What is Vic Gundotra Net Worth 2023: Wiki, Age, Weight, Height, Relationship, Family and More.

What is Vic Gundotra Net Worth 2023 Wiki, Age, Weight, Height, Relationship, Family and More.

Vic Gundotra is a well-known American entrepreneur and technology executive who has significantly contributed to the tech industry. Many people are curious about his net worth. In this article, Lucidcam will delve into the details of Vic Gundotra net worth and salary in 2023, and more.

What is Vic Gundotra’s Net Worth and Salary 2023

What is Vic Gundotra Net Worth and Salary 2023

Vic Gundotra is an Indian-American businessman who was Google’s Senior Vice President of Social Business. He is worth $32 million.

He got rich through a successful job in the tech industry, including as a general manager at Microsoft and later at Google, where he oversaw mobile phone apps and developer activities.

Why is Vic Gundotra famous?

Why is Vic Gundotra famous

Vic Gundotra became well-known for his important work in the tech business. His knowledge and ability to lead with direction have made him well-known.

Gundotra is a well-known person in the technology industry because he played important roles at Microsoft and Google and helped create new platforms.

Vic Gundotra Overview

Full NameVivek Paul Gundotra
Popular NameVic Gundotra
Birth DateJune 14, 1969
Birth PlaceMumbai, India
EducationIndian Institute of Technology Madras
Marital StatusMarried
Sexual OrientationStraight
Wife/SpouseClaudia Gundotra​
ChildrenSamantha Gundotra, Noah Gundotra​
Net Worth$32 Million
Source of WealthBusinessman, CEO of Alivecor, Inc., Ex. Senior Vice President, Social, Google​
Height5′ 7″ (1.75m)​
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Early life

Vivek Paul Vic Gundotra was born on June 14, 1968, in Mumbai, India. He naturally developed an interest in and love for computer science during his youth, which laid the groundwork for his future work.

As a child, Gundotra did very well in many areas, but he was especially good at math and computers. These early hobbies would later shape his work path and set him up for success.


Vic Gundotra Overview

Vic Gundotra is an Indian-born American businessman who has had a very successful career in the technology field. In 1991, he started his career as a 21-year-old coder at Microsoft’s office in Washington, DC.

Over the years, he worked his way up the ranks and finally became the General Manager of Platform Evangelism at Microsoft.

In this job, he was in charge of promoting Microsoft’s APIs and platforms to independent developers and trying to devise a strategy for Windows Live online services to compete with Google’s web-based software applications.

In 2003, MIT Technology Review TR100 named him as one of the top 100 innovators in the world under the age of 35 for his contribution to Microsoft’s.NET Framework.

Gundotra joined Google in June 2007, after taking a one-year delay due to a Microsoft employee non-compete agreement.

At Google, he held various roles, including VP of Engineering overseeing developer outreach, open source projects, and app development.

Eventually, He rose to Google’s Senior VP of Social, overseeing initiatives like +1, Google’s social network, and identity service.

Gundotra is often seen as the main force behind Google+ and has played a big part in creating the platform since its beginning.

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On April 24, 2014, Gundotra revealed that he was leaving Google. He said he wanted to start a new journey and try out new possibilities.

In November 2015, he became CEO of a medical gadget company called AliveCor. But in January 2019, he stepped down from his job at AliveCor for family reasons.

Gundotra’s leadership and innovation made a lasting impact in the tech industry and his former companies.

Personal life

Gundotra is married to Claudia Gundotra. They have two children, a daughter and a son.

FAQs about Vic Gundotra

FAQs about Vic Gundotra

How much does a vice president at Google make?

Average Google Vice President’s yearly pay in the United States is approximately $230,820, which is 56% above the national average.

Who is the richest person of Google?

Sergey Brin — $94.6 billion

Who is the richest social media owner?

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is the world’s richest social media entrepreneur, with a personal net worth of $67.3 billion.

What is Google CEO’s salary?

Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Alphabet, has received a whopping $226 million award.


Vic Gundotra is a true inspiration for those who want to make it big in the tech industry. His success story is a testament to what hard work and dedication can achieve. We hope this article will be helpful for you. Thank you for reading.

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