Best Gimbal For Iphone 2022: Top Review For You

Best Gimbal For Iphone 2022: Top Review For You
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Gimbals can be a crucial accessory for professional video producers who have only a smartphone. Gimbals are a mechanical stabilizer that keeps your phone steady enough to capture fast-moving scenes with no shakes or jitters.

There are many gimbals that are not created equally. You need to ensure that you are getting great value for your money when you pay hundreds of dollars for the higher-end models.

In this blog, we will tell you what you need to know about gimbals so that you can choose the best one for your iPhone.

Top Rated 9 Best Gimbal For iPhone

DJI OM 4 - Handheld 3-Axis...
13,136 Reviews
DJI OM 4 SE - 3-Axis...
13,156 Reviews
Gimbal Stabilizer for...
14,003 Reviews
DJI Osmo Mobile 3 Combo -...
14,608 Reviews

1. DJI OM 5

  • Compatible: Phones from 67 to 84mm in width; 6.9-10mm in thickness; 170-290g in weight.
  • Stabilization: 3-axis
  • Weight 326g (with magnetic clamp)
  • Battery life: About 6 hours


  • Superb stabilization
  • Elegant, extendable design
  • Good subject tracking
  • Magnetic phone mount


  • Small size = smaller battery
  • Learning curve
  • Some advanced features are incompatible with some Android devices

The DJI OM5 gimbal is small but has good potential. It is portable and lightweight, with an extension rod built-in. The DJI OM 5 uses a 3 axes system for the class-leading stability DJI is known for. The footage shot with this gimbal on smartphones is extremely smooth in many situations. You can also download the DJI App to get some helpful tutorials.

The DJI OM 5 is not a replacement for OM4, and some users may prefer the gimbal’s larger battery and greater power bank capabilities. If this sounds appealing, we have included the gimbal below.

We love the DJI OM 5 because of its price-performance ratio and improved DJI features such as ActiveTrack 4.0, which allows you to command the gimbal for  tracking subjects and keep footage smooth as can be. (Again, this feature is only possible with the Mimo app, it works through your phone’s touchscreen).

The magnetic group system is safe and well-designed. TikTok and vloggers will love the extended selfie-stick functionality of DJI OM 5, which makes it ideal for them. In short, this is the best iPhone gimbal

DJI OM 5 Smartphone Gimbal...
8,493 Reviews

2. Zhiyun Smooth 4.

A gimbal for iPhone that is affordable and offers pro-level features

  • Compatible phones: Phones 65-82mm in width; 75-210g to weight
  • Stabilisation is 3 axes
  • Weight 560g
  • About 10- hour battery life


  • Focus wheel and intuitive controls
  • Long battery life
  • Superior video quality.


  • No face tracking
  • Can’t take iPhone 12 Pro Max
  • Expensive gimbal.
  • Best used without a phone case

Zhiyun Smooth 4 is a very popular and favorite gimbal. Zhiyun is well-known for its high-quality, affordable iPhone stabilizers. This list will include a few more. The 3-axis stabilization system produces smooth footage, and the control panel is well-designed. The intuitive focus/zoom ring is a favorite of ours. It’s easy to use and feels great in practice.

To connect to your iPhone via Bluetooth connection, you will use the ZY Play App. This app is essential because many of Smooth 4’s controls are only available when you’re recording.

You can connect your phone to ZY Play to enjoy a variety of fun shooting features such as timelapse, long exposures, and panoramas. This is a great choice for anyone who wants a gimbal to open up new possibilities for both video and photography.

The Zhiyun Smooth 4’s the only problem is its small payload. It can only take phones up to 210g. This rules out the iPhone 12 Pro Max and could also mean that future flagship iPhones will not be able to use it. Zhiyun Smooth 4 is great for many uses and comes at an extremely affordable price.

You will be proud to boast about object tracking, focus, zoom capability, shutter trigger, advanced shooting techniques such as slow-mo and hyper-lapse, time-lapse, motion-lapse, slow-mo, and motion lapse. This phone gimbal is perfect for beginners or professionals who want smooth video in any situation.

