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Introducing LucidCam

We believe in a world where everyone has access to the experiences of the few, where our ability to see the extraordinary is not limited by distance, physical ability, savings, or courage to chase the adventure.

LucidCam is a stereoscopic 3D camera which captures the world as you see and hear it. 180° wide-angle lenses enable an active view, and spatial audio enhances the experience.
  • Prototype       

  • Engineering Validation

  • Tooling       

  • Design Validation

  • Testing       

  • Product Validation

  • Mass Production

  • Ship out                        

Simple to use for anyone

ONE button for everything. ONE central control for image capture, video capture, and setting manipulation makes your life simple.

Small to take anywhere

SLIM to fit into any pocket. Compactness and portability allows you to wear, mount and carry LucidCam as easily as your smart phone.

Scalable to capture anything

COMBINE multiple LucidCams to create video and image capture in full 360°. You decide if first-person or panorama story telling is right for you.

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