GoPro Hero 3+ Silver Review And Black Review: Best Choice For You

GoPro Hero 3+ Silver And Black Review 2022: Best Choice For You

The GoPro Hero 3+ Silver and Black Editions are the newest versions of the GoPro Hero 3. They are both very similar to the original Hero 3, but with a few new features. The Silver Edition has a new lens and a better image quality, while the Black Edition has a faster processor and can shoot in 4K resolution. In this blog, we will review both GoPro Hero 3 + Silver and Hero 3+ Black

GoPro Hero 3+ Silver Review


  • Excellent color and white balance


  • Video quality is subpar for the price
  • Wi-Fi enabled can reduce battery life.


GoPro Hero 3+ Silver review _ Design

GoPro claims the new HERO3+ models will be smaller and lighter, but you won’t notice it if the photos are taken. The dimensions of the camera control layout and small monochrome LCD all match the HERO3+ designation.

The size difference is immediately apparent when you place the HERO3+ silver edition within the waterproof housing. The waterproof housing is slim and doesn’t add much bulk to your device.

The HERO3+ silver edition is 20% smaller and 15% lighter than the HERO3 silver edition with the older housing. To protect your camera from harsh environments, you can leave it inside the housing. This does not compromise portability.

The housing can be used with accessories and mounts. Although the waterproofing capability is now limited to 40m depth, it’s still a great option. The “Diver Case”, the original housing, will be available for purchase as it is compatible with the HERO3+ silver edition. Its physical dimensions are identical to the older HERO3 model.

GoPro has not yet announced a successor for the HERO3 white edition. The HERO3+ silver edition will continue to be a recommendation if the vertical quick release buckle or 3-way pivot arm are important features.

The package also includes a flat or curved adhesive mount, along with the standard quick-release buckle and USB charging cables.

Navigating the menu system with its tiny LCD and two buttons can be difficult if you have never used a GoPro camera. This is the thing I dislike most about GoPro’s cameras. It’s not an issue if you don’t frequently change settings. I would rather have the ability to modify settings than not.

If you don’t have a preferred editing program, you can download the GoPro Studio2.0 software for Windows or Mac. You can drag-and-drop templates and many other features in the latest version.

You will find many features in the app and the software. Here are some videos explaining the app, and Studio.


GoPro Hero 3+ Silver - Feature

The GoPro HERO3+ Silver Edition features video modes that include: 4K Cinema, 2.7K Cinema, 1440p48, 1080p60, 960p100, 720p120 and more. Other professional-level features for the HERO3+ Silver Edition include Enhanced SuperView, WDR, and Loop Recording.

Although the HERO3+ silver edition may be the middle-range model in the HERO3 series, GoPro felt it was appropriate to make minor improvements so that this camera could compete with other $299 action cameras.

It is now possible to record a full 1080p video at 60 frames per second, so high-speed action doesn’t require you to switch to 720p. It supports 120 frames per second, which is still a compelling option.

These enhancements alone make the HERO3+ Silver Edition better than the original HERO3+ Black Edition.

The Silver Edition does not have the SuperView or Auto Low Light modes that were exclusive to the HERO3+ Black Edition. However, the HERO3+ Silver Edition is still strong and delivers sharp imagery and impressive low-light performance.

Although the camera can only take 10-megapixel photos, it is not as good as some other modes. However, still, shots are more enjoyable with these modes.

Burst allows for up to 10 frames per minute to be captured. If you want the camera to automatically take photos every 60 seconds or every 50 seconds, then Time Lapse is still a useful option.

The audio quality has also been improved. This is especially important if you record in windy conditions. Advanced wind-noise reduction technology helps to reduce the noises that are more subtle.

The battery timing has been extended, which is quite remarkable considering the physical dimensions of this camera haven’t changed. The GoPro HERO3+ silver edition will last 30% longer than the HERO3 models.

The HERO3+ silver edition has built-in WiFi, which allows the camera to pair up with smartphones or the WiFi remote accessory.

The Silver Edition does not include the WiFi remote, but the Black Edition does. This will make it easier for buyers to focus on the functionality of the mobile device. After downloading the GoPro app for Android Play or the iTunes App Store, pairing the camera and device is easy.

After pairing, you can open the mobile app to instantly turn your tablet or phone into a remote viewfinder. You can also adjust the settings or use the controls of the camera without having to go through the difficult menus on the small screen. You can also share images and videos via Facebook or Instagram.

Battery Life

GoPro Hero 3+ Silver- Battery

WiFi can reduce battery life. These cameras are small and have small batteries. They can capture high-resolution video at high frame rates. GoPro claims that the Hero3+ Silver Edition has longer battery life.

According to engineering estimates, it can provide up to 3 hours of battery time shooting at 1080p 30fps using WiFi off. You can get more battery timing by shooting at higher frame rates and activating WiFi. WiFi does not shut down when the camera is turned off. You should not turn WiFi off by itself as it can continue draining your battery.

If you plan on taking your camera out for extended periods of time, it is a good idea to have extra batteries. It has a removable battery, unlike other action cams that have built-in batteries.

I should also mention that the Drift Ghost S has the longest battery life, recording for up to 3.5 hours at 1080p30. Its battery can be replaced too.

