Why Is My Blink Camera Flashing Red 2022: Top Full Guide

Why Is My Blink Camera Flashing Red 2022: Top Full Guide
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It can be stressful when your Blink Outdoor Camera stops working as you expect. This is especially true since these tiny hardware pieces alert you to problems using indicator lights that blink or flash but don’t tell you exactly what’s wrong. In this blog, we will cover what to do when your Blink camera  flash red

Blink Camera Flashes Red But Is Not Recording

Blink Support says that your camera will flash a light red 5 to 6 times after the blue recording light goes out. This could happen as soon as the cam turns on or during the recording process. The red light will stop flashing, and no light will appear on the cam. This indicates that the batteries are dead.

The red flashing light pattern will be different from the loss of the Internet. It will have short, fast, and continuous blinks if your internet connection is lost. The red light will only flash a few times before it stops.

It’s important that you keep track of your battery usage so that you can replace it before it dies. These are some tips and tricks to help you keep your battery charged.

You should mark down where you will be putting your new batteries every time they are replaced. This will give you an idea of the time when your batteries are due for replacement.

Use only approved, high-grade AA lithium-non-chargeable batteries.

Double-check that the batteries are installed correctly.

Two main reasons your blink outdoor camera flashes red are: Either your Blink cam is not connected to the Internet, or your battery is very low. Your internet connection may be at fault if your Camera blinks red.

This is why the Blink Camera doesn’t record any footage. It is therefore important to verify that your internet connection is working. If the Blink Mini shows a red light, it means that the Internet is not connected.

The red signal is visible throughout the entire camera setup process. Once the connection is completed, the red light should flash green, and the solid blue light should replace it.

The blinking light could also blink indefinitely if the blink cam battery is defective. You can fix this by changing the battery as soon as possible.

There might be several causes for the blinking cam blinking red. We’ve listed all of the likely causes of the red light blinking on the blinking cam below.

The Initial Setup

If your Blink outside camera has not been configured yet, the blinking red light will most likely be a sign that initialization and setup are still ongoing.

This flashing red indicator should display briefly at the beginning of the startup process before giving way to a blinking green light, followed by a solid blue light, signaling that everything is in order from here on out.

Internet Access Problems

Flashing red lights on these exterior cameras can also indicate that the connection between the camera and your internet network has been hacked or has been entirely severed.

If your camera is flashing red lights and you have already completed the setup process, it’s worth double-checking the camera’s connection with your WiFi network using the included smartphone app.

It is easy to reconnect your cam with the mobile app when it becomes detached.

The batteries are getting worse.

The LED indicators of battery-operated Blink outdoor light systems will go red when the batteries start to fail.

This is a warning sign that you need to replace the batteries as soon as possible. Otherwise, you could end up with a dead camera much sooner than you intended. You’ll be fine if you keep up with the maintenance of all battery-powered Blink outdoor cameras.

Motions were detected.

Many of the Blink cameras that have motion detection will light red when there is motion. You can adjust this setting to suit your needs.

Some people want it to check that the motion detection cameras work properly. Some prefer their cameras to be invisible when used to detect motion, especially at night.


How to Fix Blink Camera Blinking Red On Blink Indoor, Outdoor, and blink XT2 Security Cams

Follow these instructions to fix your Blink Indoor, Outdoor or XT2 Camera that isn’t recording but is still flashing red light.

Verify Your Internet Connection

Your internet connection may have been lost if your Blink Cam had flashed read recently. It is necessary to link your Blink Cam to an internet connection in order for it can be accessed quickly via a mobile app.

Follow these steps to connect your Camera to WiFi using the mobile Blink App:

  1. .In your Blink mobile app, head to the “Network and Connectivity tab.
  2. Use the “Search” button to scan for networks.
  3.  Once the Blink app has located your network, you can press It once.
  4. Enter your WiFi password.
  5. Tap on Confirm and wait for your password to authenticate the connection

Red Light on Setup

It is common to see the red light on your camera when you are setting up the Blink security camera system. This light will eventually go out after a while to indicate that your cam is connected to the Internet.

If the cam red blinking light and continues to blink, this means that your internet connection must be checked.

The red light is usually a sign that your Blink Cam Is Not Detecting Movement. You must therefore determine why your camera isn’t detecting motion.

Change the batteries

Faulty batteries could also be the cause of your Camera Flashing Red. You can resolve the problem by replacing the batteries.

Reset the Camera

If all the above steps have failed to resolve your Blink security camera, it is time to perform a hard reset.

Are you looking for a way to reset the Blink Camera System?

Push the button and insert a thin object into the hole. Allow the process to complete for a few moments.

One of the many options for solving the problem is to troubleshoot it. No matter what the problem may be, it is possible that a hard reset will be necessary. Resetting the camera means returning it to factory settings, regardless of any problem or default.

The reset button is located on the right, near the USB port. Push and hold the reset button using a thin object such as a paperclip. You will see the red light flashing when you hold it.

For up to 30 seconds, hold down the reset button until the light turns on. This operation causes the Sync Module to reboot back into setup mode.

Add Fresh Batteries

Let’s say you connect the camera to a WiFi router.

It will now start recording until the blue light stops flashing and it turns red.

The device will blink solid red light for a time, then suddenly disappear.

This blinking means that the barriers may be low or dead.

You now know the true cause of this red light pattern.

  • These blink cameras are best suited for AA Lithium batteries (non-rechargeable).
  • Install the camera with new batteries
  • Take note of the battery’s lifespan

It is important to maintain your blink cam and battery every month. This will prevent problems in the future.

Suppose your Camera Flashes Red despite all the above procedures. You can contact Blink’s customer service department by email or phone.

These professionals will connect you with the right people to help you solve your problems.

The Blink Video Doorbell flashes a red LED on the indicator ring surrounding the doorbell button when it is seeking connection. The red LED indicates if the doorbell has been set up, changed of WiFi, or is in the process of being connected. If the LED does not turn on, you can remove one of its batteries and let it run for five seconds before reinstalling it. The LED should start flashing.

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FAQs about Why Is My Blink Camera Flashing Red

Multiple security holes exist in Blink cameras. Any one of these security flaws can let someone gain unauthorized access to the cameras. This could result in spying, snooping and even data theft. Hackers could even gain access to the two-way audio streaming device to spy on you.

Like most wireless technology, Blink cameras are vulnerable to hacking. Although Blink cameras have security flaws, no recent instances have been reported of hacking. Blink security cameras, which are backed by Amazon, often have more secure firmware that is specifically designed to prevent hacking.

Blink is a motion-based camera system. The cam records clips for up to 60 seconds. After that, it pauses for ten or more seconds and then searches for movement. At most, you will end up with a video recording with many gaps. Blink cameras don’t offer continuous recording. However, you can leave it armed for any period of time.


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