This cheap gimbal stabilizer can last up to 12 hours. It can be charged with a portable power bank and has a USB port at the tilt axis to charge your phone. The product does not include a phone charger. The gimbal stabilizer includes a TRM03 tripod, type C USB cable, carrying case, and a guide.

It is a quite an affordable gimbal for the quality you get, especially considering its incredible stability and extra control. It’s an excellent deal for amateur and professional smartphone cinematographers. The Zhiyun Smooth 4 is our top pick for smartphone gimbals in 2022.
Zhiyun Smooth 4 Professional...
6,185 Reviews

3. MOZA Mini-S

Best iPhone Gimbal with wireless charging

  • Compatible: Phones between 57 and 88mm in width; 280g weight
  • Stabilization is 3 axes
  • Weight 490g
  • About 8-hour battery life


  • Folds up neatly and compact
  • Great value for money
  • Intuitive control layout


  • Hollow, plasticky build

Moza Mini-S is a great smartphone gimbal for traveling. It folds down to 130mm x 195mm and can be easily slipped into a small bag. Although Moza Mini may feel cheap and plasticky, it is very durable. The 3 axes stabilization works well in all conditions.

There are many useful extra modes available, such as Object Tracking, which allows you to follow moving subjects. You get eight hours of battery life, which is more than enough to shoot a day. This makes the Moza Mini-S a great choice for travelers.

MOZA Mini-S Foldable...
27 Reviews

4. FeiyuTech VLOG Pocket

This gimbal is pocket-friendly, and pocket-friendly by nature.

  • Compatible: Phones 41-89mm in width; 250g weight
  • Stabilisation is 3-axes
  • Weight 272g
  • Battery Life: About. 9 hours


  • Mini tripod converts
  • Tiny and portable


  • Shallow holder
  • The -Zoom function can be jerky

The FeiyuTech Pocket, another portable gimbal, is perfect for stowing in a bag or pocket (albeit probably quite baggy) and then taking it with you wherever you go. The gimbal can hold phones up to 250g. If you use a case a lot, you will need to remove it.

This has been achieved by making compromises. The material quality is poor and the handle feels cheap. It’s also impossible to use a manual joystick to control manual movement. However, it is easy to change between landscape and portrait orientation. Bluetooth connectivity is also available, which, when combined with Feiyu ON, allows for trick features such as object tracking, slow motion, and dolly zoom effects.

The 3-axis stabilization works smoothly and reliably. However, the FeiyuTech On app is not required to be used in order for it to function. You’ll still have plenty of features available if you download the app, including Gesture Control and Object Tracking.

Feiyu FeiyuTech Vlog Pocket...
53 Reviews

5. Zhiyun Smooth Q3

This gimbal is ideal for TikTokers, as it has a built-in light filler.

  • Compatible: Phones 55-90mm in width; 7-10mm in thickness; 280g weight
  • Stabilization: 3 axes
  • Weight 340g
  • Battery Life: 15 Hours


  • Built-in fill light
  • Exceptional battery life


  • Feels flimsy
  • Handle on to the small side

The Zhiyun Smooth Q3’s built-in fill light of 4300K is sure to catch the eye of TikTokers, and other users who will be using their selfie camera a lot. This is a great way to combine the two – give your phone stability and provide some fill light.

The Smooth Q3 isn’t a simple gimbal. It has a sophisticated 3-axis stabilization mechanism with an intuitive control layout. This includes a well-designed joystick that’s easy to use.

6. DJI Osmo Mobile 2


  • Affordable.
  • Battery life is long.
  • Tripod socket for mounting.
  • Compatible with all smartphones
  • Very effective video stabilization.
  • Timelapse, Hyperlapse, and panoramic stitching modes.
  • Available for iOS and Android phone


  • The app does not capture video at 24fps
  • Stitched panoramas with low-resolution output
  • Panoramas may have some exposure inconsistency.
  • The internal battery can’t be replaced.

