GoPro Media Mod Review 2022: Best Choice For You

GoPro Media Mod Review 2022;: Best Choice For You

The GoPro media mod is a great way to improve the quality of your GoPro videos. It attaches to the back of your GoPro and gives you a cold shoe mount, a 3. 5mm audio jack, and an HDMI port. This allows you to connect an external microphone, monitor, or light.

In this blog, we will talk about GoPro Media Mod Reviews and how to use them.

GoPro Media Mod Review

GoPro Media Mod Review


  • Integrated mic
  • HDMI and 3.5mm mic ports added
  • Two standards, cold shoes
  • It is simple to use


  • No headphone port
  • Audio quality isn’t always better

What Is the GoPro Media Mod?

What Is the GoPro Media Mod

The redesign of GoPro Hero8 Black is a significant step forward for the compact action camera. It still appeals to extreme sports users and offers quality unmatched by any other action cam.

Media Mod is a cage-like device, which clips around the GoPro Hero8 Black. It features a built-in directional mic and cold shoes to mount both the Display Mod and Light Mod. The Mod is a welcomed innovation in the design and complements the cameras’ live streaming capabilities and social features.

GoPro’s bold move is a great one. It will appeal to a wide user base. However, with DJI and VUZE pushing hard in the same industry, GoPro must work harder and smarter than ever.

The Mods are a set of accessories that transforms the Hero8 into an all-featured vlogging platform.

Build and Handling

Build and Handling of GoPro Media Mod

GoPro’s reputation has been built around its build quality. While the cameras of early GoPro models may feel plasticky compared to modern models, they were still sturdy.

The Media Mod’s first feature is its relatively inexpensive feel. My new sample had some marks on the outer plastic before I even touched it.

This product can be removed from its box and inspected quickly. You can see molding defects, and it looks cheaper than other GoPro accessories.

It’s easy to handle. Simply remove the door from the GoPro and flip the case over.

The Media Mod’s bottom is covered by small, fold-down mount feet. If you pay attention, you will see a dip at the one end, which allows the mount body to be secured.

Although it’s tight, the Media Mod is unlikely that they will be attached to any item in a difficult position, so that’s not an issue.

The simple answer to your question about whether the GoPro’s waterproofing is maintained with the Mod in position is no. Water and the Mod are big no-nos because of how exposed the mic and ports are.

When you first install the Mod, your GoPro might alert you that your firmware must be updated before you are able to use the Mod. Through the GoPro app, that’s easy enough and should only take around five minutes max from beginning to end.

You are now ready to go. The Display Mode is still to arrive, and the LightMod just arrived on the doorstep. So, the only thing that matters is the bare-bones system.

Install and Use

The  Mod is a frame that completely covers Hero 8. First, remove the Hero8’s battery cover. Then slide the camera into the frame to connect to the USB-C port. This single connection powers the Mod’s shotgun microphone, as well as the USB-C, micro HDMI, and 3.5mm ports at the Mod’s back.

These exposed ports don’t give GoPro it is legendary waterproofing. However, they should be able to handle inclement weather. We didn’t experience any issues despite it raining during our testing.

There are actually two microphones in the Mod’s integrated microphone. One front and one back. In the camera settings, you can choose which one to use.

You can attach an external audio source to the 3.5mm Jack. The menu allows you to choose the type of input, such as powered mic, unpowered microphone, or line-in. You also have the option of adding 20 decibels gain. Attaching an external microphone will override all other audio options.

Two cold shoes are also included with the Media Mod, one on each side. These shoes are standard-sized, so they can be used with other accessories. It’s easy to attach an external microphone, monitor, or light — you don’t have to buy GoPro’s Light and Mods if your other options work.

Audio Quality

Audio Quality

You might not be satisfied if you view the Media Mod as an audio enhancement tool with its integrated microphone.

The Media Mod’s integrated microphone seems to produce a more natural sound than a naked Hero8 Black. It’s objectively better and will be preferred by power users.

