How To Use GoPro As Webcam 2022: Top Full Guide

How To use GoPro As Webcam 2022: Top Full Guide

GoPro is a popular product. It is used as a webcam mostly. It is a common question as to how to use the GoPro as a webcam because it is a fairly common piece of equipment. This article will tell you how to set up your GoPro as a webcam so that you can have a webcam that is smaller and more portable.

How To Use GoPro As Webcam

  • Instructions for GoPro Hero 9 Black & GoPro Hero 8 Black
  • You only need a USB-C cable and a computer to connect your action cam.
  • Software for Windows and Macs (in beta)

The Hero 9 Black and Hero 8 Black, GoPro’s most recent flagships, are compatible with the GoPro Webcam software. This means that both action cameras can be used as webcams without additional hardware.

This is a great option if you want a wider-angle webcam to show the scene more clearly than your laptop’s camera. It takes about five minutes to set up and works on both Macs as well as Windows computers (although it is currently in beta).

All you need to get started is the USB-C cable that came with your GoPro and the action camera itself.

A mount for your camera is another optional ingredient. You might be able to make your own mount, but there are good options available in GoPro’s accessories section. We used the Magnetic Swivel Clip. Other options include the Shorty tripod and Suction Cup.

Have you got all the ingredients? Here are the steps to set up your GoPro Hero 8 Black and GoPro Hero 9 Black webcams.

1. Upgrading Your Firmware

How To Use GoPro As Webcam - Upgrading your firmware

You can skip this step if your GoPro Hero 8 Black/Hero 9 Black has been updated to the most recent firmware.

If it isn’t, you can do a quick update and make sure that your action camera is compatible with GoPro’s desktop webcam app.

It is easiest to use the GoPro app for iOS or Android.

2. Install The Desktop Application

Install The Desktop Application

Next, Download the GoPro Webcam desktop utility software to your computer. you will need to install the GoPro Webcam app. This can be downloaded for Windows or Mac, but the latter requires you to join a GoPro Webcam Facebook Group and download the software.

You’ll still see a GoPro icon in the status bar (above). This will let you know when the camera is detected successfully (via the little blue dot), and it also allows you to preview the camera’s live feed before connecting to your video conferencing platform.

3. Plug It In, And It Will Becomes Your Source

After you’ve installed the desktop app, it’s now time to connect the USB-C cable to your Hero 8 Black/Hero 9 Black to your PC. After the desktop app has been installed, you can put the Hero 8 Black or Hero 9 Black into a USB Mode. This logo will appear on the screen. Once the source is selected in your video conferencing software, it will become a webcam mode.

Are you curious about which conferencing apps are available? GoPro supports desktop apps for Zoom (v5.0.5 and newer), Google Meet and Microsoft Teams, Skype and Twitch (via Open Broadcasting Software), BlueJeans and GoTo Meeting, Snap Camera, and Facebook Rooms.

You can join using the Google Chrome browser if you are okay. It also supports Zoom, YouTube Live, and Webex. This route allows you to double-check Chrome will recognize your GoPro’s source. To do this, go to Chrome’s menu button in the top right-hand corner. Next, go to Settings > Privacy & Security > Site Settings > Camera. Here you can authorize your GoPro to be used as an input source.

After you have selected your streaming or conferencing app, it is now time to go into the settings of that app and choose “GoPro webcam” as your video source.

4. Modify Your Settings

Modify Your Settings

You can adjust some settings on your GoPro Hero 8 Black and Hero 9 Black video sources.

After connecting our Hero 9 Black with Google Meet, we found that the options to choose a different “Digital Lens” (or field) were not available.

This is a great advantage because, while it’s useful for people who want to stream their entire room (fitness instructors, for example), it is not the best choice for virtual meetings.

In these cases, you can choose between a ‘Linear Lens” or a more narrow ‘Narrow Lens.’ This cropping creates a traditional field of vision but may negate the benefits of using your GoPro’s webcam.

You can stream in 1080p or in 720p by going to “Preferences” in the toolbar icon. This option is useful for people with less reliable internet connections.

Gear List for GoPro Webcam Setup

  • HDMI Cable. You don’t need an HDMI cable. An HDMI to Micro HDMI cable is what you need. This one. This will link your camera to the Cam Link dongle.
  • Elgato Cam Link4K: This small USB dongle connects your GoPro (and other DSLR and camcorders), to your computer or MAC.
  • GoPro Camera: Starting at the Hero4 (Black, Silver), and ending at the Hero7 Black. This system will only work if your GoPro has a micro HDMI output jack.
  • Small Tripod. You can use any tripod, but it will need to be supported and raised. Your camera will be sitting at an awkward angle on your desk if it isn’t supported. It will also wobble due to the cables that feed into it. The GoPro Shorty tripod is best for a webcam. It measures almost 9 inches high.
  • USB Cable Direct power your camera. Your battery may not last for an hour, which is probably not ideal for webcam setups. You probably have one. It’s the same cable that you use to upload your image and recharge your camera’s battery.

