Yuneec H520 Review 2022: Best Choice For You

Yuneec H520 Review 2022: Best Choice For You
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In recent years, drones have been an increasingly popular hobby. The drone market has been growing exponentially, and the prices of these gadgets have been coming down. Yuneec is a new company that sells small drones to hobbyists. In this review, I’ll be discussing the merits of the Yuneec h520 drone. After looking at many drones in the marketplace, many consumers find themselves wondering if purchasing a high-end drone will be worth the money.

Yuneec H520 Reviews

Build Quality

Yuneec H520- Build Quality

This hexacopter features a completely new design than its predecessor. The drone is larger and heavier than its predecessor, and the rotor blades are also larger. They also changed the drone’s build material. It is not only strong but also looks great from the outside. From every angle, the drone looks like a high-end commercial UAV.

This drone was designed to withstand motor failures and other obstacles. The hexacopter stability is maintained even when it can carry a large payload. The smoother and more stable flight will be apparent as the props get longer. Great props provide a greater lift and can change the orientation quickly without any jerk.

The drone can also be used for disaster relief and response operations. The drone’s versatility makes it suitable for many sectors. Bright orange is the drone’s color, which makes it easy to see and keep track of. These law enforcement and land surveying teams often have to work in harsh weather conditions. This is where the bright orange color comes in handy.

All In One Controller

All In One Controller

The ST16S Ground Station controller, which is also a high-end receiver and transmitter, is the name of this controller. The operator can easily take pictures and videos. This drone is ideal for filmmaking. With its 7-inch screen, the operator can create stunning shots and set up the frame and composition. ST16S, an android base controller, gives you real-time displays. You don’t need another device to use the control.

The drone also features advanced features, including a mission planner, which allows you to set flight mode and route through a touch screen. With just one button, the drone will automatically follow your instructions and deliver the expected result.

Mapping Capable

There are very few drones that can do 2D or 3D mapping, but the Yuneec Y520 is available. It can cover large areas of ground quickly with its high-speed mode.

You can choose either a CGO-3+ or CGO-ET cam for mapping. You can overlay infrared images on top of normal images using the second camera. It can be used for crop monitoring, building analysis, and farmlands.

The drone also comes with a software development kit that allows you to create 2D and 3-D models of the area. Only experts should do the software customization and integration.

Three Payload Camera Options

Three Payload Camera Options

The drone comes with three options for payload cameras. Choose the one that’s most relevant to your industry. Let’s now dive into the details of each camera and learn about its uses.

E90: A 20MP camera with a 1-inch sensor. It also features a high-quality H2 chip for image processing. The camera can record up to 4K and 60 fps. This camera can be used for film production, search and rescue missions, 3D mapping, and modeling. This camera comes with a 23mm lens, so distortion will be minimal. You can also use ND filters to improve your control over white balance and exposure. It features three-axis gimbals that are precise to +/- 0.02.

CGOET is a low-light camera. It can also be used for thermal pictures. It is used primarily in Fire Fighting, Solar inspections, Construction management, Search & Rescue, Crop Monitoring, and Crop Monitoring. It claims to have a 20x higher sensitivity than the human eye. The thermal processing and 1080p camera combine to produce a bright and clear picture. It can also measure temperature. Different Colour Spectra allows you to visualize heat sources accurately.

E50: This camera has a 12 MegaPixel sensor and a 1/2.3″ lens. You can also shoot in 4k at 30fps. This payload is ideal for inspection purposes, such as cell towers and wind turbines. This option is lighter than the other options. This option may offer a longer flight time. The 40mm lens of the camera captures every visual detail and keeps your drone away from the subject.

Although the total drone package with this camera will be expensive, it is well worth the cost. Although DJI might offer a better deal, the Yuneec H520 offers more versatility.

CGO-3+ is the best choice for filmmakers who want to take great photos. CGO-CI and CGO-ET are both options for cinematic video purposes.

Flight Control and Data Transfer

With its high-end ST16S control technology, the hexacopter can fly flawlessly. The drone can be controlled via your smartphone’s screen. This drone’s forte is Mission Mode. It allows you to set the flight route, and the drone will follow it.

You can easily download media without having to remove the memory card. All telemetry data, including speed, flight status, GPS position, and battery status, is available to you during the flight. The software development kit also offers many other possibilities and lets you do even more. It features a three-axis gimbal, 360-degree camera rotation, and a 360° camera tilt. Remote tilt and yaw controls are also available.

