What is Petra Collins Net Worth 2023: Wiki, Age, Height, Weight, Relationship, Family and More.

What is Petra Collins Net Worth 2023 Wiki, Age, Weight, Height, Relationship, Family and More.

In 2023, one name that has been making waves in the world of art and photography is Petra Collins. With her unique vision and artistic talent, she has captured the attention of many.

But what is Petra Collins net worth and salary? Let’s explore with Lucidcam.

What is Petra Collins’s Net Worth and Salary 2023

What is Petra Collins Net Worth and Salary 2023

Petra Collins is a well-known shooter, model, and director who has made a big mark on the entertainment business.

As of June 1, 2023, Petra Collins’ net worth is said to be $5 million. But it’s important to remember that there have been different stories about her net worth over the years.

In 2020, it was thought that her net worth was between $10 million and $20 million. This was because she was involved in several projects or efforts that made a lot of money.

Why is Petra Collins famous?

Why is Petra Collins famous

Petra Collins’s rise to fame can be attributed to her unique ability to capture the essence of youth and femininity through her lens. Her photographs often present a dreamlike quality, combining vivid colors, soft lighting, and a hint of nostalgia.

Collins has successfully carved a niche for herself in the art world by pushing boundaries and exploring the complexities of identity, resulting in thought-provoking and visually stunning pieces.

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Petra Collins Overview

Full Name: Petra Collins
Popular Name: Petra Collins
Gender: Female
Birth Date: December 21, 1992
Age: 30 (as of 2023)
Parents: Ian Collins (father), name of mother not specified
Siblings: Anna Collins (sister)
Birth Place: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Nationality: Canadian
Ethnicity: White
Education: Ontario College of Art and Design
Marital Status: Single
Dating: Single as of 2021
Net Worth: $5 million
Source of Wealth: The profession as an artist, director, photographer, and fashion model
Height: 5 feet 8 inches
Weight: 60 kg

Early life

Collins was born on December 21, 1992, and raised in Toronto, where she attended Rosedale Heights School of the Arts. It was at Rosedale, at the age of 15; Collins began practicing the art of photography.

Collins attended Ontario College of Art and Design for two years to study art criticism and curatorial practice.

According to a Fashionista Article, Collins flunked out of her senior year of high school at 18. However, failing the year pointed her in the direction that would bring her career to fruition.

After entering alternative schooling Petra was able to connect with a teacher that allowed her to find the creative guidance and freedom that she needed to begin publishing work, which she did shortly thereafter.


Petra Collins Overview

Petra Collins is a Canadian artist with a career that spans shooting, directing, fashion modeling, and acting.

Collins first became well-known in the early 2010s. Her photographs often have a dreamy, feminine feel that comes from a female look approach. She worked as a house photographer for Rookie magazine and as a casting agent for Richard Kern.

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Collins has directed a number of short films and music videos for well-known singers like Carly Rae Jepsen, Lil Yachty, Selena Gomez, Cardi B, and Olivia Rodrigo. The music video for Rodrigo’s song Good 4 U will have more than 400 million views on YouTube by June 2023.

In addition to her diverse artistic pursuits, Collins also modeled for Gucci in 2016 and has been labeled an it girl by influential figures and publications like photographer Ryan McGinley, Vanity Fair, and The New Yorker​​.

Collins got into photography in high school, and Richard Kern, who she met while helping him on a shoot, was a big influence on her work.

She was also a subject of photographer Ryan McGinley’s work a lot. As her success in the art world grew, Collins put on shows with her art group, The Ardorous, and also showed her own work.

Her first solo exhibition, Discharge, was a set of photos from 2008 to 2014. It was shown at the Capricious 88 Gallery in New York in 2014, and the same year, she released a book with Capricious Publishing with the same photos.

Collins also got a lot of attention when her Instagram account was deleted after she shared a photo of herself in a bikini with no wax on. This led her to write an article about how the media portrays women’s bodies in a way that is sexist.

Collins started the website The Ardorous for young female artists in 2010 as a reaction to the fact that men rule the art world.

The group wants to question modern ideas of gender and remake women in positive, powerful roles. Collins has also put together a book called Babe with a foreword by Tavi Gevinson that features the work of over 30 foreign artists she chose.

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Since 2011, Collins has been in and organized over a dozen shows, from venues in New York and Miami’s Art Basel to San Francisco’s Ever Gold [Projects] in collaboration with SFAQ.

She often takes editorial photos for high-profile magazines like Vogue, Purple Magazine, i-D Magazine, Wonderland Magazine, Dazed & Confused, L’Officiel, Elle, and Love Magazine.

She has also shot campaigns for well-known brands like Levi’s, Adidas, Cos, Calvin Klein, and Stella McCartney.

Collins’s efforts to the creative scene haven’t gone ignored. She was named one of Dazed and Calvin Klein’s 100 Creatives Shaping Youth Culture and one of Vogue’s 40 Creatives to Watch in 2016 in 2016.

In 2014 and 2015, Collins was cast in a minor part on Amazon’s award-winning TV show, Transparent.

Collins was once a model in Calvin Klein’s ad campaign.

In 2016, Petra became the new face of Gucci and walked in their 2016 F/W Fashion Show in Milan. She also was in their 2016 F/W ad.

In addition to her art and acting career, she has also published books. Collins’s first book, Discharge, was released by Capricious Publishing. The series started out as a show with the same name at the Capricious 88 space.

Random House put out her second book, Babe, in 2015. It is a collection of art and photography by thirty female artists from around the world, including her own work.

Personal life

Petra Collins is currently dating Justin Theroux. The couple started dating in 2018.

FAQs about Petra Collins

FAQs about Petra Collins

What is Petra Collins’s social account?

Twitter: @petracoIIins and IG: @petrafcollins.

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What is Petra Collins style of photography?

Petra Collins likes film photos over digital photography, and she chooses to use natural light or minimal lighting.

What is Petra Collins’ inspiration?

Petra Collins gets ideas from many places, including her own life, youth culture, fashion, and art history. She writes a lot about gender, identity, and expressing oneself.

Is Petra Collins a feminist?

Yes, Petra Collins is often linked with feminist ideas. Through her art and action, she challenges social norms and makes women stronger. She fights for body positivity, encourages self-acceptance, and raises knowledge about mental health problems.


Petra Collins is an undeniable force in the entertainment business and her net worth is a testament to her success. As she continues to make her mark on the industry, we can only imagine that her wealth will continue to grow. Thank you for reading our blog.

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