Frequently Asked Questions

LucidCam FAQ

In this section we will try to answer the most frequently asked questions

LucidCam is a small point-and-shoot true 3D VR camera capturing 180-degree videos and stills with depth. True 3D means that you have a feeling of depth, which gives you a sense of presence in the scene you are watching. 180-degrees means you capture like your eyes with peripheral vision, everything in front of the camera, the whole 180 by 180 degrees’ sphere. (Click to watch our video).

Anything you shoot with LucidCam is stored on the camera and can be stored on a removable microSD memory card. Internal storage is 32GB and can be extended with microSD cards.

Video recording length is limited by the battery life of 2hrs and the memory 32GB on-board. In average you are generating 50MB per minute. That means you probably run out of battery first. In addition you can add a microSD card to increase storage.

Your 3D 180 video can be live streamed over wifi to your mobile phone or over a micro HDMI cable to a screen.

1… 2… 3… seconds. It takes only seconds to view captured content on the LucidApp.

Visuals are better at explaining: click here.

Visuals are better at explaining: click here.

The camera can operate up to 1.5 hours for recording before it needs to be recharged. Full charging takes between 1.5 - 2 hours. You will not be able to charge the camera while shooting, but you will be able to use an external battery.

Yes, it records audio on the right and left side. The camera is equipped with MEMS 48Hz microphones controlled by two advanced audio codec producing four non compressed 16bit PCM audio. You will be able to edit your audio later as well.

Yes, the LucidCam comes with a mobile app, which serves as a remote control. You can remotely switch the camera on and off, start and end recording. You can also preview the scene before shooting or you can view and manage the media library after shooting.

The camera shoots in any situation: static on any standard tripod or holding it in your hand, walking and holding it, attached to a selfie stick/chest mount/helmet, or to a bicycle handlebar.

Yes – you can use a special waterproof case which we are developing to go up to 12m deep. It will be offered in the accessory section on our website.

The LucidCam is now available for pre-order at $399 in the US and Canada. Retail price (starting Q2 2017) will be $599.
In other countries the pricing has been adjusted to local taxes and expenses as follows:
- Canada, United States – 599.00 USD
- Europe – 699.00 EUR
- Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea – 679.00 USD
- Argentina, China, India, Mexico, New Zealand – 759.00 USD

We plan to ship limited quantity development kits(on a first-come-first-serve basis) during Q1 of 2017. But it will be available in Q2 for general public. You will be able to find it on Amazon and B&H.

1. As with any video camera, it’s best to shoot in good lighting conditions, and without drastic changes in light all around. This kind of environment will give you the best results. In other conditions, there might be a slight impact on the image quality.
2. It is recommended that objects around the camera should be about 3-4 feet away to achieve the best depth.
3. It’s best to keep the camera as steady as you can.

Check out openings here. See our previous summer interns video here.

We are always excited to learn about how we can work with content creators all over the world. Please reach out to us directly over email.
We will start discussing content partnerships around January. In the meantime, please:
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We will start discussing distribution partnerships soon. In the meantime, please:
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We are happy to provide you with a loaner for review purposes. Please reach out directly over email at In the meantime, please:
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- Contact us at to be included in the list of review/demo unit requests.

Please contact us so we can set up the interview and/or refer you to our PR representatives. You can also download our press kit.