Many people will prefer the Hero8’s warmer, processed sound, even though it has built-in microphones. The voice quality is slightly better, and the background noise is less noticeable than what you hear with Media Mod.

The problem is partly due to the fact that the Media Mod mic isn’t very large. The difference in directionality between the Mod mic and an external Rode VideoMic is obvious. The VideoMic was more sensitive to off-axis sounds than the Media Mod mic, which is only slightly biased towards sources in front.

Although the Mod is a useful accessory that allows you to attach an external microphone, some GoPro owners may prefer an option with a lower price that doesn’t have an integrated mic.


This design was created exclusively for the Hero8 Black and had no backward compatibility to previous Hero models. This is a new direction for Hero8 Black, and Mod is the heart of the new Hero ecosystem.

This adapter is also far more compact than the GoPro Mic Adapter. Although the old mic adapter was functional, it was not very elegant due to its design which left it hanging out from the side of your camera.

The new Media Mod is snug and has a built-in direction mic. It also has pick-ups at the front, side, and rear.

GoPro Video settings allow you to select the Front Mic, Back Mic, or Stereo Mic.

Apart from the built-in microphone, you can also use the 3.5mm connector on the back to attach an external mic. Attaching the mic will override the Media Mods’ built-in device.

You can tap Preferences > Input/Output > Audio Input> Standard Mic.

Tap Standard Mic to adjust the settings to Standard Mic +, Power Mic, Powered Micro +, or Line In.

The Media Mod offers more than just audio. You also have the cold shoes to use with the Display Mod or LightMod and any other accessories you might need.

The back has three input ports. There’s an HDMI-out port to view your video on TV or display it on a monitor. Next, there’s the USB C port and a 3.5mm jack that can be used as an external mic.

It fits snugly around the GoPro and is simple to put in. The small, fold-down feet located at the bottom of the camera can still easily be reached so that the camera can be attached as normal to support or self-stick.

Cold Shoe Mounts

Cold Shoe Mounts

Two cold shoe mounts are available. The one located above the Mod near the shutter button is the second. The second shoe is under the directional microphone, near the media ports.

Multiple shoe mounts allow you to attach two accessories together, such as an LED light, LCD color screen, or a larger unidirectional microphone within a cradle.

You may attach an LCD screen to your front for vlogging. An LED light will be added to increase the exposure of skin tones.

The Media Mod is a great tool for anyone who has a Hero10 and is interested in recorded video for YouTube or Instagram.

GoPro Light Mod

GoPro Light Mod

Add LED lighting to your GoPro Hero8 Black to spice up your footage.

This GoPro light mod attaches directly to one of the cold shoe mounts on your Media Mod. It will assist you in low-light situations.

When used with GoPro mounts, the LightMod can be used as a standalone light. You don’t need to worry about filming in darkness for your next adventure.

The Light Mod specifications look so attractive, and I will be going through all of them right here.

It has four levels of brightness that can reach up to 200 lumens for crisp details. The Light Mod can also be waterproofed and tough thanks to its rechargeable battery, which can last for six hours.

It is safe to use near swimming pools. It has a 5700K color temperature without the use of a diffuser.

With Overdrive mode, the Light Mod can shine at maximum brightness for up 30 seconds.

It can be mounted on any of the Media Mod cold-shoe mounts.

The Light Mod will generally allow your Hero8 Black to capture sharper and more detailed images.

Media Ports

You can plug any additional mods into three media ports.

  • 3.5mm microphone port
  • USB-C charge port
  • HDMI-out port

Rubber grommet covers protect all three ports from dust and moisture. The Mod is not waterproof and weather-resistant.

The 3.5mm microphone port can accept any third-party mic with a standard 3.5mm connector. This is great for attaching a wireless mic system, for example.

I find the USBC charge port at the rear a huge bonus. The USB/strong> a cable that runs from the rear of my Mod means that it doesn’t stick out and is less likely to be caught or knocked.

