect audio quality.

Both models have stereo audio, but GoPro claims the Max has superior stereo sound quality.

GoPro Max has 6 microphones built-in, which can capture 360 audio. This is especially useful when shooting 360-degree footage.

Additional Features

gopro max 360 vs hero 8- Additional Features

Looping is only available on the Hero8 Black. This is useful for those who are using their GoPro as a dashcam or just waiting for an event. You can set the interval to 5, 20, 60, 120, or Max.

  • Auto low light: Only available on the Hero8 Black. This feature lowers the frame rate during video recording to improve video quality.
  • Zoom: Only available on the Hero8 Black Zoom in with the touchscreen 8x.
  • Short Video Clips: When enabled on Max and Hero8, you can easily save 15 to 30-second video clips to your phone or share them to your social media accounts.
  • Shutter Speed: Both Max and Hero8 are compatible with this option. This is useful for night lapses. You can choose how long the shutter should stay open to let more light in.
  • Color: Both Max and Hero8 allow you to change the colors to flat. This gives you greater control during editing.
  • White Balance This option is available on Max and Hero8. It allows you to set the color temperature between warm and cold. The lower the value, and the warmer the color. These are the values available: auto, 2300K to 2800K; 3200K to 4500K; 4500K to 4500K; 5500K to 5500K; 6000K to 6500K and Native.
  • ISO: Available both on Max and Hero8, ISO measures the camera’s light sensitivity. The ISO setting is the highest, and the more bright the images. You can set ISO between 100 and 6400. You can use it for photos or videos.
  • Exposure Val: Both Max and Hero8 are compatible. Changing the EV Compensation value can affect the brightness of your shots. You can set it to: -2.0., +0.0., +2.0.
  • Sharpness Available for Max and Hero8. This option allows you to control how detailed your footage or shots are. Sharper images will show more details. You can set it to Medium, High, or Low.
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The modular add-ons that are available only for the Hero 8 Black are what the Max doesn’t have compatibility with. The Max comes with a selfie screen, six microphones, and built-in microphones, so there is less need to add ‘extras. Positively, the Max comes with WiFi and GPS, as well as the ability to live stream at Full HD resolution directly to YouTube, much like the Hero 8 Black.

You can check out the other comparison between GoPro Max vs other GoPro to know more information before you make a decision to buy the best GoPro


GoPro Max can capture 360 videos as well as regular videos. The Hero8 Black, however, only records regular videos at higher resolutions than Max (mainly 4K at 60 frames per sec.

Both cameras have Protune for advanced control and both offer cool features such as TimeWarp, which allows you to rewind time and excellent image stabilization.

GoPro Max is the best choice if you are looking to capture 360 videos. If 360 videos don’t interest you, or you want to record 4K video in low light conditions, then the GoPro Hero8 Black is for you.

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