The perfect gimbal for iPhone is DJI Osmo Mobile 2. It’s smaller than other gimbals, but it’s great for video shooting. It offers the most advanced shooting modes, which makes it stand out from other devices.

This gimbal is equipped with a high-quality camera for iPhone. It allows you to capture perfect images. This gimbal’s battery life is approximately 15 hours. It also has a port that allows you to charge your phone easily.

It also includes track object technology. This works well with the Android app. This latest feature allows you to photograph objects easily.

It does not come with a tripod, so you will need to purchase it at the store. It’s still the best gimbal you can use for iPhone in 2019.

It is possible to find the best gimbals for iPhone XS Max. Osmo Mobile 2 will allow you to capture the best videos on your iPhone XS Max’s camera.

You can take Freevision VILTA Mobile. It is It is a solid alternative to the Osmo Mobile 2

DJI Osmo Mobile 2 Handheld...
454 Reviews

7. DJI OM 4

  • Compatible: Phones from 67 to 84mm in width; 6.9 to 10mm thick; 170-290g in weight.
  • Stabilization: 3-axis
  • Weight of 434g (with clamp & holder).
  • Impressive battery life of up to 15 hours.


  • Superb stabilization
  • impressive battery life
  • Magnetic phone holder


  • Comparatively costly
  • Unreliable -App
  • Learning curve

Even though it has been around for a year, the OM4 is still regarded as one of the best smartphone gimbals. Although it is more expensive than the competition and has some issues such as interference with the phone volume rockers or incompatibility of phone cases, the fact is that it does what it was designed to do extremely well. It also offers some of the most stable stabilization available for smartphones.

Although this phone gimbal is heavier and larger than others on the list, there is a reason for that. It houses an extremely sophisticated 3-axis system that allows smooth, cinema-like movements in your hands. You can also play with different effects and modes via the DJI Mimi App (though some users report some unreliability, especially on Android phones).

DJI has once again broken new ground with the new OM4. You don’t have to struggle to set up your gimbal by using either the magnetic spring-loaded clasp or sticking a pop socket style ring holder on your phone.

The magnetic phone clamp attachment is a unique feature of DJI OM 4, allowing you to quickly snap in or take out your phone. This allows you to use any phone with the DJI  OM 4, but it may reduce stability for heavier phones such as the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

The OM 4’s 3-axis gimbal is among the most stable, allowing you to capture smooth video with a smartphone that is steady. The DJI OM 4 can be used by itself or paired with the DJI Mimo App via Bluetooth to unlock more resolutions and frame rates, and advanced features.

DJI OM 4 - Handheld 3-Axis...
13,136 Reviews

8. Zhiyun Smooth X

Although it is the cheapest iPhone gimbal available, there are some compromises.

  • Compatibility: Phones 50 to 90mm wide, 200g weight
  • Stabilization 2 axis
  • Weight: 246g
  • Battery Life: Approx. 5.5 hours


  • Amazingly affordable
  • Palm-sized


  • Only 2-axis stabilization
  • Limited payload

The Zhiyun Smooth X is the cheapest gimbal on our list. It offers incredible value and is not too expensive. Although it doesn’t have a more advanced stabilization system than others, it will still do the job and can also be used as a selfie stick thanks to its telescopic handle. It’s not rated to hold phones up to 200g. Many of the more advanced iPhones will be heavier.

The stabilizer comes with 2 axes: the Pan Axis as well as the Roll Axis. The batteries can last for up to 4 hours. The device comes with a USB cable for fast charging as well as a case.

The ZY Cami app is included with this model, which allows for you to program programmable filming techniques. The stabilizer also has several shooting modes such as the Selfie Mode and Gimbal Modes, which allow you to take professional shots.

You can also use it for SMART functions like Face/Object tracking and Gesture Control. It also features Filmmaking Features like slow motion or timelapse through Cami.