Intel RealSense Technology

This technology is the most effective in obstacle avoidance and can be found in all drones. While most drones are equipped with sensors, cameras, and GPS, Intel RealSense Technology takes it to the next level. It’s like giving your real drone eyes. This technology uses high-end technology to create a 3D Model of the drone, identify potential obstacles and choose the best path.

According to the company, its sense of reality improves with time. You can improve your drone’s ability to avoid obstacles by flying more. It can remember your flight path and maneuvers, which decreases the chance of you running into the same obstacle twice.

You must focus on the drone when flying most of these high-end drones. Yuneec H520 will allow you to focus on your shot composition. RealSense technology will ensure that the hexacopter is safe and avoids any crashes.

Battery and Flight Duration

Battery and Flight Duration

People thought the drone would have a 6850mAh LiPo battery when it was launched. But the drone came with a 5250mAh LiPo battery. They increased the voltage, even though they may have reduced the ampere. The 15.2V battery gives you longer flight times. The Typhoon H has a 14V battery. This is why H520 is the winner when it comes to thrust and lifts. Depending on the payload option you choose, your flight times will vary between 25 minutes and 30 minutes.

Smart Features

Smart Features

The YuneecH520 has many advanced features that ensure precision, flight stability, and safety. It also provides smooth, buttery control. These advanced features allow the drone to be used in many sectors and for a variety of applications. Let’s take a look at some of the more advanced features of this drone.


This combination made the drone the most secure commercial drone in 2020. The mission mode provides precise accuracy and precision, especially in terms of precision. Your exact route will be followed by the drone. These features allow you to focus on the camera more than the drone control.

Failsafe Mode

Yuneec is well-known for incorporating this feature into its hexacopters. This feature will also be found in Typhoon H. This mode allows the drone safely to land even if one of its rotors are damaged (though that’s very unlikely). This feature is not necessary very often, but it can save your drone in the rarest of situations.


This software-development kit can elevate your drone capabilities to a whole new level. This tool allows you to create an application that meets your requirements. The kit is only for those who are experts in drone development and functioning. You can find more information on the official website of Yuneec.

This mode is why the drone is so expensive. This mode gives you better control over the drone. This mode allows one person to take care of the drone controls while the other can concentrate on the camera controls. This collaboration functionality allows you to take things to a new level. These features are most commonly used in film production, fire department, and search and rescue missions. The drone operator will need to be accompanied by the camera operator to guide them in order to get a better view of the subject.

Some information you need to keep in mind when flying a drone:

YUNEEC H520 Drone Applications

YUNEEC H520 Drone Applications


The perfect drone for filmmaking. This drone can take amazing photos with excellent composition and framing. The drone’s high camera can shoot in 4K at 60fps. Team Mode allows for better control, where one person can fly the drone, and the other can concentrate on the shot composition and gimbal movements.

Search and Rescue Mission

The Yuneec H520 increases safety at accident sites and speeds up recovery in the event of an accident. The thermal imaging and resource management features give you a better understanding of the situation. You can use thermal imaging to get more information in case of a fire. It is sometimes called the Swiss Army Knife of the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle World. It allows you to quickly change the sensors and payload in seconds, giving you greater control over every aspect of your drone.

 Agricultural and Forest Use

You can use this drone to help you take care of your farms. This drone can be used for precision agriculture and pesticide spraying. This drone can be used for irrigation and forest monitoring.


You can use the drone for security purposes. One of these is border security. Although Security is a broad area, it’s up to you to decide what purpose it will be used for. There are many other options, including building and farm security. The thermal imaging cameras allow for better control in low-light conditions. You can choose a dual-sensor thermal&low-light CGO-ET payload if you plan to use it at night.

Inspection & Survey

The drone can be used for inspection and survey purposes. The drone captures every aspect of the scene and provides detailed information. This is what I love about it. The software can also be used to do 2D and 3D modeling. Live broadcasts can be helpful for multiple people to view the same thing and make better decisions.

2D and 3-D Mapping

The H520 will be the first mapping drone to launch in the US. It can quickly cover large areas with a quick flight time of just 31 minutes.

The basic CGO-3+ camera can be used, or you can get the dual-lens CGOET camera. The latter allows you to overlay infrared images with normal ones. This allows you to analyze buildings, urban areas, or farmlands in detail.

You can either create detailed 2D or 3-D maps depending on your requirements. You can create custom software applications using the SDK (software development tool) provided. These can be integrated with drone imagery.

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The Yuneec Y520 is a great drone for the price. However, it is by no means a professional drone and should not be considered as such. This drone is a perfect fit for beginners who want to get a taste of what drones are about. Experienced pilots looking for a drone with a longer flight time may want to look elsewhere.

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