The camera does not come with a charger. You will need a Mini-USB cable to charge your device via a computer or, if you already have one, preferably accompanied by stowable USB wall adapters.

GoPro provides a 2-battery external charger. However, you will need either a USB wall adapter or a computer to provide the power. If you plan to bring additional batteries, it’s best to prepare beforehand, as you will be charging your camera in the camera. A microSD card with 64GB storage is also required.

GoPro Hero 3+ Black Review


  • The best video quality we have seen on an action camera.
  • Multi-purpose shooting modes
  • Capable to shoot 4K.
  • Improved image quality over original HERO3+


  • Expensive.
  • Wi-Fi enabled can quickly drain the battery.
  • Still poor quality photos
  • It is still difficult to navigate the menu.

Design and Features

GoPro Hero 3+ Black Review- Design and Feature

This is not the HERO4 because the core specification is the exact same. The Black Edition uses the 12Mpixel CMOS for its headline 4K recording resolution at 15, or 12.5 frames/second, and 4K Cinema (with an aspect resolution of 4,096×2,160 at 12 frames/second).

There are also 2.7K and 2.5K Cinema options, at 30 frames/second, 1440p at up to 48 frames/second, and 1080p up to 60 frames/second.

SuperView is a new option that is available for 1080p and 720p footage. This allows for a wider angle than the standard setting and avoids fisheye distortion that you would have to correct using the software.

Comparing footage shot with HERO3 Black, the distortion in the middle is especially noticeable. This is achieved by recording the 4:3 portion of a sensor and then the 16:9 video.

GoPro promises 33% sharper lenses than the HERO3 Black. The lens is the same six-element aspherical glass unit as the HERO3 Black, with a fixed f/2.8 aperture. The minimum focus distance has been significantly reduced to 18cm instead of 1m. However, this has affected the sharpness of distant objects.

You can still take photos with the 5, 7, and 12Mpixel options. The burst mode allows you to take 30 photos at a time, and the continuous mode can be used for up to 10 photos per second.

You have time-lapse options that can be used at intervals of 0.5 to 60 seconds. It is possible to simultaneously capture still images as well as video. However, this can only be done with 1,440p or 1080p video and not with any other high-speed modes.

Battery life has been increased by 30%. The HERO3 can be used alone without WiFi for up to 2 hours. However, this time will decrease if you shoot at higher frame rates.

You can also decrease the shooting time if the WiFi is turned on for the bundled remote and the LCD screen. However, you should still get at least an hour of shooting, regardless of the configuration.

The device is slightly smaller than the HERO3 in terms of its housing, which was 30% smaller and 20% lighter than the HERO2. However, it weighs in at the same 74g. It has undergone a subtle change in its housing design, including a decrease in size and weight and cosmetic changes to its appearance.

You can fit your old HERO3 into the new housing. This will allow you to use peripherals with the new camera. The new housing can only be submerged to 40m, while the Dive Housing (now reworked) can go underwater to 60m.

The housing buttons are larger, and the mechanism to secure the door shut has been simplified. The door latch is now easier to close. However, we found no evidence that this would cause any problems in our testing. The catch is extremely firm and would break the housing more than accidentally opening it.

You’ll see a removable cover on the right that conceals the GoPro mini USB port. This cover can be used as both a microphone port and a direct connection with a TV. There are also mini HDMI ports and a port to accept a MicroSD Card.

Camera and Performance

The Hero3+ BE supports 4K video at WVGA and 4K resolutions. It is still our only test cam that can support 4K. You can record at 720p up to 120 frames per second, depending on the resolution. On the 2.7Kor 4K modes, you can also shoot in a 17 to9 aspect ratio.

The GoPro 3 Plus Black has multiple video modes that you can use to capture your adventures. You can choose from 4K, 2.7K, 1440p, 1080p, 960p, and 720p video resolutions. This camera also has a 12MP camera that can take stunning photos.

According to a spokesperson for GoPro, the 17:9 aspect ratio is a rare one that allows you to capture images with greater resolution. Frame rates for 4K and 2.7K modes will drop to 12 and 24 frames per second if you choose the 17:9 aspect ratio.

Protune is an option on the camera that records video at a faster data rate, uses less compression, and captures more neutral colors. It also makes it easier to convert fps (when working with 24fps source media). This makes it easier to edit footage in post-production using editing software.

It also allows you to adjust white balance, color, ISO limit, sharpness, and exposure directly from your camera. It won’t look good if you don’t watch the footage before editing. GoPro describes it as a blank slate for professional video editors. Protune is disabled when you record video. This allows the camera to add GoPro’s effects, making it look great without needing editing.

The GoPro Hero3+BE records the sharpest and most clear footage in 1080p60. Only the iON Air Pro 3 can match it. You’d expect 4K footage to be sharp. However, it is not designed for fast action shots because of the 15fps maximum frame rate.

It’s best for wide-angle shots that include slow-moving objects like clouds. Test footage in 1440p, 2K, and 4K was sharper on a 1080p screen, although with more noise as 4K footage must be downscaled.

You can check out the new GoPro Hero here:


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