Zhiyun Smooth X 2-Axis...
38 Reviews

9. DJI Pocket 2


  • No need for a phone
  • Memory card removable
  • Stable and exceptional
  • Very Compact
  • Joystick attachment


  • It does not work with the iPhone case
  • Prices high

DJI has a unique product called Osmo Pocket 2 that offers an alternative to iPhone gimbals. The camera/gimbal combination is a compact device that can save files to an external MicroSD card. It can also be connected to an iPhone using a Lightning adapter.

The phone’s touchscreen allows you to access a variety of customized settings and capabilities once it is connected. The Pocket 2’s camera resolution impressed us.

It can shoot 4K Ultra HD at 60 frames per second and 64MP photos. DJI’s Active Track 3.0 integrated software tracks a person or object moving. This model is powered by DJI. This version is a significant improvement on the Active Track 2.0 that was offered by the original Osmo Pocket.

The Pocket 2 also features a joystick, which allows users to manually move the gimbal arm and pan it while they are shooting. The Pocket 2 also includes a tripod attachment, which uses an industry-standard 1/4″ mount.

There are some flaws to Pocket 2. Our team discovered that most phone cases wouldn’t work when attaching the DJI Pocket 2 to an iPhone. It is possible to use this device for travel or other purposes, but it can be a little scary to take off a good case to allow you to incorporate your phone screen into your content creation. The Pocket 2 is also very expensive. It is a standalone camera, but it can be used as such. The Pocket 2 is small enough to fit in your pocket.

DJI Pocket 2 Creator Combo - 3...
3,496 Reviews

10. DJI OSMO Mobile 3

The DJI OSMO Mobile 3 Gimbal Stabilizer is a great budget option. It has many great features and is an ergonomic stabilizer.

The buttons are intuitively placed, making it easy for one-handed use. This product folds easily and reduces the chance of getting shaky footage.

The EIS (electronic image stabilization) and stabilization on the tripod allow you to take Hyperlapse videos, panoramas, and slow-motion photos. There is also a sport mode.

You can hold the stabilizer comfortably for extended periods of time thanks to the ergonomic grip. Its lightweight of 405g is a great benefit. It can be carried in your pocket, or in your backpack.

Mobile 3 also has Gesture control. This feature is available on both the rear and front cameras. It allows you to record with just a gesture.

DJI Osmo Mobile 3 - 3-Axis...
11,063 Reviews

11. Hohem iSteady X- Best Budget Gimbal


  • Low price
  • For a budget model, the battery life is decent
  • Compact size
  • Beginner-friendly


  • For larger phones, smaller sizes mean less grip.

Although the Hohem iSteady X is a smartphone gimbal that’s affordable, it offers all the features and performance. It uses a 3-axis stabilizer to produce smooth videos at a fraction of the cost of premium models.

The iSteady X weighs in at 0.6 lbs and is compact. It also has a good battery life, lasting up to eight hours on a single recharge.

The iSteady X’s operation is simple and ideal for beginners. With just one push, your phone can be rotated up to 270 degrees. This eliminates the need for tedious readjustments.

The presets make it easy to use even the most advanced features of the companion app like dynamic transitions and dolly zoom.

The iSteadyX’s smaller size means that it has a weaker grip than larger models. This can be a problem for professionals who need to take the best shots.

The Hohem iSteady X, however, is a great option for anyone who’s new to gimbals or wants to capture stable videos on a smartphone without spending a lot.

Hohem 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer...
447 Reviews

12. Hohem ISteady Mobile Plus


  • Battery lasts for 12 hours
  • Clean footage
  • Impressive auto-tracking
  • The exceptional hand controls are extraordinary
  • Includes a case
  • Advanced features


  • Clunky app
  • Heavier than most gimbals on this list

Popular gimbals such as the iSteady Mobile Plus and iSteady Mobile Plus are highly regarded because they offer the same features for a fraction of the cost.

This lightweight gimbal is one of the best and most affordable gimbals that transform shaky motion videos into clean, clear, and smooth videos. Hohem iSteady Plus offers a variety of capture modes, making it ideal for sports videos, documentaries, and vlogs.

