Sky Viper Drone V2400 Review: Best Choice For You

Sky viper drone v2400 review

The sky viper drone is a powerful and versatile quadcopter that offers an array of features. The built-in camera captures high-quality footage for your enjoyment.

One of the most notable features of this product is the altitude hold function, which allows you to take steady shots from up in the air or down on the ground. This sky viper drone v2400 review will explore some of the best aspects of this product and compare it with other drones on the market today.

This drone has many great features that make it worth considering as your next purchase if you’re looking for a new flying machine!

What are some reasons why someone might want to buy one? What makes them different than other models? Let’s find out with Lucidcam.

Sky Viper Drone V2400: Pros and Cons

Sky viper drone v2400 review


Sky Viper HD Streaming Drone with Full-Function Video Headset can be used for many different types of flights. These drones can be used inside or outside the home. You don’t even need to register with the FAA. This V2400 allows you to create high-definition videos. You can also save them to your smart device or SD card. The drone’s Duraflex composite body is lightweight and multi-layered and can withstand rigorous use, and provides reliable performance every single time.

besides, the most outstanding characteristic of this drone is auto flight (auto-launch, auto hover, auto land).


The Sky Viper V2400 HD Streaming Video Drone with Full-Function Headset may seem a little expensive for anyone looking to purchase a drone. The truth is that you get what you pay overall. This drone is an excellent choice because it is top-of-the-line.

Sky viper drone v2400 review


The headset is designed to give you the best first-person experience possible. What does this all mean? It means that you can view all the actions below the drone’s location. The excellent headset will make you feel like you are flying along the drone’s path since you will be able to see exactly what it is seeing.

The Sky Viper is a series of remote-controlled flying machines made by Skyrocket toys. The model V2400 is a great example to examine for anyone wanting to know more about drones.

The Sky Viper V2400 HD Streaming Video Drone With FPV Headset has another great feature: it’s very easy to set up and receive streaming video from the drone. This V2400 is easy to set up and is popular among those who have bought it. This impressive V2400 has been designed specifically to produce streaming video, and it is straightforward to use right from your smartphone with a little bit of help, of course from the headset front.

Another great feature of this impressive drone is its ability to fly it without using the headset. The package includes a phone clip that will allow you to attach your device to the controller. The handy phone clip lets you take your drone out for a spin, even without using the headset.

Agility and Thrust

Sky Viper HD has more speed and agility than the other competitors. It is slightly heavier than the Syma model but packs more thrust and has a slimmer design. The Sky Viper’s thrust-to-weight ratio is 1.9, compared to the Syma X5C’s slightly lower 1.7. The Sky Viper has more thrust, less weight, and more wind resistance than the Syma models.


The Sky Viper v2400HD camera was designed for first-person-view (FPV). The horizontal field of view (HFOV), is 95deg. This V2400 is more popular than any other drone on the market. With the exception of racing drones, The high-end DJI Phantom drones have an HFOV of around 80 degrees, while the Syma models that we are comparing have an HFOV of only 50 degrees.

Despite the limited resolution of 720p, we found the camera quality to rank among the top drones in its class. Although the image has some distortion (fisheye effect), this is normal with such a large field of view. Sky Viper’s angling of the camera so low didn’t appeal to us. They expect customers to take higher aerial shots while looking down at their pilot.

A drone with an adjustable camera angle would be a great idea. For FPV, a horizontal camera is preferred. A camera looking slightly up or down is best for photography. Check out this detailed comparison of image quality. Our page is dedicated to quality camera comparisons.

There is a slight delay between the image on your smartphone and the drone camera. We have only seen the following package that is lag-free in this price range. Hubsan X4It has half the field with a narrow 47deg FOV.

Flight performance

Sky viper v2400

This incredible Sky Viper V2400 HD Streaming Video Drone with FPV headset is ideal for many types of flying adventures. Sky Vipers can be used indoors or outdoors. You don’t have to apply for an FAA registration.

Thanks to the Sky Viper technology, the V2400 is able to auto-launch, auto-hover and auto-land.

This V2400 will enable you to explore your very own creativity and provide you with stunning high-definition videos (HDV) of your explorations. The HDV can be saved to an SD card or your phone, so you can view them whenever you want. Its drone body is made from lightweight Duraflex composite, which can withstand extreme usage while still delivering the reliable performance you expect each time.


I had to purchase AAA batteries and a MicroSD Card for the drone. One minute of video takes up approximately 75MB. The V2400 can take photos of less than 100k. The V2400 can fly for up to 10 minutes. A small 2GB microSD card should be sufficient.

It took me some time to get the V2400 up and running. The controller and drone must be connected first. Once they are connected, the drone will stop emitting sounds.

