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Introducing LucidCam

We believe in a world where everyone has access to the experiences of the few, where our ability to see the extraordinary is not limited by distance, physical ability, savings, or courage to chase the adventure.

LucidCam is a stereoscopic 3D camera which captures the world as you see and hear it. 180° wide-angle lenses enable an active view, and spacial audio enhances the experience.

Simple to use for anyone

ONE button for everything. ONE central control for image capture, video capture, and setting manipulation makes your life simple.

Small to take anywhere

SLIM to fit into any pocket. Compactness and portability allows you to wear, mount and carry LucidCam as easily as your smart phone.

Scalable to capture anything

COMBINE multiple LucidCams to create video and image capture in full 360°. You decide if first-person or panorama story telling is right for you.


We leverage stereoscopy (3D imaging), a technique for enhancing the illusion of depth with binocular vision, to capture immersive images and videos. Viewing these images and videos through a virtual reality headset, like the Oculus Rift or your mobile phone with a Google Cardboard, completes the immersive experience.

Lens Configuration

Dual, wide angle lenses create true 3D immersion through the parallax effect, giving you full control over the playback experience.

Form factor

Clever mechanical and electrical design makes LucidCam's dual sensor solution ultra-compact - smaller than your iPhone 6.

Image Processing

LucidCam's behind-the-scene software provides high frame rates, up to 60fps, and resolution, up to 2K per eye, instantly.

Viewing App

The LucidApp adds mobility to immersive playback, and is available for iOS and Android devices.

Content Upload

Easy upload or wifi to your LucidApp provide a simple way to save and view your 3D content.

Content Sharing

Sharing immersive content is as easy as sending a link. Anyone with the LucidApp and a Google Cardboard will be able to view your pictures and video seamlessly.

Camera Stitching

Combine multiple LucidCams together to get full 360° image and video capture. Each camera's battery can last 1-1.5hrs of recording.

Image Stabilization

Lucid employs state-of-the-art software techniques to stabilize videos and eliminate playback nausea.

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LUCID Studios

We produce high quality 180°/360° 3D VR experiences for you.
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Meet The Team

Our mission is to expand horizons and enrich relationships by capturing and making accessible the rich experiences of life most people do not have the freedom to discover.

Han Jin - CEO

Berkeley Engineer turned into serial entrepreneur with strengths in manufacturing and go-to-market after many years in consumer electronics.

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Adam Rowell - CTO

Stanford PhD and entrepreneur converting human vision to computer vision through advanced image processing and 3D graphics.

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Stacy McKenzie

Experienced video producer and director filming anything in VR with an unrelenting passion for visual storytelling and cinematography.

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Joe Hill

Cornell graduate with background in customer engagement, marketing, non-profits and communication for all sizes of organizations.

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Mick Chen

Berkeley graduate with background in app and firmware development. Mick knows how to create a great connection between Lucid App and Cam.

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Joseph Suarez

Stanford PhD genius in integrated optics and computer vision recognized in Photonics, real-time image processing and advanced algorithms.

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Carl White

World-renown VR short film producer expanding Lucid VR's reach in Europe by driving a community around VR content and applications.

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Amruta Kulkarni

Computer vision, calibration and image processing expert optimizing video/image through advanced algorithms and testing.

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Vicki Shaw

Mechanical engineer slash designer slash can do it all, extraordinary in thousand skills combined in just one startup-minded person.

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