How To Use An Older GoPro As Your Webcam

How To Use An Older GoPro As Your Webcam

  • Instructions for the GoPro Hero 7 Black (and older models)
  • A video capture card is required and HDMI-to-Micro HDMI cables are needed.

Only the GoPro Hero 8 Black Black and Hero 9 Black are compatible with GoPro’s desktop webcam application. However, older GoPros can be used as webcams. This will require a video capture card and some technical knowledge.

This is the GoPro Hero 7 Black, Hero 6 Black, Hero Hero 5 Black, and Hero 4 Black. It is very similar to the method described in our How to Use Your Camera as a Webcam feature.

You will need a GoPro, an HDMI to-Micro HDMI cable, and an HDMI to USB video capture card. Don’t you know where to look for the latter? These are some suggestions.

1. Buy a video capture card

What video converter should I get? We recommend the Elgato Cam Link 4K. However, the Magewell USB Capture HD is a good option.

2. Get ready for your GoPro

This method does not use USB-C, unlike the Hero 8 Black and Hero 9 Black techniques. The setup process is slightly different.

Turn on your GoPro and swipe down to select ‘Preferences.’ It’s as easy as scrolling down to select ‘Input/Output, then ‘HDMI Output,’ and finally ‘Live.’

After you have done this, connect your micro-HDMI cable to the GoPro and then plug in the HDMI end to your video capture card. Finally, plug the Elgato Cam Link 4K or an equivalent device into your computer.

3. Select your software

You have two choices when it comes to selecting your software: you can select GoPro camera as your source in your favorite video conference software, or you can go through Open Broadcaster Software (OBS).

OBS allows you to stream via Twitch and other streaming services, but your GoPro should also be compatible with Webex, Zoom Microsoft Teams, Skype, Google Meetings, Skype, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype, and Wirecast.

You can do this by going to the software’s settings and choosing your GoPro as the source of the video.

Download the OBS software. Click the “+” symbol to access the video source menu. Click’ Video Capture Device,’ create a new account, select your videos capture card from the dropdown menu, and your GoPro should appear on the screen.

How to use Hero 4, 5, 6, or 7 webcams in Windows

You will need a USB capture device with an HDMI input. You will also need an HDMI cable. It should have a mini HDMI connector on one end for the GoPro and a full-size HDMI connector on the other. This will allow you to plug the dongle in.

GoPro’s Webcam Utility is not required. The USB dongle can be used in your video software to replace the webcam.

Your GoPro’s firmware will not need to be updated. You will need to turn the HDMI output on certain GoPro models. To do this, swipe down and tap Preferences > Output > HDMI Output > live.

Pros and Cons Of Using GoPro As A Webcam

Pros and Cons Of Using GoPro As A Webcam


  •  Higher image quality. It’s not unreasonable to claim that the GoPro has a superior image sensor than a standard webcam. While GoPro transmits video via HDMI at 1080p, which is the same as most webcams’, the quality of the footage will be better. GoPro is known for its ability to capture daylight well; webcams are not.
  • You don’t need to purchase a webcam. This one seems obvious.


  • The dongle is more expensive than premium webcams(This dongle essential because it acts as a converter to change the HDMI input into a webcam signal). The Logitech C922 can be purchased for less than the cost of the dongle. Does the image quality not disappoint? No.
  • Setup.  The GoPro setup can be a bit more complex than a simple plug-and-play webcam.


1. Can I live stream YouTube with my GoPro?

You can stream live to YouTube or other sites using the GoPro app. Go to Camera > Control your GoPro > Live> YouTube > Set up Live. Before you click Go Live, connect your YouTube account and network.

2. Is it possible to use a GoPro live camera?

Live streaming is possible with many GoPro cameras models, such as the GoPro MAX and HERO8 Black, HERO7 Black, and the GoPro app on iOS and Android. … You can broadcast live from your GoPro Hero(r), 3 or 4 camera using the Livestream iOS app.

3. GoPro is a good webcam company?

GoPros are great for mountain biking dirt trails. But there are other reasons you should use them as webcams. The first is the wide-angle field of view. This is especially useful if you need to capture the entire room or large groups of people.

4. Connecting the GoPro is not working for me. How can I fix this problem?

  • Close the app/platform you are currently using.
  • Unplug your camera from the computer.
  • Your GoPro should be turned off, then switched on again.
  • Connect the GoPro to your PC. Try using a different USB port on the computer if possible.
  • Open the GoPro Webcam Utility.
  • Reopen your platform/app.
  • Restart your computer if you are still having trouble. Another USB cable might work.


We hope this article will be helpful for you. If you want to buy GoPro for your devices, then check out Best GoPro Gimbal 2022: Top Review For You. You can visit our website Lucidcam to learn more about other information. Thank you for reading!


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