Zhiyun Rider M Review 2023: Best Choice For You

Zhiyun Rider M Review 2023: Best Choice For You

The Zhiyun Rider M is a handheld video stabilizer for smartphones. The device includes a phone clamp that connects to a three-axis handheld gimbal that attaches to a mobile phone. This mobile phone stabilizer produces smoother footage, as it eliminates camera shake from the car, boat, and plane rides.

In this blog, we will take a look at the Zhiyun Rider M and determine if it is worth the purchase.

Zhiyun Rider M Review

Design and Build

Design and Build of Zhiyun Rider M

The Zhiyun Rider M is built to last. You can trust that the gimbal will last for years without breaking. The materials were chosen for their lightweight and robust properties so that the gimbals could withstand any punishment.

The current design of the Zhiyun Rider M is the best. It is easy to use and offers great performance. We would only say one thing about the Zhiyun Rider M’s design. The battery door has a screw lock, and we think a regular click lock would work better. The screw is not only difficult to remove but it can also easily be lost. This would make it impossible to secure the battery doors. We hope Zhiyun will change this for the next version. The gimbals are being held back by the higher price and the battery screw lock system.

User Interface and Control System

Zhiyun Rider M- User Interface and Control System

Zhiyun can implement almost any interface or control system due to their wearable gimbal systems. They are small and compact enough to offer the best performance. We love the readjustment mechanism of the gimbal heads and believe it helps push the gimbals forward of other products. Instead of spending time setting the gimbal and wasting time, grab the gimbals and adjust it accordingly. Then, just hold the head in the desired position for three seconds, and the gimbal will automatically adjust itself. This system is fast, simple, and extremely effective. It will allow you to reduce the time it takes to adjust your gimbals and maximize the time that you have to enjoy your chosen sport.

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You can adjust the performance of your gimbals in three modes. These modes include lock mode, follow mode and selfie mode. However, most people will use lock mode for most of their activities. All three modes work well and provide the same high-quality image stabilization that will allow you to capture the highest quality images possible.

To add wireless remote control functionality to your gimbals, you can also pick up the Zhiyun wireless controller or one of the third-party remotes for the Zhiyun Rider M. These remote controls work well but can cost upwards of $50 depending on where they are purchased. The Zhiyun smartphone application that we will be covering below provides almost the same functionality but without a high price tag. You will likely always have your phone with you, anyway.

Performance and Functionality

Zhiyun’s RiderM delivers the best performance possible due to Zhiyun drawing on their decade-long experience as a leading gimbal producer. The Rider M’s gimbal motors have been designed to respond to move quickly and be lightweight enough to fit in a wearable device. Rider M’s balancing algorithm is an improvement to the one used by professional videographers around the world.

The RiderM was designed to be used with GoPro action cameras. It can carry a maximum weight of 0.35 pounds, which is enough to cover even the largest GoPro camera at the time. You have a load capacity of 0.6 pounds after mounting any GoPro model to your gimbals. This allows you to further enhance the quality of the images you capture by adding a GoPro lens if desired.

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You will find a variety of accessories included in your RiderM purchase. These accessories can be used for any sport you choose. There are a helmet mount, chest mount, and selfie stick. You can also choose from various handlebar mounts. One thing we’d like to point out, and this isn’t just for the Rider M, is that handlebar mounts that have wearable gimbals can reduce the quality of the images you can capture due to vibrations from the bike frame. This should not be an issue if your bike has great suspension. However, mounting the gimbal to your chest, helmet, shoulder, or shoulder will allow you to capture better images of your adventures.

Smartphone App

It is no secret that Zhiyun’s smartphone app has been plagued by problems. Up until a month ago, it was barely usable. Crane 3 & Zhiyun Weebill Lab have forced Zhiyun to completely overhaul the app in order to provide additional functionality for their new flagship handheld gimbals. This overhaul has fixed all connectivity issues and simplified the navigation menu, making it easy to use.

The app allows you to control your RiderM remotely and also lets you modify key settings on the device. We think that most readers will be fine with the default configuration that Zhiyun loads onto the Rider M before shipping.

Overall, the Zhiyun smartphone application is a solid accessory for gimbals and well worth downloading. The new Zhiyun gimbals have more features and will require the app. This is good news for Rider M functionality and potential further functionality.

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Mounting Options

A standard 1/4″ photo tripod screw is located at the bottom of Ride-M. You can use any of the following mouths: a suction cup, clamp, or knife. You can also attach it to a selfie stick so you can use Rider-M handheld.

The mode button is located next to a 3,5mm connector that supports A/V output. The top of the head has a second port that can be connected to the camera’s USB port. This allows the camera’s battery to be used, and you can also loop the video signal to the 3,5mm Jack to make this monitor.

How Does It Work?

How Does Zhiyun Rider M Work

Simply press the mode button to switch between locking mode, pan following mode, pan, and tilt following modes, or pan following mode. The Rider-M automatically locks the angle you are currently at by turning the camera around.

The three modes of operation:

Pan and tilt following mode

The roll axis is locked. Tilt and pan axes rotate, and the gimbal’s movements are followed. To adjust the roll angle, long-press UP/DOWN.

Locking mode

Pan, tilt and roll are all locked. The gimbal only faces one direction. To adjust the tilt angle, long-press the UP/DOWN key.

Mode pan following

Pan axis is the movement of the gimbal. The camera stays locked in tilt (up/down) and roll (level) to stay upright. To adjust the tilt angle, long-press the UP/DOWN key.

Remote Control

The gimbal’s head can be adjusted wirelessly using either the remote control (sold separately) or a smartphone app (free for iOS and Android). The range of the Remote is approximately 10m.

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Rider M Battery Life

Zhiyun’s long-lasting battery technology, which they have developed for their heavy DSLR camera gimbals, has been applied to the RiderM. They have managed to increase the Rider M’s battery life to five and a quarter hours, ensuring it has the longest battery life available on the market.

Even though it may seem small, the Rider M’s longer battery life can be a big help when you are far from power. This is especially true if you’re doing your favorite action sport in a new location and find a new route to finish your session. We haven’t tested it personally, but we have seen reports from Rider M owners who claim they carry a power bank in their backpacks to charge up their gimbal between sessions.

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The Zhiyun Rider M, a wearable gimbal stabilizer that is solid and can be used in conjunction with your camera accessories, will help you improve the quality of your images. We are confident that most readers will be able to pick up the Evo SS for around $100 and enjoy a similar image quality while still saving money.

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