You can use different stabilization modes such as Pan follow or All follow. It also supports motion lapse, track laps, and timelapse. You also get a vertical 360-degree spontaneous rotation and an object tracking feature, which give you more shooting options.
You can attach additional filming accessories, such as a tripod stand, to enhance your coverage. Hohem iSteady Mobile Plus gimbal is perfect for any type of videography, sports, or expertise.
My one complaint is with the software. Both the iPhone and Android apps can be difficult to use, confusing, and difficult to learn. Each release of the app brings new features and improvements. Those feeling overwhelmed might want to use their phone’s camera and video software to get started. Overall, this is a great gimbal for a reasonable price.

13. FeiyuTech viable 2S


  • For wide-angle shots and selfies
  • Built tough
  • Easy-to-use and convenient controls
  • Good stabilization
  • Battery life of 5 hours
  • poor smartphone app

The FeiyuTech Vimble 2S can be used by anyone who needs a little more reach. This lightweight gimbal extends up to 18 cms, making it possible to shoot selfies and other actions above the eye. The Vimble 2S is able to record movies both vertically and horizontally. It can also track faces and objects. Stabilizers on three axes provide stability for anyone who is moving.

The Vimble 2S can be controlled by simply pushing buttons on its handle. This is why it was named one of our top phone gimbals. You can also control the Vimble 2S with a joystick, which includes a Bluetooth shutter button and trigger button as well as a focusing key, focus key, and trigger button. The joystick works silently and is perfect for panning, rolling, and tilting.

Vimble 2S has built-in filters that are fun to use. The free app allows you to edit your work. The battery life is a little short at 5 hours. The Vimble 2S is a great piece of phone gear if you don’t mind this.

FeiyuTech Vimble Official Gyro...
258 Reviews

14. Wiser X01


  • For a low price model, you will get a long battery life and advanced photography features
  • Lightweight and compact


  • The companion app is not intuitive and may be difficult to use.

Despite having a higher price than the Hohem iSteady X, the Wiser X01 deserves to be mentioned as one of the best budget smartphone gimbals.

The X01 offers a comparable bang for your buck as the iSteady X. It is compact in size, lightweight and has 3-axis stability.

Two key features that set the X01 apart from other budget models are: Its 12-hour runtime is among the longest in its class. Different shooting modes, such as panoramas, panning, and object tracking, are more common in premium gimbals than in cheaper models.

Gimbal Pro companion apps are the only issue with the X01. The companion app for Gimbal Pro is not as easy to use as the other apps. Some users also experience issues with syncing or reliability. It’s a shame as it takes away from a great budget option and makes the X01 a runner-up.

Why should I get an iPhone Gimbal?

You’ll be surprised at how few people shooting video with an iPhone as seriously as they did a few years back.

They were also used for sharing casual footage on social networks. Live streamers, amateur filmmakers, and vloggers all used expensive DSLRs or mirrorless cameras.

The iPhone 11, Google Pixel, Samsung Galaxy S20, and other newer phones have changed everything. These phones have cameras that can record crisp 4K video at 60 frames per second. People are increasingly using their phones to record video content. This trend is expected to continue.

My first gimbal purchase for my iPhone was in 2016. My first smartphone gimbal cost $300 back then, so I did a lot of research before making my purchase. The DJI Osmo Mobile was the perfect gimbal for me.

Smartphone gimbals are much more affordable today than they were in 2016. They also perform better and cost less than those from 2016. This is a great time for a new gimbal to start creating some amazing video footage.

Which iPhone Gimbal Offers The Best Value?

Which iPhone Gimbal Offers The Best Value

The price range for these handy content creators is quite wide. You might spend more money to get a high-performance iPhone gimbal. A budget model will likely be the best option if you are looking for something that covers the basics and doesn’t require any technical knowledge.

The DJI Osmo Pocket 2 is the most expensive model we reviewed. The device can be used as a standalone camera and not connected to any phone. If you want to use your phone’s screen, the device can be connected to an iPhone via a lightning adapter, which is stored on the handle. The OM 5 is a lightweight and small gimbal that provides incredible stability and a plethora of custom settings and features. It also has an extendable rod and a plethora of other features.