Mountain bike trail riders will know the importance of not having any extra gear in case it’s ripped off by a branch.

The mini HDMI out port can be used to connect a color LCD screen to the Hero 10. This port can be used to connect directly to a smart TV at work or home.

When You Attach the GoPro HD8 Black to the Media Mod, It Will Automatically Use Its Built-In Microphones.

You can easily see the mic built into the unit’s upper edge.

It was designed to capture audio directionally. This simply means it records your front audio (when facing the camera) as well as the rear audio (when the camera is pointed at something behind you).

The default mic will be the front mic. However, you can change that setting in the setup options menu.

The reverse microphone in the Media Mod is a great option if you record audio behind the camera. I also like its directionality.

Here’s the twist: Stereo mode and audio quality are identical to the Hero 8 Black. This setup and the microphone of my camera did not make any difference to me.

The Media Mod’s built-in microphone is very good, but not as good as the GoPro Hero8 Black mics.

An external microphone is a must at this stage. The ability to use a Media Mod’s 3.5mm jack option should definitely be used.

How to Connect Your GoPro Hero 8 with a TV or Monitor Via HDMI

How to Connect Your GoPro Hero 8 with a TV or Monitor Via HDMI

The MediaMod has a micro HDMI port that allows you to connect your GoPro Hero 8 Black with any HDMI-enabled device.

To playback recorded footage, most people will use their TV screens. Make sure you have a Micro HDMI to HDMI cable.

Connect your micro HDMI cable (sold separately) to your Media Mod, then to your TV.

This will cause your camera’s touchscreen to blackout. To get around this, go into preferences, input/output, and set HDMI to Media.

The camera’s media gallery will be opened, and you will see two options for control (Button or Touchscreen controls), which appear at the top.

You will need to use Button control by pressing the Mode button on the Hero 8 Black. This will allow you to navigate through all the options.

Press the shutter button to select the one you like. Touch Screen control is simple. To browse the items, swipe, and tap on the screen.

Set your HDMI to Monitor or Live to see what you’re recording. To start or stop recording, press the camera icon and then press the shutter button.

This will stream live footage from your camera directly to your TV. You can also switch between video and photos.

How to Connect An External Microphone To The Media Mod

If you’re only looking to add an external mic to your Hero8 Black, I recommend you get the USB-C 3.5mm GoPro adapter. You don’t have to purchase the Media Mod.

If you require both HDMI and 3.5mm mic ports, then the Mod would be the best choice.

The Media MOD has a mic port located around the back. This is to keep the mic cables out of your lens view.

As I mentioned earlier, the Media Mod’s built-in microphone is no replacement for the Hero 8 Black’s. A microphone external can be a great way of amplifying the audio in your footage. It is easy to connect it to the Mod.

It can be placed on the side to still receive a clear sound, even if the Hero8 Black is far away.

After your microphone has been plugged in, you can select the type of mic in the GoPro settings.

Simply swipe up from your main screen to access the dashboard.

Next, tap on Preferences. Then, select Input/Output and then Audio Input. Scroll through the options to the right and choose the one you prefer.

Here is a quick excerpt from the Media Mod Manual to help you get started:

How to Connect An External Microphone To The Media Mod


The GoPro Media Mod is a bit of a mixed bag. Your assessment will be influenced by the accessory’s intended use. Those who are solely interested in the 3.5mm input will most likely choose the simplified version. This is a considerably superior choice to the cumbersome adaptor GoPro has been using for years. This is particularly true in cold-shoe mounts. It works quite well.

You will, however, be disappointed if you were planning to use the built-in shotgun microphone. It is not as good as the audio on GoPro’s Hero 8, which I believe is a superior choice for most action scenarios. Although the shotgun microphone was designed to be more effective in action circumstances, it is still an action camera. It doesn’t appear to assist much in either circumstance. The HDMI output in my setup was, at best, spotty. Maybe your GoPro and Chill TV was better than mine. However, it was tough to operate.

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