Next, I need to point the left throttle controller down. Then I can press Auto Launch, and the V2400 will rise. I can use my suitable directional controller (front, back, and left, right, or right) to control the direction. The throttle controller has a button that allows you to move up or down.

Altitude Hold

There are two kinds of altitude: Auto and manual altitude. Performing one-touch stunts like left and right barrel rolls and flips at the touch of a button.

For beginner pilots, altitude hold can be very helpful. Its function can be turned off and on, not comm with similar products.

Many first-time pilots have sent their drones too high while trying to figure out how the controls work. If you raise a drone this large, wind can take control and you will end up spending an hour trying to find it or get it off the neighbor’s roof. Holding altitude eliminates this problem and allows the pilot to concentrate on other controls.

The Sky Viper’s ability to hold altitude was adequate for this purpose, but it wasn’t as effective as other drones like the Syma X5UW. The Sky Viper can be flung between 0 to 15 feet in light winds. This will provide some confidence while learning to fly.

Indoor performance is much better. The drone’s ability to hold altitude on and off is still a major selling point. However, we would like to see better execution of the altitude hold. The “auto land” feature is another issue in the beginner flight mode. The drone did end up landing on the ground. That was the ultimate goal.

The good news? This V2400 is tough, it can take some serious beating. We crashed it multiple times without any ill effects. In beginner mode, we recommend that you do not take the drone too high.

Video and photo

On the top of your directional control, you will find a photo and video button. Click once to take a picture, or start a video. A second click will stop it. The problem is, I might not be able to determine the status of the video’s initiate. I felt that the video record would continue even after it had started, regardless of landing.

Below is a photo I took of the lower gutter, which I could reach using a 6-foot ladder. It was only cleaned a few weeks back, but strong winds made it clear that it might need to be cleaned again very soon.

Sky Viper V2400 HD Streaming Video Drone

Other Characteristics

Unlike the Syma X5UW, we had no issues adjusting the trim of the Sky Viper. Although the trim can change from flight to flight, the V2400 was almost stationary without wind. We adjusted the trim using the labeled buttons. The Sky Viper was easy to use. App To be the best-in-class is easy to use and includes live streaming of FPV from your remote, as well as a split-screen for FPV goggles.

The app is similar to the one above. The instruction manual was clearly written for English-speaking audiences. Although the Sky Viper’s range is only 50m (150ft), this is normal for similar drones. We tested the range and found it to be comparable to the Syma X5 models. There were a few instances when the V2400 was not performing at its best, but these incidents weren’t enough to cause any fly-aways.

Sky Viper doesn’t publish a flight time. However, we were able to get a flight time of 8 minutes from this drone. This puts it in line with other competitors. Like most drones of its kind, the Sky Viper v2400HD can do flips with the push of a button.

Sky Viper added an extra feature that allows for the V2400 to do barrel rolls while in full forward flight. This is normally a feature reserved for stunt pilots who fly acrobatically. However, this is the first time it has been seen in a drone less than $100.


For the price, it’s a great starter drone to learn how to fly.

The Sky Viper V2400 HD Streaming Video Drone With FPV Headset offers many unique features that you won’t find on other drones on the market, but it may still be considered one of the most expensive drones for those who are keen to purchase a drone for specific purposes.

This product also gets a 4.0 out of 5 stars verified purchase.

You know the old saying, “You get what you pay,” and that it didn’t come out of thin air, as many may have discovered. Technology is a costly business. You get what you pay. This Sky Viper is a high-end streaming video drone device that is well worth its price.

Why did I pick this one?

I actually found Striker Spy Drone online for $49.99 before I went to the store. However, Striker Spy Drone was not available in the store. It was affordable and came with a camera. The store didn’t have it. Cloud Rider was available at the store for $80. Cloud Rider also has a camera.

After much searching, I came across “Sky Viper V2400HD”. It claimed that it could stream live to a cell phone, and perform “Auto Launch”/ “Auto Landing” functions. Additionally, it can store photos/videos on a MicroSD Card onboard. It was $80.

It may not be the lowest Thanksgiving price, as it was $62 on Walmart’s website. It was $62. I thought the 15% discount coupon KHOL’s had mailed to me would apply to it. But, it didn’t. The $10 coupon did however apply. The $15 cashback for every $50 spent at KHOL’s was also a plus. I guessed that the price was almost the same.


The Sky Viper drone v2400 is an excellent choice for those who want to enjoy the convenience of an affordable and easy-to-use quadcopter. While this model does not offer advanced features such as obstacle avoidance, it will provide you with hours of entertainment at a reasonable price point. We hope you find this reviewed helpful in deciding whether or not the Sky Viper drone v2400 is suitable for your needs!

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