The OM 4 offers many of the same features and capabilities as the OM 5. It also has a longer-lasting battery and costs a fraction of the price. The Hohem iSteady Mobile Plus is less expensive than the DJI models and can perform unlimited horizontal panning, which many content creators will find crucial. The FeiyuTech Vlog Pocket is a great option if you are looking for an iPhone gimbal but don’t want it to cost too much. This model has the most basic features but is a fraction of what you’d pay for other models.

Buying Guide

What to Look for the best phone Gimbal

There are some things you should keep in mind when choosing a camera-gimbal. Some gimbals can only be used to stabilize your camera. Others have many other capabilities.

Many cameras have remote controls that let you control the camera’s movements from far away. Some cameras have time-lapse modes that allow you to set the camera’s pan speed and capture time-lapse videos. Many cameras have auto-tracking capabilities that allow them to automatically keep a moving subject within the frame.

Because they provide smooth video, 3-axis gimbals have the highest popularity. There are also 2-axis and 1-axis camera-gimbals that can be used as cheaper alternatives. You’ll need to consider what features you are looking for, what you will be shooting and your budget.

Other things to keep in mind:

  • Gimbal weight – If you have a handheld gimbal to use, make sure it doesn’t cause fatigue during shooting.
  • Maximum payload A DSLR and lens combination can be quite heavy so ensure you get a stabilizer that is strong enough to handle your gear.
  • Balancing Features: Choose a gimbal that has a quick-release platform and other features to make it easy for you to balance your camera on the gimbal.

1. Axis Stabilization

The single most important feature in a gimbal is its ability to keep your camera steady. There are two types of gimbals: two-axis stabilizers or three-axis stabilizers. Tilt and roll can be stabilized by two-axis gimbals, while Pan stability can be achieved with three-axis stabilizers. While two-axis stabilizers tend to be more cost-effective, three-axis stabilizers work better for moving footage.

2. Batteries

There are two types of battery-powered gimbals. Some models require the regular replacement of standard alkaline batteries. Some models use rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, which tend to have shorter operating times.

3. Weight

Gimbals typically weigh less than two pounds. However, if you need to keep it up for long periods of time, even two or three pounds can make it heavy. The lighter the gimbal is, the better. However, you shouldn’t sacrifice performance to save half of a pound.

4. Software

A lot of gimbals include utility software. This software can help you get more from your gimbal and your camera. The software is often limited to a specific operating system so ensure your gimbal works with it.

5. Compatibility

You need to ensure that the gimbal you buy is compatible with your smartphone or camera. If your gimbal isn’t compatible with iOS phones, and you own an iPhone, you will be out of luck. You should also keep in mind that many gimbals are only compatible with certain phone models regardless of the operating system.


FAQs about Best Gimbals for Iphone

1. Are Smartphone Gimbals water-resistant?

Smartphone gimbals generally are not waterproof. Contact with water could cause damage to their brushless motors. The video should not be recorded in water.

2. What Should I Look Out For In A Gimbal-Equipped iPhone?

The best iPhone gimbals include three-axis stability, a secure clamp, and other features that you may need for your shooting. Three-axis stabilization is essential for video production.

3. Is My iPhone’s OIS Compatible with My New Gimbal?

The iPhone 6S Plus was the first iPhone with optical image stabilization (OIS). OIS iPhones use accelerometers and gyroscopes to detect a shake and minimize its impact by moving the lens using electromagnet motors. It is not as efficient as a gimbal for image stabilization.

Sometimes OIS and a Gimbal can sometimes produce strange results. This is why it is a good idea to use a third-party video app such as Pro Movie App or FiLMiC Pro, and disable the iPhone’s OIS


There are many options available on the market, making it difficult to choose the right gimbal or iPhone stabilizer. Make sure to check the ports and the payload before you make a decision on the gimbal. The best gimbal for you is one that weighs between 150g and 300g. Don’t forget about the video stabilizer feature to ensure perfect videos. All the gimbals above are perfeAndroct for you

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